The Twilight Saga

They are coming back. Pain is ahead, but also is something that Renesmee never thought of. Love.
Sunset Forest



Even though I had known this was coming, that in no way made it better.

They say that it isn't about the destination; it is about the journey, I think that now I know the true meaning of that phrase. You know that the inevitable is coming for you, the journey merely postpones that. But when the destination of your journey is so terrible, sometimes the journey - as horrible as it is - can prepare you in some ways. Sometimes.

However, nothing could have ever have prepared me for this. When the inevitable is coming for you, there is no one that you can trust. I have learnt this, and so many over things from this journey. I have found strength, life, and the true meaning of the word 'love'. Maybe there was some force that made sure not everything was agony, that made sure that you had some happiness. This final destination was horrible, but I wouldn't trade what I have found and disscovered from it for anything.

They had come for us. They had come for me.

As if our thoughts were shared - which they practically were, we both shrank into each other, not only for warmth, but for comfort, just curled up against each other, listening to each others breathing and watching our own breaths make beautiful swirling clouds in the freezing morning air.

We were waiting.

No matter what the outcome of this would be, my whole life would change.

If we had the advantage, we would have a great duty, a duty that we could not shake off. We would be murderers.

If we lost, I would die. We would all die. The world would revolve around as if we were never here, but my world would stop, along with at the worlds of twenty-two people, at the minimum.

After many, many minutes of silence, we heard the sound we had known was coming.

The gentle breeze, that we knew could only mean one thing.

To someone else, someone who had a normal life, this might have meant a gust of wind, but to me it meant so much more. It meant that the danger was here, it meant that screams would soon pierce the morning, it meant that everyone I cared about was about to put their lives on the line. It meant this could be my final breath, it meant that my entire world could crumble down around me completely. It would crumble down.

But above all it meant one thing.

They were here.



Thanks for taking time to read this short preview. I really appreciate it!

I would really like to no wether you like it or not, so please reply in the comments and tell me if you want me to continue!



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Oh no. Not dead please not dead - she is just a child.

A very intense Chapter

OMG! NO!!!!!! can't wait to read your next udpate!

41. I Have To Sacrifice


“Renesmee!” I yelled, and hurtled towards, blocking out all but only the most basic thoughts, because I couldn’t believe that after everything, she was dead. It was impossibility.


“No,” said Edward, holding me to his side.


I stared up at him in disbelief. Was he mad? Blind? Did he have no comprehension of this situation?


He stared deeply back at my, his molten gold eyes pleading with me.

“She’s alive. But I know what he’s thinking,” said Edward, casting an condemning gaze in Aro’s direction, “If you try to attack, he’ll kill her.” His voice broke on those last two words.


Out of the corner of my eye, I saw a frantic Russet wolf desperately try to escape the harsh grips of the rest of the pack. Jacob’s eyes were wild.


“Now,” said Aro, his voice coated in a friendly façade, “This has gone on long enough. Why such tension between dear friends?”


I shook with anger and fear.

“What have you done to my daughter?” I hissed.

“She is alive… but hardly. She is weak.”

Jacob got free of the pack and charged towards her but before he had crossed more than a meter of the distance between him and Renesmee, Aro spoke.


“If you take another step towards me, if you try to if you make another move against me, I will kill her right here on the spot,” His façade was completely gone, his tone was harsh and his voice incredibly fast.


“Your side is diminishing,” he said, sugar coating back on immediately, “Your loved ones are mostly gone. Let this be a sign of my mercy.”


“No more shall die. No more will be injured. “

Edward smiled, looking in Aro’s direction. Surely he knew that this wasn’t real? Surely he knew that Aro would never surrender his power in this way?


 But soon the smile slid of his face, leaving shock

“No,” said Edward. His eyes were wide, his mouth open.


“I ask one thing,” he said, and the smile plastered one his face became more real and darker, “We will take the child.”


A wave of emotions went coursing through my veins, and I saw red.
My blood was on fire, and if I had I heartbeat I knew that it would be pumping deafeningly in my ear.


Jacob broke free of the pack, snarling and snapping his huge fangs.

His feet thudded like the beat of a drum.


His eyes were deeper than an ocean, full with anger and despair.


When he approached Jane, Aro stepped forward and with a flicking, nonchalant movement he flicked his huge mass onto a large boulder.

Cracks echoed throughout the clearing, and Jacob whined before his eyes flickered shut.


His heart was still beating, but his breathing jolted.


A deep voice came from behind me.

“This family has done you no wrong,” said Nahuel,” and yet you continue to fight them. What crime has been committed here?”


Aro smiled, “They exposed are secrecy to a human, one of are most absolute-”

“He is no longer human,” said Edward, “he has been changed recently.”

Aro’s eyes widened, but he still kept the menacing smile.


“And where, I ask,” he said, humor in his voice, “is the proof of that.”


This got me worried.

We had originally planned to keep him here as evidence, but it was too dangerous. We had sent him away to a recently discovered coven that shared our lifestyle, now he was miles away, somewhere in Canada..


“I can show you,” said Edward, his voice cool and calm.

Aro’s smile dropped slightly.


“There is no time for that,” said Aro, “We will go now.”

“No.” I said.


I knew what I had to do.




I felt consciousness.

It wasn’t immediately thrust upon me, it faded in slowly, gradually. It felt like a weight was being lifted off me, my chest was free, and my eyelids could open. They were crusted over, and were sore, but they weren’t so much like a deadlock seal.


There was a millisecond when I opened my eyes and saw a snowy field filled with dark figures, but then I closed them again.


“No more shall die. No more will be injured,” Aro’s voice rang clear and sharp around my ears.


Had he heard how the beating of my heart was harder, how my breath fluttered?

“No.” I heard Dad’s voice, it was hard and stubborn.


Daddy? I thought, praying that he could hear me. But if he did, he made no sign to show it.


“I ask one thing,” he said, and his voice was dark, “We will take the child.”

Me? Was he going to ‘take’ me?

A vision crept silently into my mind.


A cold room in Volterra, grey walls and bars on the door. Away from Jacob, away from my family. It would be a living hell.


If I could have shuddered I would have, but I couldn’t. any movement would give me away.


Me opening my eyes would spark violence. I knew it would.


“No,” whispered mum. Here voice was absolute, and for some reason made worry whisper in the pit of my stomach.


“I am awfully sorry,” said Aro, but from his tone of voice it was clear that he wasn’t.


The familiar whoosh of wind started and I couldn’t believe it.

I couldn’t believe that this was it. That I would just be swept away at the drop of a hat. Maybe it was ignorant of me, but I expected someone to put up a fight. Especially Jacob.


Jacob, I thought. Where was he?

He was with me on the mountain, what if something had happened to him?


“Wait,” screamed mum, her voice full of impulse and fear.

“I’ll trade. I’ll come with you.” She said.


“So will I,” Alice said in a somber voice.


“So will I,” Said dad.

42. Goodbye




A fragile rose of a girl lay motionless in the grips of a deadly viper with red eyes.


I tried to move forward, but before I could get near enough to her I was flicked by a cold hand into a hard rock. I felt even number now, when I should be feeling pain.


Renesmee was still perfect, even unconscious. She was defenseless now, so weak and so fragile. I could not bring myself to look at her closed eyelids. I knew that I would imagine them open and that would only make the harsh truth harsher.


She was going. My sun, my life, my everything.

My greif was so overwhelming that I couldn’t move. I sense feel the blood flowing from my chest. I couldn’t see gashes on my legs. I couldn’t feel the deathly pain.


I’m sorry, I thought, though she could not hear me, I’m so, so, so sorry I didn’t save you. I let them hurt you. If I had been stronger you would be safe with me.


“Wait,” screamed Bella, her voice piercing through my silent disbelief.

“I’ll trade. I’ll come with you.” She said.


I had no idea what to feel, what to think.

It was either the woman who sacrificed her daughter, who used love me, that I used to love. The woman that used to be my one and only soul mate, The woman that I owed my life to, or her daughter who I would gladly give my life to in a heartbeat. The light of my life, the only person that kept me living.


I knew my answer. I could not lose Renesmee.


Alice cut in, with a voice unfitting to her usual pixie-like demeanor; it was dark and somber.

“So will I­­," she said. I wasn’t exactly best friends with her, but I had lived with her for years. She was my family. Not a sister, but a very close cousin.


“So will I,” repeated Edward in a flat monotone. I did not know why, but this hurt me almost as much as Bella. For years I had resented him, hated him even, and now we weren’t on the best of terms because of Remesmee. It felt like losing a brother.


Prehaps I was so used to him now that the tension had gone. After all, we had been living together for years.


Even after all this,  I still didn’t mind, just so long as Renesmee was safe.

Maybe that made me foolish, selfish even, but instinct took over. The power of imprint was stronger than anything else.


I prayed. I prayed that Aro would laugh and say ‘Not enough’ or ‘Too late’, because now I didn’t care about myself, all I cared about was my family. But, of course, he didn’t.


“At last,” said Aro. Though I couldn’t see his face, I could imagine the way that his smile would become genuine, his eyes sharpen.


“No!” I screamed, my eyes opening slightly. Though I yelled with all the passion, the might and the emotion I had there was no sound being released from my mouth.

I was immobilized by fear, I didn’t even have control over my eyelids anymore, they were stuck half open, half closed. My brain seemed to glitch. If I was a computer, my screen would be black and etched with coding.


Because, after everything that had happened, all the love and the hate. All the lies and the promises, I simply could not believe that this was it. That in an almost anti climatic second, my aunt, my father and mother would simply disappear.


My surroundings were becoming less and less contrasted as a dimness was creeping at the corner  of my eye.


I saw the shadowy figure of a woman turn to a sleeping girl. A girl who was barely conscious, a girl who was beginning to swim in a dark pool of darkness.


“I’m sorry,” she whispered, and then there was nothing.



43. Back




We stood statue-still on the battle field.

What now?/ Did we simply go back to the house and do nothing? Should we accept that they were gone?


Renesmee lying motionless on my back was the only thing that made me strong enough not to break down.


I wondered if I regretted this, and I felt ashamed when I realized that I didn’t. Because of Renesmee. If this had never happened then she wouldn’t have known about the imprint.


She had grown so much. She had been toughened from a small, innocent little girl into someone so real, and so grown up.


Of course, this is how it must be. I can’t have everything. I have to give up the woman I used to love for the girl that I know I will love… I suppose that that was what this was all about: what would I be willing to give up for one girl. With Bella it had been my pack and my family and old tribal law. With Renesmee it was everything. Bella had been more than a girl, but Renesmee could be anything. I just didn’t know yet. She could be the one who made m life worth living, or she could be the one that made me lose it, but our fates had been permanently intertwined since that one night when I saw an innocent child in a blonde vampire’s arms.


I wonder what would have  happened if I had simply walked out the door after seeing her lying motionless on that bed. I could see it now.


I was walking and then I was running and then I was sprinting on all fours. I would run indefinitely. Maybe one day I would find someone that I could love as much as her, or maybe I wouldn’t.


Before I had regretted imprinting on Renesmee, but now I thoroughly cherished that moment, because without the imprint there was no one that could ever be truly ;loved by me.


A thought struck me suddenly. The love that I had always felt for Bella had been almost surreal; at the time it had almost been too strong for belief. What if Renesmee had always been my destiny? All that time could I have been sensing the potential imprint years in advance?


I suppose that thought should have made me feel better about Bella’s absence, but it didn’t.


I was brought back to reality by a silent sob, that was so unexpected it almost scared me, because I h ad never heard Jasper cry. He was so silent and certain and unemotional that it was hard to believe that he was capable of emotion; and yet, here he was, crying.


Jacob, said  the deep, orthoritive voice of Sam, Take Renesmee back ot the cottage. I’ll deal with your pack. I’m sorry. I knew what he was talking about immediately: Leah. Her name stung me just by thinking about it.


Go, said the pack collectively, each voice aged and weak.


As I turned around I gave Carlisle a small nod, that had no specific meaning apart from ‘I’m sorry for everything’.


What an emotional ride! I didn't know weather to be happy that Nessie was safe or sad that the others had gone - or both at once.


You brought out the confusion really well, a great chapter.


I wonder what will happen to Leah.


Best wishes


This is the final chapter, and I'm sorry it's late.

I'm going to do a sequel, but probably not for quite a while! 



Epilogue. Sun



I suddenly opened my eyes.


The sun rising threw sharp beams of light on my face, and I felt relieved.

It was a dream. The Volturi hadn’t come, Jacob hadn’t imprinted on me, and soon my father would come through the door – panicked at my fantasies, looking to comfort me - and I would have another day of a simple, easy life.


I waited for him to come through my door.

 “Dad?” Silence. He had heard me hadn’t he? “Dad?” No response.


Confused and worried, yet still in a good mind, I stepped out of my room and into the sitting room. There were russet hairs scattered on the wooden floor. What was Jacob doing in the house?


Trying to be as noiseless as possible, I went over to my parent’s bedroom door, and nudged it open a fraction. The sight that awaited me was terrifying.


The room looked like it always did. The rising sun set beams of light onto the sand colored floor and the beautiful double bed. My parents weren’t there. They were always there


I stepped inside the room cautiously. I walked gently to the bed that was perfectly made and I saw tiny, tiny, dust particles settled on the sheets.


The emptiness of the room hit me like a wrecking ball, but it wasn’t as bad as the harsh reality that the scene before me emitted.


It wasn’t a dream. My parents and my aunt had been forced to join the Volturi.

And it was all my fault.


I would never see my parents again.


Grief overtook me, and tears brimmed over the edge of my eyes. I ran out of the cottage door, not even thinking to be silent this time. I needed to think, to find some way that this wasn’t reality.

Without thinking, I went to the one place I could be guaranteed solitude. I ran across the border of the treaty, not bother to think about who would care. Nothing mattered to me now.


I went and sat on the edge of the cliff. I was there for what seemed like merely seconds, but also was like years. I just thought.

It was probably hours before I heard soft footfalls behind me. Jacob.


Though I couldn’t see him, I knew who it was. I could feel him. We sat there for a few minutes and after a while he took my hand. Once his palm touched mine, a feeling of warmth seeped through me, and I was allowed to think straight.


“They really left, didn’t they?” I whispered, still facing straight ahead.

Jacob said no words, but bowed his head once to say yes.

“What happened to the others? Seth, Sam, Quill, Leah?”

“Seth and Quill are fine. Sam broke a few bones but they’re healed now.”

“And Leah?” Jacob had deliberately avoided my question about her.

“Leah’s…” He swallowed, “Nessie, Leah’s dead. Alec killed her.”


I would have cried or reacted but Jacob was clearly feeling worse than me.

I rested my head of his shoulder.


So many losses had happened, and I knew there must have been more dead beside Leah. My whole life had been turned upside down completely, but with Jacob, maybe I could recover. He wouldn’t be giving me the blissful ignorance, the blindness to reality, the light. No, he would be giving me a gentle glow. A soft light, that was comforting, a savior to the complete and inescapable dark, it would be a light that would let me see the truth of what was happening, but that would guide the dark times and me through the bright.



I looked into his face, I knew it by heart now. I could mentally trek across every crack and crevice. His face was creased with pain. I would have to help him too, of course. We were both broken.


Things would never be normal, never perfect, but I couldn’t collapse. Not with Jacob. Never with Jacob.


He was the only person that could help me because I was the only person that could help him, he needed me just as much as I needed him


He would be my sun.


It would always end this way; we would always end up broken and torn and frayed, and we would always pick up each other’s pieces.


He would be my sun.


Hi Marisa,


First of all, congratulations for finishing your story! I hope you have a huge sence of satifaction in a job well done. I know how much time it takes to do this, it is like training for a marathon and then some.


I will really miss this story. How could I not?


What I like about the story is the number of charaters you use and intricate plot line you have woven together it is like one of the original saga stories - I guess most like Breaking Dawn.


I'm very impressed that you managed to tell the story in different ways from different points of view - each with different tones in their though patterens ( not something I was able to pull off, I played safe and stuck to Bella's POV). Jacob's wolfness really showed through as did Nessie's independant streak.


It was good seeing Bella and Edward as the 'grown ups' rather than the kids in this book - a different role but still true to Bella and Edward.


Thank you very much for sharing this with us all. I do hope that you write a sequel when you've had time to get a good rest and get your thoughts back to writing.


It was good! Really good.

Best wishes





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