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* The following is just my opininion of what I would like to happen between the character's Jacob and Renessme from Twilight* I do not own them in anyway and do not take responsibilty for them. And etc. In other word's I DON'T WANNA GO TO JAIL THIS IS JUST MY OPININON I AM NOT STEALING YOUR CHARACTERS! BLAH, BLAH, BLAH ALL DONE.



I listened hard to the sound's of the forest and felt the floor beat beneath my hand's as I waited, crouched on my hand's and knee's ready for anything and then nothing at all.

Suddenly I felt it, it felt like a pole when you hit it hard enough you can still hear the zing running up and down in thousand's of wave's of aftershocks. I slid all my pressure to the right side of my body and rolled forcing myself into another springing position, then I attacked.

"Hah! I win this time Jacob! “I said gleefully as I straddled him from the hip's down.

"yeah sure, sure" he said folding his arm's behind his head to look at me better. "You know I would have won if I hadn't stepped on that twig at the last minute" he said grinning a toothy smile up at me. I snorted "hah in your dream's mongrel!"

That did it. Jacob grabbed my wrist's and swung me over his shoulder nearly knocking the breath out of me.

"Take it back" he said smirking down at me

"or what?"

"I'll Kiss you"

I stopped for a moment thinking about that tempting offer. Say I'm not sorry and Jacob attack's. Cry uncle and Jacob still attacks. Either way I was still going to be sardined by a dog.

"Never" I said smiling, if I was going to go down anyway I might as well go with some dignity.
Jacob grabbed my face and forced me to look at him. For a minute I was lost in the beauty of him those dark brown eye's staring at me adoringly, admiringly, I felt myself melt into a puddle. He was perfect.

"So be it" he raked out then Kissed me with such a force, I felt my bone's almost become a part of him.
It began slowly at first, then became quicker and hotter with the need to be closer than close. I groaned out loud, then as quickly as it began, Jacob ended it.

I blinked as I was suddenly staring at the sun and not Jacob.

"Come on" he said gruffly as he pulled my hand to help me up, not even realizing he was going to throw me into a tree.

Good thing he noticed just in time, and grabbed me by my waist.

He shrugged when I looked at him with wide eyes, and ran ahead of me back to my house.

* * * *

"Jacob" I asked later on that day while we were in the kitchen eating lunch and the rest of the family was watching T.V

"Did I do something wrong?"

Jacob stopped eating, and looked up at me slowly with his mouth wide open.I smiled as a piece of tuna fell from his mouth. He was so sloppy.

"You actually think you did something wrong?"

I frowned down at my sandwich as I repeated my memory of the day's happening's.

"Kind of" I mumbled into my sandwich.

Jacob looked at me as if I was walking around the kitchen trying to convince everyone I was duck.

"You didn't do anything wrong!" he said still looking at me, frowning.

"It was me, I just..." Jacob sighed and looked up at the ceiling still trying to find the right word's.

"Sometime's I don't know how to stay in control with you" he said solemnly, putting down his sandwich and picking on a string sticking out from the base of his jean jacket.

"You make me anxious Nessie" he said quietly and I could tell his temperature had gone up from his normal 108 to 120.

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THANKS this story originally started here so i wanted to repost it see if i can get more readers again
I love it Keep me updated to please
I will! lol thanks for reading
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thanks lol i sure will!
lmao thanks T, this one is my baby!
yeah I used to be there until they did a heavy betrayal on there part...its skay though i have my own site and its up there too.
I love it, please write more soon!
lol i just posted a new chapter
*Am I allowed to squeeze in Damn? hope so...*

I smiled slowly as I got at length what he was saying."Well I'm going home" I said pushing my chair in.

Jacob's head snapped up immediately and he looked at me with expression I couldn't read.

I ignored it and dumped my sandwich in the Garbage and put my plate in the sink, then turned around and leaned against the counter. Jacob did the same, but instead of putting his plate in the sink like a normal person he threw it.

I flinched as the expensive earthen wear exploded into a million piece’s against the copper faucet. Suddenly I saw the curtain shift a little in it's place, I groaned out loud for what was about to come.

"DAD NO!" I screamed but I was too late my Father already had his hand's grasped around Jacob's throat.

I felt like hyperventilating as I saw Jacob's body connect with the door the crash through it.

Jacob landed on his feet and my dad walked through the door throwing off his blazer as he did so.

A huge tremor overtook Jacob's body and I knew thing's were starting to get of hand. Jacob lunged into the air and exploded into his wolf form, then flipped twice and landed behind my dad.

"What is this, the Olympics‘?"

I looked behind me at my mother, still lovely as ever as she grinned past me at my father's crouching form.

"Aren't you going to do something?!" I yelled at her stamping my foot.

She looked at me like I was part monkey.

"What for?" she answered shifting her gaze back to the fight.

By that time the entire family was watching from the porch. Uncle Jasper was looking hard at my father most likely telling him maneuver’s from his head, Alice was twirling around under his arm obviously board with the whole situation, Emmett was cheering my Dad on like he was part of some kind of wrestling match, Aunt Rosalie was just smirking at Jacob, I didn't really have to guess what she was thinking, and Grandma and Grandpa...well let's just say they weren't too happy.

I turned my attention back to the fight and immediately wished I hadn't. My father was in control this time; he had Jacob's lower body pinned under his foot and his arm in his hand. Without another thought he wrenched Jacob's arm from its socket.

Jacob howled in pain and tried to snap his teeth down on my father's throat, but he was to fast he swung out of the way before he could even scrape him. Finally I had enough. I ran out and stood between the both of them despite my families protests. They both saw me in time and immediately screeched to a halt.


With that said I stormed off in head of the cottage.

* * * *

What's wrong with them? I thought later on as I sat on the roof.

"I don't need anyone to fight for me!" I yelled to no one in particular, then kicked a rock off one the shingles and watched it fall to the ground.

Suddenly I felt the roof shift some behind me.

"Hi Dad" I said rudely

"How did you know it was me?" he said sitting down beside me.

"You put more Pressure on your right instep when you walk" I answered coolly.

"How do you know so much about instep?" he asked smiling down at me.

"Gee I dunno dad, how do you know so many big words?" I asked sarcastically, it didn’t take a genius to know my dad was a…well genius.

He frowned at me then sighed and leaned back, pushing a hand through his bronze colored hair at the same time.

"He could have hurt you"

I clenched my jaw in anger, “Well, what if he wasn't trying to hurt me, what if it was an accident!"

He sighed then looked at me again.

"If it was an accident then...I'll apologize…but!" he said lingering on the last part,"If it wasn't, then the next time I see him, I deal with him as I please, got it?!"

I nodded in defeat…was this war between them ever going to end? Geez they got along on everything else…but when it came to me…why did they always feel like a threat to one another?

* * * *

I sat in bed later that night staring at the ceiling and counting all the electronic twinkling star's that were up there, courtesy of Alice. It was funny somehow I felt like I was trapped in the Harry Pothead movie. I rolled my eyes at the irony of the situation.

I wanted to see Jacob but I knew I would get caught. That's the bad part of having Vampire's for parents; they could hear every movement you made.

I sighed and snuggled deeper into the dark blue silk covers. Jacob couldn't see me either for reason's I'm sure I don't have to explain. There was no way out, I would be stuck here.

Hmm…Or would I?

A sudden thought had struck me and I crept up from my bed, careful of where I stepped. I opened my door a small bit and looked out. There was no one reading or watching the flat screen as I peeked from out my door which meant my parents were doing things I seriously didn't care to think about.

Slowly I closed my door again making sure I made no noise in the process. Then I walked across my room to my closet and ripped out anything without realizing what it was.

I almost groaned out loud when I saw that it was a black lace Gucci Cocktail dress which reached only mid thigh. I put it on quickly without changing it because there was no time and secretly vowed that I would steal Alice’s credit cards when I got back.

I grabbed my black converses and clutch purse then painstakingly slowly opened the window just in case my parent's had the Lanai doors open, which thankfully weren't, and hopped out the window.

I ran like the wind across the Meadow to the main house not caring how much noise I made. I reached the garage in no time. Then grabbing my car key's I got inside my Black Lamborghini Murcielago LP640, the one Edward had gotten me for my birthday, custom made to fit 5. I smiled as the dark machine purred to life.

"Thanks’ Dad" I whispered to myself, and then threw the car into reverse, then into drive when I got onto the road. Suddenly I noticed the tree's moved with me each time I passed it. I looked at my speedometer I was going 90 on a 30 MPH road.

Hah! Like I should care, my father went double this when he was driving. I shifted the clutch into 3rd gear and it went even faster. 10 minutes later I was in the center of Fork's.

I drove up to Jacob's small but very nice house. Ever since Jacob had graduated from Dartmouth he had gotten a Good job as Lawyer in Seattle and even owned his own firm which meant, he could come visit me anytime he wanted.

"Jake!" I called stepping out from the car after I had shut the engine off, "You up?!"

I saw a curtain move from somewhere on the inside of the house, and Jacob burst through the door wearing nothing but Grey sweat pants.

"What are you doing here Nessie!" he grated out charging toward me.

I frowned up at him”I wanted to see you, why else?" I said crossing my arms.

Suddenly I noticed he wasn't looking at my face anymore, I followed his line of sight and almost fainted when I saw what he was looking at.

I didn't really notice how revealing this dress was. the sleeve's were capped at the shoulder blade's and neckline plunged down into a violent V, showing more cleavage than I would have dared to reveal in my entire lifetime.

"Jacob" I gasped horrified at my discovery.

"I think you had better go home Nessie" Jacob said huskily raking his fingers through his short hair.

A sudden breeze whipped out of nowhere and caused me dropped my clutch purse, without thinking I bent down to grab it, realizing a little to late what I had just done.

"DAMN!" Jacob yelled and immediately turned away from me.

Maybe coming to Jacob's house wasn't such a great idea after all.
Hey girl good to see ya back but ru still doing the stories on the other site to, I hope so!
yup well on my website


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