The Twilight Saga

Chapter One: My mother was driving me to the airport. In a split second light washed over my face. I couldn't see anything. I squinted but the sun was too blinding. Cars started honking. What's going on? I thought. I heard skidding noises. Ambulances. The weather channel predicted rain today! Oh-no. I thought grumbling something unintelligible under my breath. Then all of a sudden something was blocking the sunlight. No, was I just imagining things? Because then, just then, something sparkled beneath the sky. " Oh gosh, " Said My mom, Renee. " This sun is really very blinding. " I was too tired to think straight and then everything went dark. I fell asleep.

"Bells it won't be that bad!" My mother Renee exclaimed. "The Plane is only delayed for a few hours; you'll be able to make it to Forks by noon." When we got to the airport the plane before us crashed and now my plane to Forks was delayed for three whole hours. "Ugh" I groaned. "What are we supposed to do at an airport for three hours?? "I asked Renee. "Relax Bella. "I put in the earphones for my iPod. My mom looked around. "I'll get us some snacks okay hon?" She said. "Thanks." I replied. Looking around at all the commotion I realized just how crowded the place really was, everyone was huddled around the receptionist though, and I was sitting pretty far away from them. I noticed a group of five teenagers that looked my age standing near a concession stand far away. Though, they just stood there calmly talking away from everyone else, they wouldn't order anything. My mother casually walked back to the seat next to me with two bagels and a bag of chips. "Here, eat something." She said, smiling at me she handed me a bagel. "I smiled back trying to keep patient. Staring down at my watch, less then ten minutes have gone by.

Chapter Two:
I bit my bagel hesitantly, I felt nervous.. It felt like I was being watched from behind. I knew that wasn't possible though, everyone was by the front desk yelling and screaming. I turned the volume up on my IPod and tried to tune everything out. But I was still too distracted. My mother read my expression, ( as usual she always knows what’s going on ) and became worried. ( again, as usual she's always just a bit too worried about things ) "Bella are you okay?" she asked me ever so slightly. "Yea, just.. you know, kind of .. bored I guess." I tried to make it true so it wouldn't sound completely terrible, considering the terrible liar that I am. She smiled, picking up a magazine from the table in front of her. "Some of the greatest things in life come to those who wait." She said sighing, and I'm pretty sure she was only talking to herself. When I was sure she was too deeply into her magazine to pay attention to me I quickly turned around to make sure no one was behind me. Just a man in a brown business suit with a magazine of his own. Hmm. I thought. I turned back around in case either of them looked up from their magazines. Turning around I noticed the teenagers by the concession stand had left, I wonder where they went.. It was then that I realized a magazine had been placed on my lap. I looked up at Renee in confusion. "It has some lovely pictures in there. Why don't you take a look?"
"Thanks." I replied glumly.

Two hours later my plane was up and running again. My mom hugged me tightly. "Have fun Bella, remember if you ever want to come back home just let me know." I smiled back at her and stepped onto the plane.

Chapter Three:
The Plane ride was very long, it felt like the whole day just went by before my eyes, but it was only four hours… A very long four hours of boredom. Then another hour on a small plane to Port Angeles. Though it did give me some time to think. I could only imagine how terrible it would be to start off at a new school where everyone else knows each other. Hopefully I’d find my way around. I wonder how I’m supposed to fit in.. Just then the plane arrived in Port Angeles; I grabbed my stuff and went to find Charlie. It wasn’t too hard, he was standing right up front, obviously excited to see me. “Hey Bella!” He said. “I heard your plane got delayed..Terrible isn’t it?” I couldn’t quite get what he was saying. “No, it wasn’t that bad.” I reassured him. “Ha.” He laughed. “You didn’t hear, did you?” “Course not!” he muttered to himself. “Hear what?” I asked. “About the plane crash? The plane’s fuel was much too low when it got off the ground, someone must have forgotten to re-fill it… It got way too close to the treetops, one of the flight attendants said they even say someone in the tree! Well anyways, then the top of the tree got caught on the bottom of the plane, it knocked the plane down towards the surface and crashed into a bunch of wild animals, also knocking down the middle of a forest and it was very close to killing a group of teenagers.” He finished as we climbed into the car for the hour drive down to Forks. “Wow.”I said. “Renee didn’t tell me about that.” “Well, not many people know much of the story yet.. it just happened a few hours ago. Though, me being a policeman and all I have to know these things.” He said smiling. We were on our way to Forks now. “Oh. So how’s your job?” I asked trying to keep the conversation going, I didn’t feel like being bored out of my mind again. “Good..we’ve had some pretty strange cases lately.” He laughed to himself. “Really?” I asked. “Like what?” “Well, nothing you should get concerned about Bells.” He smiled. “How are you doing?” “Good.” I said. “Excited?” he asked. “I guess so..” You’ll love it here, no worries. Do you remember your last visit?” He laughed to himself again trying to remember it clearly enough. “Actually, not quite.” “eh, I don’t remember much either.” “So how’s Renee?” He said still smiling. “Good.. She’s worried about me.” “Ah, good ol Renee always worrying..” He started to think and our conversation drifted to and end. Charlie wasn’t much of the talker so that’s was actually pretty impressive. A half hour later we arrived in Forks.

Chapter Four:
Charlie's police cruiser pulled up in front of a decent sized white old-fashioned house. I got out of the car and walked up the path. "What's the rush Bells? Come over here for a second." He said motioning for me to come over by the curb. He pointed to an old big red truck parked on the right of the driveway. "This is your car." "Thanks! Charlie you really didn't have to pay it all yourself!" "Oh, it's no big deal." He said smiling. "I got it really cheap anyways."

A few minutes later we went into the house. Charlie showed me up to my room where I put all my stuff onto the bed. "Thanks." I said and he let me unpack.
It was raining and I was suddenly very dreary. I didn't realize how terribly unhappy this town was and wondered if I really should have chosen to come here. I told my mom I'll e-mail her as soon as I got home because she'd probably be out shopping somewhere. I unpacked my clothes and things and went to my computer. Hmm, one new e-mail it read while I started up the computer. I clicked on it. Oh, just something from Forks High I read.
"Dear New Student Bella Swan,"
We are happy to announce on behalf of the whole school board that we are very glad you decided to join our school and look forward to seeing you. Just wondering why you didn't come to school today, we hope everything's okay. Don't worry you can take as long as you need to get settled, please just let us know when you think will be your first day so we will be prepared. Look forward to you coming.

The School Principal

I wrote back telling them I plan to be in tomorrow. Unfortunately.. I am starting to get more and more worried by the minute. After I wrote to my mom telling her about the e-mail, that I arrived safely, why our plane was really delayed, and that Charlie bought me a red truck. It was quite long but I'm sure Renee would love that fact, it'll give her something to do just like typing it gave me something to do and now I don't have anything else left to be done. It was already 5:00 and i wondered what Charlie was going to make for dinner. I went downstairs to find out where he went. There was a note on the table telling me he had to leave..

Chapter Five:
I went over for a closer look. Examing the note fully now it didn't quite look like his handwritting. No, much neater than usual.. Maybe he was trying to make it up to me or something. It wasn't like him to run off and leave only a note. I read it silently, very curious now.
"Out at Billy's for dinner. I forgot I'd made plans with him last week and he's been very sick lately he's finally getting better I thought I should visit him alone. I will be back soon after 7:00. Hopefully you'll see me sooner. There's some tuna casserole in the fridge for you if you want it.
I love you Bells,
Charlie. "

This wasn't like him but I was strangely realived I had the house to myself and didn't have to worry about him right now. I opened the fridge, and took out the tuna casserole. It didn't look half bad.. so I put it in the oven. I went back upstairs to wait. Huh. I said to myself, my room looks alittle different then it did two seconds ago. That's weird. I went into my bag for my books and put them into my backpack, there's notnhing wrong with being prepared. I told myself. Ok.. Now That I'm packed for tomorrow, am I ready? No.. i thought. But of course I had no choice. I had to go to this boring old dreary school no matter what. Why did I even come here?

I lay on my bed and listened to music until my dinner was ready. Then, after dinner I decided to try adn watch some T.V.. Boring, boring, boring, Oh, yippe, the news. I was about to change the channel but then I saw the police. Then I saw Charlie.

Chapter 6:
I put down the remote down and stared itently at the TV. A news caster was interviewing someone about what happend and i could've sworn I just saw Charlie in the distance with his police crusier. "What happend?" The news caster continued to interview the witness excitedly hoping for new information. "I don't know.." She responded. "It was all such a blur, one minute everything was fine and the next minute there was a bunch of people running, extremely fast, chasing after something." The news caster sighed, apparently this was nothing new and no help at all. "Thank you.." He muttered turning the camera back to the crime scene. Not much of a crime scene I thought. Except in the middle of the forest there was a thin line with all the trees knocked down, obviously where they had run through. "Please, if you know anything, anything at all about the crime scene just call and let us know!" He said. They didn't show Charlie or his police crusier anywhere so i figured I was just imagining him being there. I turned off the TV not wanting to hear anymore. It was now 7:00 pm and i was getting really curious. I picked up the phone and dialed Billy's number. "Hello?" Answered a deep, welcoming, sweet voice. "Billy?" I asked. " No this is Jacob,.. Hey, Bella is that you?! I heard you just got into Forks this morning, how do you like it so far?" He asked excitedly. I forgot about Jacob, Billy's son. Charlie had briefly introduced us last summer but i only vaguely remember him. He sounded like a nice guy. "Hey Jacob, I'm good.. It's okay here, Thanks. Can I speak to Charlie?" "Charlie?" He asked sounding confused. "Yea, he left me a note saying he went to your house for dinner with Billy.." "No, Billy's out with Harry for dinner, maybe he's with them." Jacob suggested. I considered the thought but that wasn't like Charlie at all, he would have called me first if he decided to go out. "Yea.. maybe." I told him. "So, excited for tomorrow?" He said continuing. "I know we're in different grades but maybe I could show you around sometime." He said trying to be nice. "Thanks, but I need to go now, I guess I'll see you soon." I said. "Great, Bye Bella!" He said with much enthusiasum. I hung up the phone and leaned against the kitchen countertop. One thing was for sure, I had no idea what was going on.

Chapter seven:
I honestly had no idea what to do. All the facts were there, I just didn't want to face them. Charlie was somewhere.. anywhere.. and he most certainly did not write that note on the counter. The thought just made me even more scared. I decided to go back to the kitchen counter and analize the note further. Walking down the stairs I heard something.. It was movement, then a car, a door slamming. I quickly ran to the front window. I saw nothing. That's impossible. I thought, I most certainly heard something.. something. Maybe my brain was just playing a trick on me.. It's been a long day and I think it's time for bed. Yes, bed is just what I need. I ran back upstairs not ready for anything else to happen.

I woke up at 6:30 the next morning to Charlie's obssesovely loud snoring. Wait a minute, Charlie? He's back? Forget it. I thought. It must have just been a dream.. right? Oh, whatever. I really don't want to think about it, today's my first day of school and I want to act as normal as possible, as if that was really possible for me. I picked out a blue short-sleeve shirt and gray hoodie to go along with a pair of jeans. That's fine, right? It's always raining and so dreery here I figured I'd fit right in. I changed quickly and brushed my hair before running downstairs for breakfast. "Charlie?" I called coming down the stairs. Remembering the note on the counter i went to the kitchen table. The note was gone.

Chapter eight:
“Bella?” A voice called. I walked around the wall to find Charlie sitting at the kitchen table on the opposite side. Staring blankly at the kitchen table I realized he obviously removed the note himself. “Hi.” I replied blankly. “You woke up late today huh?” “I did?” I looked at the clock. He was right; it’s almost time for school. “You’d better head out if you expect to be there on time.” “Right...” I said. Grabbing my books I went out to my truck in a mere 30 seconds. I started up my truck and threw my backpack into the passenger seat. The truck roared to life and grumbled a few times. I could now see why Charlie got this truck for so cheap and refused to let me pay him back. Sighing, within a minute later the truck was up and running. I slowly and carefully drove to school making sure not to rush and push my car over the limit.
I pulled up into the parking lot and noticed how everyone was already here. I quickly grabbed my bag from the passenger seat and ran into school. No one was in the hallways so i reached in my bag for my schedule to find my first class. That's weird.. I couldn't find my schedule anywhere in my backpack. Oh well, I had to get out of the halls before someone saw me. I stayed up late organizing for tomorrow that I already had practicly my whole schedule memorized. My first class was Biology ll Turning around the corner I stepped into Biology ll.

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Yes, sorry i havent written in a while since on one was replying i wasnt sure it was all that good but now that i have more confidence i plan to continue writting :)
please do, this story sounds like it will be really good
Thanks! I just published Chapter 6 now, I will write chapter 7 tomorrow! :)
Where's chapter 7 did you forget about us!
haha ill post it within a half hour i promise!!! I just dont wanna post everything right away cuz i rlly want more ppl to read it!! tell ur friends and maybe they'll come quicker!! lol, its also been b/c i've been rlly busy lately-BUT THATS NO EXCUSE!! Twilight shuld always come first lolll :)

~ sorry.. :)!!
how bout this, I will write a new chapter every weekend, as long as u guys will read it! lol :)
O and by the way, I want ur opinons on the tittle picture, do u think it's good? plz comment!

~ Thanks,
i just read your story and i loved it please write soon and keep me updated
love it


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