The Twilight Saga

They are coming back. Pain is ahead, but also is something that Renesmee never thought of. Love.
Sunset Forest



Even though I had known this was coming, that in no way made it better.

They say that it isn't about the destination; it is about the journey, I think that now I know the true meaning of that phrase. You know that the inevitable is coming for you, the journey merely postpones that. But when the destination of your journey is so terrible, sometimes the journey - as horrible as it is - can prepare you in some ways. Sometimes.

However, nothing could have ever have prepared me for this. When the inevitable is coming for you, there is no one that you can trust. I have learnt this, and so many over things from this journey. I have found strength, life, and the true meaning of the word 'love'. Maybe there was some force that made sure not everything was agony, that made sure that you had some happiness. This final destination was horrible, but I wouldn't trade what I have found and disscovered from it for anything.

They had come for us. They had come for me.

As if our thoughts were shared - which they practically were, we both shrank into each other, not only for warmth, but for comfort, just curled up against each other, listening to each others breathing and watching our own breaths make beautiful swirling clouds in the freezing morning air.

We were waiting.

No matter what the outcome of this would be, my whole life would change.

If we had the advantage, we would have a great duty, a duty that we could not shake off. We would be murderers.

If we lost, I would die. We would all die. The world would revolve around as if we were never here, but my world would stop, along with at the worlds of twenty-two people, at the minimum.

After many, many minutes of silence, we heard the sound we had known was coming.

The gentle breeze, that we knew could only mean one thing.

To someone else, someone who had a normal life, this might have meant a gust of wind, but to me it meant so much more. It meant that the danger was here, it meant that screams would soon pierce the morning, it meant that everyone I cared about was about to put their lives on the line. It meant this could be my final breath, it meant that my entire world could crumble down around me completely. It would crumble down.

But above all it meant one thing.

They were here.



Thanks for taking time to read this short preview. I really appreciate it!

I would really like to no wether you like it or not, so please reply in the comments and tell me if you want me to continue!



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Hi Marisa!Great story! Add me as friend & update me your stories i would love to continue please..

2. Questions


Questions like, Why, and more importantly When, popped into my head. But the one that seemed most pressing, How?How could they be coming back, I thought it was over! That it was done!

I guess there are just some things in life you can't count on.

Like happiness, hope, and everything that you are most sure about.

“Jacob, what’s wrong?” said Mum, her voice was such a low whisper that I could barely make out what she was saying.


How could she not know? How would she take it when she realized?

Guess I’m about to find out,I thought, if I were not still in shock I probably would have felt a bit of dread.


“Them,” said Jacob, again could barely figure out what he had said through his teeth. When she clearly was still non-plussed he continued “The Volturi.”

What little color any of them had was drained from my family’s faces.


Carlisle gasped, and then, so quick that the movement didn’t exist, he wrapped Esme in his arms as she began to tremble.

Jasper let out a hiss and immediately went into hunting mode. He sunk into a crouch in front of Alice and was obviously getting ready to take her and run if any hint of danger arose.

Emmett looked shocked for a millisecond then he rolled up his sleeves and flexed his rolling muscles, while Rosalie looked at me incredibly protectively, and seemed like she just wanted to get me out of here as soon as she could.


Meanwhile, Bella stayed completely still, like she was a living stone. Her expression was the only thing that had changed.

What had once been curiosity and concern was now dread, horror, and stubborn disbelief.

Dad was not in shock like the rest of them, he had known, of course, as soon as he had walked in the door. He looked like he was in deep, deep thought.


I was currently trying to remember everything about the amazingly powerful ancient family of vampires, trying to grab hopelessly at anything that might give me some clue to what was going on.


Aro, the leader of the ancients – or so it seemed – had the incredible ability to hear all the thoughts your mind had ever held. He had always made it clear that he thought of Carlisle as an ‘old friend’. I remembered his parting line in which he hoped that they could still count each other as such. He certainly hadn’t done what Carlisle had requested that he should prove that he should still be counted as one, if that was what he wanted.


Caius hated us. Hated us to his very core. He detested our lifestyle and wanted deeply to slaughter us, last time we saw him he had been ready to do that, and in cold blood! I truly hoped that his and Aro’s relationship had gone downhill. When Aro had voted no for our execution Caius had been fuming with anger, and that could only be a good thing (that he was angry mostly with Aro).


Marcus, I wasn’t sure about, he always had a blank bored look, that I assumed was to hide some inner emotion, I was terrified at the possibilities of what that emotion could be.


And maybe the worst of all, Jane and Alec. Jane’s ability to simulate the worst possible pain was almost as bad as Alec’s ability to cut of all of your senses.

A whole army, coven, or, in our case, family at his mercy.


There was no way that they could be coming back!


‘The Vol-who?” said Charlie who was still standing in front of me, snapping me out of my train of thought. He seemed utterly stunned about what had happened over just a few seconds.

“Charlie, we have some friends coming over, I’m sorry but we can see you again soon.” Said Carlisle, taking authority.

“Ok, but, just what’s happening?” he said then backtracked, because of the exasperated looks he got, “Oh… umm, ok. I’ll just, uh…. Go then. See you later, um, yeah… bye.” He said awkwardly, and then when nobody did anything, he walked out of the door.

When the grumbling of his engine had disappeared, the questions started.


“How?” Asked Carlisle.

“Why now?” Said Emmett.

“When?” Asked Rosalie

“Who did this, no matter why they are coming, who told them to?” Said Esme.

“Leah,” said Jacob through his teeth, “She went there human.”

This shocked us all, then suddenly Dad was up in Jacob’s face, and the smiling, joking person was gone.

“How could she do this, how could you let her! I thought things like this were behind us! She will pay.” Said Dad, clearly beyond all reason. Though he was much taller than Dad he still seemed to cower slightly below him.

“I told you! She went their human! I didn’t think to give an order, how was I to know that she would do this?!” Said Jake, who know seemed a bit angry too, now.

“Edward,” said Esme, warning him,  “We cannot blame him for this.”

Dad took a deep breath – not that he needed it, of course – then he said,

“I’m sorry Jacob, that was harsh of me.” He said curtly, then he asked “But why would they come?”

Then his eyes widened in fear, as he listened to Jacob’s answer in his head.

“Charlie,” he breathed, “they know we have had close contact with a human.”

“What shall we do?” whispered Esme, seeming like she didn’t really want to know the answer.

“I know what we have do to,” said Mum speaking for the first time,

“We have to tell him.” 



I couldn’t believe what she had said, though it made sense.

Why should he be kept in the dark? We had already been incredibly lucky to survive one visit from them with him being unaware, and now it was directly relevant to him, there was no way we could be so lucky.


What would he do when he found out? Would he be scared? Angry? Disbelieving? If so would any of the unpleasant thoughts go away, once he knew how we hunt?

Would he still love his daughter, even though she was no longer human? I think he would. As mum always said; love is irrational, the more you love someone, the less anything makes sense. She and Dad knew this more than anyone; it had applied perfectly to their situation.


“Bella,” said Dad tentatively, “Honey, are you sure you are ready for that, for his reaction?  What if he’s upset? Or Cross? Or,” he said, in a hushed undertone “Or frightened?”

She flinched slightly when he said this but quickly assembled herself then said in a hard manner, “Then that will be my problem to deal with, I just can’t keep him ignorant and in the dark, not anymore.” She said, and it was clear she was not going to budge. Then, she looked like she had suddenly realizing something.

“But,” she said hastily, “You don’t have to tell them about you of course, that’s your decision, not mine.”

“Come on,” scoffed Emmett mockingly “Do you really think we’re such wimps that we can’t even-” But a stern look from Carlisle cut him off, stopping him from continuing with his taunting rant.

“Bella, I’m not going to let you do this alone. We’re going to do this together, you can’t do it by your own.” Said Dad.

“Thank you,” said Mum, in a hushed tone.

“Anytime,” said Dad, smiling his crooked smile, which both she and I loved.


“What shall we do though?” asked Alice, immediately picking up what none of us wanted to discuss, “I don’t really think that we can ask our friends to witness, this time, we have done what they accuse us of.”

“We fight,” said Emmett, a gleam of anticipation beginning to grow in his eye.

“We can’t win though,” said Esme.

There it was, that unmistakable déjà vu!

Reacting as if her comment was meaningless, he just shrugged.

Well, Emmett will be Emmett!


Then, as if realizing that I could here them for the first time Mum said,

“Honey, you should get to sleep, you must be tired!”

“I’m not tired,” I said, but when she mentioned it, a wave of exhaustion swept through me, making my words sound slightly garbled because I had just yawned.

“Come on, I’ll put you to bed,” said Mum, rolling her eyes at my pathetic response.


As she tucked me in, I asked the question that had been in my head since I found out what was happening.

“What will they do when they come?” I said, though I didn’t really want to know the answer, I was scared of what it might be.

“I don’t know,” then she paused, it looked like she had something that she wanted to say.

“But?” I encouraged her. She let out a sigh.

“But…  they will probably give him the same choice I was given,” then her voice quavered “that is, if we’re lucky.”

I wrapped her in a tight hug, whishing, not for the first time, that I could simply take all her worries away.

I can't wait to see how Charlie reacts when they tell him!

4. Nightmare


I was running through a forest, branches whipping against my skin, it was dark, almost midnight, with no trace of light filtering through the leaves.

There was something I desperately needed to find.

Just a bit further…


I burst through the trees, and I saw a sea of black and red, moving silently towards me. The Volturi.

There was someone amongst these faces that I knew by heart, yet now, they seemed like a complete stranger.

I ran towards them stupidly, right in to the middle of the clearing, getting closer to the danger. But I didn’t have enough conscience to tell me to stop; I just had to see him!

But then I really saw him.

His eyes were bright red, cold and uncaring. His faces betrayed no hint of emotion, just blank, impossible to read. Perhaps there was nothing there at all.

Then I saw somebody – I wasn’t sure who – raise a metal object in their hand.

It all happened very quickly then.

Immediately guards where by my side

“No!” I shouted, but all that came out of my mouth was a small squeak.


I saw Charlie laugh as I was ripped and burned.


I woke with a start, panting as if I had really run for miles. I felt beads of sweat cover my forehead.

What a horrible dream! I thought.

Dad must have heard me; he was within a second at my door.

“Are you alright Ne-” We heard A quiet growl from the next room “Renesmee?”

“Bad dream.” I said adding in my head Very bad dream. I couldn’t help but run over the worst bit, when I saw Charlie.

I saw his expression turn to concern as he watched what I had dreamt.

“Why do you have all these bad dreams?” he said looking worried.

“It usually gets worse when I’m nervous.”


I was nervous, but mostly I just was confused.

I still wasn’t quite sure why they were coming, what did it matter if we had contact with a human, and why did that mean that we had to tell him?

Why did they have to come all the way here, just because we were friends with grandpa?

And, he didn’t even know what we were, and that was presumably why they were angry. And if that was the reason, why should we do the very thing that they had convicted us for?


Dad sighed as he heard my long list of questions, and I guessed – and hoped – that I was about to get some answers.

“We aren’t allowed to have contact with humans,” he said answering my first question as he walked over to sit on my bed at an almost human pace, “because other vampires are much more,” he paused as he tried to think of the right word, “more wild than us. If we had contact with them it would end… badly. Not they really care about that, of course. But, that person would surely tell other people, and then people would suspect things.

“Also, they consider it highly unnatural, in their opion humans are merely for dinner time, disposable, useless, meaningless.” He said with disgust.

“We need to tell him because, firstly, Bella dosen’t want to keep secrets from him. Secondly, it would be better to have his trust, so that he will listen to us when we tell him to stay away, when they get here.

“They are coming here not just because we are friends with Charlie, there is no way they would do that with a normal” he smiled a small smile at the word, as if there were any normal vampires “coven. They are coming all the way here because they would take any opportunity to exterminate us.

“The reason we are doing what they have convicted us for is that, you see, they won’t care if we haven’t broken the law, they will come anyway, and, like I said before, it is better if he knows.”

I remained silent for a few minutes.

I was still stunned by his outburst of truth; they usually tried to keep me in the dark, so that I wouldn’t get to upset or scared, when things like this – of course they were much more minor than this.

Then a wave of tiredness once again hit her.

“Sleep” whispered Edward as he rested her head against her pillow, and within seconds she did.


Her dream was not as bad as the other one she had had that night, though it was hardly nice.

She was in a blank room; her family and Charlie were watching her with blank, disdainful eyes and whenever she tried to walk towards them they only moved further away.

She looked down and saw that she was wearing a crimson robe.

This is getting Intresting. Poor Nessie

Hi Marsia,

I wonder if her dreams are like Bella's in any way. They use to tell the future a little or a version of it in the strange way.

Could they turn Charlie or wouldn't that matter anyway?

Why would Leah tell? What has happened to make things so bad that she would tell?

I enjoyed the story and really wnat to know more.

Best wishes


Hope you liked this chapter, though it was a bit short.

Please tell me who's point of view the next chapter should be told from - wether you would like to know how Charlie deals with it from his POV, or Bella or Edward, or Nessie,


Hey... I am a new reader. I think that it is a very interesting story you are writing :) You have talent! I hope that it will end good!

Oh My Gosh! I can't wait to see what happens next

New Reader!  This is a really good story!  please update again soon!

Glad I've got another person reading this!

Thank You so much EVERYONE for replying, I can't believe how many people I have got on here!

I am in the process of finishing chapter four soon - it's called dreams.

I should be updating tonight or tomorrow morning, thank you again!



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