The Twilight Saga

chapter:1 RPOV

"Emmet give me those now", i said in a voice that could make a man wet himself. Emmett was running around the big house with my bras around his head yelling, "look at me im superman!!!!!". im gonna kill him. no doubt about it, im gonna kill his a**, then mount it on the wall above me and Jakes room.
"Easy Ness", my dad advised.'hey i can handle him', i thought towards the piano, where my parents were sitting. My mom was laughing her head off, Jacob was sitting on the couch, silently shaking his head, and everyone else was out hunting, and due to be back any minuite.
"Emmet, what in the hell are you doing", aunt Rose said walking in the back roor."I'm superman, Baby!", Emmet boomed. "Your gonna fly higher than superman ever thought of if you don't give me my Jimmy Choo bras Emmet" i said nastily
Suddenly Aunt Alice and Jasper danced into the room, and Aunt Alice snagged my bras off Emmets head."Thank You alice"i muttered."Hey, Nessie, you wanna wrestle" emmet questioned. All i did was turn around like i didn't hear him and suddenly charge straite for his groin.
"Is that all you got little girl, come to daddy",emmet laughed. We balked into the yard, where we couldn't hurt any of Esme's things.Emmet threw his head back and laughed.The perfect opportunity for the knee in the you-no-whats attack. i ramed my knee up and then Emmet was looking like he would cry if he could. No one knew why, but that was the only pary of the avmpire body that could feel pain.
I silently prayed to god that i was a femail and said to Emmet, "who's your daddy now"!
"Are you to done yet, ok well i have something planned for all of us",Aunt Alice said "We are going to Paris", Alice squeled.
"cool", Jacob said, getting up and wrapping his hands around my waist, so that his wedding ring threw glares around the room. We got married last year on my birthday, and it was the happiest day of my life. Then i rembered that Emmet sent Mike Newton a wedding invit, even though he wasn't envited.At the reception Mike chugged 2 bottles of Jim Beam, stripped off his clothes, and ran around naked yelling "im Ricky Bobby, im on fire",. He did that for about five minuites until he fell in the river.

that was a sample for all of you, if you want me to keep wrighting then comment, otherwise, i wont wright some thing that no one likes and that no one is gonna read.

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this was really funny keep going
omg write more its hilarious!
sorry i havent written in over a year, but ive been SUPER busy just starting high school, and im trying to make time to wright. so ill think of some funny stuff and make it into a story :]]]


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