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Summer Of Boys (Living with Six Guys for The Entire Summer can be a bit..... Challenging.)

This is soooo brand new & fresh out the oven. I'm excited to see where this story is heading. : ) hehe now i present to you 'Summer of Boys"


Summer of Boys Poster. Officially made by me. : )


18 Year old Mariah is dying to show her parents that she is independent enough to go off to her dream College in Italy. So she strikes a deal with them…. Let her move in their Summer house down in Florida. Sounds more than easy enough right? Not. Mariah gets way more than she bargained for when she finds out that her house is planted right next door to the ’Gunner’ boys. All six of them are Hollister ab, and shirtless, and glistening sweat hot! Mariah is determined to prove she can handle anything, even when she has to move in with the Gunner boys, after a break in at her summer house.




Chapter 1- Striking a Deal with a Dealmaker


“Are we really going to go through this again Mariah?” My Father asks while fumbling with his 13k gold Rolex. Once he’s satisfied with the position its on his dark skin he moves his light brown eyes up to mine.

“Dad come on! I can do this! It’s one of the best schools in the country!” I squeal while putting my cherry coke can down on the coaster. I watch as my father lean back in our leather living room couch and watch me with his expressionless face. I flick my eyes over to my mother whose sitting crossed legged and eyeing me as well. Her long dark brown hair is pulled into a high ponytail causing her already cat eyes to slant even more. Her dark eyes watch me as well. Except hers are softer and a bit more understanding.


“Mariah. No. Your way to young to go off to some University in Italy. Not as long as I’m-” he points his well polished thumb at himself and continues on “paying for the intuition and rooming and boarding.”

“Mom come on! Help me out! This is the top prestige school in ITALY!” I declared as I moved my eyes to my mother.


“Benny, dear-” my mother begin except my father cuts her off with a wave of his hand. Giving us a flash of his gold Rolex.


“Michelle, Mariah, cannot handle being on her own for four years in a completely different and foreign country. She can barely handle her credit card.” my father says as he looks at me. I frown at that and leap up out of my chair. I was desperate here. Beyond desperate. How many times have I had this conversation with my father? Way too many times to count. But every single time he won. It just wasn’t fair! I was determined to get my way. Secretly I had already applied to the University of Rome. And I was excepted! I had the grades to even get into Yale or Harvard. But I didn’t want to stay limited in the United States. I wanted to break free of this country and travel!


Go to another school, in an entirely different Country. U.O.R. could give me that chance. I really wished I had signed up in time for a scholarship for the Univer. But seeing how I had the flu the entire week they came out to our school in, Arizona. I missed that opportunity. I missed the deadline to put in an application for a scholarship. I would regret that forever, because then I wouldn’t have to depend on my fathers money to put me through College. There had to be some way for him to budge. I had to show him I could handle living on my own, with a roommate, in another state or country. And that’s when it hit me like a ton of bricks.


“I have a deal to make.” I said raising my chin and placing my hands beside me. I straightened my spine as far as it could, as if somehow standing more straighter and calmer would change my father mind altogether. I watched as him and my mother raise an eyebrow.


“I’m listening.” I watched yet again as he flick his hand, motioning me to go on. I swallowed hard, not believing what I was about to say to my father. But like I said I was desperate here.


“Our Summer home, down in Florida…” I began as I moved around our glass table carefully, making sure their eyes were still on me and moved in front of the large fireplace.


“What about it?” my mother asked as she scooted closer to my father and placed her hand on his knee. Her silk white pants suit glinted brightly as the sunsets glow beamed on it. I locked eyes with my father as he watched me.


“If I can prove to you, that I can live in our Summer home for the entire Summer without any problems, or Police reports you let me go to Rome.” I say whilst making sure my chin was raised. My father tilted his head to the side as he rolled the thought over in his head. I knew the Summer home was a great idea. Seeing how dad’s car lot business was keeping him away from home majority of the time. And mom’s charity events kept her just as busy.


So I already knew that we wouldn’t be going to Florida for our Annual Howard-summer trip to Pennsylvania. I knew me striking a deal with dad would somehow give me an advantage. I had to think harder and be a bit more clever than he was. Seeing how my dad owned over sixteen car lots, he was more than capable of making a deal you couldn’t go against.


“I’m listening.” he said leaning even further into the leathers couch, causing it to groan with the weight of him. I was nearly about to smile my ass off, but I had to contain my serious look. This is good. Really good. Never had I peaked his interest when I came to bargain with him.


“I’ll use my own cash in the bank. You guys don’t have to give me anything. I’ll buy the groceries and keep the place clean and neat. I’ll call a maid service to clean the place before I get there. If I can do this, I’m sorry,” I re corrected myself “when I pull this off you have to let me go to Rome.” I finished with a cocky grin. I knew I had plenty of time to prove to them I was capable of this. We were only in our second week of summer since school let out, and I had already graduated with a 4.0 GPA. Our two story house was quiet for a long time as each of us were lost in our thoughts. With every passing second I could feel my heart hammering in my chest from the rush of adrenaline.


My mother was the first to speak: “I love the idea! It’s a perfect chance for her to show her independency.”


I was overly thankful to God that I had a understanding mother. I silently thanked her with a small nod. Her chocolate skin glimmered in the sunset as she smiled at me. I moved my eyes back to my father and watched him my father shake his head for a quick second, and I felt my hope falter a little. “That won’t do. You wont have a maid cleaning your room if you go to that University, or any other College for that matter. No maid service.” he stated as he brought himself out the couch and standing to his full 6’1 height. My mother stood along with him, even though she was wearing high heels she was still four-inches shorter than my father.


“I know. I can clean it myself.” I said nodding my head quickly. My hope spreading through out my body like a dam flooding a small town.


“Very well then. If you can manage to keep the house clean, and no Police involved what so ever, I’ll accept your deal.” My father stretched his hand out to me and I accepted it quickly, feeling myself smile like an idiot. “Under a few conditions.” my father said as his grip tightened on my dark skinned hand and he eyes me warily.


“Okay.” I just about whispered. I swallowed hard and stared back into his light brown eyes.


“No drugs in that house, no parties, no bringing an MTV crew into my house talking about ‘The Real Life of a Kid living in A Summer Home for the entire Summer.” I almost laughed when he mentioned that MTV thing. Instead I nodded my head understandingly and waited patiently for him to go on. “And on top of that, NO BOYS in the house!” his voice boomed through out our house. His voice bouncing off of the crème colored walls, and French marble floors. I sighed inwardly as I thought about my boyfriend Paul. He was one of the main reasons why my Summer home popped into my head.


 He was going to be in Miami Florida for half of the Summer as well. But only I was going to be staying out in Ft, Lauderdale. I figured I could manage it somehow without breaking my fathers rules. Some part of me was going to rebel against the boy rule, but then again I quickly remembered my father having connections. I could do this. I would show my father I could be independent and would prove him wrong. I shook my fathers hand.


“Deal.” I said staring back at him.


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Wohoo! New reader! : )

Amazing story...can u keep me updated?
Sure can. : )

I wished I had six hot boys who came to my rescue and made me forget to call my bf. lol

Awesome chapter!!

Post soon!!

Hahaha so do I! : )

It's absolutely amazing!

If your new to the story...WELLLLL..... WELCOME TO "SUMMER OF BOYS! ! !" : )

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Loved the chapeter .


Chapter 7: Boys & Attitudes


The inside of his hands were warm and moist. I looked into his wild green eyes and I could almost see how worried he was. He licked his dry lips and then pressed his forehead to mines.

“I-I-m sorry.” I whispered wrapping my arms around his waist and leaning into him. I listened as Paul take a deep breath and hold me tighter to him.


I couldn’t help but be surprised by his actions. Very rare did Paul show his affections for me. He usually just hugged me or kissed me. Never had I seen Paul this worried or shaken up. When we first started dating he seemed to be like this carefree guy, and partier all the time. But I couldn’t help but notice how sincere and kind he seemed to be towards me, after the summer he came back from that College road trip. It was new to me. But I wasn’t complaining.

“It’s alright. I’m just glad your okay.” he said into my hair.


Someone cleared their throat.


I looked over Paul’s shoulder and noticed the Gunner boys standing in front of us with sheepish looks on their faces. Even Johnny had came downstairs, with a towel wrapped around his face. I untangled myself from Paul’s embrace and stood on the side of him.

“Thanks guys. I owe you big.” Paul said taking a small step, hand still on my waist, and pounded fist with each of the boys.


“No prob. Dude.” Ian said while shifting his leg weight.

“Mariah the beds made up, so you can go ahead to bed if you want.” Will offered. He shoved his hands in his gym shorts and stood in place.


I felt Paul’s grip on me tighten.

“Your staying the night here?” He asked meeting my calm eyes. I nodded my head quickly, and watched as Paul’s tanned face turn into a frown.

“That’s a problem?” Justin asked suspiciously.

“No.” I quickly answered. I didn’t want any arguing to go on tonight, I didn’t have the strength to pull two boys off of one another. I pulled on Paul’s arm before he could protest and moved us up the stairs.


I stopped halfway up. I turned on my heels and looked over Paul’s scowling face.

“Guys!” I shouted just as they were all about to turn away. They stopped and stood back in place. “Thank you for tonight. I honestly do appreciate it.”


They all muttered ‘your welcome’ or ‘shut up and go to bed’ which Justin said by the way.

“Oh and Johnny?” I began again as Johnny was about to go to the leather couches. He looked at me with an annoyed expression. Towel still wrapped around his round oval shaped face. “I’m sorry I hit you in the face with a teapot.”


I heard some of the boys in the back snicker loudly. Johnnies eyes softened a little towards me and, without a reply, he turned on his heels and walked into the living room with the boys.


I headed up back up the stairs careful to move out of the way of dirty socks that were decorating the marble stairs and turned down a hall. Will had said it was the second room to the right. I pushed open the door with Paul hot on my heels. Paul closed the door behind us quickly leaving us in the dark, save for the moon light spilling in through the balcony doors.


I could just barely make out the queen sized mattress and the small flat screen TV. that hung over the beige carpeted floors.

“Your honestly sleeping here tonight?” Paul asked. His eyes wide with some intangible emotion.


“Yeah. I’m not sleeping in that house tonight.” I moved over to the bed and tested it out with my bare knee. It was warm and comfy. I sat on the edge of the bed and patted the spot next to me. Paul walked over without saying a word.

“Fine. I’ll stay for a little while longer.” he said, draping his arm over my shoulders and pulling me closer to him. “Why didn’t you call the cops? I didn’t see any lights or anything.”


We sat so we were facing the closed door. A small bar of light shone in from the bottom of the door. I leaned into his side and armpit. “ Dad said no cops.”


I heard Paul let out a ragged breath. Even though it was dark I could tell he was facing me; I could feel his warm breath against my forehead.

“Cops or not. You still should have called them. I’m sure Benny would have understood.”

“No he wouldn’t. He’d tell me to catch the next flight back to home and call it off.” I evened my breathing as the thoughts of tonight’s events filled my head.

“I think you should call this whole thing off. What’s gonna happen to us if you go way out there to Italy?” I could hear the frustration creeping into his voice.


Instead of answering him with words. I kissed him softly. I placed my top lip in between his thin red lips and pressed my hands to his neck. I felt his hand move from my shoulders and slide them to my waist.

He breathed into my mouth as he said the next words, “I can’t stay long. Max’s having this rave out on the beach.”


And just like that Paul had switched back into party mode. I really hoped Paul was joking with me right now. What kind of boyfriend still goes out to party, after their girlfriend of three years,(and still counting) was in a house with a burglar? Paul could be so charming and understanding at times. But I hated when he switched his views up. He could be so selfish and obnoxious at the wrong times. Especially at this moment. I frowned at him, even though he couldn’t see me in the dark. I pulled myself away from him and sat back on the bed hard.

“Are you serious right now Paul?” I asked crossing my arms over my chest.

“What? Oh. You want to come with me?” his voice sounded anything but hopeful.

I got up from the Gunners bed with my arms still crossed and said. “Just leave.”


“What’d I do?” I could tell his green eyes had gone innocent and blank as if he hadn’t done anything wrong.

“Leave, Paul.” I whispered uncrossing my arms and pulling the door open. The hallway light spilling into the room brightly. Causing me to blink several times.

As if he thought better of responding to what I had said earlier he moved from the bed and to the open doorway.


“I’ll pick you up tomorrow. Around 7.” he promised as he pulled his keys out of his pocket and moving down the hall. If I was in my house I would have slammed the front door shut, as well as my room door. But since I was in an all guy house I quietly shut the door, afraid Justin or Johnny would torture me with tweezers if I did slam it. I groaned out loud and fell into the comfy and warm bed of the Gunners household.


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Loved it

I hope her and one of the gunner boys end up together because paul is a big butthead for just leaving her.

I loved it!!!!!!:D sooo cute! But then Paul had to go be a jerk! I really do not like him :(

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Paul, you need to exit this story, ASAP! XD

6 hot Gunners, send them to me Lala! Send them! ;D

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keep me updated please :D


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