The Twilight Saga


I hoped that I would soon have a new beginning, a better place to be in. Somewhere with challenges, no servants following me everywhere, and a real family that cares about me. I wonder if there is really that kind of place for me to escape my own home, or should I say castle. I am so sick of being a princess. What an unfair and hard life. And all the other people outside the kingdom think that I am a lucky little girl to be royal. But of course, they’re wrong. What do they know? Practically nothing I guess. I have a good feeling that it would be a pretty good theory.

Chapter 1 - Waking Up

I am so desperate.

Now that I ran away from my home to Earth, I’m stuck here for a while. No turning back. Sigh. Why didn’t I go to the Sun or something? I glanced at it. The Sun Prince would love it if I came there. Oh yea. I just remembered. He was supposed to be my new…new husband. Ugh. I am totally not fond of him. Never mind wishing that I went to the Sun. I am currently glad that I picked Earth.

Ok. Now I am more distressed. Why aren’t there any people around here? In my books, the pictures were always filled with humans. Maybe it’s because of the place I’m in. Oh! There’s a sign. Great. I am in Alaska. Somewhere with not a lot of people. Now how am I supposed to find a real family?

I sniffed the air. I caught a scent. Vampires? What are they doing here? I do have an excellent taste in choosing a safe place, don’t I? Even though I can’t, er, get killed or something, I turned into a vampire myself, making my eyes gold. Vampires’ eyes are supposed to be red, if they drink human blood. I prefer animal. I don’t know why I did it, but I followed the vampire scent. It led to a
nearby forest. Well, I would just have to hunt. I caught the scent of a coyote. I crept closer to it. It looked like it was running from something, not chasing a little animal. I arranged myself into a crouching position and I sprang. I caught it and we collided behind a tall bush. I drank deeply. It tastes so wrong, but I had to, um, have it for dinner so I just drank. Boy, am I thirsty! I started to feel a bit sorry for the poor creature.

The servants would never let me have coyote blood for a meal. Finally, I was done. I stood up. I looked down. Good. My blue dress did not get ruined. I liked it. It was one of my favorite ones. I felt pairs of eyes on me. I looked behind me and saw seven vampires staring at me. I walked toward them cautiously. I saw that their eyes were gold. Weird.

They prefer animal too?

“Um. Did you know staring is impolite?”

One of them chuckled. He thinks I’m funny. How nice. No one back at the castle thought I was funny.

“I am Carlisle. And this is Esme, Edward, Emmett, Rosalie, Alice, and Jasper,” The vampire that laughed said.

“Hello. My name’s Jessica, but call me ‘Jess’. I suppose that coyote was to be yours?”

Emmett gave a booming laugh. “Mine, actually.”

“Well, sorry, I guess,” I didn’t mean it.

“No problem.”

The one called Edward said, “Hmm. I can’t read your mind.”

“Er. Are you supposed to?”

“Well, yes. It’s weird because it’s only your mind and my wife’s mind that I can’t read.”

“Then, excellent!” I beamed. This is so nice. I love them already. They laughed. The one that is Alice gave a little gasp and her eyes look all blank. Then, she smiled at me. Then she looked pleadingly to the others. Edward nodded and smiled.

“I see that we would have a great relationship.” She said.

Huh? What in the world?

“Alice saw that you would be our sister,” Edward explained to me. Oh, of course. Alice is a fortune teller. Edward read her mind. Wow. A family so soon. And they looked nice enough.

“Well, let’s go!” Alice said with a lot of enthusiasm. “Bella and Renesmee are waiting for us!”

“Bella is Edward’s wife and Renessmee is their daughter,” Esme explained to me.

“And where are we going?”

“To you new home, of course. We already have a room for you,” Rosalie said.

“Err wait, I…” I started. But they ignored me. Alice started pulling me out of the forest. We started running. South. We passed Canada after a few minutes. Soon, we are in Washington. We stopped at a river and we jumped over. I saw a pretty white house. We stopped in front of it.

“Welcome to Forks!” Jasper said.

“And welcome to your new home!” Carlisle said.

I had to admit. It is a pretty house. Ugh. Something smells disgusting. I wrinkled my nose. Carlisle saw.

“Oh yes. Apparently we have werewolves as friends. Sorry if the smell bothers you.”

“It’s all right. I’ll get used to it,” And I was right. The smell smells better to me already. That’s one of the up-sides of being the princess of the universe.

“Come on. They’re waiting,” Rosalie said.

I heard a little heart pumping. I sniffed the air. Human blood? No. Something different. Oh. Half human, half vampire? Must be it. But how?

“Ah. We forgot. No wonder you’re confused,” Jasper said.

I raised an eyebrow.

“My gift is to sense feelings and to control them. Anyway, Renessmee…”

“…is a half vampire, half human,” I finished the sentence. They stared at me.

“You know, it’s kind of obvious.”

“How did you know?” Another vampire was outside the door, carrying a little child. She must be Bella, and the baby, Renessmee.

I shrugged. “I read,” I said simply.

“This is Bella and Renessmee,” Edward introduced, though the others seemed to want to interrupt.

“And Bella, this is Jessica, who would like us to call her ‘Jess’.”

I smiled sweetly. Bella smiled back at me.

“We already know you were coming. Alice told us that you would be in Alaska. So, they went for you,” Bella said.

They went to all the way to Alaska to get me? Wow. They must care about me so much.

They smiled. All of them. Why aren’t they my real family from the start?

Someone came out the door and stood next to Bella and Renessmee. The scent of wolf grew stronger.

“This is Jacob, the werewolf,” Edward said.

Jacob smiled. “Welcome to the family, Jess!”

I couldn’t help but smile too. But I looked questionably at the rest. Esme was the one to explain.

“When Renessmee was born, Jacob imprinted on her.”

“When she was born?” I couldn’t hide the shock in my voice.

“Yea, it’s kind of involuntary,” said Jacob.

“Well, it’s just a bit shocking,” I said to him. Then I turned to Renessmee.

“Can I hold her?”

Bella seemed to hesitate for a moment, but then Renessmee touched herthroat. Renessmee smiled at me and Bella started to walk over to me. As I tried to reach for her, Jacob blocked me.

“Are you sure, Bella?” He said.

“It’s Renessmee’s decision,” She retorted.

“But what if…”

But I know what he was afraid of. Me. Drinking Renessmee’s blood. She does smell good, but not as food. Anyway, I don’t drink human blood. It’s so repulsive and the red eyes don’t match me that well.
Renessmee said in a soprano voice, “Please?”

Jacob sighed and moved out of the way. Bella gave Renessmee to me. I cradled Renessmee in my arms. I kissed her lightly on her forehead.

“Aren’t you a cute and pretty little child?” I crooned.

I rocked her slightly. Everybody seemed to freeze for a moment. But I was no harm to my niece. They seemed to notice that, since they started to breathe again.

Then Renessmee put her hand onto my cheek. I gasped. I saw myself, cradling her.

“What do you see?” Rosalie asked.

“Me,” I whispered. “What an unusual gift.”

Renessmee smiled at me. I smiled back. Then, I returned her to Bella. Once I did, Alice said, “Come on in! I’ll show you around!”

Before I could say anything, I was pulled into the house. It was so… bright.

“Do you like it?” she asked.

I just nodded. She smiled and pulled me upstairs. “This is Carlisle and Esme’s room, Carlisle’s office, Rose and Emmett’s room, and mine and Jasper’s. Bella, Edward, and Renessmee have their own house, um, cottage not so far away. And this is your room!”

We stopped at the end of the hall. She opened the door and she went inside. I followed.

The room was bright and it has a wide open-able window on a side that was supposed to be a wall. She showed me to the closet. It was bigger than the room. But empty, except for a few bags on a corner.

“I didn’t know what kinds of clothes you like, so I only got some for you. Maybe you should go shopping soon.”


“Let’s go downstairs now, ok?”


When we got downstairs, I saw that Bella was looking at me in interest. When she saw me staring at her in bewilderment, she said, “Edward told me that he can’t read your mind also. Edward can’t read
my mind either. My gift is to be a shield. Are your gift a shield also?”

“Oh no. My gift isn’t shielding. I can shape-shift.”

I hope that that would keep them away from suspicion.

“Wow. So you can turn into a human or something? Can you change back?”

Carlisle was merely interested in my “gift”. I hope that I don’t have to lie long to them.


“Can you demonstrate?” Carlisle asked.

“Er. I don’t know. My human blood smells very, and I mean very, good. Better than you can possibly imagine.”

“Bella’s blood was the most delicious blood I’ve ever tasted, so I doubt that there is even better blood than that,” Edward replied and he glanced at Bella.

“Well, let’s see,” I said.

I closed my eyes and felt a gentle wave wash over me. There. I am human. I heard gasps and no more breathing. Well, except for Jacob’s. I supposed that the vampires took a sniff and held their breath after that. I turned back into a vampire.

“Effective,” Emmett said.

“Gee, how did you guess?” I muttered sarcastically.

Emmett laughed a booming laugh.

“Hey, little sister is pretty humorous,” He said to the others. I snorted. I wasn’t a piece of clothing on sale. They laughed with him. I joined in. It felt so nice laughing together. It’s like a real family should be. Alice stopped laughing and looked out the window.

“Jess, we better go shopping.”

“Well, Alice, I know you would like to accompany me, but I would like to go alone,” Alice raised an eyebrow.

“No offense, but I could tell you’re kind of…a fashion type of girl.”

“You too,” She said. “Classical, though.” She eyed my blue dress.

“And how can that offend me?” she added. I giggled.

“Well, you see, I was going to say, um, please don’t get mad, fashion freak,” I shrugged. Alice laughed.

“Here” Alice gave me something. It was a kind of card.

“Er, I’m kind of foreign.”

It’s true.

Alice stared at me in shock and then smiled. She said, “It’s a credit card. You can buy stuff with it without cash.” Oh yea. I read about credit cards in my private library.

“Ok, then.”

“You know where to go to Seattle, right?” Emmett said with a smirk. I know that he was trying to humiliate me.

“Of course.”

“You can take one of our cars,” Rose said.

“No thank you. I’m fine. I’ll be able to run.”

“Ok, but stay close to the forest. When you got out, start walking,” Jasper warned.

“Ok. Sure.”

I started out the door. And then I started running. A second later I was in the forest, not so close to the wolf smell. How much more luck can I get? I have a new family that cares about me. A new home. How can this day get any better?

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Chapter 2 - Challenges
When I finished shopping, my arms swinging with the bags with clothes of my choice, I actually skipped a little like a little girl. I already turned into a human for my shopping. You know. For shaking hands and stuff. I do that all the time back home. Except for the fact that I don’t buy my own clothes.

Soon, I heard a faint meow. My head turned at the sound. The source seems to be coming from an alley. I went in. God, it’s dark in there. Good thing my eyes are sensitive, even when I’m a human. Another meow. I looked down behind a Dumpster. A little ball of marmalade fur. Aw. It’s a little kitten. It’s wounded. I gently picked her up and looked her all over carefully. Its leg was bleeding so badly. At least her leg is the only thing that’s bleeding. The blood just spread all over the fur. I put the little kitten on the ground and looked around for water. But before I found any, I gasped. Before I even took a breath, I was smashed into the wall of the alley. My head seemed to be bleeding. A figure was holding my shoulder into the wall. His hands were cold and hard. Vampire, I thought. I felt like groaning. I didn’t know there were more vampires. Ugh. I have such a taste in choosing areas to stay in.

“What luck I have today,” He said. “A nice, tasty meal.”

I froze when I heard the perfect, smooth voice. If my calculations are correct, and I am certain it is, this vampire drinks human blood.

“Don’t you smell lovely today?” He chuckled. He seems to be playing with his food. In other words, me. The vampire took a deep breath through his nose.

“I can’t wait to taste you, little girl.”

His mouth bent over, he smiled as he pulled back his lips showing his teeth. I shut my eyes tight and wished that Alice will not see me dead. Now I know that I would have to defend myself. Alone. Now. Water. I need water. But before a found any, I pushed the vampire away with my feet and threw him off me. Hmm. I’m strong even as a human. Interesting. I have no idea why I did that, though, but I did. Oh well. It worked pretty effectively anyway. Next thing I know I was thrown out of the alley, into the side of the road. I looked under me. A water vent! I stood up. The vampire was coming. I raised my arms. Strike! The vampire was smashed into the unbreakable wall of ice. He fell to the ground. I smiled. I was privately happy about what I did to a vampire while being human. I have to say, this vampire is an idiot to try to make me its dinner, and while I was trying to heal a wounded kitten. I moved my arms and the ice turned into water and I pushed the vampire into the wall of a building. I turned the water covering him back into ice. Not so difficult. And there won’t be any questions from the people since the ice would melt before dawn. I felt like doing a victory dance. My first battle with a vampire. It was fun too.

I went back into the alley. I picked up my fallen shopping bags and I wrapped the kitten in a dress I bought. I cradled the kitten close to me and I went outside the alley again to see the vampire struggling. Hah! It’ll be funny if the vampire wasn’t going to kill me in the first place.

I heard screeching car wheels. I spun around to see a Mercedes S55 AMG coming toward me at full speed. It stopped in front of me and Edward said, “Get in!”

I hesitated.

“Come on!” Jasper said.

“Um, there isn’t really any danger now and…”

But I didn’t get to finish my sentence. I think it was Emmett who got out
of the car and shoved me into the car.

“Ugh, pushy,” I complained when I got in.

The driver, Carlisle, chuckled, and sped away. We were soon at the house. Wow, they all probably drive fast. Obviously. Emmett heaved me out of the car.

“Seriously, Emmett!” I complained.

“Come on!” He said urgently.

I followed, or rather, got pulled toward the house. When I got inside, Esme sighed in relief and Alice danced toward me. I gave her the shopping bags. She went upstairs with them and was back in three seconds.

“How did you do that?” Jasper said.

“Do what?” I asked.

“The water,” Edward replied.

Oh. They meant my water-bending.

Oh shoot, they meant my water-bending! What other excuse can I say? “Um……” I hesitated. I shouldn’t tell anymore lies. But I continued to try.

“Well, I have to defend myself, don’t I? I won’t want some vampire to drink my blood, and seriously, wouldn’t you defend yourself, and---” I said in one breath.

“But how did you do it?” Carlisle interrupted. “And please, you should breathe more often between speeches,” He added with a smile.

“Oh fine. I learned that years ago.” I met their eyes. “When I was human,”

“But how did you learn it?” Bella asked. Alice must have told them the details of my “future”.

“In the North Pole. There was a hidden water tribe there, and they taught me.”

Lies, lie, lies. Seriously! When would I be able to tell them the truth?

Would they still accept me? I am so irritated.

But at least there is a hidden water tribe. Just like I described. I read it in my books. What else can I read for years? I read practically every single book in the library, and I tell you, that library is huge.

“So humans can be unnatural?” Rosalie said in interest.

“Well, since I said I learned it while I was human, then yes,” I said.

“Awesome,” Jacob said with a smile.

“But why do you have to pull me here, just to ask questions?” I intercepted.

“The vampire,” Edward said simply.

“The vampire who was trapped between a wall and ice! There really wasn’t any danger,” I said.

“You know Jess, vampires are very strong,” Alice said.

“I know, but they aren’t strong enough to break the ice.”

They all raised their eyebrows. I sighed with impatience.

“You see, I’m really…advanced.”

“Ah,” Emmett said. “Shocking.”

“I know, right?”

And then they eyed the bundle of clothes in my arms.

“And why…” Alice asked.

“I heard the wounded kitten in the alley, so I went in and tried to see what’s going on.”

“Don’t you think we would drink the kitten’s blood?” Emmett asked.

I glared at him. “Not when I’m around. And anyway, I trust you.”

“Ugh, your smell is getting to us,” Rose said.

“What smell? I haven’t been exactly near a werewolf in the last 24 hours!”

“I meant your human smell.”

“Isn’t that good? Now I can stay human for long amounts of time and not worry that you all will have me for a snack!”

They laughed.

“We’ll get used to it.” Bella said.

“Now, sweetie, you can rest,” Esme said.

“Oh goody,” I said. “Did you add a bed in my room, or do you expect me to sleep on the couch?”

“Go on! We added a bed in your room.”

“Good thing,” I yawned.

“Surprisingly, your blood’s not so strong anymore,” Jasper said.

I smiled. Yes, of course, their vampire instincts told them so. After that vampire incident, I added poison to my blood. No more human blood drinking vampires near me. “Well, then, see you tomorrow.”

I walked up the stairs. I sighed a little when I closed the door of my bedroom. I saw that the shopping bags were here, brought up by Alice, and that they did put a bed here. It was a nice, comfortable-looking bed. I put down the kitten onto the bed, onto one of the pillows, and I waterbended the water from my clothes off, leaving them nice and dry, and the water stayed onto my hands. Then I placed my hands onto the leg of the kitten. The water glowed light-blue and I knew that the kitten was healed.

“I will call you Opal,” I told the kitten. I was prepared to keep her. I really did trust my new family of vampires downstairs. Bizarre. Me, a princess, having a family of vampires. What would the people say? I shrugged. I don’t care what the people say.

I changed into my nightgown and fell onto my bed. I looked at the ceiling, then at the walls. I would decorate my room tomorrow. I looked out into the night. Tomorrow would be a new day. The whole day I will spend with my family. And it was a close one after they asked about the water-bending. I wondered how long I would have to keep on lying.

And with all these thoughts, I fell asleep.

When I woke up, went down the stairs, everyone was missing. I looked around the house. Still no one. Where did they all go? Then the scene changed. I was in the Grand Hall of my palace. Now I see them. They are all tied up and it appears that they cannot break free. My advisor was smiling at his capture, enjoying seeing them struggle. He smiled, and threw a match into the group of my loved ones…

I woke up gasping. It’s just a dream, it’s just a dream, I thought to myself. No, it’s not a dream. It’s a nightmare. It’s just a nightmare, a nightmare. Or it can be the future. It’s not the future, it’s not the future. But there is a chance that I am endangering them. Out of the corner of my eye, I saw Opal nudging my hand. I sighed and got dressed into one of the outfits I picked last night. I shivered at the reminder. Even if that vampire did drink all my blood, I wouldn’t die. It’s just that it’ll feel so weird that someone has me like a juice box. And I do not want to be a cardboard box filled with liquid.

I opened the door.

“Stay,” I told Opal.

Please, they’ll be hunting. Then I won’t have that awkward feeling when I’m around them. But they got used to me already, and I kind of got used to them as well. I smiled when I went down the stairs.

“Good morning,” I said.

“Morning. How’s sleep?” Emmett said.

I scowled. “I didn’t know that you would like to know how sleep was.”

“He meant if you slept well.” Edward said.

“I know,” I replied. “Comfy. Pleasant. Warm. Horrible nightmare. Yea, I slept well.”

They all chuckled.

“What kind of nightmare did you have?” Jasper asked.

“I just told you, a horrible one.” And when Jasper looked like he was going to say more, I hurried up and said, “Oh, and do you have any food here?”

“Of course.” Esme said and she flitted to the kitchen. Hmm. I didn’t know vampires got kitchens. Maybe it’s because of Jacob and his other werewolf friends. Esme asked me to go to the kitchen. I did.

“What would you like, Jess?”

“Um, well its ok. You can give me anything.”

“Would you like a scrambled eggs?”

“That would be perfect,” I smiled.

She flashed a dimpled smile and sped to make my desired breakfast. She’s number one best mom already.

In less than five minutes, she handed me a plate with my early meal.

“Thanks, mom,” I said with a grin.

She looked surprised for a second, and then smiled too. And then she left the room.

I quickly swallowed down my breakfast while it was still warm. At home I can eat whatever I liked, but this breakfast had something different, something that made it delicious. Obviously the ingredient of love. Something that my palace never had. I stood up as soon as I was done and walked to the sink. I scrubbed the plate. And while I was doing that, I thought. What if my guards found me here? What if they captured the members of my family? What if, what if, what if? Ok, now I’m going crazy. What if, what if, what if? Ugh, will I stop thinking that? I am so glad Edward can’t read my mind. It would be so embarrassing. And they would know about who I am, and the danger they are in. But I can’t leave them. I love them so much already.

Also, I have to control my feelings. Because of Jasper. I was now drying the dish. I finished soon. I looked at the plate. It was shiny and it sparkled. It was a pretty good job for someone who never washed a plate before. I smiled at my handiwork, and placed it into the opened cupboard. I hesitated and went out of the kitchen. Emmett and Jasper were playing chess. I raised my eyebrows when Alice was mouthing Emmett’s next moves behind his back. She placed a finger to her lips and I shrugged and let that pass without comment. I wondered why Alice didn’t play. Then, Emmett scowled and flipped over one of his pieces. I think that was the king. I guess he got no more moves left. But what did I know anyway? I’m not interested in that board game and no one in the palace would want to teach me; they all fear that they would beat me.

I sighed and went to the couch. I saw Carlisle reading a huge book. I looked at the book in interest. Might be something I would read. He looked at me. He smiled and gestured to me. He stood up and I followed suit. I followed him until we were at his office. We went inside and I gaped at the bright room. There were paintings, and a desk that seems too old for Carlisle, or er, Dad. But what really took my interest were the books. All of them were big volumes. I’m loving this place already. Absentmindedly, I walked to one of the shelves and placed my hands over one of them and took it out.

“I know you would like those books.” Carlisle said. “From your look, I knew you are a great reader.” He smiled at me. I smiled back. We seemed to have an inaudible conservation between our smiles.

Finally I asked, “Can I take out this?”

“Of course you can. You are welcome to this office and take out any book you like.”

“Thanks, Dad. Or do you prefer Carlisle?”

“Whatever you prefer.”

“Ok. Um, thanks.”

He smiled once more and left the room. I waited a minute and went out of the office with the book in my hands and went straight to my new room. I saw Opal coming straight toward me and meowed quietly. I sighed. She was hungry. I smiled weakly and placed my book on a desk. I wondered if they would let me go shopping again after yesterday. As I turned toward the door, Alice was already there. She grinned and handed me a plastic bag. Cat food.

“I knew you would be needing this.”

“Obviously,” I said. “Thanks, Alice. You’re the best.”

“Oh, you’re welcome,” She answered. “And I know.”

And then she left with a smile. I went back over to Opal. She came to me loyally. I smiled at the little thing. I gave her a handful of treats and she ate it from my hands. Aww. She is so cute. While she ate, I thought of the same things I already thought of in the kitchen. Once again, I am glad
Edward can’t into my mind. I just feel sorry for the others. I was so deep in my minds that I didn’t even notice Opal licking my palm. Gross! I smiled at the kitten and scolded her in my mind. This was another upside; I was able to communicate with creatures with my mind. But in the end I forgave her. She’s just an immature kitten. I walked away from Opal and wiped my hands with a dry rag. Opal whined and I threw a quick smile at her.

“Don’t worry. It’s ok.”

At my words, Opal seemed to relax and her breathing did also; she also cares about me. How nice! She’s family already. I then turned to the mirror. It was the first time I looked at myself clearly since I left home. When I stared at my own reflection, I almost gasped. I always thought that at home the servants would put an enchantment on the mirrors so that I won’t become upset at my appearance. But I was sure that this mirror was not enchanted. In the mirror, I have long, straight dark-brown hair. My human eyes were dark-brown. They matched each other perfectly. My face was heart-shaped, and my body was slender and graceful, even when I wasn’t moving. I was beautiful, I had to admit. I don’t know why I was surprised. I was expected to be beautiful because I was…royal? Noble? Whatever. And then I walked out of the room.

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Chapter 3 - The Guilt is Killing Me Alive

As I walked down the stairs of my new house, I saw my family waiting for me. The first to speak is Esme.

“Um, Jess? When we went to Alaska to get you, we didn’t get a chance to hunt. And I’m sure you hardly hunted either. Would you like to come with us?”

She smiled a dimpled smile.

“Oh,” I said. “Ok, sure. I would like a nice meal vampire style anyway.”

And then I smiled too. I was glad I was wearing jeans today.

“But wait,” I said. “How do you feed on animals instead of humans?”

“But I thought you know,” Alice said. “You hunt animals too.”

I blushed. “I just wanted to know how you all did it.”

Carlisle was the one who answered me now. “I’ll tell you some other time. But now we need to hunt.” I nodded.

And we set off toward the forest.
Emmett growled when the bear he was fighting tried to hit his head. The bear missed. Now I knew that Emmett likes to play with his food. Vicious food, particularly bears. I watched his little battle while sitting on a flat rock. Edward was behind some trees draining a mountain lion. I just had some deer and elk. When I was draining the animals, I remember how I would feel if I was being a snack for a vampire. So I just gave up.

When I came out of my thoughts, Emmett laughed and jumped at the bear. Then he placed his mouth near the bear’s neck and drank deeply. Edward came out of the trees with butterscotch eyes.

“Are you sure you don’t need anymore?” he asked.

“Yea, I’m sure,” I replied. “That’s pretty much why I’m just sitting here instead of hunting, you see.”

My brothers laughed. I didn’t even know Emmett was done having his bear. Well, he was.

“Ok, everyone good?” Carlisle asked. I didn’t see him coming.

“Yea, I think we all are good,” Jasper said. I didn’t know he was here either until he actually spoke.

Carlisle nodded and gestured us all to follow him home. We were practically flying through the green forest. We traveled in silence. Not that I don’t like it; I liked it more that way. That way, I don’t need to deal with questions and talking to my family. I get all nervous and embarrassed. The feeling feels weird. After a few moments, we were out of the forest. Less than a minute, we saw the white house. We then walked inside and sat down on the couches or chairs.

“Ok, Jess,” Carlisle said. “Tell us about yourself.”

This is exactly what I feared. “Er, what do you want to know?” I asked ruefully.

“How did you become a vampire?” Rosalie asked, cutting off Carlisle.

“Um…” I said, not knowing if I should lie again or tell the truth and put them in danger. But wouldn’t it be better if they knew about the danger they are in first?

They all patiently waited for me to answer. They seem to understand why I took so long, but I think they think that I don’t want to discuss about it. I sighed. I might as well tell them the whole story. They are too nice and they are family. Family members shouldn’t keep secrets, should they? I didn’t have a family before so I don’t know about them. Typical. I didn’t realize it, but tears ran down my face. I didn’t know that I changed forms already from vampire to human. It’s like my body knew that I should cry.

“Jess, what’s wrong?” Nessie asked me. I already adopted her nickname.

I kept crying, avoiding their eyes.

“Seriously, Jess! Why are you crying?” Esme asked.

I hastily wiped away the wetness in my eyes and looked at their faces. Some looked troubled, some looked confused, and still some looked sympathetic.

“I’m sorry!” I burst out. “I lied to you! I’m not even a vampire. I don’t deserve to be part of your family!”

And then I couldn’t take it anymore. I ran out of the room and out of the house.

I stopped at the edge of the river. I sat down at the bank and cried silently. I wiped away the tears that had betrayed me and looked up at the sunset. And I felt a sudden urge to cry again. I buried my head into my knees and I did.

I didn’t know how long I had been sitting here crying. I felt humiliated and weak. But it was a feeling I had for a long, long time. Finally, I raised my head from my knees. Gladly, it was still sunset. So I wasn’t crying here for a lengthy time. I sighed and took a deep breath. I still wasn’t ready to face the Cullens again. I kept staring ahead at the sunset. It’s so beautiful on this planet. I can’t bear to leave Earth. I’m leaving everything I love here and go back to my home with nothing for me to love. Well, there’s always the books. But even if I don’t leave Earth, my family would be punished. Maybe the whole planet would be punished. It would all my fault. I was so deep in my mind that I didn’t even notice everyone come and sit next to me.

They all were quiet, probably afraid that they would make me cry again. After a few minutes, I started to talk. To let them know that I am very dangerous and to get that big rock heaved from my chest.

“You know, I ran away from home. I am really not a vampire. I am the princess of the universe,” When I said those words, I heard a few gasps. But I kept on talking.

“I left my home because I was supposed to marry the sun prince. It was an arranged marriage. So I decided to come to Earth to avoid the wedding. And then I met you all,” I looked at everyone.

“So why do you feel so bad?” Edward asked. “You were right to leave.”

“Because I endangered you all for staying here. My people never listen to me, so they would think you kidnapped me or something. So I put you all in danger, and probably I endangered the planet too.”

It’s really surprising how easy I could speak with them now. “Well, they don’t know where you are now right?” Bella said. I nodded.

“Then you can still live with us.”

Emmett looked annoyed. Obviously he wanted to fight with more experienced people and creatures. I think there are a few vampires in my guard. Or maybe a few hundred. I don’t know.
Even Jasper seemed to want to fight. Carlisle looked like he wanted to talk them out of fighting. Me too. I sighed and stood up. They all did too.

“Well, I guess I could stay for a little longer,” I agreed with Bella. And then we walked toward the house.
awesome!!! write more please!!!!!!!!!!!
she is not a vampire!!! i read through it and she is not a vamp


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