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Summer field

A short story by Amanda-->

Copyright of Amanda-->. This cannot be reproduced.

There aren't any relations to any people that I know in real life and these characters.

A/N: I just realized that I posted this in the fanfiction group on accident. Sorry! But this is not twilight-related. I hope that you read it's pretty short. :)


Lana Metts was your average teenager. She went to the mall after school, and sometimes hung out at the Starbucks down the street. She got ok grades, complained about teachers and had a best friend named Ellie.


But that was during the school year. Every year for as long as Ellie Burbank could remember, on the last day of school she would hug her best friend goodbye and promise to call her over the summer. But that was it. Lana would never call her back. Never sent a text. June-August, it was like Lana Metts had dropped off of the face of the earth.


When school started again, Lana would tell her that Lana's mom took her to a small town in Africa and that there was no cell phone service or internet. But every year? What was so special about a small town in Africa for Lana and her mom? When asked these questions she would shrug and change the subject.


But this year, Ellie was determined to find out if Lana was telling the truth. She knew that she should trust her best friend. But she needed to find out if Lana was purposely ignoring her.


"So, going to Africa this summer?" She walked toward Lana.


Lana spun around and smiled. "Maybe, mom is deciding. I'll let you know soon."


"Okay, maybe if you go...I could come with?"


"I wish, but mom never lets me bring friends. You know how she is."


Ellie nodded and sighed. "Unfortunately, I do."


Lana bit her lip. "Well...I have to go." She paused, and then went over to give Ellie a hug. And then she walked off.


Things had gotten even more awkward between Ellie and Lana in the past few years. Ellie felt like Lana was keeping too many secrets from her and for that she resented Lana, which made the friendship hard. But Ellie wanted the lying to stop and today she was finally going to do it. Today decided whether or not Ellie and Lana would continue to be best friends.


She followed Lana to the field. Lana put down her school bag and sat down, gazing at the trees ahead.


Ellie watched her for a long time, but Lana never left. After an hour, Ellie gave up and went home.


The next day it was raining, a rare event in Kansas City, Missouri. Ellie went back to the field, and Lana was still sitting in the exact same spot that she had been the day before. She was covering her head with her sweatshirt.


"Why aren't you leaving?" Ellie whispered to herself. She decided to find out.




Lana turned around and gasped. "Oh...hello Ellie. I'm just enjoying the rain. It's rare you know."


Ellie knew. "Why, though? You're soaked."


"It's beautiful..."


"Come're getting soaked. Hop in my car."


Ellie chuckled nervously. "I'm okay."


"No, come on."


"Ellie...I can't leave. In fact, you might not be able to leave either."


"What are you talking about?"

"I'm...stuck here. For the whole summer. For every summer until I'm 18."


"What? That makes no sense."


"I was taking the shortcut through here to my house, when as I was walking to the forest, something stopped me. Some...invisible force. I couldn't leave."


"Lana...I think that you need help." Ellie was fearful and began to run back to her car. But just as she reached the edge of the field she was pushed backward. She stumbled over a dirt mound and fell on her back. "What the heck?" She tired again, this time the force was much stronger and she practically flew through the air. "Why can't I leave?"


"I told you, once you enter, you can't leave until school starts."


"But...I had so many things that I wanted to do this summer." Ellie wanted to cry. "What...what will my mom say?"


"My mom knows...she'll tell your mom that you're coming with Africa. She's visiting later today."


"How did your mom find out?"


"I called her," Lana pulled out her cell phone and wiggled it.


"But...she'd be stuck too."


"Remember? It doesn't work once you turn 18."


"Wait, how do you know all this?"


"Well...I had dreams about it. The lady in the dream told me things. I think that she died here in the '80's."


"Why is she keeping us here?"


"It's not her. Her body wasn't found until her 18th birthday. So I'm stuck here until mine. It's a curse."


"But, next summer, we don't have to step foot in here ever again. Why did you?"


"That's the thing. In my dreams, she tells me that if I don't come back...that I'll die."


Ellie sobbed softly. "I have a life to live."


"You know, I don't think of this as a curse. I think of it as a chance to stop and smell the roses. you never notice the true beauty of a field until you live in it." She laughed a little. "You know, I'm glad that you know now. It's much easier to be your friend. To be a friend."


Ellie sniffed. Maybe these weren't the best circumstances, but sh ehad gotten her friend back. And what more could anyone ask for? They would share the summer together, in the summer field.



A/N: Hope you liked this. It came to me while I was driving to the beach and I passed a field. Comment please. Constructive criticism is always accepted. :)


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I agree, this is creepy.

But it's a good creepy--very intruiging and unique. And unique stories are my favorite.

I'm very curious to find out more about this summer field, and why they are being kept there.

I would love it if you posted more soon.

Great start to what is going to be a great story, Amanda.



Thanks for taking the time to read this story guys! It is a little creepy but that is kind of the feel you were supposed to get. It was meant to be just a short story (ending here), but I may post more, depending on the time I have. :)

How it began...

Continuation by Amanda-->

 All rights reserved.


A/N: This is a short story talking about the day that Lana Metts became trapped in the summer field.


"See you over break Ellie!"


Lana Metts walked down Elle Road with a blissful feeling. She had gotten through her first year at Kansas City Middle School. 6th grade was over, and next year she would be in 7th grade. She was excited!


Ellie Burbank was her best friend and they were going to the beach this summer, sometime in July. She couldn't wait. The beach was a long way from Missouri. It would be her first time seeing the ocean through her own eyes.


Today she decided to take a shortcut through the field. Her mother told her never to go through there, but what could it hurt? It wouldn't be until later that she realized it could hurt a lot.


She took her time walking through the field, picking up dandelions and blowing on them, making wishes for good weather at the beach. Finally, she reached the end and something extraordinary happened. As she started to walk through the forest she felt a sudden push.


"What was that?" she muttered. "I must be imagining things." She walked only about 5 feet when she was pushed back. She fell backwards and landed on her butt. "Ouch! What the heck was that?" She stood up and wiped off her hands.


She tried again to get out of the field, but only fell again. "No, no, no! This cannot be happening!"


"Oh yes it can."


Lana gasped and turned around. But no one was there. "This is seriously creepy."


"You bet it is."


This time Lana felt courageous. "Who's there? Come on, show yourself."


"You won't be able to see me. I'm dead." The voice seemed to be coming from behind Lana, but everytime she turned around the voice chnaged direction.


"Why are you keeping me here?" Lana stuttered.


"Oh...I assure you. It's not me. It's the...essence of this field. I was killed my own mother." She laughed. "My body wasn't found until I was 18, so every summer you have to stay here until you turn 18."


"What?" Lana wasn't able to understand. She was young after all.


The voice sighed. "Let me make this simple. You cannot leave until school begins. And every summer after this, you'll come to this field on the last day of school and stay until the end of the summer."


"But...why?" Lana was almost in tears.


The tone of the voice suggested that it was shrugging. "How should I know? That's just the way it goes I suppose."


"This isn't fair!" Lana wept. "My life will be ruined!"


"Do you think it's fair that my own mother killed me?" The voice sounded angry.


Lana shook her head, silencing her sobs.


"'re right. It wasn't. And heed this warning. If you don't come back every summer until you turn 18, you will die. Maybe you'll get hit by a car on your way home from school. Maybe you'll have a sudden heartattack. It doesn't really matter how. But it will happen."


Lana woke up lying down in the field. Her head hurt. "I must have hit my head. It was all a dream." She sighed in relief. "Oh no! Mom is going to freak out!"


She ran to the forest, pausing only for a few seconds to catch her breath. But then the same force that she had felt in her so called dream happened again and she flew through the air landing hard on the ground.


She sobbed. She was pained. Both emotionally and physically. The only thing that she could think to do was call her mom.


"Hello?" Her mom's soft voice instantly calmed her.


"Mom? I need you to come to the field..."


A/N: So what did you guys think? Does this explain more things?


Ooh. intense.

Admittedly, I don't much like that ghost. She seemed very insensitive.

I suppose she had a reason though...murdered by her mother and all.




Yeah. Being murdered by your moher can make a person kind of insensitive,huh? Thanks for reading. :)

Thanks! This is just an idea I had while driving to the beach and as soon as I got there I had to write it all down, so I just made it into a one shot. It's possible that it could turn into a novel...but you know me. It's hard for me to commit to full time stories. I'm so busy all the time!


Thanks for taking the time to read!



wow cool idea. very different.

Wow very creative.

I really enjoyed it.

I look forward to reading more of your stories in the future :D

Keep up the good work!


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