The Twilight Saga

Sunrise- If Alice hadn't seen Bella cliff dive in New Moon and it'd been her and Jacob forever

Okay this is right after Jacob saves Bella after her cliff-diving incident. Unless specified otherwise, it will always be written in Jacob's perspective. I hope you like it, and I also wouldn't mind constructive criticism; ENJOY!

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Chapter 1- Preservation

"WHY the hell did you do that!?!" I yelled as I stared into the face of the one person who could get me like this, the one person who could actually stop my heart from beating for a few moments, the one person who I knew what their answer would be before I even asked the question- My Bella.

"Please, just understand that this isn't easy on me..."

"Bella, you think I don't know that. A few months ago I saw a dead person in my front yard. you have no idea how crappy you looked, but suici-"

"NO!", She interrupted me. Her swollen eyes surrounded by specks of sand looked helpless, but somehow aggravated, as she continued," I wouldn't try that, I just... never mind, you''ll think I'm crazy."

I lifted her into my lap, turned her freezing chin towards me and replied to her weary, cold face "More crazy than my overly-depressed best friend that didn't just attempt suicide that is keeping her reasoning from me, yeah, you're right, it could be so much crazier."

"Jacob, I..."Her voice was raspy, as if she had swallowed some sand.

"No." I silenced her by putting a single finger on her damp, soft lips."We can talk about it later. I don't know what I was thinking, letting you freeze." She was shivering, even while on my overheated body. I lifted her limp body into my arms with one swift motion as I stood up carrying her in my arms like a child scared in a thunder storm." Come on, I''l take you to my place to rest." I started walking towards my house and for a few minutes as her eyelashes batted less and less frequently I thought she was sleeping.

She suddenly opened her eyes and mouth. She didn't argue to my surprise, rather she laid her head against my chest and whispered so softly that if my hearing hadn't been better than the average human, i would've missed it " I'm Sorry Jake"

"I know Bells, i know." As I reached my front door and went back to my room and laid Bella on my bed i looked outside of my door to see if Billy was home. When I saw that we were alone, I sat down on a pile of dirty shorts on my floor and started thinking about what I had said last. In reality, the truth was that I didn't know. I knew that the leech was the reason for whatever this stunt was, that Edward (the name made me shudder as I looked a few feet away at the sleeping girl that had been in my arms), had been the reason for Bella's near death, that if I ever saw him again, then that day would be the end of someone, either me, or that damn heartless vampire.

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thanks! I really appreciate it!
Thank you! any criticism, I can take it, all I want iis to improve
ooh! I like it :)
I added u as a friend could u plz keep me updated?
sure, sure ;) I will.
i love it plz write more
I will, i need roses though!
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Chapter 2-

"And that leaves us with a final score of Mariners-11, White Sox-14; good night Washing-(click)" I turned the television off after watching some baseball. Actually, you can't call it watching when it was just background to my thoughts- What if she does it again? What if Charlie doesn't trust us any more after this? or my worst fear- What if she never loves me back? These things floated around in my head for a minute until I heard Billy come through the front door.
"Hey kiddo, how was your day?"He asked me and I gave him more than he expected; I told him everything, I told him how she had nearly drowned, I just left out my worries, that was my problem.
"Do you know what you're getting yourself into Jake? I mean with Bella." I looked at Billy in his wheelchair. He looked genuinely concerned, and I couldn't blame him.
"No dad, I don't, but I promised myself and plan on telling Bella when she wakes up that I don't care. I don't care if she doesn't want what I want from this... er, whatever our relationship is. Today is proof that she needs someone, she needs ME." I looked at him an from the look on his face, my point came across.
"It's just..."He looked towards the hallway where Bella slept a few doors down,"I've never seen you like this Jacob. I know you're tough, and you are also young. Love can ,er, make you do some crazy stuff. I just don't want you to send yourself over the edge."
"I'm not, I just need some time to think, if Bella wakes up tell her I'll be back soon." I yelled as I ran out of the front door. I ran as fast as I could, I didn't care if it was way beyond normal human speed and people were looking. As soon as I was out of sight and in the woods, I looked around and then stripped down. I let myself think of that leech and that was enough, I changed at that moment. I allowed myself to run, I wouldn't go to far, in case Bella needed me. I ran past tree after tree until I heard someone thinking to me.
"Hey Jake, I'm sorry about Bella."
"Paul, go away!"
He was no where in sight, but I could tell it was him,"I need some time alone!"
"I know, I saw you running and wanted to make sure that you were okay."
"I'm fine!! Please, just leave me alone!!!"
"Okay, okay, I'm good as gone, just take care of her okay?"
"What do you care"
"You'd be beyond repair if something happened to her, it's hard enough feeling how you feel now, butt..."
"How the heck do you know how I feel!?!"
"I can feel your feelings to a degree when we're like this, Jake. I can tell you feel...messed up."
"No kidding."
"I'll leave you alone now, just promise you'll tell one of us if you need help."
"Sure, sure"

He didn't believe me and I didn't care. I tried to keep my mind blank until I couldn't hear his thoughts any more. I ran back where I had dumped my clothes.and transformed into myself again. I pulled on my clothes and headed towards the beach, I turned and as I walked back to my house I ignored Billy's stare as I walked into the front room. I picked up speed as I saw the light on down the hall. I turned into the room where the most amazing girl in the world was and I managed a smile as I saw her. The girl I loved gave a sad smile back, and I prepared myself as I sat down for the story that would impossibly pain both of us.
This starts the second that Bella wakes up after being saved by Jacob. Anything that happened before that in the story is an unsaid beginning to my story. Thank you verry much for sharing this with me, and thank you for the compliment! I like reading your stories!
i just read the really good work, Aidni!!
please let me know when you post more, ok?
hugs :D
this story is good write more when u can
This is a really great start can't wait for more! Keep me posted


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