The Twilight Saga

This is yet another Renesmee and Jacob story! Please read and tell me what you think! THIS IS COPY WRITED 2009, BY I_LOVE_JACOB_FRICKEN_BLACK


Chapter 1- The Story pt. 1 Renesmee's point of view

I woke up at 2: 27 am. I was crying, like i never have cried before. Jacob woke up next to me. "Nessie, babe, what's the matter?" he asked. he was very scared. "Nothing, nothing at all." i lied through my sobs. He pulled me into his chest, sat me on his lap. "Nessie, at least, show me the dream." he said. I placed my hand on his cheek and showed him, the horrifying picture of the volturi, dragging Jacob's dead body in front of me, while Aro chained me to a chair and tortured me. The dream was over and i cried even harder as Jacob was shaking with anger. "Nessie, that will never happen I will protect you. I'm here. I promise, i'm here, forever." he said. I kissed him, passionately. He kissed me back, we lyed back down, and went back to sleep.

Chapter 1- The Story pt. 2 Renesmee's point of view

I woke again at 9:00 am. I could smell toast. Knowing jacob, he probably burnt it, well, at least he tried. I came down stairs to see him. "Hello jake." i said. "Hello beautiful." he answered. He wrapped his arms around my waist and put me on the counter, gave me a quick kiss and went back to making breakfast. "Do you need any help, cause, i really don't want to get food poisoning." i told him. "Ha ha, very funny Ness. No, i'm going to make breakfast on my own." he told me. He was serious, uh oh. We ate our eggs and then got dressed. We watched a movie on the couch. "You know what i love?" jacob asked me. "No, what do you love?" i asked. "You, i love you more than anything else, my love for you is stronger than the universe." he told me. "I love you too jake." i said. I still remember exactly how we found out we were in love with each other.

Me and jake were walking on the beach, i wanted to tell him so badly that i loved him, but i still thought that he thought of me as a best friend. "Umm, jake, i need to tell you something." i said. "What s it nessie?" he said. "N-never mind." i told him. He looked sad. Then all of a sudden i faced him a gave him a short kiss on the lips. When the kiss ended, he looked shocked. i thought, Oh crap! he doesn't love me! I started to cry and ran away. Then he follow me, he caught up to me and i was still crying, i said"I'm so so s-s- sorr--" but i was cut off because he was kissing me so passionatly, that i thought my world was coming to an end. "I love you Renesmee." he said
Flashback over

Chapter 2- Announcement Jacob's point of view.

When the movie finished, ness said, "Me and alice and my mom and rose are going to the mall this afternoon." she said. "Okay, but don't be long." i said. "And why's that?" she asked. "Because, i can't stand being away from you that long." i said. I started kissing her, then suddenly she was on top of me. Yes! Me and Ness were finally taking our relationship to the next stage! Then all of a sudden, she stopped kissing me. That was fine. she smiled and kissed me quickly. "We have to head over to the cullen's house." she said, we didn't know what else to call it. We were there alot, even though we lived by ourselves now, but i knew why she really stopped, she wasn't ready yet, and that was fine. "Okay babe, i need to have a pack meeting,so you have to go alone,sorry." i told her. "That's okay, were leaving to the mall right away anyways." she said. She grabbed her keys to her camero, kissed me goodbye, and left. I walked out the back and phased.

Chapter 3- New Renesmee's point of view

When i arrived, we left right away. I didn't go shopping for long, i had a surprise for jacob, i was getting my hair cut short to my shoulders. When i was done, i picked up my bags, and met my family in R.W.&and co. "Hey nessie, you look AMAZING!" alice said. I was complimented over and over by my family and said thank you.
2 hours later

We were finally done. My feet were soar, and i had enough clothes to last me the rest of my eternity. I said my goodbyes and left in a new outfit, despite my no's, alice still made me change into short denim shorts and a white v-neck t-shirt and flip flops. When i arrived home, jacob was watching t.v. on the couch. He saw me and said. "Wow, ness you look so beautiful." he said. He came over and we kissed. After 2 minutes of kissing, i said"You really like it?" i asked. Jacob Smiled and said,"ness, this isn't fair, you look so sexy!" he aid. He started kissing me hungrily first on my lips, then on my jaw, and then on my neck. He stopped suddenly and looked at me,"If your not ready, then that's okay nessie, i just want you to know, i love you more than you could ever know." he told me. He kissed me again for 2 minutes again, and then i said,"I'm ready, i love you jacob black!" i said. "I love you Renesmee Cullen!" he sad with a smile on his face, and he picked me up, i wrapped my legs around his waist and he carried me to the bedroom.

Chapter 4- Bond Fire pt 1

We woke up at 5:00 pm. Jacob's stomach growled. "You want me to make dinner?" i asked. "No, i can make it." he said. pulling me close to him, kissing me, when his stomach growled. He got up and put on a pair of board shorts. I got dressed after him and walked into the kitchen and saw him making chicken. "Hey" i said. "Hey, there's a bond fire tonight at 8, do you want to go?" he asked. "Sure! We missed the last one." i said.

Chapter 4- The bond fire pt 2

Me and jacob walked hand in hand to the bond fire. All of the guy were sitting around the fire. Emily, who was very, VERY pregnant was getting the food ready with the help of Kim and Ashley. Ashley is Seth's imprint, and my best friend. She was nice, she moved down to the reservation 6 months ago. She was from Canada. She was from sort of reservation in British Columbia. Anyways, I kissed jacob quickly and walked over to the food table. "hey, do you guys need any help?" i asked. "Ya, sure you can help with getting the food ready." Ashley said. "So, was it good?" Ashley asked. "OW!" she said when Kim nudged her in the side. "Was what good?" i asked. confused. Did they know? How could they possibly know what had happened earlier? "WAS WHAT GOOD?!?" i asked getting impatient. "We know what happened earlier, we knew because you were both glowing and had the biggest smiles on your face." Kim said. I looked down and started laughing. "You had me scared, that you knew something that i didn't know, i was scared." i said, and we all started laughing. "And yes, yes it was." i said "Ew!!!" ashley said. "That stuff remains secret!" she said. "Ow! That was a big kick!" Emily said. Jacob came over and hugged me by the waist. "hey beautiful." he said kissing me. "EW! Kay, that stuff stays at home! In your own private world! Where you two are alone!" ashley said. Everyone laughed. "You told them?!?" jacob said, shocked. "They guessed, they already knew!" i said. "You guys are perverts." jacob said looking at them. "Thank you for such the nice compliment jacob!" ashley said. When the food was ready, all the guys ate like crazy, jacob ate 15 hot dogs. "Wow, are you sure your stomach isn't a bottomless pit???" i asked. He lauhed. "You know, i'm actually starting to consider that! Maybe it's part of the whole werewolf thing." he said pretending to think about it that it might be true.

Chapter 5- Surviving Renesmee's point of view

I woke up the next morning at 6:30, Jacob was still asleep. We stayed up late last night, till 1 in the morning to be exact. The bond fire was long, but it went by fast. Today was our first day at La Push high. Jacob was snoring away, in a very deep slumber it seemed. I took a shower, the hot water calmed my nerves... sort of. I woke jacob up with a kiss. He smiled, "First day of school." i said. "No thanks. I'll stay here and sleep." he said. "Come on, i don't want to spend all day with seth making crappy sex jokes about you and me." i said. "Oh right, your going to!" jacob said. "Is that a compliment or an insult?" i asked. "A compliment of course. Because as long as your with me, i can survive anything." he said. "Even history?" i asked hi as he sat up. He kissed me uickly. "Even history!" he said. "...I hope" he said.

Chapter 6- School

Me and Jacob walked up to the front door of the school to see a bored, waiting Seth, and a very excited Ashley. "What took you guys so long??? I was waiting forever, well we were, sorry babe. I was just so excited for high school! I love it! Oh i hope we're in the same classes! I'm just so, so excited aren't you??? I mean it's going to be so much fun..." Ashley rambled on for like, half an hour about how me and jacob came late - even though it was 8:15 and school didn't start until 8:45- and how she was just to excited for high school. She just went on, and on, and on, and on, until Seth shut her up by saying, let's go get our schedules. That was the only moment of the day where i'm pretty sure Ashley didn't talk! The rest of the pack, was at the front desk, waiting in a long line for their schedules also. I had at least one person i knew in each class.

My Schedule:

Biology- Ashely and Jake
P.E.- Seth, Paul, Ashley, Collin, and Jake
History- Jake
Band- Ashely
Art- Jake and Seth
Math- Ashley, Seth, and Collin
L.A.- Paul, Brady, and Ashley

The day was quite hectic, but the first day of school always is i guess. My mom laughed when she found out that Jake and I had biology together.I didn't want to know why, because it would just be yet another long, boring trip down memory lane. In art, we had to paint a picture done by a famous artist. I was painting mona lisa, or attempting to. Jacob was laughing at my picture, while Seth was making crappy sex jokes all period, so we kept getting in trouble by the teacher. In gym, we played volleyball, we split into partners, i was with ashley, jake was with seth, and Collin was with Paul. Me and ashley were pretty good at volleyball, we were on the team in junior high. We laughed at jake and seth all period because they kept spiking it at Paul's head. Then Paul got them back by pushing them into the girls change room, luckily no one was undressed yet, but we all laughed at them. My first day of high school, as you can see, was very crazy.

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omg please keep me updated :D
sounds good so far
very good,, write more soon please and keep me updated :]
kay, im glad you guys like it. I thought people were going to think from the first part of the story, oh my god, she's such a freak that she'd write about that! but i'll finish chapter one and two today!
chapter 2-3 and a half are up! if you guys want me to send frequent updates on the story, if you haven't already added me, please add me as a friend!
Thats really good, keep me updated :)
i added chapter 4 and 5! I hope you like it! Let me know what you think!
This is good...just a little bit of advise, but vary your word choices, instead of saying he said, you could say he complained, he whispered, he excalimed, he growled, and that goes for all of the dialogue. It's just a suggestion. It will give your story more variety so it's not so repetivtive. It's very good and I like the idea!
Chapter 6 is up!!!
really really good!!! i cant wait for 7! I would like to point out that you said that jake And nessie ate eggs. but Nessie cant eat human food. i hope you dont take it the wrong way. but anyway, it is really a awesome story!
thanks for the tip! I thought nessie could eat eggs since she was half human. if not, well... in my story she can, haha!
Hey you guys, if want updates please add me!!!!


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