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Kay well this is my first fan fiction and i don't think i''m a very good writing so this is probably really bad,sorry its so short:)Well anyways on With the story:)
p.s this about 9 years after Renesmee was born , her and Jake have loved each other for about 2 years.
~Chapter 1~
Jacob's Point of view

I woke up early and looked over at Nessie, still asleep on the Cullen's couch, we both tanked here last night so we just stayed the night where we were. Minutes after i woke up Ness woke up. I went over to her "I'll be back in a few minutes' "Okay" I kissed her on the cheek said "I love you" than ran out the door, the sooner i was done what i need to do, the sooner i could see Nessie again, that made me run even faster. While i ran to Edward and Bella's cottage i was thinking of what i was going to be talking to them about. I got there and knocked on the door , Edward was there before i could take one breath. "Come in" he invited. I told them what i was thinking, they thought it was a good idea, so i went back to Renesmee.After i was dressed i went to Port Angeles to go ring shopping!

Renesmee's Point of view

"Come on Jake, just tell me what the birthday gift is!' i begged, wondering what this gift that was apparently the best gift ever was. He'd been bragging about it for days. "Okay come with me" He said, grinning. "Um Jake?" we were at a beautiful little place, full of flowers and trees with a little stream. "Shhh" is all he said. "Not to be rude but, i thought you were giving me my birthday gift?" I asked, confusion in my voice. "I am" he said quietly as he slid down on one knee. Now i finally figured out my gift.
"Nessie," he began. " I love you more than anything in this world, and i want to spend the rest of my life, no, the rest of forever with you, beside you. I hope you feel the same way too. So here it goes." he paused for a brief second than started talking again "Renesmee Carlie Cullen, will you marry me?"he asked me , while pulling the most beautiful ring i have ever seen out of his pocket. I didn't realize till now i was crying. "Of course I'll marry you Jacob!" I said, my eyes blurred with tears. He smiled and put the ring that was now mine on my finger, where it would stay forever. "Thank you" he said, his voice and face filled with happiness. Very gently he took my face in his hands and leaned in for a kiss. This was the first time we had ever kissed , besides on the cheek, and I'm glad we waited, because the glory of our first kiss made the moment so much more special. We stood there for minutes, without breaking away for air, i had never been so happy in my life and i wished we would never have to stop , but soon enough we both had to break away for air. When we did, we just stared deep into each others eyes. Finally i had to break the silence saying " I love you Jake". "I love you too Nessie, Happy Birthday" he replied smiling. Then we sat down and watched the perfect day come to and end.

So i hope you like the first chapter , comment and tell me what you thought and maybe if you have any ideas for what would happen in the next chapter which i will be starting soon! loveee-kristen

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i thank alice should do the wedding a real perty white dress for her wedding and edward sould walk he down the iel and it is good and please write more soon.
okayy ,, i like that idea lena,, and yes i will write soon... i'll proably start tonite,, thanks for the comments(:
~Chapter 2~
Part 1
Nessie's point of view

"Oh Nessie I'm so excited for you!" Alice squealed giggling.

Ever since Jake and I had told her about the engagement she had been making wedding plans NONSTOP! "Okay Nessie, do you wanna see your dress?" she asked me excitedly.

"Of course Alice, show me!" She almost flew to her bedside table she was running so fast and she was back in half a second. She had a pink notebook in her hands and she was flipping through the pages for a couple of seconds until she finally found the right page and showed me it.

It was beautiful, a white strapless dress that would go down to around my ankles. It was tight on top then flowed down into ruffles at the bottom.

I had told her before she designed the dress not to make it too wow, so the shoes were just silver ballet flats.

The jewelery was also very simple, a pair of hoops to match with the shoes, a necklace with a heart on it and a silver bracelet.

The wedding itself was going to be a lot like mom and dad's wedding. In the Cullen's house, Emmet, Jasper and dad were gonna set up a huge tent in the backyard for the reception.

The people coming were Grampa Charlie and Grandma Sue, then Grammy and Grampy Renee and Phil, the Denali clan and we were invite Zafrina and Nahuel, two family friends i had became close to when I was young. Jacobs pack and some of his family were coming too. So all in all around 30 people/vampires/werewolves.

Alice, Rosalie and mom were gonna be in charge or every ones clothes, decorating the house, and getting me ready. That meant helping me make my vows and practicing them, i would be doing that with mom. Alice would be doing my makeup, hair and dressing me. And Rosalie would be just flitting around the house helping people when they needed assistance.

Grand-mom Esme and Grand-dad Carlisle were in charge of inviting the guests, organizing the priest and ordering the food (for the humans, humans-vampires and werewolves)

The wedding would be in exactly 20 days so that meant the wedding was on September 3rd. Alice said the weather would be nice that day, so we didn't have to worry about it raining or ugh, snowing. I shuddered at the though.

When she finished showing me my outfit, she moved onto showing me the bridesmaid dresses, which were light orange and knee length. My only bridesmaids would be Alice and Rosalie. So they picked out the style of their dresses.

After she was finished all that she was going to get Jacob to try on his tux, so i went downstairs because we weren't allowed seeing eachothers outfits until the day of the wedding. He got there at the perfect time, right after we put the dress designs away.

Alice was in her huge closet getting Jake's tux, so Jake and i quickly kissed before i had to leave the room.

-Part 2-
Jacob's Point of view

I hated being away from Nessie, we'd both been so caught up in wedding plans we hardly got to see eachother. All the planing was almost done, so we'd be able to be together soon enough.

Alice was back with my tux so i went to the bathroom to try it on, i returned to Alice's room and she examined me, sticking pins in the tux where it was too long or too baggy and needed to be adjusted. Then she brought in the shoes and I pulled them on, finding more glitches in the suit she started sticking in more pins.

"Oww" I growled when one went it my skin.

" Oh come on, it barely touched you, it couldn't hurt." she teased.

"Yeah, maybe not to a bloodsucker, your skin's like made outta stone" I mumbled.

She flicked my head, "Hey don't mess my hair" I mocked her in her girly voice and laughed, that's what she said the other day when Emmet gave her a noogie.

"Turn aroud" she said sounding kinda pissed, I did what she said.

"Okay, I'm sorry for making fun of you Alice." I didn't want her to stick another pic in me on purpous.

"Thankyou." she said, barely paying attention to me, all her attention on the outfit.

After about 4 or 5 minutes she finally released me. "Okay, take off your shoes and suit carefully in the bathroom"

After i was dont changing and I gave her back the suit and shoes, she got me to read her my vows for the wedding. After she fixed every spelling istake and gramatical error she finally said the words i was dying to hear, " You can go see Nessie now Jake"

I have to admit, Alice was maaking the wedding extremely easy for me and Ness. "

"Thanks Alice, for everything, you've been a great help" I told her and gave her a hug.

"No problem Jake, I love doing this kind of stuff"

"Well is there any way I could repay you?" I asked, not wanting to be rude after all she's done for us.

"Hmm..." she looked like she was deciding between something. Her face lit up and she smiled "I know, could you either start wearing perfume, carry an air freshener around with you, or wear deoderant all of other your body when you come here. Even though I love you like a brother, you still smell horrible," She said simply.

"Uhh, sure gimmee one of those," I ponited to an air freshener in the shape of a smiley face that said it smelled like cinnamon, my favorite spice.

She gave it to me and I took a shoelace from my shoe and made it into a necklace, then hung it on my neck. She laughed, I bet she'd get a kick outta this I thought. Then i skipped out the door and called in the voide i used earlier to make fun of her. "Oh Nessie!"

Nessie's Outfit
Jake's Outfit
Alice and Rosalie's Dress
Alice's Acessories
Rosalie's Acessories

hope you like it, i am almost done of chapter 3(:
so i will be posting it soon,,:]
i like it
thanks,, im almost done of chapter 3!! i wil be posting it probably today or tomorrow:) i've been busy lately thats why i didnt post chapter 2 for a while:)

urrrgggg,, i typed up almost the whole thing then accidently lost it,, now i have to start again:@
Great story and plz keep me updated plz
sorry i havent posted chapter 3 yet,, the 2 times i was almost done typing it they got deleted ,, and i had to babysit today and yesterday
tonite probably:)
Keep it up PLZ Can you Keep me update


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