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heyy guys :)
my first fanfiction, reposted i think for the fourth time :L
it's called sunset :) and it's about jacob's life
it's set after breaking dawn, 
so read and enjoy :)

What if the one you love changed you into the very essence of being you hate?
Would your heart break... but can a vampire's stopped heart shatter?

Here's chapter 1 :)

Chapter 1: Bite Me (Jacob's POV)

It was a wolf. It looked tired, exhausted. It flopped down on a soft bed of moss and flowers. The wolf fell into a deep sleep. Then, it howled, once. A
soul-piercing, desperate cry for help- an eye-watering, cutting-deep
howl of pure pain and despair. The sound lasted for a heartbeat, then
it was choked off.

‘What do you mean, can’t go? I can do whatever I want!’
‘No you can’t. Not if it’s dangerous!’
‘Cliff-diving isn’t dangerous at all. Everyone does it. Even you did it!’
‘I am not 6 years old, Nessie!’
‘You are not my mother Jacob!’
Ouch. That stung.
‘I can do whatever I want, whenever I want, without your permission,’ continued Renesmee, ‘I can live my own life without
Even worse.
‘Nessie. You can’t just-’
‘Go to hell, Jacob’ she said.
‘Bite me, Nessie’ I shot back. And you know what? The little demon, she did. I gasped in pain as her
sharp teeth cut through my skin, and then relaxed. She would let go
now. I would heal quick enough. Then something happened that had
never happened before.

She drew blood.

Immediately I pulled my hand back, and her head snapped up in shock. Her face was fearful, but her eyes showed differently. Momentarily they flashed red – bloodlust.

‘Edward! Carlisle! Emmett!’ I yelled. Renesmee bolted off in the other direction, and at the same time they came. Edward grabbed hold of my shoulders. I hadn’t
realised that I was shaking. Carlisle grabbed hold of my hand and
examined the wound. He looked at Edward. Exchanging thoughts. Then
Edward went to lick it.

‘No! What-?’ I exclaimed, but he already did. His tongue swept over the mark, and I felt the coldness and wetness on my skin. Why did he taste my blood? I thought he was
over it for God’s Sake! Edward laughed, and explained. ‘I was
just healing it.’

I didn’t believe it. ‘Do you think I’m an idiot? You know that I heal faster than anybody here.’ Edward just shook his head.

‘Not if it’s a vampire bite. Our venom has properties that keep it opens to ensures blood flow, and properties to close it too, if you’ll remember Bella’s
pregnancy,’ Carlisle said as he twisted my arm to look at the wound
from different angles.

‘But Renesmee isn’t venomous. You told me so. She’s bitten me heaps of times before. And doesn't Edward's spit have germs? Not to mention said venom!’ I was getting

‘I know, but it drew blood this time, and Renesmee is half vampire, remember,’ Ignoring my insult, Carlisle looked down at the place where the bite had been, but was
now fully healed. 'By the way, Nessie is probably lamenting her
action down by the lake right now.'

Edward snorted. Why? I had no idea, so instead I went off in search of Nessie. No point in figuring out how a deranged, 100+-year old blo- vampire's brain works.

I found her, as Carlisle said, at the lake, but she was anything but sorry for me. In fact, she seemed rather pleased with herself, as she threw pebble after pebble across
the lake, all skimming perfectly to the other side.

‘You’re not saying sorry?’ I asked, already knowing the answer.
‘Nope.’ She continued throwing rocks.
‘You don’t feel sorry, do you?’ I asked again.
‘Nope.’ She threw another few rocks.
‘You’re not even going to pretend, are you?’ I continued.
‘Nope.’ I smiled.

‘God I love you,’ I said, pulling the little girl into a hug.

‘God I hate you,’ she replied, throwing another rock, smirking. I made a show of being hurt, and she rolled her eyes, swiftly kissed me on the cheek and ran off towards
the mansion. I fell back on the grass and looked up at the sun, a
brilliant yellow orb hanging in the sky.

The last thing I remember feeling was the warmth of it on my face...


please give constructive criticism :)

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this is good. it's a good start. you should definitely write more.
chapter is great CONTINUE


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