The Twilight Saga

this is a story when bella has to go to forks for the summer the worst place in the world to go! but then she meets edward and they soon fall in love but what will happen at...summers end? ps. i need a banner!!!!!! i dont know where to go :( ps i dont own any of the charecters !

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chapter 1



 i slowly walked down the stairs my mom smiled at me "your gonna have fun with your dad swettie"
        i rolled my eyes "sure" "oh c'mon your dad misses you and i have to go away so you have to go"
        "im gonna be 18 soon i can stay here untill you come back!" my mom didnt reply to that she just walked to the car
          i didnt move untill she honked the horn i walked out and got in the car and slammed the door when we got to the airport i got my bags and walked to the front door

when i got off the plane my dad was waiting for and in his crusier perfect i thought i sighed and got in the car  "hi bella"  my dad said "uh hi" i replied akwardly we didnt talk to rest of the ride home.


sorry that was so boring the next chapter will be better well if you want me to countinue... this is my first story so be nice plzz and comment if you want me to go on and i need an editor to  who ever wants to do that



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sounds really good!!!
thanks! :) i want at least five commets before i countinue
i like it keep going
love it
please keep me updated!
i loved it please post more soon!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
it was really good!!
i really liked it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
i lied i loved it i know that you probably wanted the comments from different ppl but i couldnt resist!!!
The story is good and it looks interesting. I would love to know what happens. Please keep me updated. If you are interested
The beginning of a new life
ok part 2 will be posted later today :) and thanks for all the commets
chapter 1 part two
when we got home my dad helped me get my bags to my room when i walked in my room i gasped "wow dad this is awesome!" i ran to my bed and sat on it when i looked at my dad he looked happy with himself "im glad you like it bells" he said "by the way sorry to leave you on your first night but me and the cullens have plans tonight,but you wont be completly alone thier kids alice emmet and edward are gonna come over here while were gone" he said "ok" i sighed
a little bit later my dad left and edward alice and emmet came over alice reminded me of a pixie she was petite and had short brown hair emmet was like a big teddy bear he was tall and big but edward was like a greek god i stared at him untill alice ran up and hugged me "hi bella we are gonna be bffs i just know it!" i smiled "jezz alice dont scare her" emmet teased alice stuck out her tounge "you guys are like two year olds" edward cut in "hey bella do you think i can invite the hales over?" alice asked she read the confusion on my face "ohh they are really jasper and rosalie my bf and emmets gf" "sure" i said edward hasent said anything it made me feel weird so i tried to start a conversation with him "so edward do you have a girlfriend?" after i said that i immedietly regreted it emmet burst out laughing edward smiled and i turned beat red then alice came back in "they will be here in a minute" she said while jumping up and down "what did i miss" she asked "bella tried making a move on edward" emmet said while laughing and of course that made me blush more and this time edward blused two "shut up emmet" alice said bella do you haveany make up?" "no" i said "WHY? YOUR A GIRL YOU NEED MAKEUP!" she protested "sorry" i said we heard a knock on the door and alice skipped over and opened a blonde haired boy came in and kissed alice then rosalie came in i almost cried when i saw her she was so beautiful she went over and kissed emmet or made out with him i looked away "get a room guys" edward said rosalie looked down embarssed we hung out for a little and then everybody had to leave you guys go i will be right there he turned to me and said no "huh?" i said "i dont have a girlfriend" he said and with that he turned and left i smiled maybe this summer wouldent be that bad.

sorry if that was bad this is my first story no mean commets please


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