The Twilight Saga

this is a story when bella has to go to forks for the summer the worst place in the world to go! but then she meets edward and they soon fall in love but what will happen at...summers end? ps. i need a banner!!!!!! i dont know where to go :( ps i dont own any of the charecters !

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chapter 1



 i slowly walked down the stairs my mom smiled at me "your gonna have fun with your dad swettie"
        i rolled my eyes "sure" "oh c'mon your dad misses you and i have to go away so you have to go"
        "im gonna be 18 soon i can stay here untill you come back!" my mom didnt reply to that she just walked to the car
          i didnt move untill she honked the horn i walked out and got in the car and slammed the door when we got to the airport i got my bags and walked to the front door

when i got off the plane my dad was waiting for and in his crusier perfect i thought i sighed and got in the car  "hi bella"  my dad said "uh hi" i replied akwardly we didnt talk to rest of the ride home.


sorry that was so boring the next chapter will be better well if you want me to countinue... this is my first story so be nice plzz and comment if you want me to go on and i need an editor to  who ever wants to do that



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omg good
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not bad so far
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Chapter 6 Part 2
We just sat down and ordered our food when i heard a voice behind me say "Hi Edward!" i rolled my eyes as Jessica went and stood by Edward "Uh,hi" he mummered she grabbed a chair and and moved it beside Edward's i sat there shocked she would do this couldent she see we were in a date! of course she could but why would she care? She giggled and started playing with his hair he politly tole her to leave but she refused "So,bella-" he started but Jessica interupted "Edward,are you on a date? i didnt relize" she said playing dumb this set me off "of course you know it!" i yelled heads turned and looked in our direction i blushed. "Oh really well has he done this yet?" she asked and turned and kissed him i stood up tears coming out and walked out as fast as i could,Edward was a few steps behind me i sat on a bench outside and he rubbed my back as i cried "Im sorry" he said "It's not your falut!" i said.i looked at him,his eyes were apoligetic i leaned in and kissed him and it was perfect! i heard someone giggle and another person whisper shut up i stood up and walked towards the voices Rosalie,Jasper,Emmet,and Alice were standing there "you guys were spying!" i asked in disbelief "Yeah and it was hilarious" emmet laughed i wacked his arm but it just made him laugh harder "Emmet and Alice made me and Rose do it" Jasper said now that made sense "Lowlifes" edward muttered,i laughed "Alice no bella barbie for a week" i said to her smiling she groaned "a week!" she said pouting i nodded "Emmet and Alice cant be trusted together" Edward said "but you guys did get your first kiss" Alice said changing the subject i blushed Emmet made kissy faces in me and edwards direction Edward punched him "OW!" Emmet yelled rubbing his arms "c,mon lets go Edward" i said,it was a good date even if there were spying pixies and teddybears

finallly i updated!!!!!!!!!!!!


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