The Twilight Saga

They are coming back. Pain is ahead, but also is something that Renesmee never thought of. Love.
Sunset Forest



Even though I had known this was coming, that in no way made it better.

They say that it isn't about the destination; it is about the journey, I think that now I know the true meaning of that phrase. You know that the inevitable is coming for you, the journey merely postpones that. But when the destination of your journey is so terrible, sometimes the journey - as horrible as it is - can prepare you in some ways. Sometimes.

However, nothing could have ever have prepared me for this. When the inevitable is coming for you, there is no one that you can trust. I have learnt this, and so many over things from this journey. I have found strength, life, and the true meaning of the word 'love'. Maybe there was some force that made sure not everything was agony, that made sure that you had some happiness. This final destination was horrible, but I wouldn't trade what I have found and disscovered from it for anything.

They had come for us. They had come for me.

As if our thoughts were shared - which they practically were, we both shrank into each other, not only for warmth, but for comfort, just curled up against each other, listening to each others breathing and watching our own breaths make beautiful swirling clouds in the freezing morning air.

We were waiting.

No matter what the outcome of this would be, my whole life would change.

If we had the advantage, we would have a great duty, a duty that we could not shake off. We would be murderers.

If we lost, I would die. We would all die. The world would revolve around as if we were never here, but my world would stop, along with at the worlds of twenty-two people, at the minimum.

After many, many minutes of silence, we heard the sound we had known was coming.

The gentle breeze, that we knew could only mean one thing.

To someone else, someone who had a normal life, this might have meant a gust of wind, but to me it meant so much more. It meant that the danger was here, it meant that screams would soon pierce the morning, it meant that everyone I cared about was about to put their lives on the line. It meant this could be my final breath, it meant that my entire world could crumble down around me completely. It would crumble down.

But above all it meant one thing.

They were here.



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36. Running





My huge paws pounded across the ground.


My claws dug into the ground, creating deep gashes into the ground, like scars on skin. My legs were the only part of me that I felt in full control of, the rest of me seemed strangely numb.


My head was slightly bent downwards, my nose sticking to the faintest imaginable trail. The stench wasn’t strong when it was so faint, and it smelt weirdly like a mix of toothpaste and candy.


There was an ache in my chest, a hole where Renesmee should be.


I was going to find her.

I had come up with the logical solution of what had happened.


A member of the Volturi, a guard, had taken Renesmee no doubt. Now they would be running with her. That was ok. That was good. I could run too, I could run faster than most vampires.


I was going to find her. I would do everything I could; the key was to let my primal, animalistic instincts take over.


I shuddered at the memory of a time when I had shut myself down completely, gone wolf. Before Bella had got married.

I wondered what I would have done if I knew what was going to happen. Would I have stopped them, after knowing that Bella would be harmed?


Anyway, when I had let my human self disappear and my wolf self take full control, all my senses were heightened. I was stronger, faster, and my sight and my hearing were significantly better.


What if, even with my strength and sight and speed and smelling, I still couldn’t find her? What if the leeches had already harmed her? What if they had ki-


No. That thought was unbearable.

I thought of other things, anything to keep me from thinking about that.


I would be strong; I would keep a steady mind. I would find her.


I’m glad you calmed down. You were scaring me, Jake, said Seth, slightly startling me from my thoughts. I could hear the sincerity in his tone of voice.


Sorry, I said, and I meant it. He shouldn’t have to deal with me having some sort of panic attack while he was in the middle of dangerous combat against a powerful enemy.


That reminded me.

Is anyone hurt? I asked, finding Renesmee had made me forget that I was meant to be guiding my pack through the fight. Anything could have happened. How is Bella? Is she ok?


No one is hurt. Well, Jared got a scar on his forehead, quite nasty actually, it was from a werewolf, but it has almost completely healed now. Said Seth, avoiding my second question.


And Bella? I asked, feeling slight sense of dread.

Weird, Said Seth, after a moments pause, She was really desperate at first, she sort fell over a bit, but then she got up and ran straight into the forest. She looked a slightly crazed, really.


Where is she now? I asked, not really sure I wanted to now, if it was good news, he would have told me already.


Here, next to me, right in the middle of the battlefield. One minute she was running towards the forest, then, three minutes later she was here fighting. She didn’t seem at all worried.


What? She would never do that! She loves Nessie nearly more than Edward! She can’t have just forgotten…

I know, it’s weird, huh, said Seth. His thoughts were slightly vacant, as if he was focusing on something else.


Is everything ok? I asked.

Yeah, I mean… he trailed off into silence.

What is it? I asked.


This thing with Leah imprinting on Nahuel, do you think it could work out? I mean, if Leah has been able to resist the pull-


I haven’t been resisting it, Leah interrupted, Some of time I could feel a pull on me physically, and at one point it got so bad that my feet were moving me towards him even though all I know is that he’s somewhere in the African-ish area. It was complete instinct and I had probably travelled twelve miles or so before I was able stop myself.


Wow, Said Seth, I guess that’s why the legends says that the imprint and imprint-ee have to be together.


I would feel sorry for Leah, but I still wasn’t completely sure whether to trust her. She had betrayed us to our enemies, and i knew that it wouldn’t be easy to pretend that it had never happened.

I’m sorry, she said for about the millionth time.


Any sign of Nessie? Seth asked.

That thought made me worried, I had been running for quite a while now, and I hadn’t seen a trace of bronze ringlets or a flash of golden eyes. Seth understood my silence.


Don’t worry, she’ll be fine. You’ve been following that trail for ten minutes or so now, you will find her soon.


But what if I don’t, I whispered, What if they’ve hurt her already what if she’s already… already d-


Jake, she won’t be. She’ll be fine. Think about it, there is no reason for them to kill her! She isn’t a threat to them, physically or mentally. The only reason they would have taken her would be to get this reaction from us. They didn’t know that you imprinted on her, or they wouldn’t have taken her, especially as having an imprint in danger makes you faster, and stronger as long as it will help them.


I know, but anything could have happened!


A thousand different scenarios ran through my head. Renesmee, bleeding, screaming, crying, pleading, and each image was a blade to my stomach.

The beats my feet were making against the soil stuttered, as I nearly tripped over my own feet.


I evened out my breaths, and calmed down. She was fine. She was fine.

She had to be.


Suddenly, the sickeningly sweet smell of vampire hit me full on, and made my nose burn. I came to abrupt halt, and gave out a small whine of shock.


Cold hands grabbed me from behind, squeezing me in a vice-like grip.

It made me again compare this to the fight with the newborns again. Though this didn’t feel as tight as the feeling when a wild newborn had crushed my bones, it still hurt manically.


I thrashed, and flayed about, but the arms held me tight, the scent of vampire burning my nostrils. I howled out.

Jacob! Said Seth.


I heard some of my ribs crack and felt like screaming out of pain.

I opened my huge jaws, twisting my head almost the whole way round, and snapped down my huge teeth.


There was a hiss as the leech fell back on to the ground, and I took my advantage.


Standing on top of its stomach, I pressed my paws down on it’s chest, making it immobile. I ripped of its arm, but before I could do any more damage I heard the sound of vampire running from behind me. And a fast-beating heart.


I turned round immediately, and followed it, not paying attention to the fact that a very strong, very angry vampire just happened to be behind me.


It threw itself on top of me, and then a sandy mass of fur was knocking it onto the ground. Seth had saved me.


Are you ok? He asked.

Yeah, I said. I tried to hide the fact that I wanted to follow the fast heartbeat, because after he had saved me, it would be really rude to just leave him. Thankfully, he seemed to pick up on the direction of my thoughts.


You go after her, I’ll take care of it, He said.

Thank you, I said.


I began to run, but the beat had disappeared as if I had just imagined it.

Maybe I had.

Oh this is so exciting I didn't want it to end!

Poor Jacob and Seth is so good.

Who are these vampires?

Thanks for the review!

These vampires are members of the Volturi and some individuals will be relieved later!


37. One Down



This wasn’t me.


Killing people, violence, it just wasn’t me. I had never intended to harm someone before, and I didn’t like the feeling. It gave me a weird sense of adrenaline for a second, but after that remorse shattered through my body.


I remember Carlisle telling me of the time that he had found a small girl during their fight with the newborns, she had been innocent. What if I had killed someone who had not intended to fight?


Even if the Guard had wanted  to, that didn’t make it right. They had been a human once, with friends and families, some would even have had children. They were of course different now, of course, but that was merely because of Chelsea.


She had made them feel attached to the Volturi; they hadn’t made the decision by themselves. The decision to be a murderer.


If those people had not been changed, they would have lived normal live, and whenever killed one of them, it felt like I was taking a normal life.


That didn’t change the matter that I had to fight though, I knew that I would defend my family if was a choice between their lives, and the lives of my enemies, it wasn’t a hard choice for me.


Suddenly, I heard an awfully familiar voice. Screaming.


Without thinking, I immediately began to run in the direction of the noise. It was a complete reflex action, and for that I was thankful because if I had thought about it, I wouldn’t have been fast enough to get there in time.


Kate was on the ground, her mouth open, her eyes bulging. Her hands were clawing desperately at the pure white snow, her legs kicking out desperately. I had never before seen her so utterly helpless.


There was a tiny vampire standing over her, her eyes a glowing red. She wore a black cloak that covered most of her skin, and it barely showed any of face apart from her eyes.


Without thinking, I immediately grabbed her, and grabbed her head, attempting to rip it of.I waited for some sign that she was in pain, but she merely looked confused.


I pushed the current all of me, and every single fibre of my being was focused on making her pay for hurting my sister. Right on cue, there another scream from behind me.


I spun around.


All I saw was a canvas of snow and trees, no Kate. I hissed in frustration, then snarled in pain as two hands grabbed me from behind, seizing my throat.


Before he could crush my neck, in a flash of sand one of the wolves ripped of her head, giving me a small nod with his shaggy, yellow, head.


I ran off, now only focused on finding Kate.

As I ran, I turned my head as far as it could go in every direction, forcing myself to see her, where could she be?


I turned around to see Marcus. Something like recognition shot through me, as he smiled at me in a way that wasn’t friendly, but wasn’t angry.


In a flash, he fell to the ground as Kate smashed his head from behind. He grunted, seeming neither to be in pain nor to be angry. He gave a small nod of his head.


Kate fell to the ground writhing, she let out a bloodcurdling scream, and her arms flailed about. She didn’t need to breathe, but she let out desperate gasps. Jane.


Sure enough, behind me appeared the small figure of the guard member.

I turned towards her, but before I was able to even come close to touching her, I was on fire.


Worse than the pain of transformation, every dead vein in my body was burning. I couldn’t even see over the pain.


A thousand burning knives were piercing through my head; a million horses of steel were trampling on me. I couldn’t think about anything except for the pain.


I couldn’t hear anything, apart from a piercing scream. It was probably mine, but I simply could not tell. Any action that I performed now would only be a reflex; I had no control over what I did.


I was smoldering, and every second the flame got brighter, hotter, and stronger.

I didn’t want one more moment of this pain, I didn’t care if that meant death, in fact, I was begging for death.


In one second, the pain was gone. I was free from the fiery grip. I looked around, and saw Marcus on the ground, tackling Kate. Jane was nowhere.


I ran over to him. I ripped of his arm and his leg without thinking. This needed to end. He didn’t fight me, in fact, he now watched as I destroyed him.

He watched me through hollow eyes.


“I never should have created you,” He said. His voice was croaking and dry, it was obvious that he hadn’t used it in years.

I looked up.

His face was reminiscent, almost slightly sad, though a smile was playing at the edge of his lips.


“What?!” I spat. He hadn’t created me, I knew who did. The man that saved me. Had I really never learnt his name? He was faded in my mind, I couldn’t  remember his face.


“Three-hundred years ago?” He asked, “You were in your fathers tent. I came in there every night. Then, when you were injured, I did the only thing I ever could to save you. I bit you.” He said, and an image flooded into my mind.


I was being brought into a huge room. Three men were sitting on thrones in the middle, regarding me as uf they were bored.

“Her crime?” asked one in the middle chair, fiddling with his fingers.

“Failing to be obscure,” Said the person on my right side, his voice was deep.


For a second the middle one seemed to contemplate me, then he said, “Kill her.”

I gasped, though I did not need to breathe.

“No,” whispered the one on his left. Both men turned to look at them, surprise in their eyes. The middle one held out his hand, but the left one replied with a simple shake of his head.


“Very well,” said the middle one, humor in his voice.

“She must join us though,” said the one on the right, he turned to the left one as if asking him to object.

“Very well,” he said. I recognized his voice then, but from where I wasn’t sure…


So it had been him. He had been the reason that I lived.


I froze where I was, unable to move.


Kate came behind me, and ripped off his head. I didn’t have any time to react, and if I had, what would I do? I couldn’t object, he was a member of the Volturi. In fact, worse than that, he was a leader of the Volturi.


And he was dead.


One down, two to go, is what I would have liked to have thought, but a tiny bit of me was mourning inside.

A really well written chapter!

So many emotions it must be so confusing to Carmen. It is a good job Kate is there with her.

I hope that deal with Jane!

38. Dropped


I can’t find her, hissed the voice of Jacob.


He was practically going insane looking for Renesmee, and it seemed unlikely now that he would ever find her.


I felt a twinge of regret as I thought of her. If I hadn’t been so cold, so cruel to her I might have been her godmother. She looked up to me, at least she used to. I doubt she did now, not after I had betrayed her and her family.


Self-disgust curled in my stomach.

Stop whining, came an annoying voice. This must be a new member of the pack; I had never heard the voice before.

Come on, Mike, Seth said jokingly, but there was a hint of warning in his voice that I hardly ever heard in his tone.


She’s not here, said Jacob. He was stressed out; but at least he wasn’t completely having a panic attack like earlier.


Don’t worry Jacob. She will be fine, Seth was trying his best to be convincing, and though I could easily see through the lie, Jacob seemed too concentrated to notice.


A garbled scream hit my ears.


I ran towards the sound, knowing that this voice was familiar.

Jake, said Seth, sounding shocked.

What, said Jacob, can it wait? I think I found her trail!

Jacob, uttered Seth carefully, It’s Bella.


Through his eyes I saw the flashing forest freeze as he immobilized immediately.

No, he whispered, no.

Jake, I’ll get there, said Seth, poising to run in the right direction.

No, said Jacob, his voice mentally faltering, I- I’ll find her.


You have to find Nessie, said Seth.

But I… I can’t just leave her. I love… I used to love her.


Another scream hit the air.


It was clear that neither of them would be there in time, so I did the only thing that might redeem me.


I pushed my muscles further, even though every limb screamed in protest.

I finally saw her.


A bloodsucker in a red cloak was flying towards her in mid air, his mouth was open and his teeth flashed in the sunlight.


Time stood still, and I acted on instinct.


I dived in front of him.

“Leah,” whispered Bella, and out of the corner of my eye I saw her mouth open.


I turned my head to face her. The girl I both hated and loved.

I had never meant to hurt her, though it seemed like that was all I did. Rejecting her when she met Jacob, and screaming at her when she was pregnant.


“Don’t you realize,” I screamed, “Don’t you realize what you are doing to Jacob! You’re not only getting pregnant with the man he hates, you are killing yourself, and you don’t even care! You can’t just expect him to stick around to watch you die!”


Tears brimmed in her eyes.

“It really hurts him that much?” she whispered. I laughed a cold, humorless laugh.

“Hurts him?! It’s killing him!”


I was brought to reality by a piercing in my neck.

“No,” she screamed.

Cold hands were wrapped around my neck, choking me as fire coursed through my body.


It was agony.


I was conscious as every part of my body went numb, conscious as even them I was burning. I was ash; I was a meaningless grey pile, yet before my eyes clouded over I saw that there was still fur on my paws.


I felt cold hands around my neck once again, but they were colder this time, and there was no doubt in my mind, I knew exactly whom they belonged to.




I really liked this chapter. A great ending, quite spine chilling. I like the flashback just before her end.

But who is in the red cloak?

best wishes


39. Lament


“No,” I whispered.


Her silky brown eyes no longer showed the agony they had before, and her limbs relaxed slowly.


I heard her heart falter, and grow silent.


Howls like silk floated through the air, sorrow and pain reverberated in every tone, because she was gone.


I closed my eyes, shutting out tears that would never come.


Leah had been so angry, so temperamental, but the one thing she had always been was certain. Real. That was why the thought that she was dead would always be impossibility.


I looked at her fur-covered face and into her eyes. I am not sure quite what I was looking for. The confirmation that she was indeed dead? Reassurance that she wasn’t? Whatever it was, I didn’t get it.


I received a cold stare, yet this one was unlike the ones she had given me before. This didn’t show contempt, disdain, or, indeed, hate; it was empty, like staring into a huge, black void.


It wasn’t emotionless, when I gazed into her eyes I simply saw nothing. The life that had been so sure, so utterly existent, had been put out like a flame.


 I opened my eyes.


Alec still stood over Leah’s lifeless remains.

Alec had killed Leah. His cold, brutal arms had been the ones to crush her body, his hands had been the ones to snuff out her life.


But that wasn’t what made me so livid.

He was smiling.


He had just ended a fragile, gentle, and more than anything: human life, and he showed no remorse at all. He enjoyed it.


I began to literally shake, my frame quivering with rage.

I looked into his eyes and for a second I thought I trace of uncertainty, of genuine fear.


I threw myself at him, snarling.

For the first time since I had become immortal, I genuinely wasn’t in control. Fire pumped through my veins, but it wasn’t bad. I enjoyed the pain. No, more than that: I revelled in it.

It was like the pain of an itch. It hurt, but that was the good thing about it. Also, I felt no need to stop.


I felt no remorse as I tore Alec apart.


As he fell to the floor, flames engulfed him in a second.


The fire burnt larger and hotter every second, its scorching fingers seizing what had once been the Volturi guard member. They were only there for a short amount of time until he fire disappeared as quickly and cleanly as it had begun.


I turned around looking for the source of the blaze, and saw the familiar figure of a young man with jet-black hair, and a friendly face that was more serious than I thought I had ever seen.


“Benjamin!” I shouted, even though I knew that he would be able to hear me if I whispered.

“Bella,” he said, and a mild smile curved at the edge of his lips.


“Why are you here?” I asked. It could hardly be coincidence that he had chosen to pay a friendly visit at the very time my family was in the biggest danger they had ever been in.


“Well, of course, when I heard that the Volturi would be paying you a ‘visit’-”

“How?” I began. Benjamin cut me off with a smile.


“Really Isabella,” he said, smirking, “Do you honestly think that when the most powerful civilization of immortals chooses to fight the almost only vampire coven that might be able to beat them, that it might not be known?”

He waited for my reaction, and smiled once again when I nodded in consent.


“As I was saying. When I heard that they would return, I of course said that we must go at once to help you! But Amun… wasn’t quite as enthusiastic.

“So I told him that I would leave him if he refused to help you, but he still turned me down. So then I did. I left.


“I came here as soon as I could.” He said, his brows rearranging his face to make him look apologetic.


I felt so touched. He had dropped his life, his family to help me, even though he was risking his life by doing so.

That made me see something odd in his arrival.


“Benjamin,” I said tentatively, “Where is Tia?” the moment I asked it I wished I hadn’t.


His face fell immediately, and there was abruptly sadness in his eyes.

“She wouldn’t come. Amun didn’t let her, and he said that if she went with me he…” he paused, and whispered the next six words, “he said he would kill her.”

For a second there was silence, until he seemed to wake up from his trance, and suddenly put on a very fake smile.

“But she’s fine,” he said.


I realized where I was all in an instant, and then I remembered what had just happened. Leah.

How had I forgotten?


“Bella,” said Nahuel, concern in his voice, “where is the young one? Renesmee?”

“Jacob took her up into the mountains, she’s still up there-” but suddenly I stopped speaking, because what I was saying didn’t seem right.


Nothing I could remember suggested that she was in any danger. Nothing that I remembered. What if my memory was wrong?


Renesmee. She could be in danger.

Suddenly I remembered everything.


“What have you done with my daughter?” I said.


“I-I don’t know,” She said. It was so obviously fake. She knew where she was.


I dug my nails deeper into her shoulder


“Of course you do.” I said. I felt so angry that a red haze clouded my vision. I wasn’t me anymore; I didn’t feel like my self. I was this new, angry person.


“I could kill you,” I said. I meant it. I would do anything for my daughter, and one less mindless Volturi guard wouldn’t make a difference to anything.

“I could rip you apart, limb from limb,” I said. And I relished in the idea. I wasn’t myself at all. I was just rage and fury and fire and heat and hate.


“I’m sorry,” she said.

She spoke again.

“You are going to forget about your daughter. You will go back to the battlefield and fight. Your daughter is safe, she is fine,  and you will forget you ever saw me.”


Before that.


I was running faster than I had ever run before.

There was only one thought in my head. I had to find my daughter.

My legs carried me, though I had no idea where I was going. I was running through the forest.


And the most horrific memory that made me gasp even now, because never in my life could I ever imagine forgetting this.


A child’s scream pierced the morning, and I fell to my knees, full of agony, despair and disbelief.


“Bella?” Nahuels voice echoed in my ears, alerting me to reality.


“Renesmee,” I said. He looked confused, and concerned.

“She’s in danger” I said, trying to convey the truth, “The Volturi took her.” My voice cracked, and Nahuel’s eyes widened,  but I didn’t have time to explain.

I needed to find Edward.


“Nahuel, I need to find Edward.” I said, trying to convey the urgentness of the situation.

“Go,” he said, “I’ll see if I can find him too.”


I nodded, but I didn’t really care.


I needed to find my daughter and prayed, prayed  that it wasn’t too late.

I caught up and wow. So much drama. Poor Nessie :( Bella needs to get Nessie on her own with Benjamin, if Jake went the Volturi would surely kill him, Please post soon

Hi there,


Keep missing your updates - can you email round when you post  a new chapter?


This was great - Ben is back - that is really good but sad about Tia. And Bella is remembering again.




40. Arms


I think this was the first time I had ever felt truly unsure of Edward.


Why would he not have told me if our daughter was in danger?


He must have seen it in someone’s mind. He must know who had her and where they were!


I ran faster and it was as I was running that I saw him.


A pale brown wolf was lying on it’s back, its eyes were the same as Leah’s; glassy, white, blank.


How many more deaths would there be? How many more children’s lives would end, merely because of my family?


I wasn’t stupid; I knew what was happening. Many of the Volturi were dead, but we were losing.


I don’t think there was really ever hope in the first place, but if our defeat would affect my daughter – if it would effect her life - then I would be damned.


“Edward!” I shouted out.


He half turned his body to face me in a smooth, swift movement. His face displayed a mix of emotions; confusion, frustration, worry.


“What is it?” He asked, clearly alarmed.

He didn’t know.


It was obvious by his face. I would have been able to tell if he had lied, I knew him too well.


But how?


I had never known anyone to defy his powers. Could this guard – who I now assumed was Chris, the one who had sent the werewolves – could her power have out ruled his?

I realized that Edward was still waiting for me to explain what was going on.


“Renesmee,” I said, but I was unable to finish the sentence.

“Is she ok?” He gasped, and his eyes flashed with concern


I took of my shield.

After about four years of practicing I could do this with only a minor amount of pain.


I reflected the memories that I had only recently discovered, and every second his face darkened, his eyes widened.


When I had finished, he was still for about a millisecond, and then he whispered under his breath.


“What do we do,” He was completely still as he murmured the words gently.


“In our hearts we’ll always be together,” I corrected in a whisper as quiet as a breath.

“But when the time comes today, you have to leave me.”


Her eyes widened, and she touched her hand to my cheek. The silent no was louder than as if she’d shouted it.


I fought to swallow; my throat felt swollen. “Will you do it for me? Please?”


She pressed her fingers harder to my face. Why?

“I can’t tell you,” I whispered. “But you’ll understand soon. I promise.”


In my head, I saw Jacob’s face.

I nodded then pulled her fingers away. “

Don’t think of it.”


I knew what had to happen.


Renesmee had to run with Jacob.


She would have a normal life. She would have a house, a job and a family; I didn’t care if that family was with Jacob.


She could finally be free of vampires, werewolves, myth, legend. The world that only existed in stories. That was all I had ever wanted for her, and she deserved it. I knew she did.


I removed my shield and watched his mouth set into a hard line.

“Yes.” He said.


We were in an agreement.


Edward turned around suddenly.

“Bella,” he whispered under his breath




“Master will be proud,” Said a voice as soft as a zephyr blowing through the trees. Soft as it was, it woke me from my sleep. Or was it sleep? I didn’t know.


I kept on falling in and out of consciousness so I had no idea how long it was ago that I was with Jacob by my side.


Jacob. I felt I hole in my stomach.


My rest was very light, however. Just the smallest falter or ridge in the rhythmical steps and I would immediately wake up. When I was asleep, I could almost still feel the beats.


It was dark, and I could feel the pounding of feet hitting the snow getting slower every minute.


I had no idea whether this meant that whoever was holding me was getting tired or our journey was near it’s end, and I wasn’t sure if either of those were good.


I tried to move, but like all the other times my arms and legs stayed completely immobile, and the cold limbs that held me now locked them in place.


I tried opening my eyes, but their lids stayed firmly closed.


I could only feel something cold and hard, and a sort of velvet-like material, and that told me nothing.


The only sense that seemed of use to me was smell.

I could smell the alpine trees, the fresh snow and something that was faintly sweet.


And then I repeated the cycle once again and fell unconscious.




“Bella,” he whispered under his breath.


“Edward?” I asked, alerted immediately but he was silent.

Now that I noticed it, everything was silent. Literally everything.


There was no more snarling, hissing. Just silence, apart from a quiet rasping noise.


For even the Volturi guard could not have predicted what Edward had just seen.


“Edward,” I whispered, “What is it?”


He moved out of the way.


I closed my eyes for a second, because I honestly didn’t know if I wanted to see what had caused an entire battlefield to go silent.


I turned back for a second and opened my eyes.


Esme had her hands clasped around her mouth.

Alice was frozen.

Jasper was clenching his head, teeth gritted together.

Carlisle was knelt on the ground.

Emmett, who was always jolly, had his mouth wide open.

Rosalie’s lips mouthed ‘no’.


And Jacob…

I could see him just ten meters away.

His face was bent back as if to howl, but a mere throaty breath came out.

There were tears in his eyes.


I turned around, and saw what I knew I must see, because only one thing could get that reaction from Jacob.


Renesmee, her eyes closed, her limbs loose, was there.


Lying in the arms of Jane.

Oh My Gosh!! Noo!!


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