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* The following is just my opininion of what I would like to happen between the character's Jacob and Renessme from Twilight* I do not own them in anyway and do not take responsibilty for them. And etc. In other word's I DON'T WANNA GO TO JAIL THIS IS JUST MY OPININON I AM NOT STEALING YOUR CHARACTERS! BLAH, BLAH, BLAH ALL DONE.



I listened hard to the sound's of the forest and felt the floor beat beneath my hand's as I waited, crouched on my hand's and knee's ready for anything and then nothing at all.

Suddenly I felt it, it felt like a pole when you hit it hard enough you can still hear the zing running up and down in thousand's of wave's of aftershocks. I slid all my pressure to the right side of my body and rolled forcing myself into another springing position, then I attacked.

"Hah! I win this time Jacob! “I said gleefully as I straddled him from the hip's down.

"yeah sure, sure" he said folding his arm's behind his head to look at me better. "You know I would have won if I hadn't stepped on that twig at the last minute" he said grinning a toothy smile up at me. I snorted "hah in your dream's mongrel!"

That did it. Jacob grabbed my wrist's and swung me over his shoulder nearly knocking the breath out of me.

"Take it back" he said smirking down at me

"or what?"

"I'll Kiss you"

I stopped for a moment thinking about that tempting offer. Say I'm not sorry and Jacob attack's. Cry uncle and Jacob still attacks. Either way I was still going to be sardined by a dog.

"Never" I said smiling, if I was going to go down anyway I might as well go with some dignity.
Jacob grabbed my face and forced me to look at him. For a minute I was lost in the beauty of him those dark brown eye's staring at me adoringly, admiringly, I felt myself melt into a puddle. He was perfect.

"So be it" he raked out then Kissed me with such a force, I felt my bone's almost become a part of him.
It began slowly at first, then became quicker and hotter with the need to be closer than close. I groaned out loud, then as quickly as it began, Jacob ended it.

I blinked as I was suddenly staring at the sun and not Jacob.

"Come on" he said gruffly as he pulled my hand to help me up, not even realizing he was going to throw me into a tree.

Good thing he noticed just in time, and grabbed me by my waist.

He shrugged when I looked at him with wide eyes, and ran ahead of me back to my house.

* * * *

"Jacob" I asked later on that day while we were in the kitchen eating lunch and the rest of the family was watching T.V

"Did I do something wrong?"

Jacob stopped eating, and looked up at me slowly with his mouth wide open.I smiled as a piece of tuna fell from his mouth. He was so sloppy.

"You actually think you did something wrong?"

I frowned down at my sandwich as I repeated my memory of the day's happening's.

"Kind of" I mumbled into my sandwich.

Jacob looked at me as if I was walking around the kitchen trying to convince everyone I was duck.

"You didn't do anything wrong!" he said still looking at me, frowning.

"It was me, I just..." Jacob sighed and looked up at the ceiling still trying to find the right word's.

"Sometime's I don't know how to stay in control with you" he said solemnly, putting down his sandwich and picking on a string sticking out from the base of his jean jacket.

"You make me anxious Nessie" he said quietly and I could tell his temperature had gone up from his normal 108 to 120.

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*laughs* great story i'm really super excited to find out what happens next! i love jacob and nessie stories and your's is really good!
Love Jake and Nessie stories...Please keep me posted ok??? Thanks!
Whoot! It's here! Hooray!

I Blushed and looked around what the heck do I do now? Jacob was having a problem with his, er…pants, and it was the middle of the night. Nice.

I came up to Jacob and touched his hand sending him picture's of the original reason why I had came for a visit, trying to distract him.

He stiffened for a moment, and I almost pulled back but instead I kept my hand there, showing him everything, the talk with my father, my staring up at the ceiling in my room, and grabbing the first dress I saw out of my closet.

He turned around to face me then, and I stood back to give him some room.

"I'm sorry" he said taking my hand in both his hand's and bringing it to his lip's.

"I guess I kind of came off as some sort of manic depressant animal thingy" he laughed.

"Forgive me?"

I contemplated it.

"Sure, you'll just have to pay me back with a week's worth of groveling" I laughed out loud at the mental picture that crossed my mind and showed it to Jacob. He started to laugh harder and by the time I looked at my watch we had both laughed ourselves into hysteria for at least 5 minute's, clutching at one another to keep from falling.

By the time I came back home the light's were on, I groaned out loud. The jig was up, I was busted. Grounded for life, the whole enchilada.

I hung my key's on the rack and slowly walked inside to meet my family.

Sure enough Edward and Bella were there lined up and waiting for me.

"Hi lovely parents" I said as cheerfully as I could "What's for breakfast?"

* * * *
The punishment wasn't as bad as I thought. It was going to be Two week's of banned use from my Lamb, which my mom revoked immediately, because of the fact that she thought it was bogus since I was only going to visit Jacob.

So instead I wasn't allowed to hunt with Jake for a week.

Fair enough I suppose. Not. I vow to fast before I ever agree to something like that.

But the next day was the first day of school, and unfortunately I was totally unprepared for what happened next.

All of us drove to Seattle. Bella and Rosalie were all riding in Alice's car, while Edward, Emmett and Jasper Rode in my Lamb, with me of course Jake just followed behind in his black Audi R8, I really wanted to be back there with him, mostly because Emmett was being a pest, asking me to have one more baseball match with him, because he'd had an 'unlucky' streak the last time.

“No Emmett, for the last time I will not arm wrestle you when we get to school!" I yelled switching the lamb into 2nd gear.

"Oh come on Nezziecomosee please!!!!"

I laughed at his persistence

"Your just trying to Embarrass me on the first day of school!"

"Yeah sure whatever help's" he said grinning at me.

"You turd I've never been to school and you know it!"

"So? we'll all be with you and if they think your weird we'll kill them!"

"Gee thanks‘" I said rolling my eye's at him.

I pulled up into Seattle high. Then parked the car behind Alice's. Already student's were starting to pile up and crowd around us. Without noticing I said "What are all of them thinking?

"My Dad looked at me and smiled "There wondering who the heck are we, and if we stole these cars"


That one made him laugh out loud

"Nessie you read too much into these things"he laughed leaning back in his seat.

"Well I'm glad I amuse you" I frowned unlocking the door's, then stepped outside.

I immediately noticed the air was different from Fork's, less thicker, more dense. I wandered past Edward and towards my mom she immediately turned around and grinned when she saw me.

"So Mom seriously how do I look?" I asked turning in a small circle to show her. This time I had no control over what I wore, Alice had forcefully dressed us all, including Jacob who actually lived more at our house than his own.

She had forced me into a white Versace halter top, the neckline hung gloriously over exposed cleavage, while my Betsy Johnson jean's hugged my hip's in every movement I made, this was a little to much for me, but if made Alice happy then, what the hell.

"You look amazing" she said smiling down at me.

I grinned "so do you.”

Alice had dressed her in something a little different, she was wearing Versace, but hers was a short white fitted dress reaching mid thigh, Backless, but the neckline was straight across the collar bone, paired along with clunky black Chanel stiletto’s and a white oversized Luis Vuitton bag.

So in other word's Bella looked like a model, while I looked like a groupie.

* * * *

I flopped down on a metal chair in Guidance as soon as we came through the door and heard my Dad introduce all of us.

Apparently I was his Cousin now, Emmett and Alice were his brother and sister, Jasper, Rosalie and Bella were all brother's and sister's and Jacob was there cousin twice removed.

I grinned to myself as I saw Aunt Rose shift uncomfortably as the Secretary said out loud that Jacob was her Cousin. Oh boy this was getting better and better!

Slowly she handed each of us our schedule’s and the map of the school. I found out the all of my classes were with Jacob, and 6 classes out of 8 were also with Bella and My Dad.

How convenient.
loved it
write more soon=D
I'm glad you decided to continue the story!!! I loved when you first started it and still do! Please post more soon!!!
Hey i love this!!!
let me know when u write more!
thanks! sure!
Awwwww! Poor poor Nessie!!!!
love your stories I have been keeping up with all of them just don't always get to comment but I love them ALL!!!
Love it*sings!* haha


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