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This is something I've been goofing around with for over a year now! There is a total of 11 chapters written, but I'm going to add them slowly and continue writing the next chapters in the future. I think its a pretty good one of Nessie and Jacob. There is one particular part, later on, that might make you cry. I'm not the greatest writer in the world, but my eyes get a lil misty when I read them! lol



After the Volturi left the Cullen's be, the wolf pack was contacted by a neighboring tribe, to come help with their vampire problem. Though it started with just one tribe, word got out quickly, and Jacob and the other wolves, were gone for 3 years, travelling around, saving towns from their doom of vampire's gone bad! During this time, in Forks, little Renesmee Carlie Cullen, grew from the adorable toddler that Jake and the others knew, to a beautiful young woman, who looked more like a porcelain 16 year old goddess, more than anything. The whole time, Nessie had no idea why Jake was really away, Just that he was off on business, and would return to her soon. 


Read to find out what happens between Nessie and Jake! What happens when she finds out that vampire's and wolves are suppose to be sworn enemies? And how does she react when she finds out why he has been gone all this time? Will love over come all? Or will she run away, leaving him and her family? Read my newest story (new to the site) Summer Rain!!!!


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All character's (except the few I made up) belong to Stephanie Meyer! I own none! Thank you, and enjoy!!!

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Chapter 1
I was four at the time, or at least resembled a four year old. It was summer and raining. I stared out the back window of my dads Volvo at the fading figure in the distance. Jacob was still waving as the window fogged over. It felt as though my heart was breaking, and I was loosing my love.
“Will he come back, mommy?” I asked in a sad voice. “Of course,” she said in her beautiful melodic tone. “When?” I practically whispered. Dad gave a sigh, “If you wait for him each day, it will seem like eternity. But if you count the days that pass, as one day closer to seeing him, it will seem like only a moment since he left.” I turned around in my seat then, in time to watch him smile at my mother, and take her hand in his.
Jacob Black and his wolf friends had business out of town. He wouldn’t say what it was, just told me I was too young to understand. It hurt to know he was gone. This would be the first time that I’d spend more than a day away from him. I thought I would try to look at the positive though, as I stared at the clock in the front. “Does this mean we’re one second closer to him coming home?” I asked. Mommy gave a giggle, “It sure does, Nessie.”

“Nessie, get up! I’m not telling you again!” Mom shouted through my door. I gave a groan as I pulled the covers off my head. First day of school. I remembered how I came in mid-semester last year. I didn’t want to go then either. “Nessie!” Dad shouted from the living room. “I’m up!” I yelled back as I threw the covers to the floor. “Dang, can’t a girl just lie in bed for one second without parental units barking orders?” I demanded. “When did she become such a teenager?” I heard mom whisper to dad. “She got it from you. We never acted like that in my generation.” “I heard that!” I growled. They began laughing. I rolled my eyes and turned on my CD player to drown them out, though I knew it wouldn’t work. Kryptonite came blaring from the speakers and I began dancing around my room as I got ready.
“If I go crazy then will you still call me superman?” I shouted as I threw my head around. I reached in my closet and pulled out my khaki Capri’s. “If I’m alive and well will you be there a holding my hand?” I pulled out my black baby tee that read ‘Miss America’ across the front in red, white, and blue. “I’ll keep you by my side with my super human might! Kryptonite!” I jerked my Capri’s up and fastened them, then pulled the shirt over my head. My hair was curly, but I had learned to fix that quickly.
I walked to the mirror and picked up my hair straightener. “YEAH!” I sang as I began dancing again. The only thing that sucks about being half human, is some of the human problems that go along with it. My hair never does right and I become weak and chance dying if I don’t eat human food or drink blood. I can go without one, but I can’t go without both. “I’m kind of glad I’m not human right now. I’d have a headache from all that noise,” dad stated from the other room. “When did you start hating music?” Mom giggled. “When our daughter decided she was a teenager,” he added. “God! Can you two be anymore annoying?” I asked. Laughs erupted from the other room and I rolled my eyes. The song went off and ‘Loser’ began to play.
“Why does she even listen to that song? She’s not a loser,” Dad said. Great, here they go again, I thought. Dad gave a chuckle, I knew he heard that. “She knows that. It’s just a really good song. I use to listen to it myself. Just be glad she’s not in to that heavy metal stuff where you can’t even understand what they are saying,” I heard the smile in her voice. She then changed the tone of her voice, “Or getting tattoos and piercings without our knowledge.” I knew she was referring to my ears, tongue and belly button rings. As well as the tribal tattoo on my lower back. They always believed I’d never be able to do that because of the vampire in me. But the human let it be possible.
I gave my hair a flip and slipped on my black flip flops as I grabbed my bag. I shut off my CD player and jerked open the door. “Bye, see you later,” I called out. I didn’t want to look at them but the vampire in me made me see anyways. Dad was stretched out on the couch with mom laying on top of him giving him kisses down his neck. “God, you could at least wait ‘til I’m out of ear shot!” I groaned. Mom breathed giggles into dads neck. “Tell Grandpa hi for me!” Her muffled voice came after. I just threw a wave over my shoulder as I shut the door.
Same as last year, when I came in during the middle of the school year. I run to Grandpa Charlie’s house, slip in the back door, sit at the table with him for a minute, then jump into mom’s old truck and head off to school. It took a lot to get Grandpa to go along with our plan. He argued at how illegal it was, none the less, he couldn’t believe mom was pushing her daughter to lie, but he finally agreed. Once Grandma Renee and Phil learned of the truth last summer, they agreed as well.
I was Phil’s long lost daughter, only learned of AFTER my ‘step sister’ Bella married her husband Edward. My name is Vanessa Davis, only so I can keep my nickname Nessie. It was hard for ‘daddy Phil’ to go to away games with a 15 year old daughter sitting at home and she didn’t want his wife to stay away as well. So, with a little persuading, and Bella’s dad’s permission, Vanessa Davis moved in with him. She didn’t like her real mother and refused to go back to that place. Phil was upset to be losing another ‘daughter’, but it was understandable, that she would return home during off seasons and on vacations, when possible.
I giggled at the idea. Me, someone else’s daughter OTHER than Edward Cullen. But it was for the best since my mother thought I was old enough and it was time for me to go to school. I argued with them, but in the end, she won. Dad told me to get use to it, but I realized with a good education and lots of knowledge of the world, one day, I’d win an argument.
I opened the back door and stepped in. Grandpa Charlie learned to always leave it unlocked for me, because we never knew when I’d have to show up, to keep up appearances at least. “Mom says hi,” I smiled. “Hmm,” he stated with a nod and a mouthful of toast. He waved the bitten piece in the air, but never lifted his head from his paper. I sat down in front of him. I always had a few minutes to spare. “Whatcha reading?” I asked. He took a sip of his coffee and cleared his throat. One word came out, “Scores.” Grandpa Charlie is a sports fanatic. There was always some game on he wanted to see, but if he missed it, he’d always check the paper the next day to see who won.
“There’s some bread by the toaster,” he motioned behind him. “No, I’m in the mood for something else,” I joked. “Renesmee Carlie Cullen! You don’t talk to me like that!” He shouted. For a moment fear stretched across his face until he realized it was a joke. I’d never harm a human, everyone knows that. “Kidding,” I laughed as I raised my hands in defense. “Good. Get to school before I call your mom and tell her what you said,” he grinned. “Gone!” I stated as I jumped up and gave him a kiss on the forehead. Still something he wasn’t use to. “Love you,” I added. “Love you too, kiddo,” he said as he went back to his paper.

Should I continue?

YOU SHOULD SO CONTINUE!!! Can't wait for more!!!! XD



Chapter 2
I reached the school parking lot in time to spy my best friend. We became friends last year when I tried to tryout for cheerleading but was told I was too late. I made varsity this year. “Hey!” She smiled as she ran towards me. “Hey, Courtney,” I said back. “I missed you so much! How was the last few weeks of vacation with your dad?” She asked as she gave me a hug. “It was good,” I smiled. “Oh, and you are the only one I’m allowed to give a heads up to. Stephanie said we have to wear our uniforms to school Friday. Pep Rally!” She added with excitement. Stephanie was her big sister. She was a senior. Though she isn’t the oldest. The oldest is Jessica, who happened to be my mom’s friend when she went here. I gave a nod. I knew there was a game that night, but never thought about any pep rally’s.
“Nessie! Where have you been hiding, baby?” Steve grinned as he walked up. “She went to Jacksonville to spend time with her dad,” Courtney told him. “Dang, Jacksonville did you good, girl. Hey, Andrew! Check out the tan on hottie numero uno here!” He laughed. Another human talent within, I can tan. “Why does she get to be number one?” Courtney pretended to pout. “You’re both number one,” Andrew stated as he wrapped his arms around her and planted his lips on hers. My mouth dropped. “Okay, Courtney! Dish! What happened this summer?” I laughed.
“Well, I needed someone to hang out with this summer since you ditched me for the sun and surf of Jacksonville, so we started hanging out,” she smiled up at him. “Uh-uh! You are NOT leaving it at that!” I told her as I shook my head. The bell rang. I pointed at both of them, “Lunch time! Full details.” I grabbed my bag out of the front seat of my truck and headed to class. I couldn’t believe my eyes as I watched them walk hand in hand to the doors of the school.

I stepped into the girls locker room, wishing gym wasn’t my first class. Two years of P.E. was required and no one mentioned it to me. Since I came in mid-semester last year, my next school year, I had to attend for half a semester to complete the class. I slid my purple shorts on and pulled my head through my white t-shirt. I kicked off my flip flops and laced up my shoes. “Yay! We have a class together!” Tasha giggled as she stepped up beside me. I gave her a smile. “Wow, you must have went to the beach a lot in Jacksonville,” she grinned as she noticed my tan. “Yeah,” I lied. One day in the beautiful sun and my body has the perfect glow of someone who struggled the whole summer with lotions and oils.
We entered the gym to stretch. “So, did your dad freak when he seen the tattoo and piercings?” “Yep. I thought I was gonna die,” I said. It wasn’t a lie. Dad did threaten to burn me if I ever came home with something like that again. She gave a giggle as she reached for her toes. I sat on the floor and spread my legs. I stretched my body towards my right foot. I held it there for a minute, then stretched towards my left. “Wow, you are flexible,” Tasha noted. “I get it from my real mom,” I stated, though it wasn’t true. My mom was never this flexible as a human. In fact, she couldn’t even play sports without almost maiming someone.
Coach Turner blew his whistle. “Everybody up!” He shouted. “Today, we’re gonna get everyone in alphabetical order. This way, I can learn names and everyone can know where to stand as we exercise,” he stated. Tasha was a Henderson and she knew she wouldn’t be standing anywhere near me.
“Vanessa Davis, stand here,” he stated. This was also his way of doing role call. If there was ever an opening between people, he’d know who was missing. I had to learn this quickly last year. “Candace Ferguson,” he said as he pointed to the spot next to me. She was a cheerleader as well, but she was a junior cheerleader. We were still friends though, thanks to Courtney. Not many sophomores become part of the varsity team. Only three of us were picked this year. Courtney, because her sister is the captain, Shelby, because she is almost as flexible as me, and I as well, because no one has ever done a front flip off the top of the pyramid without getting hurt.
Stephanie told everyone to form the pyramid, then take turns being on the top and pick different ways to get down. I chose the front flip. Then when she asked me to repeat it because she loved it so much, I turned around and did a back flip. Courtney told me right then, she knew I would definitely make varsity.
When the coach finished, he rambled off a speech that I didn’t care to listen to. If anything, it was the same one he spat in my face last year when I came to his class. “Alright, twenty jumping jacks. Go!” He said once he finished his speech. “So, did you get to see Jake at all this summer?” Candace asked. “No, he took a summer course and by the time it finished and he came home, I was already in Jacksonville,” I lied. Jake was a sore subject. We never mentioned him at home and my mom knew why. It had been three years since he left, promising his return. “Well, that sucks,” she frowned. “This isn’t gossip hour ladies,” he said when we finished jumping. “Sit ups, pick a partner,” he stated. I knew Tasha was gonna run to me, but before she could, Candace grabbed my arm with a giggle. Her blue eyes flashed and her blonde curls bounced. I could feel Tasha’s eyes on the back of my head, but there was nothing I could do about it.
“Twenty sit ups,” he stated as Candace lay down and I grabbed her feet. Coach Turner was obsessed with twenty. “So, you gonna go see him for fall break?” She asked. “No, I’m going with the Cullen’s to see Bella,” I stated. “Oh, your step sister, right?” I gave a nod. “Isn’t that in Alaska?” “Yeah,” I practically whispered. I hated lying but it was becoming habit now. “Ladies, exercise, don’t talk. The next time I hear your voices, your both giving me twenty laps,” he stated. Candace made a face at him. Coach Turner was one of the strictest teachers I’d ever met. He was grey headed and buff for a man of his age. He’d been here for years and all the students say he gets meaner every year. “You can blow it out your a-,” “Laps, ladies. Now!” he shouted, cutting her off. Candace groaned, but I watched a smile flash Tasha’s face. I smiled back at her, then followed Candace to the side of the gym.
We began running. “You know, if you hadn’t added that comment, we wouldn’t be in this position now,” I stated. “I know. I never think, I just speak,” she giggled.

GREAT CHAPTER!!! Can't wait for more!! Up date soon!



Chapter 3
I strolled into the cafeteria, and as always, all eyes were on me. I could hear the whispers about the room, but I ignored them. Well, tried to at least. “She thinks she’s so hot,” one girl stated, with jealousy very present in her voice. “She made varsity cheerleader,” another said as though she were bragging. “I’m gonna ask her to the homecoming dance,” a boy said, though he tried to sound brave, I could hear the fear rise out. I just smiled as I slid into the lunch line. I fixed myself a bowl of salad art, as I laid my banana down to make a smile on top of the lettuce, and grabbed two purple grapes for eyes. Then grabbed me a packet of ranch dressing, paid for it and set down next to Courtney.
“So, how did it happen?” I grinned. “Andrew isn’t here yet,” she blushed, remembering I said I wanted details from both. “Fine,” I said, as I popped a grape in my mouth. Just then, he entered and sat down beside her, with Steve and David sliding up chairs beside us. I stared at them, waiting for one of them to speak first, but instead they stared at each other. “It’s suppose to be warm and sunny Saturday, how bout one last blast down at La Push?” David smiled. “Oh, that sounds fun!” Tasha said as she placed her plate of lasagna beside me and sat down as well. She took a bite as conversation of the weekend began. “Yeah, we’ll all spend the morning and afternoon swimming and surfing. Then when the sun goes down, we’ll build a big bonfire and dance around it naked!” Steve said as he stared at me. “I don’t think so,” I stated as I poured the dressing on my salad. He gave a hesitating laugh. “I figured that,” he said, scratching the back of his head. “But the bonfire part sounds fun,” I smiled at him.
“Oh, which suit are you wearing?” Courtney asked, knowing that I have at least a dozen. “I’m not gonna answer until you and Andrew tell us how it happened,” I stated, taking a bite of salad. They smiled at each other. “Well,” she began, “The weekend after you left, I called Tasha but she was spending the week with her grandma in Maine. So, I tried Candace, but no go there. Then I figured I’d see what the boys were up to and called Andrew. We went to the movies and got to talking. I don’t even know what movie it was,” she laughed. “Face Punch 2,” he smiled. She gave a nod, “Yeah, but we really got to know each other and the next thing we knew, we were spending every day together. We kissed for the first time last Saturday,” she added in a whisper. “And I haven’t stopped kissing you since,” Andrew smiled down at her and placed his lips gently atop her nose. “Wow, that’s really sappy,” Steve said as he rolled his eyes. I grabbed my other grape and threw it at him. Dead aim, right between his eyes. The table broke out in an up roar of laughter. “Hey!” He shouted. “That’s what you get,” Andrew told him. I foresaw a food fight breaking out. “Girls, we better leave the table,” I stated as I grabbed my food. “Yeah, you better run! Or else you’re gonna get mashed potatoes between your eyes,” Steve stuck his tongue out. “So grade school,” Tasha said as she grabbed her food and stood. Andrew stood with Courtney.
“You can’t leave, the fun is just starting,” David said as he looked up at him. “If anyone’s gonna start throwing food at my girl, I’m gonna leave,” he told him. “Fine, no food fight. But mark my words Davis, I’m gonna get you,” Steve said. “Oh, like I’m scared,” I rolled my eyes. “When you least expect it,” he grinned.
“What’s the point of starting school on a Wednesday? Who wants to start in the middle of the week anyway?” Courtney asked. “’The Man’ did. It’s his way or no way,” Andrew smiled at her. He is a believer that ‘The Man’ is out to get everyone and punish us for who knows what. ‘The Man’ is the government, I think.
“So, I heard you talking with Candace in class this morning. It sounds like a major bummer you didn’t get to see Jake this summer,” Tasha said. “Oh, that sucks, Nessie. Sorry to hear that. I know you were looking forward to seeing him,” Courtney added. “Please! That boy don’t exist. She only made him up cuz Steve asked her out last year and she needed a good reason to turn his stupid butt down without hurting his feelings,” David laughed. “No, Nessie wouldn’t lie. I believe Jake is real,” Tasha said, smiling at me. “Then why have we never seen him? Or met him?” Andrew asked. Courtney elbowed him. “He’s busy. He goes to college in Texas,” I said. “Why? So he can be one of those Dallas Cowboys?” Steve asked. “No, he just goes there,” I said, feeling defensive. “He don’t exist,” Steve whispered to David. I opened my mouth to speak, but the bell rang instead.

My next class was biology with Mr. Morse. He was a wild teacher from what I heard. Everything he teaches his students is like an adventure, or that’s what I was told. As I got to the door, I spied Courtney standing in the doorway with Andrew. “Whose class is this?” I asked, glad to have a class with one of them. We never got to go over our schedules that morning. “Mine. Andrew was just saying goodbye. He’s got class over there in Ms. Acorns room,” she smiled as he kissed her. “Public display of affection is not allowed on school grounds. Don’t let me see it again,” Mr. Morse stated as he walked by us, entering the room. “It’s ‘The Man’, he got to him,” Andrew whispered. “Why did you have to hook up with the weirdest boy in our group?” I asked with a laugh as I went in and took a seat. Courtney followed and sat beside me at a lab table.
“He’s funny, and besides. I like his belief that ‘The Man’ is out to get us,” she laughed. “His belief is, that if the mayonnaise lid is too tight on the jar, it’s ‘The Man’s’ fault. If it rains after the weather man says its not suppose to, it’s ‘The Man’s’ fault. If his car breaks down,” she cut me off. “Yeah, yeah.” The bell rang and Mr. Morse stood at the front of the room. “For those of you who does not know me, my name is Mr. Morse,” he said as he turned and wrote it on the dry erase board. “Welcome to biology II. We will learn about our own as well as animals. We are going to do labs, this year. From dissecting frogs and fish as well as finding out our own blood type,” he grinned. My stomach churned at the thought. I had an odd blood type. It took Grandpa Carlisle a long time to even get any blood out of me to figure out what it was. I was none of the normal types, so the only thing he could do, was give it its own name. I’m C positive. C for Cullen, we always joke.
“Today, I’m going to pass out some paper work I need your parents to sign,” he said as he grabbed papers off his desk and began to pass them out. “I want these filled out and returned to me by Monday. And don’t fill them out yourselves. I know you were all born in your mother’s womb, even though that’s not how its correctly stated. And where it says sex, don’t say ‘please’, it means male or female. Another way I’ll figure out your parents didn’t fill it out,” he finished. The class began to giggle. “Okay, okay. That’s enough. It’s not that funny,” he added.
Once he finished passing out all the paper work, he went back to his desk and turned to a stack of books. “I’m assigning you each your own book. They do not belong to you, so no writing in them or highlighting them,” he said. Then he stared at his absentee sheet, and began reading off names. “Thomas Adams,” he began. He wrote his name in the front of the book, then handed it to Thomas. “Michelle Binkley,” he went on. “Binky!” A boy yelled out from the back, causing the class to laugh. “Uh, so juvenile!” Courtney yelled back. “Sarah Daniels,” he continued. She got her book and set back down. “Vanessa Davis,” I stood to get mine. I knew no one would joke about my name. You’d think I was this statue meant to be idolized the way the boys in the school treated me. I grabbed my book and set back down. I opened it and began to look through it.
When Mr. Morse had finished, class was almost over. Only a few minutes left by the look of the clock. “So, when do you think you’ll get to see Jacob?” Courtney asked as she shut her book and placed it in her bag. “It feels like never,” I whispered. It was nice to tell the truth for once, when it came to Jake. “You’ll get to see him. I wouldn’t be surprised if he wasn’t trying to devise some plan just to come spend time with you,” she smiled. “I’d love that,” I said as I smiled back. I really needed to hear something like that. The bell rang and I went to my next class.

Before I knew it, the day was over and I was throwing my bag into my truck. “Why do you drive that thing?” I looked up to see Steve standing by me. “It was my sisters. And besides, I’m not gonna make Charlie run out and by me a new vehicle, when, for one, I’m not his daughter, and for two, it’s not his place. And also, I really like it. It’s cute,” I smiled. “Whatever,” he said, but he continued to stand there. I gave a sigh, “You planning on paying me back now?” I asked with a smirk. “No, I wanted to tell you that next Friday is homecoming. I was hoping that…just as friends…maybe you would wanna go with me?” He asked, scratching the back of his head. He always did that when he felt nervous. I gave a giggle, “We’ll see. As long as you promise that its not part of your master plan over the whole grape thing.” “It’s not, I promise,” he said, crossing his heart. “Well, like I said, We’ll see,” I started my truck and slammed the door. He still stood there, so I gave him a wave and took off.

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Actually, there are breaks in between, but for some reason, TTS, isn't allowing them there...idk whats going on...and thank you guys for liking it! :-))

Chapter 4
I pulled up outside of Grandpa Charlie’s house and headed inside. He still wasn’t home from work, but it was no big deal. He usually worked late anyways. I was reaching for the back door, when my cell phone rang. I looked down and it said ‘Billy’. I loved talking with him. It was the closest I have been able to get to Jake. “Hi, Billy,” I said as I sat at the kitchen table. “Hey, sweetie. How was your first day of school?” He asked. “It was good. We’ve set up plans to come down to La Push Saturday,” I told him. “Oh, a day with your friends, huh?” He seemed hurt. “You know, friends or no friends. It’s Saturday. I’m still gonna make you some chicken noodle soup for lunch,” I laughed. I could hear the smile in his voice, “Good. So, did you learn anything today?” He asked. “Yeah. I learned that when the word ‘sex’ is printed on a sheet to be filled out by parents, it doesn’t mean what you were just thinking,” I told him. He broke out with laughter. “Well, I could have told you that one.” “So, have you heard from Jacob?” I asked. The other end of the phone grew silent. I bit my bottom lip, then spoke again. “Billy?” I whispered. “Yeah, I’m here,” he said. “It’s driving you crazy too, isn’t it?” I asked, though I knew the answer. “He’s my only son. I wish that Sam or someone would at least let me know he’s okay,” he said. “Me too. I gotta go. My parents are probably expecting me,” I told him. “Well, I love you, kid. Take care of yourself and don’t let any boys try to sway you this weekend or I’ll personally climb out of my wheel chair and beat your butt,” he laughed. “Anything for Jake, right?” “Hmm, yeah. Bye,” he said and hung up the phone. Billy was about the only person I could speak to about him, without feeling like I was going to cry.

I entered Grandpa Carlisle’s house and everyone was standing around waiting for me. Aunt Alice spoke first, “How was it?” She asked. She didn’t like not being able to have visions involving me. We still haven’t figured out why they don’t work. “It was good. I got lots of papers for Grandpa Charlie to fill out. I left them on the kitchen table.”
My thoughts went back to Billy. We always had a hard time speaking about Jake, but at least we spoke about him. Something I could never do with my family. “Me and the guys are heading down to La Push Saturday,” I said, changing the subject from school. Mom frowned. “You aren’t going to do anything stupid again, are you?” “No, not this time. And I told you, I only did them last time cuz I didn’t think they would work or even stay,” I said in my defense. “You didn’t get the clue after your ears were pierced because if you did, you wouldn’t have that tongue ring or belly button ring,” she stated. “Or the tattoo,” dad chimed in. “I promise. Nothing stupid. In fact, I’ll be leaving them about lunch time to go visit with Billy.” “But you’ll be going back to the beach,” dad said as he read my thoughts. “Yes, but there won’t be any needles or tattoo guns present,” I stated. “Good,” Aunt Rosalie said. She tended to treat me like I was her daughter.
“So, what was Grandpa doing when you got home?” Mom asked. “I don’t know, he hadn’t made it home his self,” I told her. She gave a nod. “Any home work?” Uncle Jasper asked. He liked sitting down and helping me with it. I shook my head, “Not today.” “Why’d they start school on a Wednesday anyways?” Uncle Emmett asked. I gave a laugh, thinking of Andrew’s answer for that one. Dad laughed too, reading my thoughts. “Apparently, a boy at school thinks it’s ‘The Man’. Part of some government conspiracy,” he said continuing to laugh. “That’s so stupid. You’re not talking to this boy are you? He’s not trying to date you, is he?” Aunt Rosalie asked. “No. As a matter of fact, he’s dating my friend Courtney,” I said. “Oh, that poor girl,” Aunt Alice added. I gave a nod, my sentiments exactly, I thought.
“Your eyes are fading, perhaps we should go out for a hunt?” Dad asked. I loved hunting with my parents. Mom always looks funny when she pounces a bear and dad tends to hum while he eats. Even for a vampire, I don’t think he notices. “I do not,” he stated. I gave a laugh. “You hum when you eat!” I said aloud. “Yeah, you do, darling,” mom told him. “We’ve all heard it,” Grandma Esme added. “No ones going hunting then,” he stated. “Ah, but daddy, please?” I said as I walked up to him and batted my eyes. He gave a grin. “Fine, but you and I only. I wouldn’t want to offend anyone with my humming,” he said. Everyone burst out laughing.
Grandpa Carlisle walked through the front door, staring at the mail he had pulled out of the box. “Are we talking about Edward’s humming?” He asked, only hearing part of the conversation. “You’re not going either,” dad said as he pointed at him. Grandpa Carlisle looked innocent, “What did I say?” Dad grabbed my arm and we ran for the woods.

“Billy called,” he said when we found a good spot to slow down. “Dad, please. I don’t want to talk about this with you,” I told him. I hated it when he read my thoughts. “It’s kind of hard not to hear you replay the conversation in your head,” he explained. I ignored him. “Why is it so easy to talk to Billy about this, but not your own father?” He asked. “Because Billy knows how I feel. We understand each other. We’re each others strength to carry on and hope that he is okay. And pray one day he will return to us. You don’t know how it feels to worry about someone like that,” I told him. “Yes, I do,” he whispered.
We stopped walking and I stared at him. Sadness filled his face. “When your mother was still human, I left her. It was only to protect her. I can’t even imagine the pain she must have felt. But I struggled each day, to keep from running back to her. I kept telling myself it was for the best, but I heard she had died, so I went to the Volturi, and asked for them to kill me,” he said. I gasped. I had never heard this story before, I thought. Dad nodded, “We didn’t want you to know of the heartache we went through, knowing you are going through it too,” he said. “Yeah, but at least you knew,” I told him. “No, I didn’t. When I got to the Volturi, they refused to kill me. So, I did the only thing I could think of to make them kill me. I was going to stand in the sun, in front of humans,” he said. “But dad, they would have seen you sparkle. You can’t control it like me,” I told him.
“I know. But just as I prepared to step into the sun, I shut my eyes. Then an angel threw her arms around me, pushing me back into the shadows.” If he could have cried then, I think he would have. A smile spread on his face. “It was your mother,” he whispered. “And from that day on, I swore I would never leave her,” he added. “At least she came for you,” I looked at the ground. “And soon, he will come for you. It may be a few minutes or even a few more years, but I know, Jacob will come for you,” he said as he kissed my forehead. “We never came here to hunt, did we?” I asked. He shook his head, “I just wanted to share that with you. Just to let you know, that no matter how much you shut your mother and I out, we know how you feel,” he said. “Thanks daddy, I did need this,” I smiled up at him.

Chapter 5
It didn’t feel so hard this time, as I slid out of bed and popped a CD in the player. I was blaring Cowboy. “I was about to go knock on her door,” I heard mom giggle in the other room. “We’re going to Grandpa Carlisle’s. Stop in before you head out,” dad said as I heard the door close behind them. I grabbed my black skirt and white baby tee and laid them on the bed. Then grabbed my robe and headed to the bathroom. It was a new addition I asked for almost two years earlier. When my eyes started to turn black and my normal color faded, I then began to have a stench like a human. My hair would grow oily and I couldn’t stand to be around myself. No one else noticed it of course, except Grandpa Charlie. The day before my bathroom was built, he asked me if I ever bathed. I don’t have to bathe as often as a human, but I do it anyways, cause I like the feel of the warm water on my skin.
When I stepped out of the shower Bawitaba was playing. I tied my robe and entered my room. I had always been glad my bathroom was built to where the door was in my room. I walked to my dresser, and began blow drying my hair. I then slipped on my clothes and grabbed the hair straightener. Once my hair was finished, I turned off the radio. I never had to put on make up, because, thanks to the vampire in me, I had natural beauty in that department.

Before I knew it, I was in my final class. Algebra II with Mrs. Dickson. Suddenly, the P.A. keyed up and the principal’s voice came over the intercom. “Good afternoon students. I need all varsity cheerleaders to report to the football field at this time. That is all,” then it went silent. I grabbed my bag and headed for the door. “Ma’am, he said varsity, please have a seat,” Mrs. Dickson stated. “I am varsity,” I told her flat out. “It’s true, Mrs. Dickson. Nessie is a varsity cheerleader,” Steve said, taking my back. “Nessie?” She asked. “Vanessa,” I corrected. She looked over her list. “Ah, Vanessa Davis. Well, go ahead, but if I find out you aren’t, I’m going to have to send you to detention,” she smiled. I gave a nod, then rolled my eyes when I turned for the door and walked out.
Out on the football field, Courtney grabbed my arm. “Isn’t this so cool? Stephanie is about to tell us what I told you yesterday,” she grinned. Great, something I could have set out of, I thought.
Stephanie grabbed her megaphone and began to speak. “Quiet!” Was the first word out of her mouth. “As you all know, our first game is tomorrow night. And to bring on the Spartan spirit, there will be a pep rally tomorrow after lunch. Everyone is required to wear their uniforms. I told you all earlier this summer, to always bring your practice clothes to school with you. If you have those, now would be the time to enter the gym and change. You have ten minutes!” She added with a shout. Everyone turned and began running for the gym door.
Courtney laughed as we pushed through the crowd of excited cheerleaders so we could change as well. The practice uniform is stretchy purple shorts with white lines on the sides. The word, ‘Spartans’ was across our butts in white. We had to always keep our white shoes with us that had two purple stripes on their sides as well. Our white shirt had purple letters that read, ‘Spartan Girl’. I thought it was stupid, but Stephanie thought it showed school spirit. I pulled my hair up in a bun, and we stepped outside.
“When you were all told you made the varsity team, you were each given cheers to learn over the summer because I told you I didn’t wanna see any of you again until school started. Now, if you have not learned those cheers by today, then I will be pulling you out of varsity and sticking you with juniors!” She grinned devilishly. Everyone groaned but Courtney and I. “I have nothing to fear. Stephanie has pounded these things in to me day and night,” she giggled. I gave a nod. I had practiced them like crazy too. Though I knew I really didn’t have to. Each routine had a special song to go along with them. Each cheer had specific words and body movement with it. I knew it all like the back of my hand.
“Let’s do some exercises to warm up,” Stephanie added, then tossed the megaphone to the side. She sat on the ground, and everyone else followed. She placed her right hand on her hip, then stretched her left arm over her head. Everyone did the same as she. She switched arms after a few seconds. She then took both hands and stretched her whole body towards her right foot. “Get as flat as possible,” she told us. After a few seconds she switched feet. We did this several times before we stood up.
Stephanie walked to her CD player and suddenly the song ‘Team Spirit’ began playing. I rolled my eyes. Should have known that would be the first one she’d play. Everyone stood in position and the second the words started coming out, we all began to move. Hands up, hands down. Step to the left, step to the right. “Team Spirit!” We all shouted. Stephanie told us to make sure we never forgot that part. We clapped our hands once, then placed them on our knees for a little bounce. We straightened up, then spun around slowly. We dropped to our knees, did a little crawl and stood again. “Team Spirit,” we shouted, then clapped again.
I was glad when it went off. It was the only slow cheer we had. She then got us prepared for the next song, by shouting and sticking a finger in the air. I knew what that meant. It was time for ‘The Rollercoaster’. A fast song about a whirlwind romance that was like a rollercoaster. This time, we jumped, spun, shook our butts, waved our hands, changed positions with the person beside us, then grouped up for the finale. The girls to go up in the others hands had already been picked. Courtney, Shelby and I. Being the youngest, they considered us the lightest. I was in the middle. Just as the song prepared to go off, we flew up in the other’s hands. Courtney stretched her leg out and I grabbed it, then she raised her right hand. Shelby stretched out her right leg and raised her left hand. It was so perfectly in sink, that Stephanie clapped with excitement. “Perfect, Vanessa!” She grinned. We then did little stunts to get down. They lowered Shelby quickly, they flipped Courtney on her side and she spun into their arms. I did a front flip and landed in front of them. One knee on the ground and raised both hands. “You totally have to do that when we go to state!” Stephanie laughed. “We’re going to state? How would you know that so soon?” Shelby asked. “Easy, with Vanessa on our team, I doubt we’ll lose any competitions,” She told her.
Another dance, then we began doing cheers without music. By the time we finished, the bell rang, signifying the end of the day. “Alright! Great job everyone. Go change, and if you don’t have a ride and fear you’ll miss the bus, find one of your sister’s who’ll take you home,” Stephanie said out of breath. Shelby gave me a look. “Of course I’ll take you home,” I smiled. I got my license earlier than anyone in the school. In ‘Florida’ they give them out early, so I at least got one good thing out of the lies.
I jumped in the shower. Though I don’t sweat right away like the others, by the time it does hit for me, I look like I’ve been sweating the whole time. The front of our shirts were soaked with sweat and it was beading down our faces.
As we exited the gym, Stephanie stopped everyone. “Don’t forget, uniforms tomorrow.” After that, Shelby and I headed for my truck. We climbed inside and she spoke. “Nice of her to throw a surprise practice, huh?” She grinned. “Yeah, but at least it keeps us prepared,” I told her. She gave a nod.

Come read you guys, this is one of my fave FF's I ever wrote!!!! More chapters coming soon!!!

love it!!!!


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