The Twilight Saga

I got this idea from Escaily, she has lots of other ones too (thanks alot Escaily!)

Her ideas=

Chapter 1-Story Book
Nessie, sat up in her small bed smiling happily. Rosalie, and Alice sat beside her bored Bella was shaking her head in front of them. Alice rolled her topaz eyes
“Snow white didn’t even have a fashion sense, wearing the same dress all through the book. A evil step mom? Duhhh she can handle.... She’s not like a coward little princess I mean it’s snow white? ...” Nessie nodded in agreement
“ and the sleeping beauty was too boring.....Come on we all know the prince had to do all the work....That girl was lazy enough to fall asleep while he fought the odds.....” Rosalie added
“I’m trying to read Nessie a story you guys” Bella answered, Annoyed.
“But, mom even Cinderella's curfew was lame and she would have handled it much better....she could have handled two stepsisters, like if.....” Nessie whined
“ I guess you guys are kind a right but, in the beauty and the beast Belle was way too clueless about the beast's love....” Alice stared at the book Bella held
“what is that?” Everyone stared at the light shining from the book,
“is it suppose to do that?” Rosalie asked
“I don’t think so..”

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oooh shining book!
i like please add me as a friend
and update me when you write more
oh yeh can you check out my story inner connection
Alice would worry about snow whites outfit!
keep going!
keep me posted plz!
interesting ..there gonna get sucked in right!!!!
yep! :P
I agree
cute i want to know what happens


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