The Twilight Saga

this is a story when bella has to go to forks for the summer the worst place in the world to go! but then she meets edward and they soon fall in love but what will happen at...summers end? ps. i need a banner!!!!!! i dont know where to go :( ps i dont own any of the charecters !

friend request me if you want updates!!!!!!!!!





chapter 1



 i slowly walked down the stairs my mom smiled at me "your gonna have fun with your dad swettie"
        i rolled my eyes "sure" "oh c'mon your dad misses you and i have to go away so you have to go"
        "im gonna be 18 soon i can stay here untill you come back!" my mom didnt reply to that she just walked to the car
          i didnt move untill she honked the horn i walked out and got in the car and slammed the door when we got to the airport i got my bags and walked to the front door

when i got off the plane my dad was waiting for and in his crusier perfect i thought i sighed and got in the car  "hi bella"  my dad said "uh hi" i replied akwardly we didnt talk to rest of the ride home.


sorry that was so boring the next chapter will be better well if you want me to countinue... this is my first story so be nice plzz and comment if you want me to go on and i need an editor to  who ever wants to do that



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ok thnx!
I love this story... Can't wait for an update!
:~) lol i didnt mean to make this fac3 but it looks awesome!! so im gonna keep it lol
omg this is so amazing! ost more uickly(not to pressure u or anything)
i am writing the next chapter now and i dont feel ur pressuring me trust me i read a bunch of ff and i know how it feels to wait,lol
i willl
great story
i loved it please please please post more soon!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
awesome sory!!please keep me updaed!!!!!
chapter 5 part 2
when we got to the beach i sat down and looked at the ocean "its so beatiful" i said "yeah" edward agreed "i brought food if you want to eat" he said then i relized i WAS hungry "that sounds great" i said smiling we ate our food and wacthed the waves for a while "wanna go swimming" edward asked ''sure" i said i took my dress off wishing i had brought a diffrent bathing suit i looked over at edward and gawked i stared at him untill he smiled i quickly looked away and started walking towards the water i looked behind me and edward was following me i sat down in the water and edward sat next to me we talked for a while and he put his arms around my waist and i leaned my head on his sholder andit was perfect,he was perfect i looked at the sky but,leave it to forks to ruin that "we better go it looks like its gonna rain" i said he agreed so we packed up and left.when we got to my house i walked up and turned around to see he was still standing there i smiled and blew him a kiss he pretended to cath it and put it in his pocket i laughed and went inside.i leaned my head against the wall,this was officilly the best say in my life.

sorry if anyhting was spelled wrong plzz commet


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