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Stronger than Words...All human...For now. What if Edward just met Bella only to find out that she was soon leaving for duty in the Army.

  Hi everyone, so this is a story that I wrote out in 2009 and just found it again. This is all human...For now.


Edward had left Forks every summer and never met Bella. He did hear about her after his return home, but by then Bella had left to go back to her mother's. For the first time Bella and Edward are both in Forks at the same time. 


What happens when they finally meet each other? When Bella is set to leave for the active war in the army; how can a relationship blossom in such little time that they have before her departure?  Edward's anxiety over Bella's well being overseas begins to get the best of him. Will Bella return from battle? If she does, will she be the same Bella that Edward knew before she left?                                                    








                                                      Stronger than Words

                                                                   Chapter One:

                                                                   First Meeting






“Hey Bro, get dressed. I am taking you out before you decide to kill yourself.” Emmett shouted in the tiny loft.


“Do you mind, man? I could have heard you all the way down the street. This place echoes too much.” Edward stated with his hands over his ears, annoyed. Another day in paradise…



Moving back home after graduating from college was not the way Edward had planned out his future. Living the high life in a big city was; however, the way the economy had been, left few desirable jobs. His parents begged him to stay with them, but Edward refused. He wanted to have a small part of his adult life without the watchful eyes of his parents. So they paid for his small loft above a garage in Forks until he found a job that would allow him to pay for it on his own.



Emmett whispered this time, emphasizing his posture to create that of a mouse. “Bro, can you get up and get dressed so we can go?”


“I do not want to party again with you Emmett, every time I do, you always get into a fight.”


Emmett chuckled at his remarks with a big grin that turned quickly into a somber face…a sincere one.
“Bro, we’re not going to the bars dude, a friend of mine that came to town after you left for college is going off to serve our country and her father is having some big shindig for her before she leaves.” He said in a torn up tone.


“It’s a woman?” Edward asked confused, pulling his brows inward.


“Yeah man, she is like my little sister dude, I love her to death. I even tried to convince her not to join, but she wouldn’t have it. I didn´t think she would put her parents through this, being the only child and all, but dude, get this. She insists that she is just as smart if not smarter as the guys and that she can pull her own weight out there.”

Edward was convinced that Emmett’s friend was not thinking clearly.


“Emmett, it takes more than just brains to get through an active war. I do not think your friend knows what she has gotten herself into. Is she quick on her feet? Is she physically strong enough to handle what she will be put through?” Edward asked in all seriousness.


Emmett heaved in a breath.


“Well dude, I am not sure how she graduated from basic because she is so clumsy. The strong part… hm, I wouldn’t say that she is physically strong, but mentally…yes. She is a strong woman, I have to have faith that she will come back in one piece.”


Edward sat there, wondering how this clumsy and not so physically strong woman thought she could make it through this… alive. Well, anyway – any distraction from his own misery would help, so he stood up, looking down at Emmett, and ordered him out of the loft with a big sigh.


“No!” Emmett panicked. “Dude, you have to go, Jazz already skipped out on me. Alice made him go with her to get the last minute decorations for Bella’s party.” He begged with flattering eyelashes while placing his ball cap backwards.


Another sigh came from Edward – his friend was great, but he lacked a bit in his mental fitness. “Emmett, I will join you, but I have to change and if you haven’t noticed…there is no bedroom in which I can do that from.” He explained with a light smile, showing the room, slowly starting to unbutton his shirt.


“Oh dude, totally forgot about that. See you outside bro.” Emmett said with a disgusted look on his face with the picture of Edward changing his briefs in front of him.




“Hey Emmett, whose old house are we going to?” Edward asked, curious.


“What do you mean…old house?” Emmett’s face was clearly lost.


“Well, we know just about everyone here in town so I guessed that someone moved out of town and this family bought the house then.” Edward thought the question was obvious.


“Dude, its Chief Swan’s place…It’s his daughter. I thought you knew her from when she came to visit her dad in the sum…Oh wait; you were always gone for the summer when she came here.” Emmett quickly said with bulging eyes when the light bulb kicked in.


Edward remained silent then. He had heard things about her when he would return home from summer vacation but never had the chance to meet her himself. As they drove down the road that Chief Swan resided on, they could see the long line of vehicles that trailed both sides of the road. Edward was surprised to see that most of the town came out for this girl.


“Emmett, Is she the only one in town that joined?”


Emmett laughed hysterically punching Edward in the shoulder. “Bro, she’s not the only one, but trust me on this one: Bella is an awesome chick to be around; I think you will like her.”


“So her name is…Bella?”


“Yeah bro, she’s really cool.”




When they both arrived at the Swan’s residence, the many people that came awed them. You couldn’t tell that there was a front yard. Alice was there, sitting in a tree, wrapping some last minute Chinese night lights up for later, directing Jasper to give her some more length. Emmett couldn’t withstand the thought of waiting for his girl to find him; naturally he left Edward to fend for himself for the time being.
Edward leaned against the car at the front of the drive and watched Jasper and Alice together, he basked in the way they loved each other completely. He sighed, the feeling of loneliness set in.


“Edward Cullen! Nice to see you again son. Heard you were back in town. How was college for ya?” A deep friendly voice from behind him.


“Hello Chief Swan, nice to see you too. I am not sure how long I will be in town and…college; well, even with graduating, it is hard to find a job.”


“Yeah, I know it’s getting hard out there but it will get better sooner or later. Don’t let it get you down, when everything is better I am sure that you will have a great career.” Chief Swan stated proudly, resting his hand on Edward’s shoulder.


“C’mon Edward, I want to introduce you to my baby. Bells, where are you?” Chief Swan called out with joy, guiding Edward into the house.


“Hold on dad, I’m changing.” Bella yelled down the stairs.


“Oh Bells. I wanted to take some pictures of you in your uniform.” He said sourly.


A few minutes later, Bella was running down the stairs, announcing that she was coming, wearing a yellow tank top with a twin pocket white button up shirt over it and a pair of slim jeans that fit her body perfectly. Her long brown locks held up in a ponytail to show her glowing face. Once she reached the end of the stairs she tripped over her own feet and fell down the stairs – right into Edwards arms who threw himself for rescue without thinking.


“Crap, why does this sort of thing always happen to me?” she whined.


Edward stood solid, finally getting a good clean close look at her. He felt a rumbling course across his chest like an engine revving up in a race car... his heart moving at a pace that he had never felt before. Bella was striking to his eyes; the deepest brown eyes that he had ever seen beckoning to his soul, calling to him.






If anyone reads this first chapter. Please let me know if you would like to read more. Thanks D





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Omg u brought out so much emotion in this first u had me smiling and laughing then when Bella died up until she first appeared in front of Alice I cried now I'm happy that she is alive and someone knows it please keep me updated loved every minute of it

I just started reading this story today and it is great!  please update again soon I can't wait to read it!



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