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Chapter 1: Confused

Renesmee’s POV

“Renesmee,” my mother began. Even though she was about 20 yards away I could still hear her.

“Yes?” I asked. I was watching Jacob sleeping peacefully. I wanted to caress his beautiful face. I could tell my mother heard the agitation in my voice.

“Is Jacob awake yet? It’s almost time for the party. We don’t want to be late.”

“Mom,” I said impatiently, “it’s just some party for my birthday. I don’t really want to go to tell you the truth.”

“I know. That’s one thing you inherited from me for sure. You don’t like surprises or parties as much as I do. But we don’t want to hurt Alice’s feelings, do we? Come on now. Wake up Jacob.” She

I sighed. Why couldn’t I have any time with Jacob? Something was always interfering, whether it was his Alpha duties or he was tired or I had to do
something. It kind of sucked because I think it was his company I probably
craved the most out of my family. I bent my head to whisper in Jacob’s ear,
still thinking about the party that
Alice wanted to throw me for my sixteenth birthday.

Alice was such a party planner. She wanted every little occasion to be big. I never understood why, but I believe this was why she was my favorite aunt. She was so unique it was really crazy. But Alice was Alice after all. It made no sense to me though that she
still wanted to throw me a party. I had grown to look like a sixteen year old
teen about 8 years ago but I couldn’t enroll in school because I grew so fast.
So I was home schooled by my father. He’s insanely smart. He knows everything.
I swear he knows at least 45 different languages including sign language. But
then one day he decided to enroll me in
Forks High School. I was to start in the tenth grade. This was last year.

I grew accustomed to it though. I made a few friends but my greatest friend was Cindy. She was like me, born from a vampire dad and a human mother. Her mother
did survive, but I think that it was because of Nahuel. He saved her. Cindy’s
actually his daughter but she wanted to live with us in Forks after Kachiri and
the Amazons came and visited and brought Nahuel and Cindy with them. She’s
adjusted well with our lifestyle and she’s my best friend besides Jacob.

But Jacob’s more than a friend. He imprinted on me when I was just a few hours old. He still says that he loves me as if I were his sister, but I think that he
loves me more than that as well. I believe he’s afraid though. Afraid of what I
might say if I knew the truth, but the truth is that I love him too. Not just
like a brother but seriously love him. I believe that my dad and mom are aware
of this but don’t want to bring it up. It sucks sometimes that my dad can hear
my thoughts because sometimes they’re embarrassing. But he doesn’t say anything
about it. I wonder why. I guess he realizes that there is no way to stop it.

“Renesmee, now if you mind.” My mother’s voice intruded my thoughts.

 I bent closer to Jacob’s ear, but suddenly he grabbed me up in a hug that I could have escaped and held me against his chest. 

“You were awake? Why didn’t say anything?” I complained. I wish he would have told me that he was awake. Maybe we could have taken a walk together.

“Yeah, but I didn’t say anything because I was listening.” He responded holding me closer. I felt very comfy in his arms, as if they were made for me. It was kind of
weird and I felt electricity running through my nerves to every part of my

“Listening to what?” I asked curiously, looking down at him.

“Your heart.”

I blush a fury red. Jacob laughed and sat both of us up and looked me straight in the eyes. I stared back. I could understand what my mother had felt and saw
when she looked in my father’s eyes.

“Come on. We have to get to the house for your party,” he sighed reluctantly. I guessed that he could have sat there and looked at me for hours.

“Oh okay. I’ll race you,” I teased and broke off into a sprint that would probably have even beaten my father but Jacob kept up. It was hard to explain the
feelings that were rushing through me at the moment. They were so confusing. On
one hand I loved Jacob. I knew he loved me too. On the other hand I still
looked at him like a brother sometimes.

I wonder how my mom dad would take it if Jacob and I were to stay together for forever. I wonder if it was even possible. What if we would live together for
eternity? I smiled just at the thought of it. I was still as confused as ever
but it didn’t bother me as much now. I concentrated very hard on my best party
behavior. I was glad that I inherited my dad’s acting skills rather than my
mother, or I wouldn’t be able to lie to
Alice about how I really felt about this party she was
throwing me.


Chapter 2: The Party

“I’m going to go get dressed. See ya later and don’t you be late!” I scolded Jacob when we reached the cottage even though I sometimes thought of it as a house. I
could already smell
Alice inside.

“See ya then!” Jacob kissed my forehead and ran into the forest to phase. I could hear the trembles his body made as he changed into the handsome, strong russet
Alpha wolf he was. I wanted so badly for him to be there in the house while I
got dressed but I didn’t say anything.

Walking into the house, I thought about what Jacob might look like when I saw him at my party not even a few hours later. He would probably have an outfit that Alice would have picked out that emphasized his muscular
body and made him look even more handsome if that was even possible.
Alice would have known what I would have wanted to have
Jacob wearing to my party. She knew what my tastes were.

“Nessie, I’m becoming impatient. Let’s get you dressed.” Alice’s voice drifted down the stairs to reach me.

“‘Kay Aunty Alice!” I called as I climbed the steps to my room. I was very happy when Esme decided to add a couple more floors to the cottage. My old room was too
small. She, Uncle Emmett, Aunty Rosalie, and Aunty Alice built four more
floors. The top three were mine. The third floor was my actual room. It had a
lovely view of the forest and the moon. Two of my walls were glass windows that
allowed me to see the amazing view. My other two walls were the cool dark blue
night sky that I often gazed at when I was trying to find inspiration for my
drawings or stories. The rest of my room evolved around the night sky.

Dropping my coat on my bed I climbed the next set of stairs to find my wonderful pixie-like aunt opening a garment bag and shifting through the other bags she
had with her. This whole floor was my closet and bathroom. Aunt Alice stocked
it with new clothes and shoes and other stuff almost everyday I was in school.
I still had brand new bags of clothes not even touched yet.

“Get in the shower and hurry up! You’re gonna be late to your own party.” She scolded.

“It’s okay to be fashionably late!” I teased back as I got into the shower. She laughed behind me.

An hour later I stood admiring myself in the floor length mirror that was on the outside of my bathroom door. I had on a beautiful floor length, pale blue silk
dress. The dress hugged my body smugly and showed my curves wonderfully. It had
two slits that ran up my graceful dancer like legs. On my feet was my favorite
pair of silver stilettos and on my neck were some beautiful diamonds that were
one of my birthday gifts from
Alice. I looked stunning and I saw Cindy and Aunty Alice
already dressed behind me smiling.

Cindy laughed, “Jacob’s definitely not gonna resist kissing you tonight. You look gorgeous.” Alice nodded her head in silent agreement.

Once we were finished, we straightened up (I don’t like having a messy room) and went downstairs to the second floor to Cindy’s room. She quickly scooped up
something off her bed and something else off her floor and handed them to
Alice. She nodded and zoomed to the big house.

When we reached the first floor, I could smell my father and mother walking in the door.

“Happy Birthday Nessie!” my dad called as he scooped me up in his arms.

“Thanks Dad! Where have you been?” I questioned. He had been gone for about a week now. I missed him terribly, but at least I could have my thoughts to myself for

“He can’t tell you.” My mom interrupted giving him that I’ll-kill-you-tonight-if-you-tell-her look.

I giggled. Mom and Dad joined I gave them both a kiss and a hug and together we walked to the river that was in the back of Grandma Esme and Grandpa Carlisle’s
house. I could instantly smell Jacob leaning against a tall spruce tree. As I
turned to look at him and say hi, I stopped abruptly. He looked so handsome, so
sexy. He had on a skin tight; button up, short sleeved, white shirt that emphasize
his muscular body. He had on a pair of new jeans that I guessed
Alice had picked out for him. He had gotten a new haircut
and I absolutely loved it.

“Oh my god, Jacob!” I exclaimed. “You look so handsome!”

“Thanks, but I must say you look gorgeous.” He smiled as he scooped me up in a bear hug. I buried my face into his chest and took a whiff of him. I loved the way he
smelled. I heard the wind rush behind me and turned to look to see the rest of
my family gone. I was very puzzled. Why did they leave?

“They’re gonna meet us at the house. They have to finish setting up. Let’s take a walk.” Jacob answered my silent question and my puzzled look.

He let go of my body only to take my hand and we jumped the river and began to walk along its bank. I stared at his face. He hadn’t changed one bit from when
I was little.  He looked extremely
handsome. I realized that at that moment nothing else really mattered except
that I was with him. I smiled. He turned and smiled my favorite Jacob smile.

“I thought they would have been finished setting up already. What are they doing?”

“They were. They’re giving us a little time together since I was sleep before.” He laughed.

“True. But you would have met me in my room or in my studio. What’s really going on?” I eyed him suspiciously.

“This.” He scooped me up again and pressed his soft lips to mine before I knew what was happening. I kissed him back once I realized what he was doing. He smiled, his
lips still pressed against mine. We stood like that for maybe 5 minutes, hugging
each other and kissing each other with as much emotion as we could. He pulled
away and looked down at me, his eyes shining like stars. I gazed back trying to
memorize this moment.

‘Thank you Mom and Dad. This was the best gift you could have given me.’ I thought with as much force as possible, knowing that my dad could hear me. I starred
into Jacob’s brown eyes and said what I wanted to say for a long time.

“I love you.” I whispered.

“I love you too.” He smiled certain now that I loved him as much as he loved me. “Are you ready?” he asked me.

“Yes. Let’s go see what Aunty Alice has done for me. I must admit though I think I feel better about this party now.” I said sincerely as we walked around the
house to the front, knowing that we wouldn’t want to go in the back way. He
laughed the whole way.

“Happy Birthday Nessie.” I heard many voices yell happily at me when I opened the door. I jumped in surprise and took in the room. Standing the closest to me besides
Jacob were my father and mother, smiling hugely at the sight of me and Jacob
holding hands. Then it was my grandmother Esme and my grandfathers
Carlisle and Charlie. I then saw Aunt Alice in Uncle Jasper’s arms and Aunt
Rosalie holding Uncle Emmett.

All of a sudden a cold set of arms engulfed me in a hug I couldn’t escape from for once. Everyone around me laughed.

“Hey Aunty Carmen. Could you, uh, let go now? I can’t breathe.” I gasped. Everyone laughed and she let go.

“Feliz Cumpleaños mi querida”

“Gracias Tia. Hola a todos.” I laughed and saw my whole family. I saw Tanya and Eleazar. Aunty Kate was there with Uncle Garrett. Kachiri, Senna, and Zafrina were there
and so were Nahuel and Huilen talking to Cindy. It’s been a while since they
visited. Benjamin and Tia were in another corner, Tia on Benjamin’s lap and
both smiling proudly. Maggie, Liam, and Siobhan were there as well. All the way
in the back were the wolves. My wolves, all were wearing happy smiles, except
for Leah. I understood though, so it didn’t bother me.

Leah never did fit in with my family. I think it was because she didn’t like vampires. The rest of the pack had gotten used to us. Leah never actually was
very happy around any of us. I think that she only came around because she was
Jacob’s “beta” as my mother called it. She probably just wanted to make sure
he’s safe.

“Leah,” I said nicely. “If you want to leave you can. Thanks for showing up. I’m really happy you’re here.”

She looked at me. I couldn’t understand her understand her expression. “I’m fine Nessie. I’m just worried about Jonah and Janai. I really wanted to come.” She
smiled at me.

I could tell I wasn’t the only person taken by surprise. Then Seth laughed and we all joined in.

Jonah was Leah’s husband. She imprinted on him 4 years ago. He was just 18. A year later they had got married and had had Janai. She is just 3 years old and looks
just like Leah. Whenever Leah came up to the house with Jacob she always looked
frightened and nervous. I always though it was because of us. I guess now I
know it wasn’t.

I thought of all of this offhand. I smiled at Leah and she smiled back. I ran to my dad and hugged him. He kissed me on the forehead and hugged me back.

“Thanks Dad. You’re the best. Was this why you were gone so long?” I stated.

“Yes. I knew that you would like it if all of your family were here to celebrate your birthday.”

“But why did you go alone?” You should have taken someone with you.” I complained. I was very protective of my family, human, vampire, and wolf.

“It didn’t take long. I knew that if I took someone else you would get suspicious and would figure it out before I got home.”

“Thanks.” I smiled.

I heard the light rhythmic steps of Alice behind me. She had a camera in her hand and I heard the flash go off. I heard her dance around the room, taking random pictures.
She made em turn and take a picture with my mom, dad, and Jacob. Then she took
one of just Jacob and me.

I had let go of my dad and was happily talking to my family. Alice had ordered food for the wolves, Charlie, Cindy and I. My vampire family had hunted previously, I guessed. I was happy and
thankful. An hour later, Charlie, Uncle Emmett, and Uncle Jasper were watching
a football game. Aunty Alice and Aunty Rosalie were bringing down my presents.
I had so many. The wolves were playing tag on the lawn. Mommy and Daddy were
taking a walk along the river, where Jacob and I had done earlier. Grandma Esme
was drawing on her pad and Grandpa Carlisle was chatting with everyone else.

I was sitting on the love seat leaning into Jacob’s chest. He stroked my hair gently. He was looking at me when I glanced up at him. I was about to kiss him
when I felt
Alice pulling my arm, making me rise to my feet.

“Present time!” she cried excitedly. I laughed openly while everyone came inside and sat themselves were space was available.

“Okay, okay. Give me the first one,” I said, still laughing.

Alice passed em the first box and as soon as I grabbed hold, I blacked out.

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Chapter 3: Gifts Part 1
Jacob's POV

I watched anxiously as Nessie laughed and reached for the gift Alice was going to give to her. I wanted so bad for Nessie to be sitting next to me again but I had forever to spend time with her. We went to Forks High together and we were in the same classes. Plus I could just sneak in her room or her studio when I wanted. Frequently she came along on my patrols with the pack. I was happy when she came but sometimes my pack said I was too happy.
Alice had just placed the gift in Nessie's hands and was about to let go when both of them blacked out before anyone knew what was happening. I ran to Nessie's side while Jasper flitted to Alice's. Everyone was still shocked but Bella was beginning to to tremble with worry. Her eyes flitted back and forth between her daughter and her sister who was also her best friend.
"Nessie! Nessie!" I spoke, nervousness and worry apparent in my tone. I shook Nessie gently." Nessie, come on! Wake up!Please!
After few minutes, maybe 5 at tops, Nessie and Alice began to stir. They both sat up at the same time.
"Did you.....?" they began in unison.
Nessie's POV

I was out but I was seeing multiple scenes.I saw Alice and my family picking out my gifts.I saw Jacob had been very anxious to tell me he loved me. I saw my dad as he traveled through the Amazon forest, searching for Senna, Kachiri, and Zafrina.
An then I saw visions that I couldn't understand to the fullest extent. I saw that Aro had planned a visit to come to Forks with Jane, Alec, Caius, Felix, and Demetri. That vision made me nervous. I also saw that some newborns were going to come in the area.
Then I woke up. I was aware of Jacob holding me and looking at em, but I was looking at Aunty Alice. She was staring at me.
"Did you......?" we began in unison.
"Alice, Nessie. What did you see?" my dad asked looking worried.
" I saw numerous things. I saw how you were in the Amazon forest, Dad. I saw you Jacob but I think that it was from this morning before you came over. Alice, and everyone I saw how you were picking out my birthday gifts. And then..." I had broken off because everyone was gaping at me including Alice.
" And then what Nessie?" my mother urged.
"I saw Aro, Caius, Jane, Alec, Felix, and Demetri coming. I saw that some newborns were coming but not with the Volturi." Alice and I had said at the same time.
"Nessie's getting her new gifts. She and Alice shared the same visions of the future but Nessie can see the past as well." Carlisle was stating.
'I wonder what other gifts she has...' my mother was thinking.
'What does this mean?' my dad was thinking.
I gasped. "Mommy do you have your shield up?"
"Yes, why?"
I breathed in slowly, calming myself. "Because I can hear and Daddy's thoughts.I think I can read minds like Daddy. Carlisle what does this mean?" I was very nervous and it was evident in my voice.
"Calm down bae." Jacob was calming me. I clutched his arm.
"It means you are discovering the rest of you gifts. I knew that you weren't just going to have one gift. I didn't know when you were going to get them or what gifts you were going to have.
"I knew that whatever gifts you had that you would be able to break through anyone's shield including Bella's. I also knew that you would be able to read minds but didn't know to what to extent.
"Now we just have to figure out what are your other gifts and what are the limitations."
I was nervous again. I didn't know what to do. Then I remembered that Eleazar could know what vampire's gifts were. That was his gift.
"Eleazar..." I began but he nodded before I could finish.
He helped em to my feet and looked at me for what seemed like forever. Daddy gasped, shock and intrigue apparent on his face. Mommy looked at him and then at me, anxiousness in not just her's but everyone's eyes.
"Nessie you have many gifts. I've never seen someone with so many at one time." Eleazar stated, shocked himself.
"What are they?" I whispered scared almost half to death. Suddenly a feeling of calm spread over me. "Thanks Uncle Jazz."
Eleazar began, "We already know that you can read minds, but you can read minds that are on a whole different continent. We also know that you can show people how you feel by touching their face, but now you can touch any part of them and show them anything you want. You also are a shield, but yours is more powerful than your mother's and Renata's combined."
He would have continued if I didn't interrupt. "Wait, Renata is Aro's guard who can shield against physical attacks, right?"
"Indeed. You can shield your thoughts at any given time without an inkling of strength. You can also shield against physical and mental attacks."
"Hold on. Daddy, Zafrina, Kate, I'm going to try it. See if anything happens."
I hesitantly put my shield up. I could feel it pulsing like it had a heart. Kate reached forward to touch me. I could see Daddy and Zafrina trying their hardest.
"Nothing." They said giving up.
"What else Eleazar?" I said as I sat down once again next to Jacob. The gifts lay by the steps forgotten.
"You're a tracker too. A fairly good one I might add. You also have a power similar to Jasper's as well as one similar to Zafrina and Benjamin. Those are gifts that we know that other vampires have. You also have ones that we haven't heard of a vampire having.
You can transport to any place on earth with just the will and thought of wanting to go. You can also turn into anything you wish, animal, human, or thing. Plus you can freeze and unfreeze vampires by just thinking it it or by touching them."
"Is that all?" I asked.
"Yes that's all." Eleazar smiled.
"Aunty Alice, could you take my presents and put them in my studio. When you come back I want to test my gifts."
She nodded and she and Uncle Jasper grabbed my gifts and left.
I absolutely love it!!! <3 i can't wait to see how Renesmee uses her gifts!!
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I love it and I am excited!!! <3 Excellent job!!
Ok u guys. I now u have been waiting a log time for the next chapter! Im sorri. I waz busy but as a treat I am gona post 3 chapters within the next few days!!!!! =] Just 4 u guys!!!! Here you go!! Oh n on chapter 6 read carefully!!!!

Chapter 4: Gifts Part 2
Bella's POV

I couldn't believe it. My daughter had all of these gifts. Some I understood and knew the potency of, others I didn't. I looked at Edward and saw he was gazing at me,my thoughts and my worry mirrored in his eyes.
"Mom, it's okay. Please don't worry. I'm scared too. But once we get this straightened out we have to think about what Alice's and my visions mean and what are we going to do." Nessie stated as we walked out onto the lawn.
Everyone had dispersed themselves on the lawn. I was sitting next to my one true soulmate, Edward. It was hard to believe that I had been a vampire for 16 years. I had always known that I was meant to be with Edward even when I first laid eyes on him in the cafeteria on my first day at Foks High School.
W had been through a few rough spots,mostly revolving around the Volturi and Victoria, the mate of a vampire who had tried to kill me. I shivered at the memories, as did Edward and Renesmee, both seeing the potency of the pain I indured. I put my shield up,but knew it wasn't going to work . Renesmee could hear through it.
'Don't you dare tell your fathr what I am thinking.' I showed her a picture of Edward in pain and how he looked.
She nodded and by the look on Edward's face, she had put her shield up too. He was frustrated.
"Alice and Jasper are coming."He and Nessie said together. We could hear them approaching. Soon they jumped the river and sat next to Edward and I. We were all gathered loosely around Nssie and Jacob. Carlisle and Eleazar joined them in the center.

Nessie's POV

Everyone was gathered in a losse circle. I was very nervous. I could tell everyone else was too. I focused on calming myself.
"Good job, Nessie." Uncle Jazz whispered. I nodded in reply.
Grandpa Carlisle and Uncle Eleazar stepped toward Jacob and I since we were in the cente rof the circle.
"I think that we should try the gifts we have no idea about first Nessie." Eleazar stated.
I nodded. "I'm going to try shape-shifting first." I said.
I thoguht hard about the top Alice was wearing and I could feel my body changing. Then I tohguht about Jacob in his wolf form and felt my body turn into a strong wolf on all fours. Then I thoguht aboutmy mother.I could feel my body changing to match her height and how she looked. I then thought about myself and I could feel my body changing into its orginal form.

Jacob's POV

Carlisle, Eleazar, and I stepped back as Nessie began tot hink. I was highly nervous about what was about to happen when Nessie tried to shape- shift. I saw her staring at Alice's shirt ans then she changed into it. I bent low to pick her up but then she began to change into an animal. I recognized myself as she changed into my wolf form on all fours. Then she drifted slowly into a human shape.
I realized hat she was changing into Bella. I looked form Bella to Nessie and saw how they looked exactly alike. Then Nessie changed bakc into herself. She looked around.

Nessie's POV

"That was cool. It was really easy. I just had to concentrate hard enough." I stated ot everyone. I could get used ot shape- shifting. "How about transportation next? To the cottage?"
"I'll go!" Aunty Rosalie jumped up and so did Grandma Esme and Seth nd Quil. I saw them run off in the direction of the cottage.
"We're here Nessie!" They all thought.
"Okay! Here I go." I thought hard about the warm inside of my house and willed myself to go. I closed my eyes and then opened them. I was facing Rosalie, Esme, Seth and Quil in th eliving room of the cottage.

Esme's POV

We were racing towards the cottage. I didn't know if this really was going to work but I wanted to see what my granddaughter could do. When we go to the cottage, we sat in the cahirs in the living room of the cottage. I looked around trying to see wha tEdward and Bella had done sinc ei had last came.
A sudden chill told me to stare towards the couch opposite of the armchair I was in. Renesmee had came into view, and was looking at us looking at hr. Sh eappeared to be alright.
"Hmmm. Not bad. But I want to try something." she stated and then was quiet for a moment, probably speaking to Edward mentally.
"I want to try to transport us all back to the lawn. Everyone grab hold of me and close your eyes and clear your mind."
We all stood andgrabbed hold to her arms or shoulders. I closed my eyes and thought of nothing.

Edward's POV

'Daddy, I'm going to try to see if I could transport us back.' Nessie's thoguhts filled my mind. I relayed the message to everyone around me.
We all sat quietly, anxiety filling the air until Jasper calmed us all down. We sstared at the center of the field. Suddenly a chillsurrounded us adn Renesmee appeared. Seth, Quil, Rosalie and Esme were holding on to her, eyes squeezed shut.
"We here." Nessie said when no one opened thier eyes. Emmett darted to embrace Rosalie. Bella and I rolled our eyes, bu we understood. Rosalie and Emmett couldn't stand to be away from each other just like me and Bella.
"How was it Nessie?" Jacob asked.
"Easy. And now the last one." she seemed reluctant.
" i'll do it." I said as I fliited to her side.
"Dad are you sure?" she said nervously.
"I'm sure. Try it." I nodded n encouragement.
She closed her eyes. I saw her take a deep breathe and reach towards me.
All of a sudden I couldn't move a muscle. I couldn't break through the ice that encased me. It wasn't cold. I just couldn't move.
'Daddy.... are...... you...... okay?' Nessie thought, worry filling her voice.
'I'm fine. It's not cold. I just can't move.' I thought in reply. I heard her take a deep breath of relief as she closed her eyes and touched my frozen prison.
My prison dissolved and I could began to feel my muscles again. I was abl eto move.

Nessie's POV

I was absurdly tired after trying my new abilities. After I had unforzen my dad I nearly collasped from being so tired. Thank God Jacob was next to me , he had caught me.
'Dad, I want to go home. I'm so tired.Someone take Charlie home please. Telleveryone I said thanks again. Tell them I love them. See you later.' I thought as I pulled Jacob toward the trees. I used all of the energy I had left to jump the river.
Jacob picked me up and carried me to the cottage. H ecarried me up the steps. He sat me on the bed and looked at me, worry and wonder in his eyes.
I knew that I was about to go under so I pulled him onto the bed and snuggled up next to him. "Stay." I said before I went to sleep.

So wat du u guys think? Lyk it? Chapter 5 will come soon!! =]
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really good
Hey you guys. I know it has been a long time and I am really sorry. I got caught up but now I am able to post more chapters!!! Yaaaaay!! LoLz! Here yuo guys go!

Chapter 5: A Day With Jacob
Nessie's POV

I awoke to Jacob humming a lullaby and stroking my back. I was huddled up next to him.
" Morning. "I said.
"Hey bae. Sleep well?" he asked as he kissed my forehead.
I looked up at him. "Yeah I guess. I wwas so tired."
"We all knoe. It's Satureday bae."
"Are you serious? I need to get up!" I tried to get up but had a headrush and fell back down on the bed.
Jacob pulled me to him and looked at me. I stared into his deep brown eyes and was mesmerized for an unknown amount of time. We were interrupted by the rumbling of our stomachs.
"What;s for breakfast? Do you want raw and bloddy or cooked and hot? I asked Jacob.
Jacob laughed. " I'll take cooked and hot for 500 please!" he joked.
I laughed iwth him. I was about to stand up and go to the kitchen when Jacob shook his head and grabbed me close.
"I'm cooking. You get in the shower." He kissed me lightly on the lips.
I wasn't having that. I wrapped my arms around his neck and deepened the kiss. He willingly went with it. Our breathing was a ragged synchronization. Suddenly he lifted me up and sat me on the desk. We kissed and kissed for what seemed like forever. Finally and reluctantly I broke the kiss off.
"Breakfast please?" I sighed happily.
Jacob's eyes shone brightly and he smile my favorite Jacob smile. He kissed me one more time and went downstairs to cook. I proceeded upstairs to get ready for the day. I picked out my favorite pair of shorts and my black hot topic t-shirt. I got my black converses out of my shoe closet and hopped in the shower.
After maybe 30 minutes I got out and got dressed and ready for the day. I pulled my now ddyed jet black hair into a side ponytail and put on my makeup.I stick my Blistex in m pocket and put on my favorite bracelet. It was the one that Jacob had given me when I was a baby and I put on my locket. My mother had given me the locket when I was a baby as well. It had a picture of me , my mom and my dad in it at the time. Now it had that picture and a picture of me and Jacob at the beach a year ago.
"Nessie! Breakfast!" Jacob called.
" 'Kay! Comin'!" I bounded down the stairs and right into Jacob. I wasn't expecting him to be so close. He steadied me and pulled me into a nice warn hug. I could feel his heart beating and I loved the sound it was making. I laughed as he kissed the top of my head. Then he led me to the table.
It was amazing. There were red tulips (my favorite flowers) and beautiful plate that I never seen before. Jabo led me to my chair and sat me down. He proceeded to the kitchen where he went to get the food. When he came back I was taken back. Jacob had cooked bacona nd sausages, pancakes, scrambled eggs with cheese, hash browns, and made biscuits. He placed the plates down and as we ate we talked. We talked about everything. School, La Push, my powers. It felt good to talk about those. But Jacob was aneasy person to talk to, which was another reason why I loved him.
After breakfast, Jake and I wnet to my parents' meadow or actually my meadow now. Mom and Dad had found a new place in the forest to chill and do whatever they do. It's a cave northwest to the tree that Jacob had carved a heart with N+J 4 ever inside it.
We sat in the meadow and stared at the sky and the clouds. We were quiet for most of the time, just listening to each other's heart beats. Jacob's heart was beating unusually fast.
"Jake, what's up?" I asked. I knew something was up with him.
"I'm just thinking." he said reassuringly.
"Jake, come on. You can tell me." I said as I place my palms on his chest and rested my head on them.
"I was thinking about your visions. Mostly the one with Aro and the other bloodsuckers." He said the last five words with a surge of hate.
I kissed him softly. "It's okay. Please don't think about it now. Everything is perfect right now. Please don't think about it." I pleaded.
"Okay but just for you." he smiled as he pulled my face up to his and kissed me, slowly but intensely.
Soon Jacob sat both of us up, never breaking the kiss. I knew where this was going. I never doubted that i would lose my virginity to Jacob and his to me. It was just the matter of where and when. To tell you the truth I was impatient. I wanted Jacob in every way possible as soon as possible. We began to take each other's clothes off. Thank God we had brought a blanket. We never broke the kiss and the wait was finally over. Jacob and I made love right there in the meadow.

Jacob's POV
Making love to Nessie was something I had dreamed of for years but I didn't know what to expect. It was better than I'd imagine. The feel of her body under my fingertips was something I would kill anyone for. It was heaven to me. I didn't want it to end. After we finished we wrapped up in the balnket and fell asleep in each other's arms.

Chapter 6: Short Tempers
Edward's POV

It had been a few days since Nessie and Alice had thier vision and since w elearned fo Nessie's new powers. The whole family has been on edge trying to figure out how this could of happened . What have we done now? It was very annoying.
The only way to figure out why the Volturi were coming was to talk to Nessie but she was so exhausted for trying her powers it was amazing. She slept for days. I was grateful that Jacob and the pack were watching over the cottage because the newborns also worried us. Why would they come for us? It was very puzzling.
Bella was very worried. Her temper wasrunning short as well. Every time Emmett said something smart, abotu 3 of us had to hold her down form attacking. Her strength hadn't receeded at all from when she was a newborn.It as surprising Rosalie did't retaliate but I guess she was fed up with Emmett just like the rest of us.She just probably had her other ways of torturing him.
'I just don't understand it all!!!!' Alice was thinking. ' It's killing me!'
"I understand Alice. I'm just as frustrated as you are." I replied to her thoguhts.
"What's the problem? You guys are so worried. I say let them come!" Emmett said obnoxiously.
Bella was stamdign against the wall facing Emmett. Before anyone got to her to stop her she attacked Emmett. Everyone was shocked. No one has seen her move, even with our enhanced sense of sight.

Bella's POV

I had put my shield up just so I wouldn't let Edward know exactly how much I pain I was going through. No matter what I do I just can't ge away from them. The Volturi are a constant threat to my happy life. No matter how long we avoid them they still come back over and over again.
I stoo silently agaist the wall that was opposite of Emmett. Alice was pacing back and forth, frustrated. I didn't have to hear Edward's reply to know what Alice was tihnking. She was just as frustrated as we were if not more.
"What's the problem? You guys are so worried. I say let them come!" Emmett said very obnoxiously.
I lost it. My temper was already short since Nessie's and Alice's vision and Emmett was not helping the situation.
I was across the room before anyone saw me. I attacked Emmett, knocking him through the window and more than halfway down the lawn . I began to punch Emmett with all of my strength. Onre hit after another I let my anger pour out. Once Emmett pushed me off of him but I kicked him in the gut and chin.
In the back of my mind I was amazed at how my newborn strength didn't reside like it normally would. I was as strong as I was within the first year of my vampire life. I was also aware fo Emmett crying out in pain as I hit him with all of my strength. Finally tired out, I hit him one last timesquare int he jaw.
"Emmett, if you ever, ever, ever, say anything like that again while I'm aroung, I promise you I won't stop." I threatened Emmett, who layed shocked on the ground holding his jaw and looking scared for the first time in his life.
I could tell that everyone was staring at me like I was a totally different person. I turned and ran like I never ran before towards Edward's and my cave.We had given Nessie and Jacob the meadow and found a cave where we could go somewhat northwest. When I reached the cave, I slowed and walked inside, my fury still controlling me.
I was facing the rear of the cave when I felt Edward approached me. I knew it was Edward because his scent was the strongest of all of my family. His scent was also the msot unique, the honey-lilac- and- sun flavor that was perfect for my one and only love. He came up behind me and wrapped his arms around me and I leaned my head back on his shoulder. He kissed my neck.
"Are you still angry?" he asked quietly.
"Yes but I can control it better now that I got most of it out of my system." I replied.
Edward laughed quietly. " You should of heard Emmett's thoughts while you were beating the crap out of him. It was hilarious. I thought I never see the day when someone broke through Emmett's tough guy fascade. You were brilliant." he laughed again.
"I couldn't concentrate on anything but serving Emmett as much pain as possible. He kept getting on my nerves. If and Rosalie weren't together I probably would of burned him."
"Oh he knows that now!" Edward assured me.
I turned and hugged him, burying my head in his chest. He hugged me back. "I'm just worried. I don't know what to do. Everytime everything seems to be going great they are a constant threat." I began to sob.
"It's okay babe. Everything is going to be alright. I'm here. I'm not going to let anything happen to you." Edward said.

Edward's POV

Watching Bella attack Emmett was scary yet funny. Scary because she didn't look like the beautiful, unique creature that I loved. Funny because Emmett finally looked scared for his llife.
Bella repeatedly hit Emmett.
" Ow! Bella please! " Emmett cried in pain.
'Edward I don't know what's gotten into her but you better het her!' Emett threatened in his thoughts. Everyone else was speechless mentally and physically. I shook my head no in response.
Emmett pushed Bella off of him and stood but she kicked him in the gut and whirled and kicked him in the chin with the same foot. Emmett dropped and Bella was right on top of him, hitting him again.
'Ow! Dammit Edward! You must be a good husband in order to keep her from lashing out.' Emmett was thinking. I laughed.
"Dammit Bella!" he said aloud.
After maybe 30 minutes Bella hit Emmett one last time.
"Emmett, if you ever, ever, ever, say anything like that again while I'm aroung, I promise you I won't stop." Bella threatened.
Everyone's jaws dropped. They knew what Bella was talking about. The only thing that would stop a vampire from attacking another was if the first vampire killed their target first or if they had the will to stop.
Bella turned and ran. I followed her a bit more slowly, giving her some space. I kenw where she was going. It was our new special place, a cave to the northwest. We had given the meadow to Nessie and Jacob. When I walked in the cave Bella was all the way in the back. I knew she smelled me. I walked to her and put my arms around her. She leaned her head back on my shoulder. I kissed her neck.
"Are you still angry?" I asked.
"Yes but I can control it better now that I got most of it out of my system." she replied. I laughed silently and kissed the top of her head. I breathed in her amazing scent that was a blessing form the day I first saw her eighteen years ago.
" You should of heard Emmett's thoughts while you were beating the crap out of him. It was hilarious. I thought I never see the day when someone broke through Emmett's tough guy fascade. You were brilliant." I assured her. She was awesoem. She was fierce. She was mine. My once dead heart throbbed against my chest against my ribs once again.
"I couldn't concentrate on anything but serving Emmett as much pain as possible. He kept getting on my nerves. If and Rosalie weren't together I probably would of burned him." she said.
" Oh he knows that now!" He better or Bella's going to murder him and probably not think twice about it. I guess it is his fault. Bella never did like that about Emmett.
Bella turned and hugged me, catching me off guard. I hugged her back. She trembled against me.
"I'm just worried. I don't know what to do. Everytime everything seems to be going great they are a constant threat." she began to sob.
It pained me inside. This is why she was so subdued. I didn't even know why she put her shield up either. She never really pu ther shield up. It scared me but I knew if she wanted to tell me she would. She was hurting inside and she knew that seeing her hurt, would make me hurt. Typical Bella. Didn't want others to hurt so she kept it inside.
I grabbed her closer. "It's okay babe. Everything is going to be alright. I'm here. I'm not going to let anything happen to you." I swore it. Bella was the only one I lived for besides my daughter. I wouldn't let anything happen to them. Even if it meant I were to die first.

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