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                                                                                                                                   :1 Chapter

  Bella's pov 

.I opened my eyes unwillingly wishing, at this very moment that I could sleep

I wasn't tired but I just didn't want to face today's event: reneseme's wedding. It happened yesterday, when nessie turned 9 (she looked 19 then & that's the day she stopped aging & finished high school) and Jacob and Billy came and asked nessie's hand, Jacob wanted to marry reneseme. Of course it was about time when Jacob and nessie will move on, but I thought it was just too early; she barely stayed with us long enough for me not to miss her she spent all her time with Jacob, except at school. Now it would be permanent.  I was going to miss her so much I couldn't bear it, my little reneseme Cullen, growing up to be I sighed. Back then I would have said no to Billy, to tell him maybe later when she's older a bit, but now the bond between Jacob and nessie is unbreakable since he told her those three simple words "I. Love. You." Followed by the explanation that he imprinted on her .that was on her 17th birthday, she was so happy that night, jasper said she was happier than Alice, while she was shopping and arranging my wedding all together. So we said yes of course, and I could tell when I put my shield down to ask Edward what to do and he just shrugged that he was thinking about the same things I was. I patted Edward's arm gently, he was leaning on his side, his back facing me "Edward? Are you okay ?" I asked him softly." yes, love, I'm okay, you should go wake nessie and get her ready for the wedding " he answered his voice cracked up at the last word. "It's going to be okay Edward, Alice said you'll get over it eventually " I said rubbing his back "it's going to be okay " I said again as I kissed his cheek, his neck, his    collarbone. He turned and started kissing my lips fiercely I moved my hands to his hair his hands were on my back pushing me toward him _ as if there was any space between us _ and kissed me with so much passion that if the house went on fire I would barely notice , we continued while the hours passed in complete bliss .


I got up, I had to wake nessie up indeed, it was getting late, and eventually I had to call Alice too after all she was the party designer. She was the only one who saw the dress she wouldn't even show me. I was mad with her from that. I walked to nessie's room and stopped at the door, she was asleep on Jacob's chest dreaming happily , I seriously don't get how she sleeps with those snores , or can live with that smell .I knocked lightly on the door and walked slowly over to the bed where they slept , " nessie , Jake , time to get up  " I said they didn't even twitch , I sighed and got my phone out and called Alice , she's been bugging me to stay here so that she can finish faster but I wouldn't be happy about that or comfortable for obvious reasons . jasper answered the phone obviously it wasn't a good time to call , I heard Alice's musical laugh in the background , apparently she found something to do with her time  " hello?" jasper asked a hint of delight in his tone , " hey jasper, it's Bella , is Alice there ?" I asked thinking of  closing the phone but that would be rude , " hey , Bella ya she's getting dressed , ahh there she goes , she'll be right there Bella  " he answered " thanks jazz , I'll see you at the ……… wedding " I said after a deep breath and long pause " you're welcome Bella see you there " then he hung up. I took a deep breath and turned to face Alice "hey " "hi, why didn't you wake nessie and Jacob up ?" she asked "like they would, believe me I tried " I said sighing, " let me try " she said walking over to the bed, in one swift move the mattress was in her hand and Jacob and nessie were on the floor , " wow , I never thought about that " I said chuckling . " sure  , you didn't , now get up nessie , and you dog , get out , oh and please be a gentleman and take Bella and the door with you , thanks  " she said showing us off ." ok bye nessie " Jacob kissed her then went out of the room with nessie following to go to the bathroom  . I sighed." my little baby is growing up so fast " we both laughed at that. "Alice ?" I asked anxiously. Alice looked at me nervously and said "yes Bella, what is it ?"Her tone was questioning. I opened my mouth to say something, and then closed it again; I didn't know how to explain this to Alice. I finally got a grip and said" I don't want nessie to get married ". I said it too fast for nessie to hear us. Alice stood frozen, staring at me in shock, but snapped back just in time before nessie came in the room. "What were you two talking about ?" nessie asked "your wedding " Alice answered smoothly.

Alice was doing nessie's hair while I did the makeup. Nessie was listening to her iPod, I wanted to explain to Alice, but I couldn't guarantee that nessie couldn't hear us. While I was putting the lips stick, I heard a knock on the door. I looked up at Alice , she was too busy with the hair , she barely noticed , I sighed " coming  " I said as I opened the door , the smell hit me " wow , hold it there big wolf  " I said as Jacob peeked  behind the door , " you don’t get to see nessie except at the wedding , now beat it , " I said as I closed the door , I heard nessie chuckle . I continued putting the makeup, Alice finished the hair "guess it's time for the dress "I said. " yup, and that means only one thing  " Alice said "GET OUT " she said, nessie laughed, I think I even heard Edward chuckle! Alice sent me out of the room so that nessie could wear the dress, the one I still can't see until the wedding, which is ridiculous. Alice was already dressed; she was wearing a black mini dress with a black ribbon in the middle. told nessie that I will be in my room if she needed any help , Alice just rolled her eyes at me , pushed me out and locked the door so I wouldn't come in. I heard nessie chuckle once. I went to my room to get dressed myself, I found Edward hesitating in front of our massive wardrobe. I got out for him a black tux, which he looks gorgeous in as always. I got out for myself a black and white strapless dress with black heels; I put on some eyeliner, earrings and a bracelet.  I know what you're thinking, what the hell right?? ya , I started being into fashion , I go shopping with Alice every time , and never get bored , I think I even started coming back with more shopping bags than her !


"You ready ?" I asked Edward "ya, I'm ready let's go " he said than sighed. We walked hand in hand toward the door of the cottage. Alice, Rosalie and I were going to be the bridesmaids and the maid of honor was no other than Claire , she was now 15 and quil just told her about the imprinting thing yesterday, but nessie and Claire have been friends even though she didn't know the secret. Edward will escort nessie down the aisle. Esme came through the door; she was wearing a Paige dress with a black waist. "are you two ready ?' she asked, Edward nodded, then she left."Wait Edward, I want to give nessie something ". I knocked on the door "go away " Alice threatened " I just want to give nessie something  " I said   , she opened the door and peeked out " what do you want to give her ?" she asked , I lifted up the two heavy silver combs mom and dad gave me for my wedding , " something old  ," I said my throat was thick , as if I was going to cry " and something new " Edward continued , getting out the ring we were giving nessie for her wedding "something borrowed " I said " and something blue " Edward finished. Alice looked like she was going to cry she hugged me and Edward , then took the ring and two combs , " I'll let her put them on now you Bella wait on the stairs for nessie and Edward you stay right here " Alice ordered.

I walked off to were Rosalie was standing waiting for nessie " you look dashing " she said smiling , I laughed , my mom had said that to dad when she saw him in the wedding . " and omg , don't you look beautiful , I think I'm going to cry  " I said , my mom had said that to me on my wedding . We laughed, the relationship between me and Rosalie has improved, we became more than best friends, we became sisters, " no seriously, you do look great  " she said twirling me in a circle, I smiled " and you too, you look amazing  " I complimented she smiled , she really was , she was wearing a knee length dress it was pink with black straps, "there's nessie come on " she said taking me to the stairs, the door opened and I couldn't believe my eye's. 


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hope you like it :)))) plzzz comment :))))
I definetely likee it :)
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I like it but its kinda hard to read with everything in one big paragraph, please try to fix that :)
oh , srry 'bout that :((( but i'll try to fix it , and thanks for reading :)))
thanks :)))
i like it keep me updated
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I love it.. Keep me updatted


sure thing :)) thanks :))
Love it! Keep me updated.
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