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Summer Of Boys (Living with Six Guys for The Entire Summer can be a bit..... Challenging.)

This is soooo brand new & fresh out the oven. I'm excited to see where this story is heading. : ) hehe now i present to you 'Summer of Boys"


Summer of Boys Poster. Officially made by me. : )


18 Year old Mariah is dying to show her parents that she is independent enough to go off to her dream College in Italy. So she strikes a deal with them…. Let her move in their Summer house down in Florida. Sounds more than easy enough right? Not. Mariah gets way more than she bargained for when she finds out that her house is planted right next door to the ’Gunner’ boys. All six of them are Hollister ab, and shirtless, and glistening sweat hot! Mariah is determined to prove she can handle anything, even when she has to move in with the Gunner boys, after a break in at her summer house.




Chapter 1- Striking a Deal with a Dealmaker


“Are we really going to go through this again Mariah?” My Father asks while fumbling with his 13k gold Rolex. Once he’s satisfied with the position its on his dark skin he moves his light brown eyes up to mine.

“Dad come on! I can do this! It’s one of the best schools in the country!” I squeal while putting my cherry coke can down on the coaster. I watch as my father lean back in our leather living room couch and watch me with his expressionless face. I flick my eyes over to my mother whose sitting crossed legged and eyeing me as well. Her long dark brown hair is pulled into a high ponytail causing her already cat eyes to slant even more. Her dark eyes watch me as well. Except hers are softer and a bit more understanding.


“Mariah. No. Your way to young to go off to some University in Italy. Not as long as I’m-” he points his well polished thumb at himself and continues on “paying for the intuition and rooming and boarding.”

“Mom come on! Help me out! This is the top prestige school in ITALY!” I declared as I moved my eyes to my mother.


“Benny, dear-” my mother begin except my father cuts her off with a wave of his hand. Giving us a flash of his gold Rolex.


“Michelle, Mariah, cannot handle being on her own for four years in a completely different and foreign country. She can barely handle her credit card.” my father says as he looks at me. I frown at that and leap up out of my chair. I was desperate here. Beyond desperate. How many times have I had this conversation with my father? Way too many times to count. But every single time he won. It just wasn’t fair! I was determined to get my way. Secretly I had already applied to the University of Rome. And I was excepted! I had the grades to even get into Yale or Harvard. But I didn’t want to stay limited in the United States. I wanted to break free of this country and travel!


Go to another school, in an entirely different Country. U.O.R. could give me that chance. I really wished I had signed up in time for a scholarship for the Univer. But seeing how I had the flu the entire week they came out to our school in, Arizona. I missed that opportunity. I missed the deadline to put in an application for a scholarship. I would regret that forever, because then I wouldn’t have to depend on my fathers money to put me through College. There had to be some way for him to budge. I had to show him I could handle living on my own, with a roommate, in another state or country. And that’s when it hit me like a ton of bricks.


“I have a deal to make.” I said raising my chin and placing my hands beside me. I straightened my spine as far as it could, as if somehow standing more straighter and calmer would change my father mind altogether. I watched as him and my mother raise an eyebrow.


“I’m listening.” I watched yet again as he flick his hand, motioning me to go on. I swallowed hard, not believing what I was about to say to my father. But like I said I was desperate here.


“Our Summer home, down in Florida…” I began as I moved around our glass table carefully, making sure their eyes were still on me and moved in front of the large fireplace.


“What about it?” my mother asked as she scooted closer to my father and placed her hand on his knee. Her silk white pants suit glinted brightly as the sunsets glow beamed on it. I locked eyes with my father as he watched me.


“If I can prove to you, that I can live in our Summer home for the entire Summer without any problems, or Police reports you let me go to Rome.” I say whilst making sure my chin was raised. My father tilted his head to the side as he rolled the thought over in his head. I knew the Summer home was a great idea. Seeing how dad’s car lot business was keeping him away from home majority of the time. And mom’s charity events kept her just as busy.


So I already knew that we wouldn’t be going to Florida for our Annual Howard-summer trip to Pennsylvania. I knew me striking a deal with dad would somehow give me an advantage. I had to think harder and be a bit more clever than he was. Seeing how my dad owned over sixteen car lots, he was more than capable of making a deal you couldn’t go against.


“I’m listening.” he said leaning even further into the leathers couch, causing it to groan with the weight of him. I was nearly about to smile my ass off, but I had to contain my serious look. This is good. Really good. Never had I peaked his interest when I came to bargain with him.


“I’ll use my own cash in the bank. You guys don’t have to give me anything. I’ll buy the groceries and keep the place clean and neat. I’ll call a maid service to clean the place before I get there. If I can do this, I’m sorry,” I re corrected myself “when I pull this off you have to let me go to Rome.” I finished with a cocky grin. I knew I had plenty of time to prove to them I was capable of this. We were only in our second week of summer since school let out, and I had already graduated with a 4.0 GPA. Our two story house was quiet for a long time as each of us were lost in our thoughts. With every passing second I could feel my heart hammering in my chest from the rush of adrenaline.


My mother was the first to speak: “I love the idea! It’s a perfect chance for her to show her independency.”


I was overly thankful to God that I had a understanding mother. I silently thanked her with a small nod. Her chocolate skin glimmered in the sunset as she smiled at me. I moved my eyes back to my father and watched him my father shake his head for a quick second, and I felt my hope falter a little. “That won’t do. You wont have a maid cleaning your room if you go to that University, or any other College for that matter. No maid service.” he stated as he brought himself out the couch and standing to his full 6’1 height. My mother stood along with him, even though she was wearing high heels she was still four-inches shorter than my father.


“I know. I can clean it myself.” I said nodding my head quickly. My hope spreading through out my body like a dam flooding a small town.


“Very well then. If you can manage to keep the house clean, and no Police involved what so ever, I’ll accept your deal.” My father stretched his hand out to me and I accepted it quickly, feeling myself smile like an idiot. “Under a few conditions.” my father said as his grip tightened on my dark skinned hand and he eyes me warily.


“Okay.” I just about whispered. I swallowed hard and stared back into his light brown eyes.


“No drugs in that house, no parties, no bringing an MTV crew into my house talking about ‘The Real Life of a Kid living in A Summer Home for the entire Summer.” I almost laughed when he mentioned that MTV thing. Instead I nodded my head understandingly and waited patiently for him to go on. “And on top of that, NO BOYS in the house!” his voice boomed through out our house. His voice bouncing off of the crème colored walls, and French marble floors. I sighed inwardly as I thought about my boyfriend Paul. He was one of the main reasons why my Summer home popped into my head.


 He was going to be in Miami Florida for half of the Summer as well. But only I was going to be staying out in Ft, Lauderdale. I figured I could manage it somehow without breaking my fathers rules. Some part of me was going to rebel against the boy rule, but then again I quickly remembered my father having connections. I could do this. I would show my father I could be independent and would prove him wrong. I shook my fathers hand.


“Deal.” I said staring back at him.


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Chapter 3- Boys & Phones

I blink stupidly at the line of boys in front of me. Their all brothers? And they stay right next door to me! Not even a wooden fence or metal gate separating us. Only the green grass and maybe a palm tree or two. Before I can even respond I feel my phone vibrating in my pocket. I nearly jump and jam my hands into my jean shorts and fish out my phone.

“Hello?” I breathe into the phone. I’m well aware that the boys are still staring at me. Why are they still here?

“Babe! Did you make it safely?” I hear a familiar voice yell out into the phone.

“Yeah babe, I just got here.” I reply back to my boyfriend. I notice that Will’s smile falter a little and wander what that was about. I listen obediently as Paul, my boyfriend, goes on and on about the plane ride out here and the temperature that’s melting his skin off. Its only then that I remember why I came to our Summer Home in the first place.

“Baby, umm. I gotta go…. Remember the deal I made with my parents? Yeah….well…I gotta start proving that now. So I’ll call you once I’m done setting up.” I explained while turning my body away from the boys who were still watching me. Paul said his goodbye and hung up. I clicked the end button on my blackberry and turned back to the boys.

“Deal with your parents?” Will asked as his smile turned into a smirk. I couldn’t miss the way the sun glinted on his even straight teeth.

“Something like that. I’m on my own for the Summer.” I noticed that all of the boys were retreating back to the large house, leaving only me and Will in my drive way. I moved my eyes back to Will and for the first time I saw him frown slightly.

“Hey, uh, I know this is gonna sound like I’m hitting on you…. But if your really gonna be staying here by yourself for the entire summer, you should take down my number.” he said rubbing the back of his neck tentatively.


I raised my eyebrow at him.

“I’m saying there’s been some reports about break-ins around here. And if your gunna be staying by yourself then you should have at least someone’s number down here!” he rushed out quickly. “Someone who lives closer to you, like us, who better to protect you then six boys right next door to you?”


I rolled his thoughts over in my head. I wandered if he was just trying to flirt with me and get me to call him. But then again I dismissed that thought because he was standing right in front of me when I was talking to Paul. And besides he didn’t ask for my number. I frowned when my mind finally came across the break-ins down here. Will did have a point. I was by myself and I didn’t really associate with anyone on this block. I only spoke to the neighbors or whomever when my parents said hello to them.

“Alright. But only for emergencies.” I looked at him, waiting for him to give me his number.


And he did.


“Alright then. Come by the house sometime whenever you want.” he said as he walked backwards to his house. His brothers long gone before him. I waved awkwardly and shoved my phone into my pocket. I was about to move to the back of the truck when I noticed Will left his open water bottle on the hood of my car. I grabbed the bottle and shrugged, took a long swig from it and capped the bottle. I moved to the back and pushed the trunk button that was hanging on my keys from my waist. I pulled out my two massive suitcases, one by one, and let them hit the ground hard. I pulled out one large duffel bag and set it on the ground. I lugged one suitcase behind me and made my way awkwardly to the front door. My legs still felt cramp from the sitting position. I shoved my key into one of the massive double doors and pushed the door open.


**                                                        **                                                        **


“Done.” I look around the house satisfied with the hard down cleaning I was doing. I had removed the sheets off of the cotton crème colored couches and swept up the living room. I even dusted the ceiling fans and counter tops. I had vacuumed all six of the bedrooms upstairs and opened the curtains so the sun could filter through them. Even though I had to close the curtains back again in a few minutes, seeing how the sun was on its final hour of setting, I just wanted some fresh sunlight and air to drift through out the house.


I even cleaned the four bathrooms and made up two of the beds. I made sure I cleaned the master bedroom first knowing I was sleeping in that room. I had decided to put on the sheets for the room down the hall next to me, just incase I had a guest staying over. Dad did say no boys, but he never said girls couldn’t come over. I collapsed on the bar stool at the counter and laid my head down on the cool marble beneath me. My arms felt sore from lifting the suitcases up the stairs and dusting. I pulled my blackberry from my jeans and wearily scrolled down to Paul’s number. It ranged a couple of times before picking up on the sixth ring.

“Hello?” Paul shouted into the phone. I could hear the music blaring in the background and gripped the counter tighter.

“Paul. Are you out clubbing?” I asked skeptically. I looked down at my watch and saw that it was nearing seven O’ clock. It was way too early for him to start living it up in Florida.

“No babe.” he shouted into the phone again. “I’m at this frat party. Babe it’s so awesome! You should’ve been here. This dude chugged the keg for over two minutes!”

I frowned. Paul wasn’t exactly the most stable boyfriend on the face of the earth. But then again he had a special place in my heart. We had been dating since our sophomore year and had way too many memories to jot down in a diary.

I sighed inwardly knowing Paul wasn’t going to be able to stay on the phone with me all night. “Call me when your sober.”


I heard Paul grunt and let out a whooping yell. “Alright Riah! I’ll call you when I reach home.”


I doubt it.

“Be careful.” I warned into the phone. I listened as Paul gave me a kiss over the phone and the phone line went dead. I dropped my phone on the counter and rubbed the sore spot, that was still throbbing over my brow. Instantly my thoughts were directed to the boys next door. I was bored and alone. I knew college life in Italy couldn’t be like this. I would most definitely have a roommate who would at least ask me to come to the library with her.


I looked down at my phone and scrolled slowly down to Will’s number with my pinky. My pinky hovered over the green call button of Will’s number and I nearly pushed it. Instead I scooped up my phone and headed for the stairs. I was in dire need of a shower and some major sleep from the road trip, and baseball near death experience today.


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That was awesome!

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I really like it. I forgot all about Paul with all the other boys(; glad you reminded me:/ lol

i love the story! <3

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lol post more soon...i wish thats what i get to do this summer lol.

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screw Paul go 4 Will
Loved the chapter!! I am loving this story so much already.  I cant wait for more. Post Soon!!!!

I'm loving where this story is going :)

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cant wait for more :)
POST MORE WAT ARE YOU WAITING FOR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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