The Twilight Saga

Sunrise (after breaking dawn)

After BD I thought that ‘this can’t be it’ so I decided to write more according to what I thought would happen after!


Bella’s POV
I stood there silently in our small cottage against the wall in Renesmee’s room.
She was sound asleep and Edward was still at the house which surprised me because usually he never let me out of his sight.
But I was glad that I had some time to think about everything that had happened in the last few weeks.
I think Edward knew that and deliberately let me go home by myself. But with him I could never be sure he was always so cryptic.
So now I had the house alone (apart from Renesmee, and she was out) to think over everything that had happened in the past year. While I thought that it triggered a dim human memory of when Edward had first told the Volturi that I would become a vampire. But of course at the time he didn’t intend to so he had told me later that the Volturi counted years like days and that we could take our time. I could see what he meant by that now.
It had been almost six months since I was turned into a vampire and it felt like just days.
And yet I could remember it all with brilliant clarity.
First of all, and the thing I could remember the clearest was the transformation. The thought of the burning was to much so I moved onto wakening up and seeing everything! I could still remember every aspect of waking up. I’d gotten used to my new eyes but at the time it was as if I could see everything.
I remember waking up, seeing everything, and then doing something that to this day I still feel embarrassed about. I growled at Edward! In my defence I was a newborn but still I didn’t know how I could growl at my truest of true loves, my Edward. He assured me that it was okay
I then ran through my first look in the mirror how I could hardly see myself with those eyes, which were now a perfect gold, and then going on my first hunt and realizing I have some super self control. Also how when I got back Jake was very hesitant to let me near Nessie and I’d wondered why because a day earlier I’d been so sure he hated her for almost killing me. But when I did get past him I didn’t care what his motives were because I loved her and all that mattered was that I was holdin......
I was suddenly snapped back into reality when I heard someone banging on the door so hard I was surprised it didn’t fall over. And I Knew exactly who it was.
“Coming Emmett” I yelled although I could have whispered and he would have heard.
I walked at human speed to the door while he kept banging. Sheesh, I said I was coming.
When I got to the door I yanked it open and immediately started inspecting the door for damage but strangely enough none.
I looked up at him and gave him a deadly smile “whatever it is Emmett there was no need to take it out on the door” I said menacingly. He gave me a wicked grin. “So what do you want” I said while raising an eyebrow. He put on his best fake hurt face and whispered “so what, I’m not allowed to see my little sis anymore?” I took no attention to his attempts at sidetracking me and continued”Emmett what do you really want?”
This time he cut to the chance “I was told to take you to the house dismantled or alive, alive preferably because Edward won’t dismantle me. But if you won’t come you leave me no choice” I gulped and he chuckled darkly. I took a step back inside but he already had me in a head lock. He laughed with real enthusiasm this time. And I had no hope of getting out of whatever it was he was in on.

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Chapter 2- surprise

Edwards POV


Although I found it extremely hard to leave my Bella alone I made this one acceptation only because it was our wedding anniversary. Just thinking about it made me smile from ear to ear. Exactly one year ago my Bella became ‘Bella Cullen’ and that meant I got to keep her forever.

I was waiting on the couch when Emmett and Bella came in and I just picked up the end of their conversation “EMMETT!! Let me go! NO NOT OUT THE...!” Suddenly I looked inside Emmett’s mind and there was a huge crash. I ran at lightning speed to the door and then to the first window to the right.

I got there just in time to catch Bella when I started cussing so low I thought no one could hear me! WRONG! Bella just looked at me shocked and in a very stern voice said “Mr. Cullen “need she say more. I gave her a sheepish grin “sorry ma’am” then she giggled to let me know I was forgiven. I gave a smile and ran inside. I then started to get angry! I turned to Emmett who was bitting his lip to stop from laughing “YOU THROUGH HER OUT THE WINDOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!”

soz but thats part 1 and part 2 is coming and i will let u no when it does!!!!!!!!!!!


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