The Twilight Saga

They are coming back. Pain is ahead, but also is something that Renesmee never thought of. Love.
Sunset Forest



Even though I had known this was coming, that in no way made it better.

They say that it isn't about the destination; it is about the journey, I think that now I know the true meaning of that phrase. You know that the inevitable is coming for you, the journey merely postpones that. But when the destination of your journey is so terrible, sometimes the journey - as horrible as it is - can prepare you in some ways. Sometimes.

However, nothing could have ever have prepared me for this. When the inevitable is coming for you, there is no one that you can trust. I have learnt this, and so many over things from this journey. I have found strength, life, and the true meaning of the word 'love'. Maybe there was some force that made sure not everything was agony, that made sure that you had some happiness. This final destination was horrible, but I wouldn't trade what I have found and disscovered from it for anything.

They had come for us. They had come for me.

As if our thoughts were shared - which they practically were, we both shrank into each other, not only for warmth, but for comfort, just curled up against each other, listening to each others breathing and watching our own breaths make beautiful swirling clouds in the freezing morning air.

We were waiting.

No matter what the outcome of this would be, my whole life would change.

If we had the advantage, we would have a great duty, a duty that we could not shake off. We would be murderers.

If we lost, I would die. We would all die. The world would revolve around as if we were never here, but my world would stop, along with at the worlds of twenty-two people, at the minimum.

After many, many minutes of silence, we heard the sound we had known was coming.

The gentle breeze, that we knew could only mean one thing.

To someone else, someone who had a normal life, this might have meant a gust of wind, but to me it meant so much more. It meant that the danger was here, it meant that screams would soon pierce the morning, it meant that everyone I cared about was about to put their lives on the line. It meant this could be my final breath, it meant that my entire world could crumble down around me completely. It would crumble down.

But above all it meant one thing.

They were here.



Thanks for taking time to read this short preview. I really appreciate it!

I would really like to no wether you like it or not, so please reply in the comments and tell me if you want me to continue!



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Hi Marisa,

I would be delighted if I could appear in your story but please don't feel that you have to.

As I'm so old I'd better be one of the Volturi or at least a parent of a pack member.

I'm usless with clothes, I walk into a shop and think is there anything in here that would possibly fit? And the answer is usually no. I'm the wrong shape for todays fashion. It is very off putting.

Best wishes


Lol, me described completely, I literally can't shop!

You should see someone appearing within the next few chapters that has your name, mwuahahaha! (sorry I LOVE to do evil laughs :D )

Any details I should include like hair personality etc. Also, do you want a power?

Thanks for the comment,



10. Visitor


The engine of the car stopped and I heard four car doors slam shut.

Dad obviously knew who it was by now, but whoever it was – if they were an immortal, which was most likely – would hear him if he told us.


We heard four pairs of feet walk up to the door, and I recognized the scent, I wasn’t sure who it was though.


The others seemed to recognize it too, and they were smiling, which I took as a good sign


Carlisle went to open the door, and greet whomever it was.

When I saw who it was, I was engulfed in both joy and relief, but also great sadness.


Tanya stepped into the house, and I was stunned by how much she had changed.

Her once buoyant face and cheerful expression was now solemn and blank. The fire in her golden eyes had burned out, and they were pitch black.

There were huge circles under her eyes, she must be really thirsty.

Her previously bouncy strawberry curls now lay flat and dark.


She wore a long dress that was pitch black, and she had a silver locket around her neck.

“Carlisle,” She said and her voice was hoarse, and barely a whisper.


Garrett followed looking somber.

I could not believe how much he had changed!

His once crouching position had changed to an upright stance, and his once jerky movements had changed to a graceful dancer’s step.

His once ruby red eyes were a soft gold, and his once wild long sandy-blonde hair was now cropped short and sleek.

Overall, he looked much more human.


But he showed grief beyond everything that his adopted sisters showed.

I could literally feel his pain. What could have happened to him, to make him show this sort of suffering.

I saw Jasper frowning, so obviously he didn’t know why he was so desperate.


It was like he was in mourning, but not in the way his sisters were. Like he was waiting for his beloved to die.


In came Carmen, who also wearing black, and wore a sort of black scarf-veil that went over her sleek dark brown hair.

There was still a light in her eyes, unlike her sisters. But rather than being put out, it looked like it was slowly dying.


Eleazer wore an odd long black cloak-coat, and black trousers.

He also positioned himself almost protectively around Carmen and looked like he was ready to take her and run.


I don’t’ know why, but I felt like there was something missing


“Tanya, it is good to see you,” said Carlisle softly.

“We heard you were in trouble with,” Tanya hesitated, “them,” her voice dropped to a whisper on the last word.

“we have a lot to explain,” said Carlisle, “sit down, I’ll tell you.”

Somehow, we all managed to fit into the living room. I did have to be squeezed between Mum and Dad quite tightly.


“Where is Kate?” asked Carlisle. That was when I realized that the third Denali sister was not with us.


Tanya and Carmen looked very upset at the mention of their sister, and Tanya looked like if she could be crying she would be.


“I’m sorry,” said Carlisle quickly, looking anxious at their reactions.

“She joined them,” said Tanya, between shakes caused by sobs that didn’t exist.


She joined them? Who was them?

I gasped, along with the rest of the room when I realized what had happened.


Kate had joined the Volturi.


No! how could she do this to us! To her sisters!

Why on earth had she joined the people who had killed her sister, her mother and her young brother!

None of it made sense. Had she adopted their hunting abilities as well? Had Chelsea tied her to the Volturi, and made her want to leave her family?


But, Eleazer had said that because we refrained from human blood, our bonds were stronger, that we couldn’t have been manipulated.


I felt immediately so sorry for Kate, Carmen, Garrett and Eleazer.

How was it fair that so shortly after losing one sister, they had lost another.


I think that was why they still wore black.

It wasn’t that they were morning just for one sister, they were mourning for two.

Because that was exactly what it must have been like, when she left. No longer herself, and lifeless. The Volturi will have changed her so much, unless…


What if she hadn’t wanted to go? Maybe she had been forced her to join them!

That was not a comfort exactly, but more like an improvement to the situation.

It meant that she still loved her family, and that she might not have been morphed into the sort of person Jane was.


Whenever I saw her, it was like seeing a cold uncaring façade. I remembered the lyrics to that song…


There's a face that we wear

In the cold light of day -

It's society's mask,

It's society's way,

And the truth is

That it's all a façade!


There's a face that we hide

Till the nighttime appears,

And what's hiding inside,

Behind all of our fears,

Is our true self,

Locked inside the façade!


I found it hard to believes that Jane, or any member of the guard would have any fears, or anything inside them except cold, hard hate.


We couldn’t allow Kate to stay with the Volturi.

I couldn’t.


I suddenly realized that while I had been thinking deeply, the others had started a conversation.


“Why?” asked Carlisle, concern on his face.

“They they,” said Tanya, but she appeared too upset to get out the words.

Esme walked over and wrapped her in a tight embrace.


Eleazer continued for her, “They sent us a letter,” he brought out a small piece of paper from his cloak.

It read:


Dear Friends,

Initially I believed you to be innocent on your involvement of creating an immortal child, however, as of late, new information has come to light. So I now regret to inform you that you have here been found guilty, you need to report to Volterra within three days, and no later.


I assume you understand the consequences to follow if this summon is not taken seriously.

Warmest Regards,



So suddenly they were guilty? After four hundred years? Really?

 “We were scared,” said Eleazer “so,” he paused “we stayed here, and acted like we hadn’t received the letter. Of course we knew it would never work but she refused to go.” It was obvious he was talking about Kate.


“So… they came to us.” He said, looking almost ashamed at their stubbornness.

There were gasps of “no” from all around the room.


“They planned to execute us right then!” he said looking quite intense.

“But she said that she would exchange,” he said and there was a sad note to his voice and his eyes.


Garrett gave a low moan.

“Exchange?” asked Carlisle, who seemed very eager for more information.

But he merely looked down at the floor and shook his head.




She exchanged herself for her family’s safety?

No. Surely not. She couldn’t have.


But then I remembered Aro‘s words before he left.­­­­

He had asked if Zafrina, Kate, Alice and Dad– for the thousandth time.


So that was why… he wanted her talent, and he would save lives just to have one more mindless guard.


I have to say, I was shocked.

Not only at what had happened, but the fact that she would sacrifice herself for her family. Of course, I imagine any of us would do the same, I certainly would. But I never really pictured Kate as a warm person.

Of course, none of us were really warm, but in the friendly sense.


She was lovely, and all that, but she didn’t really seem as open to me as the rest of her family. And whatever caution I felt to her was only increased when she tried to use her powers against me. I had said that I wanted to help, and I did, but I still was nervous. I had seen the effect that she had had on other immortals, and since I wasn’t a proper vampire because I grew, I took that to mean that I wasn’t as strong as them either.


I don’t really know why I’m “special ’ as Mummy put it, but I definitely wasn’t a full vampire.


“She exchanged her self,” whispered Esme, looking shocked and Tanya began to shake violently.

“Yes,” whispered Eleazer, burying his head in Carmen’s hair, “They agreed, well, Caius didn’t and Marcus appeared to be indifferent. But eventually he ‘agreed’.” He said, and I could here the air quotes as he said the last word.


But of course, there was no way Caius would agree to anything to do with preserving lives, especially not when Aro, when he had let my family go away unharmed.


Apparently, when he was staying in Volterra, Caius had wanted him to leave, because of his giving of mercy and respect for human life, also for his… how did they say it? Oh, his “Aversion To His Natural Food Source”.


“I’m so sorry,” said Carlisle, looking truly compassionate.

“Yeah,” he said looking sad.


“Why did you come,” said Emmett slightly insensitively, he was shot a reproving glance from Esme.


“We came to help you,” said Eleazer, looking slightly puzzled, as if this was obvious.

“But-” said Carlisle, but Carmen, who was speaking for the first time, interrupted him. She shocked me by adding a warm smile to her words.


“What are families for?” 

This is al pretty long chapter to make up for the fact I posted it too late.

Sorry, but I forgot I had a concert.

I hope you are surprised by who it is! If not, then well done! If you tell me a character name and hair colour etc. I might include you in the book!

Hope you like it,


Hi Marisa,

That was a very well written chapter. I like you vivid descriptions of the way Tanya's clan looked. The changes to Garret.

The Volturi as so corrupt! Poor Kate.

I hope there is a way out for them. I'm not sure how Tanya can help the Cullen's now.

Looking forward to the next.

Best wishes


I know :(, I hate the Volturi! Originally I was going to have them kill her, but I got too sad writing it and started to cry ;(.

I felt really sorry for Garrett, finding his mate and losing her in only two years.


P.S when do you think you will be updating Cold Gray Light?

Well done Marisa.

I love reading your story, Its very well written and I love the suspense.

Looking forward to next chapter!

p.s Just watched your trailer on youtube, Its great, loved it.

Thank u!

11. Decisions


Over the next few days we thought about all the possibilities. How could we be proved innocent when we weren’t?


The only solution was to make Charlie immortal, and Mum refused to even think about changing him. I personally wasn’t completely against it, but that was because of the alternative. It was much too risky. Carlisle had told me that if you were changed over fifty, chances are it won’t work. I don’t know what would happen to mum if he died, but it wouldn’t be good.


Even if he was immortal, it might not make a difference anyway. But, it might be easier to avoid a fight if we were innocent.


So we had no way to avoid whatever would happen to us.

Emmett wasn’t opposed to – even hoping for – a fight. Though the rest of us – including me – wished for some sort of miracle to happen, and for them to decide not to come.


But we all knew that unless we came up with some sort of alternative, we knew that we would end up in a fight.


Who knows? Maybe it would be the downfall of them, but maybe it would end in the destruction of my family. That was why I wasn’t against Charlie being changed, because if I lost any of my family, I couldn’t imagine my grief.


The Denali’s were a bit shocked to hear that we had told Grandpa about us, but they understood that it wouldn’t have made a difference anyway, it was probably going to have been a confrontation anyway, us being innocent wouldn’t have lessened the seriousness of our sentence.


Of course, Jacob’s pack would be on our side, and Sam’s pack wouldn’t really have a choice, just like the last time. But we might lose a member of either pack. I had the strangest feeling when I thought of that possibility, like there was a pull bringing me in the direction of the door. Like that pull was brining me closer to some sort of safeguard.


Jacob entered through the door, and when he came towards me and wrapped me in a hug I felt that odd pull disappear. Strange.

I thought I saw Dad frown out of the corner of my eye, but then it was gone and he looked thoughtful.


“Alice?” said Mum, and I turned to see Alice with her eyes glazed over and a horrified look on her face.

I had only seen that expression once before.


“When?” asked Carlisle, and his tone was flat and emotionless, but his expression was grave, like he was preparing himself for the worst news.

Alice zoned back to us and said, “It is very sunny, almost unnaturally bright” then her eyes went blank again “There should be a weather forecast for that in a week,”

She said, and gasps came from all around the room.


A week!? NO! We hadn’t got a plan, or a reason for us not to be put to death! We hadn’t even started to prepare for a now inevitable fight. There was no solution now, no escape. I don’t know why, but I hadn’t been in complete panic mode until now. I had a not really felt as urgent as I should have, it was something we would have to solve, but far away in the future, not really scary because we had time to work it out.


“Charlie is coming,” said Alice, seconds before we heard the purr of the police cruiser’s engine.


I realized that this was the first time that any of us had seen him since we had told him what we were.


“Hi Dad,” said Mum opening the door to reveal Charlie with his hand outstretched as if to knock on the door. He looked taken by surprise, then shook his head and stepped in.


“Charlie, you remember me telling you about our cousins,” said Mum, pointing over to Tanya, Carmen, Garrett and Eleazer, who stood there looking a bit awkward. Charlie walked over and shook each of their hands and attempted a smile, but it came out as a pained grimace. Emmett snickered from the corner earning a reproving glance from Mum, which only caused him to laugh harder.


“Um, I’m afraid we have some bad news,” said Mum looking at the ground.

“What?” growled Charlie and he through a look at Dad.

There was another snicker from Emmett but it turned into a whine of “Hey!” I turned my gaze to a smug looking Rosalie, and saw that Emmett was hopping on one foot. Good.

Esme through a warning glance at both of them.


“We have a week,” said Carlisle. Charlie seemed to know what he meant because his expression turned to one of dread and horror.

“What is the plan?” he asked, most of us shifted uncomfortably, “there isn’t one is there?” he asked, and was answered by a group of shaking heads.


“Is there anything that I can do?” he asked.

A thought occurred to me, I looked at Dad to see whether he approved. After awhile he gave a tiny nod.

“Actually,” I said, gaining curious gazes from my family “there is something you can do,” I said, and thought that Dad should continue.


“You see,” he said, and Mum looked at him questioningly, “you see, you could solve this, and make it easier,” Mum obviously grasped what was coming, she whispered “no.”

Charlie ignored her and said, “yes?” seeming eager to help in any way he could.

“You must remember that this is completely your choice,” he said, “it would improve the odds of there being no fight,” Charlie’s eyes widened at the mention of a fight.


“You of course wouldn’t be able to fight with us,” said Dad, and Charlie’s eyes widened. I think he had worked out what he was getting at.

Dad’s actual expression didn’t change, but there was hope in his eyes.


Charlie agreed.


“No,” whispered Mum, obviously noticing the difference to Dad’s expression, and coming to the same conclusion that I had.

“Bella,” said Dad, turning to Mum with a meaningful expression on his face, “can I talk to you for a second?” he said inclining his head towards the door.

She looked like she was about to say something, but then just nodded and followed Edward out the door.


There was a long few minutes of complete silence, in which Charlie seemed deep in thought. I tried to listen to Bella and Edward’s conversation outside, which was hard as they were quite a while away from the house.


I could hear their voices, but I couldn’t pick out any words, just a melodic buzz

I moved closer to the window, and I could hear the conversation.


“I really don’t want to take any risk,” said Bella, sounding anxious and distressed.

“I won’t do anything you don’t want me to,” said Edward, he sounded sincere, but there was a lack of closure in his voice.

“But,” said Bella with a resigned sigh.

“I think we should, I heard his thoughts. He wants to help in any way he can, and I don’t think that anything I said would have stopped him,” he said.

There was a long pause.


“Ok,” whispered Bella.

“What?” said Edward, he sounded shocked. I was too.

“I trust you,” she said sounding completely sincere.


O… Kay?” said Edward sounding a bit flustered.


They walked back to the house, and Edward still had that odd look on his face. “Jacob?” called Mum.

“Yes,” he said, turning away from the piece of wall he had been watching.

“Will you take Renesmee back to the house, it’s nearly her bedtime.” She said. Already? Wow, time really fly’s when you aren’t having fun.



I woke up for about the tenth time that night.

I rolled over and groaned when I saw the time, my alarm clock blared 12:30.


I heard the thumping of a door against its frame, and two light pairs of feet walking over the threshold, followed by a heavy footstep.


“Look, I just want to know when,” I recognized Jacob’s voice.

“Not know,” growled Dad, and his voice had both warning and anger in it.

“I know,” said Jake, backtracking quickly, “But I need to know, sooner or later she’s going to know that something is up, and I just think I should tell her before she figures it out herself.” He said quickly.


“I don’t want her to find out yet,” said Dad, “she has to be sixteen at least, not four!” he shouted.

“Edward,” said Bella, and Dad gave out a sigh.

“I am sorry Jacob that was wrong of me,” he said, sounding curt, “I think that you should go now,” he said, somewhat impolitely.


I thought I heard Jacob whisper “stupid blood-sucker” under his breath as he slammed the door.

I hope that Charlie is OK, I wonder what sort of a vampire he will make. Will he have a special talent?

Edward/Jacob just don't see eye to eye at times.

Best wishes


 12. Training


It had been one day since Charlie had visited us.

We had let him have two days to say goodbye to everyone, and set his affairs in order.



Today we had start training.

Now that we had decided that a fight was inescapable, and though it was probably pointless to try, we were going to prepare us in any way we could for the fight.


Of course, I wasn’t allowed to join in, but I was watching, as there was nothing else to do. I didn’t know what would happen to me while the fight went on, but I had a feeling that I wouldn’t be allowed to sit on the sidelines and watch.


The members of Jacob’s pack were also practicing, and I felt concerned in an odd way whenever I saw Jake get pushed aside or tackled by Dad or Mum. I felt concerned for Mum because Jacob seemed so indestructible with his shaggy tan coat blowing in the wind, and his huge, razor-sharp fangs bared.


But I was even more concerned for him. Bella looked completely hard and cold, that she could almost be a moving marble statue. Her face was almost terrifying to me. It was amazing how in one second, she could go from the kind, caring motherly person I loved, to a hunter, a predator.


Their movements were impossible to see, just streaks of color. They moved in synchronization, and that made it look like a sick, sped up dance.


Sam’s pack had already been told that the Volturi were coming back, and they were going to fight against them, but only to protect the people of Forks.

He had insisted that they should train by themselves, but apparently that was not all of the pack’s view. I could vaguely see the outline of Jared and Collin quite a way away, watching the technique.


The good news was that most of the people here had already been a fight in some form, so they at least had some experience. But the newest members, Ace and Jayden, had no experience, and there was absolutely no way that they could practice with my family, their self-control was terrible as they were only a few days old. At least they were more in control than Liam, who had joined Sam’s pack.


The other members of the pack, including Jacob and Seth were quite happy to practice. Thinking about Seth got me wondering about Leah. I hadn’t seen her in a week, and she wasn’t turning up to even watch us prepare for the fight.


I wonder if she felt guilty for endangering my family, but that was ridiculous, she had gone all the way to Italy to destroy my family. I still couldn’t think about any incentive she might have to do such a horrible thing, the word horrible couldn’t begin to cover it.


I used to feel sorry for Leah, even though she and I weren’t exactly the best of friends, she always seemed so sad. But, that had all changed now.


I wondered if she would fight with us, or whether she would just stay away on the day of the fight.


What if she fought against us?


That thought brought up a terrible thought in my head, which made me feel sick with fear.

The were-wolf that we had encountered had been working for the Volturi, hadn’t it, so surely they had more than the one.


Well, couldn’t the other ones fight too?

Three wolves had barely been able to take down one were-wolf! We had no chance of wining if they were joined by as many as only two were-wolves!


Emmett nearly missing me as Jacob neatly dodged his lunge pulled me out of my horrific thoughts.



“Sorry,” he said, and if he could have blushed, I bet he would have.

He narrowed his eyes at Jake who burst out laughing, and Emmett, not being able to help it, smiled too.



I was still watching the training, when a conversation between Edward and Bella caught my attention.

“Bella…” said Edward for about the one-thousandth time today.

I groaned, they had been doing this all day.

“Look, he’s my father,” she also said and their was desperation in her voice, “I will be able to control myself,” she said.

“But-” began Edward but Bella cut him off.

“I will be able to,” she said, and her voice was obstinate.

“I just-” He held up his finger to Bella who showed every sign of interrupting him, “Let me finish,” he said, and she closed her mouth, which molded into a frown.


“I just don’t want you to lose him,” he said gently, “just think about how hard that would be,” he said, and her expression showed deep thought, “imagine how hard that would be!”


She looked like she was going to give in but then she shook her head.

“Edward, I know I can do this,” she said, “I want to be the one.” She folded her arms.

“Bella, you are only a few years old, you should let Carlisle do it,” he said, still resisting.

“I have got used to him, as you said, for quite a few years, you changed me after barely two years and I was your singer.” Singer? What did that mean? Dad changed her? So he knew her while she was human?


She showed no sign of giving in, and Edward gave in with a sigh

“Fine,” he groaned, and she smiled.




Later that day most of the pack – Robbie, Mike, Florence, Jacob and Seth - came over for dinner.

I had no idea how Esme managed to cook for them, as they all ate around ten times the normal amount of a full-grown man.  The family had gone hunting.


I was still puzzling over what the argument between Jacob and Edward had been fighting about last night. It must have been pretty serious; I had never heard Dad that angry before.


“Sooner or later she’s going to know that something is up,” he had said. Did that mean that he new that I was getting suspicious? Of course not, the only person who could feel other people’s emotions was jasper. Well, him and the were-wolves that had imprinted.



Jacob couldn’t have imprinted on me could he?

Of course not! I almost laughed at my stupidity, there was no way he could have imprinted on me.


I would know, it would be obvious if he had.


But then I recollected various things that my family had said recently.

He can’t help what he loves.

 I don’t want to take away her options so young.

Can you really picture her with someone else?

 I love you more, more than you know.

I remembered that odd pull that I had felt bringing me towards the door. The door that Jacob came through seconds later.


I shook my head, trying unsuccessfully to clear it.

“What’s the matter Nessie?” asked Jake sounding much, much too concerned than he should have.

“Oh, nothing,’ I said, trying to sound off hand. But, he still looked agitated.


It’s because he knows how you feel, whispered a tiny voice inside my head, but it ignored it. Don’t pretend that you don’t think it too, said the voice. I still ignored it.

Why do you think he made friends with you in the first place, the daughter of a vampire? No, he’s your friend. You love him.

“NO I DON’T!” I roared.


Everyone was staring at me, looking completely shocked. I saw Florence do the awkward turtle under the table.

“Nessie!” Jacob’s frantic voice broke the incredibly - as Florence had so rightly put it - awkward silence.


“I’m fine,” I lied, blushing. Way to go, I thought to myself, you’re having arguments with yourself, no I’m not!


There I go again!


Maybe it was because part of me wanted to embrace the imprint, – if he had imprinted on me – and part of me wanted to deny it completely.


Part of me asked who else I could ever love, and part of me completely shuddered at the thought of falling in love with the person who had know me since my birth!


What could me being his imprint mean?


No, he’s not in love with me! He’s like my brother!

I remembered what Jake had said when he explained about imprinting to me; you can be anything she needs, whether that’s a lover, a friend, a protector or a brother.


Would it really be that bad? I mean, it isn’t like a death sentence; I don’t even have to be in love with him! Then I shuddered at the thought of how Dad or Mum would react when they found out I knew.


So you agree that he imprinted? Said the sly voice at the back of my head.


And so, all throughout dinner I was warring with myself, going back and forth, and back and forth through the same thought, never coming to a conclusion.


When I ate I couldn’t even taste my food, as I was so engulfed in my thoughts.

I barely noticed when the pack started to leave.

“Bye Nessie!” I jumped up in the air at this sudden noise.

“Sorry,” I said to Robbie for the second time that night.


He shook his head and smiled, following all of the pack out of the house. All except Jacob, of course.


“Nessie, what’s wrong?” asked Jake, sounding so concerned I felt sorry for him, “You’ve were acting really odd all through dinner, it doesn’t exactly take a genius to work out that something is bothering you.”


I sighed, I never liked to lie to him, but I couldn’t tell him hat was going through my mind.

“I’m just worried about the fight,” I said. That would be a good enough reason for anybody.

For a second his face showed understanding, concern and pity, but them his eyes narrowed slightly


I prayed that he would not know that I was lying, but it must have been clear on my face.

“Nessie, you can always tell me,” he said.

“No, no,” I said trying to look innocent, “that’s why. It just makes me nervous.”


He frowned and gave a sad smile.

I don’t know why, but I felt like I had let him down by not confiding in him, not trusting him. He had a face that reminded me of a sad puppy, which was actually not that far off from the truth.

He turned and put his hand on the doorknob.


“Jacob, wait!” I called out.

“Yes?” he said.


Then I did one of the stupidest things I could have done.


“Have you imprinted on me?”

Oh Nessie that wasn't exactly the right way to ask - but I'm sure it will give the right answer. I liked the way you explained her pull towards him as well.

Bella trying to turn Charlie, won't that be her first human blood?

Doesn't Nessie know that she is Bella and Edward's daughter and is half and half?


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