The Twilight Saga

They are coming back. Pain is ahead, but also is something that Renesmee never thought of. Love.
Sunset Forest



Even though I had known this was coming, that in no way made it better.

They say that it isn't about the destination; it is about the journey, I think that now I know the true meaning of that phrase. You know that the inevitable is coming for you, the journey merely postpones that. But when the destination of your journey is so terrible, sometimes the journey - as horrible as it is - can prepare you in some ways. Sometimes.

However, nothing could have ever have prepared me for this. When the inevitable is coming for you, there is no one that you can trust. I have learnt this, and so many over things from this journey. I have found strength, life, and the true meaning of the word 'love'. Maybe there was some force that made sure not everything was agony, that made sure that you had some happiness. This final destination was horrible, but I wouldn't trade what I have found and disscovered from it for anything.

They had come for us. They had come for me.

As if our thoughts were shared - which they practically were, we both shrank into each other, not only for warmth, but for comfort, just curled up against each other, listening to each others breathing and watching our own breaths make beautiful swirling clouds in the freezing morning air.

We were waiting.

No matter what the outcome of this would be, my whole life would change.

If we had the advantage, we would have a great duty, a duty that we could not shake off. We would be murderers.

If we lost, I would die. We would all die. The world would revolve around as if we were never here, but my world would stop, along with at the worlds of twenty-two people, at the minimum.

After many, many minutes of silence, we heard the sound we had known was coming.

The gentle breeze, that we knew could only mean one thing.

To someone else, someone who had a normal life, this might have meant a gust of wind, but to me it meant so much more. It meant that the danger was here, it meant that screams would soon pierce the morning, it meant that everyone I cared about was about to put their lives on the line. It meant this could be my final breath, it meant that my entire world could crumble down around me completely. It would crumble down.

But above all it meant one thing.

They were here.



Thanks for taking time to read this short preview. I really appreciate it!

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 Oh My! I love this storyy!!!!!!! It very beautiful! I can not wait for the next chapter!

Thank You! I love the banner you made me!

i always love new readers!

Absolutely love your story, it's very good. Really looking forward to more chapters. 

Sorry for the long wait, my internet went CRAZY.

19. PackedLunch


Running to Emily’s house was exhilarating.


The good thing about La Push is that it isn’t very big, so you can simply run anywhere, something that I loved.

I was exited to see their house. Apparently, after about a year of Emily trying to persuade Sam, he had finally redone the outside.


With their baby due in only a month, they were trying to redo the second bedroom into a sort of nursery.


Sam had stuck his trousers to the wall with super-glue.


As we approached the dirt track that led to Emily and Sam’s house, the beauty of it stunned me.


It was a tiny house, that had been painted a bright white, and a wisteria curled round the door. There were four windows at the front, and they were all painted a lovely pink-ish color, just like the door. Under each window there was a box of bright blue flowers, all different shades of turquoise, aqua, navy and a beautiful slightly purple color that I had no name for.


All in all, it looked like a fairytale.


It was hard to believe that simple places like this, where you could have a lovely meal with your friends and not have to worry about the fact that you were slowly coming towards a fight (possibly) to the death.


We slowed down to a leisurely pace as we reached the dirt track leading up to the almost cottage-like house.

From a few yards away, you could here the raucous that pack was making, and a lovely smell of homemade pizza wafted through the open kitchen window.


Not bothering to knock, Jacob simply barged in with me following close behind.

“Hey Nessie!” came the slightly muffled voice of Seth.

All crowded around one small table, all members of Jacob’s pack – or so it seemed – and Jared, Sam and Collin were digging into a feast that had, no doubt, been prepared by Emily.


Huge stacks of chicken wings were piled onto one platter, in the center of the table. There was a ginormous bowl of roast potatoes and chips on the right side of it, and a bowl that was overflowing with peas and carrots. Knowing the pack well, it looked like Emily had simply given them each a plastic plate, knowing that they would never willingly use cutlery, there was no point trying to sway their terrible table manners.


I was not entirely surprised to see members of both packs here, of course, it was Emily and Sam’s house after all, and this was no time for us to be divided. With the approaching fight, we should be able to stand together. Though there wasn’t much disagreement between the packs (only on few occasions had they ever had a actual fight. Only once when Liam just happened to be running patrol and Florence had accidently run into him was there any actual danger.)


Huge stacks of chicken wings were piled onto one platter, in the center of the table. There was a ginormous bowl of roast potatoes and chips on the right side of it, and a bowl that was overflowing with peas and carrots.

Even though I rarely ate human food – I preferred deer, though I didn’t have to hunt very often, I still loved buck – it made my mouth water.

Knowing the pack well, it looked like Emily had simply given them each a plastic plate, knowing that they would never willingly use cutlery, there was no point trying to sway their terrible table manners.


Emily herself was leaning against the frame of the door that separated the kitchen from the living/dining room. There was such affection on the left side of her face; you might think that she were a mother watching her children. Actually, that wasn’t far from the truth.


I could tell that she was going to be a great mother.

She was so responsible, and she loved the family she had in La Push, even if they weren’t really related by blood. The pack did behave like children sometimes. Even Jake, who had the responsibility of being an Alpha, had agreed to a pillow fight, even if he had lost miserably.


She was looking pretty huge, she was about eight months pregnant now, so that should be expected, but it still surprised me just how big she was.


“Hi Nessie!” said Emily, and the left half of her face warmed.

“Hey Emily,” I said, smiling.

She crossed the room – with some difficulty – and pulled me into a tight, and slightly awkward hug.

“Hey!” whined Seth, teasing me pathetically.

“Hey Seth,” I said, smiling over Emily’s shoulder at his pouting face.


“How was the sleep over?” he asked, shoveling food into his mouth.

“I beat him in a pillow fight,” I said, feeling slightly smug.

“Ha!” laughed Seth, chocking slightly on his chicken wing. Jared patted him on the back, rolling his eyes.


“Oh,” said Emily, jumping like she had forgotten something, “I need to finish dessert.”

“Can I help?” I asked, eager to assist her. I felt sorry for her sometimes; she always had to cook for the pack.

“Sure!” said Emily, smiling.


We walked into the newly decorated kitchen.

It was absolutely gorgeous.

Thee counter was painted a lovely cream color, and the cupboards above them were a lovely dark brown, that reminded me of rich chocolate. There was a little high bar-like counter in the middle of the room; there were two little wooden stools with little plush cushions that had flowers on them pulled up to the bar. On the table was a beautiful china vase that had two roses in it.


“Wow,” I breathed, not being able to say anything that could describe the beauty of this small kitchen.

“I know,” said Emily, I almost jumped upon hearing her voice; I nearly had forgotten that she was there.


“What are we making?” I asked, pulling my gaze away from the beautiful cushions.

“Well, I was going to do a sort of tart-thing… but I suppose since we don’t have much time I’ll just do a cake.” She said, walking over to a cupboard and pulling out an old, dog-eared recipe book.

“What do we need?” She asked, walking over to the fridge.

“Umm….” I said, flicking through the pages until I found one that read:


Chocolate Fudge Cake


You need:

240g unsalted butter, cut into small cubes

265g dark chocolate (52 per cent cocoa solids) cut into small pieces

95g dark chocolate (70 per cent cocoa solids) cut into small pieces

290g light muscavado sugar

4 tbsp. water

5 large free-range eggs (for better taste), separated

A pinch of salt

Cocoa powder for dusting


“We should probably times it by four,” she said, and got all the ingredients out of the cupboard.

“Ok,” I said, after reading out the ingredients, “Pre-heat the oven to 170 degrees Celsius. Grease a 20cm cake tin and line it with baking parchment.”

While Emily pre-heated the oven, I grabbed the brown sugar and poured some water into a saucepan. It was nice cooking with Emily; there was a sense of comfort around her.


“Do you now whether it is a boy or a girl?” I asked as I poured the boiling liquid into the butter and both types of chocolate that she had mixed.

“No,” she said, “I don’t want to know yet.” I could sort of under stand that; it might be nice to find out when it was born, so that it will be a surprise.


“Do you have any names?” I asked.

“If it’s a girl I want it to be called Isabel. I’m not sure for a boy. I suggested but Sam didn’t want any child to be associated with his father.”

“What do you want it to be?” I asked. It was quite interesting to find out which sex they would rather had. I imagined that typically men would say ‘a boy’ and women would say ‘a girl’, but that might not always be the case.


“I don’t know,” she said, sighing, “I would like a girl so that I could do her hair, and play dolls with her. But I would like a boy because we would both love a little wolf – Sam in particular. Also, I don’t really want to want it to be either, because I might feel disappointed if it wasn’t the one that I wanted it to be. This should only be happy. I would love both exactly the same.” She finished.


I thought about what she had said while I quickly whisked the eggs in the batter. I had never really thought about children before. It seemed odd to think of having children with Jacob, however natural being with him seemed. But, I couldn’t imagine having them with anyone else, I just couldn’t really see myself as a mother.


After that, we mostly worked in silence. When we were mixing the icing, though, Emily asked me how Jacob was.

“He’s fine,” I replied, not really knowing what to say. But, after a while I decided that I might really be able to talk with Emily. After all, she was the one person who might understand what I meant.

“I don’t really know,” I admitted, voicing my fears and worries for the first time, “I don’t really know what to feel. I love him like a brother, and I don’t want to hurt him in any way, if we try to be together. I just don’t know. What if I do try to be with him eventually, when I’m older, and it doesn’t work? That will just hurt him. I don’t know what I’m meant to do.” I finished.


For a while there was silence, and I regretted my outburst. Why had I done that? I just let everything out, but it didn’t feel much better, like people always said in books.

“Nessie,” said Emily, and her tone surprised me, she sounded and sympathetic, “You are sometimes more adult than me. You are only three – in years-, ten – physically -, but sometimes it seems like you are my age mentally. You don’t need to worry; if you start to feel things for Jacob later it will feel right. If you don’t, there is no need to worry, it doesn’t have to be like that, you can simply be best friends, like you have always been. It will be fine.” She finished.


Oddly, know I felt better.

Maybe I wasn’t looking to get it off my chest, maybe I just needed advice.

I thought about the first thing that she said. How old did I feel? I have never really put an age on me. I know that I am more mature than other ten year olds, but I don’t really know how mature.


Not mature enough to take part in the fight, though I wasn’t really annoyed about that. I wanted to know that my family was OK. Where would I be when the fight was going on?

“Emily,” I said.

“Yes?” she said, turning away from the half-iced cake to face me.

“Where will you be when the fight is going on?” I asked.

“I don’t know,” she said, sighing, “Sam wants me to go back to mother in the Makah tribe, but I want to be able to know whether he was Ok.” Her mother was in the Makah tribe? I heard the story of how Sam imprinted, but I always assumed that she was from here.

“Where do you think I will go?” I asked.

“I don’t know either,” she said, “I assume that Jacob will take you as far away as possible. He will probably look after you,” she said, and she placed the cake on a huge plastic plate.


I followed her to the table, where Seth and Mike seemed to be having an intense staring competition, which was of course canceled as soon as the food was on the table.

“Do you want some?” asked Emily, though she knew that the chances of me getting some were about fifty-to-one.

“No, I’m Ok,” I said, I knew that that would not go down well.

For I while I just sat at the table, and tried to make some sort of conversation with Emily, over the loud noise of the pack eating.




All in all, I was better off having had a talk with Emily, I thought, as me and Jacob went into my small cottage. We had been told not to go near the main house, as that was where Charlie would be.


I entered the cottage with Jake and realised that I had nothing to do. For the past week I had been busy thinking about the fight, there had always been something for me to do

Is this what being bored is like? I asked myself.

I suppose it is, except that my case was slightly different than anyone else’s, rather than having a break from school, homework and shopping I had a break from were-wolf attacks, preparing for a fight that could possibly change the existence of the vampire race, and worrying about my feelings for a shape-shifter.


Right now, boredom was blissful.

aww cute, little bonding time with Emily

I love the detail about the plastic plates that the pack uses.

I'm really glad she was able to talk with Emily, I hope that it has stopped some of her worries - so much for a three year old to bear!

Best wishes


I'm sorry for the long wait!!! 



20. Escape




I gazed over the beautiful town of Volterra.

Over the 7-foot high wall, I could barely see. I felt like a prisoner.

Sometimes I wonder why I am still here, why I haven’t left and found my own way, I could. I felt like I wanted a break from the blood, the war, the constant sense of insecurity and the tense atmosphere. Sometimes.

Sometimes I felt guilty, even though I didn’t know why. Master had told me that we must make the Cullens pay, so that was what I had done.

I didn’t dare ask why we sought revenge; that would be stupid. I had already felt the pain of Jane before, and it wasn’t something I liked to remember.


“Where am I,” I whispered, for the second time.

“You will serve us now,” drawled a tall man that I didn’t recognize. His face was beautiful beyond belief. His eyes were pitch black. Wait, they were black?


“No.” I said. Who did he think he was? He couldn’t tell me what to do; he was just as human as me.

“Child,” he laughed, “You have no idea what you are saying.”

“Yes,” I said firmly, “I do. I will not ‘serve’ you. Never.”

“Jane,” he said casually.


In a flash I tiny girl was in front of me. She smiled.


Fire burned through me, excruciating. I was blinded, I was swimming through a bed of nails, and I was being cut apart with a million shards of glass. I whished I was, they seemed like lying on a bed of feathers compared to this.


The pain was familiar, but I could barely think about it. The fire burned through even sinew in my body. Burning me, consuming me, engulfing me in the fires of hell. This would never end.


I couldn’t feel time I could have only been here for a few seconds, or a million light years, it wouldn’t matter. Nothing did, except the pain.

Fire burning me from the inside almost dimmed the ripping pain that came from my neck.


I shuddered at the memory.

No, I told myself, don’t be weak. You need to focus on the fight.

I had never been in combat before. I didn’t want to be weak when the fight came. No, said the voice in my head again, It won’t be a fight. We shall conquer them. We will rule them. We will win.


A thought suddenly struck me, Why was there a fight?

This sudden thought was so against me, so against what I had become, that I gasped. Why did I ask? It was not my job to ask, it was wrong. I had to serve my masters. I had to fight for them. I had to be a servant to them.


It was not a question off what I wanted, or what mattered to me. I had to be flexible to whatever I was asked to do. They valued us; they would never intentionally get rid of us.


“Master, we have found two more,” my head whipped around to face the sound that seemed to come from the tower.

Don’t do it, don’t do it, don’t do it, don’t do it, screamed the sense in my head, as I tensed to jump onto the tower wall. But who was I to listen to sense? Suddenly I was flying and my nails dug into the hard rock.


“Two more isn’t good enough!” spat the voice I recognized as my master.

“But they only have those pathetic wolves,” said the other voice.

“Yes! And they have more than twenty!” Hissed master.

“Master,” said the other voice tentatively, “Why are we fighting them?”


“It is not in your place to ask such questions like that!” screamed master, “We are fighting for our power! For our peace! They chose to break the rule! A very good thing I might add, now we have a reason to cleanse the world of their peace and their respect for mere HUMANS! This will put them when were they belong, in the fiery pits of hell! Do you have any idea how much I loathe them! First they escaped us, now they tell a mere human what they are! And they keep it as their pet! This behavior is inexcusable! A HUMAN!” He screamed the last word.


“Master,” whispered the other voice, after silence, “They have changed him,” he whispered.

“YOU DAAAARRREEEE!!!” He screamed, hurting my ears.


There was a ripping sound and silence.

I would have fallen, if my vampire senses weren’t much more strong than the strongest horror.



Was this the real? Was this me? I couldn’t possibly tell.

If I could dream, I would say that this had to be some sick, twisted dream. But I couldn’t sleep. This was real.

I had been obeying a murderer. I was a murderer.

I had killed innocent vampires. I had ruined the lives of a coven.


I had no words to describe anything anymore.



The sky darkened and I was still on the side of the tower.

I was completely incapable to accept anything that I had heard.

I was at a complete loss to see what I could possibly do.

If I went along like nothing had happened, I would be no better than my master, who had just killed someone had served him loyally.

If I resisted and tried to actually confront him- I shuddered at the thought.


Never before had I felt so helpless. Never in this life, that was. Suddenly as I thought of this, it brought back distant memories from another world.


Water. Water seeping everywhere.

“Chrissie!” Came a chocked back scream. A scream of agony and pain.

“Mommy!?” I cried. What was happening?

Water. Drowning. Water.


I was swept from this memory to another of powerlessness.


I wandered the streets.

Alone, afraid. Hungry.

My feet were scorching against the rocky streets of Italy. People stared at me. They stared in disgust. I felt so weak.

I fed off old food, if it rained, I filled my ripped and torn plastic bottle with that, and drank that.

I was a scavenger.


A runaway daughter.


An orphan.


Another memory…


I was running, running, always running.

The man with the blood red eyes was chasing me, though I felt that he was stalling.

I was still running, my clothes getting caught on brambles.

One thorn caught on my shoulder.


He was up to me in a second, his eyes crazed, mad.

“Please don’t hurt me, please please please. Stop.” I whispered, though I knew that he would never be able to hear me. But remarkably he did.

But then he stopped, and I took that moment to get a head start.


“Aro will be pleased that I found you, young one. Very Pleased.” He said, looking shocked, and still slightly mad. But there was an odd smile that did not match his voice that was slowly spreading across his face.


These memories – or thoughts – seemed to be familiar, but really they were unfamiliar.


I recognized signs of another life, another person in them. The old me.


From these memories, I seemed to find myself. Find who I am, not what I am. From this, I realized the right thing to do, the thing that I must do. To show that the little girl who had believed in good and evil, was still here.


I jumped off the tower with one thing in my mind. One goal.

I didn’t care about anything that got in my way; I was doing this for the girl. For Chrissie.


I was going to find the Cullens.


Did you like it?

Please leave a comment and tell me what you want to happen next when she finds them! I might have a chapter of her searching. Please tell me! I can't decide between a happy chapter or a sad one!


Okay this is new :) I think a Happy chapter. I want her to be good, she has good in her lol

Thanks! I might take a while to do the next chapter, it is going to be quite difficult!


it's okay :) let me know when its up

Wow, that was good.

This story is getting so interesting.

Perhaps I am not so bad as I first appeared! We will have to wait and see if I make it to the Cullens or have a change of heart and go back to Aro - and ten what be ashed too?

Best wishes



Chris is going through a lot mentallly right now, she has chosen her side, but is unable to fight for the side she feels faithful to. I have a big plan towards the end of this for her. 




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