The Twilight Saga

I got inspired by the song Super Star written by:Taylor Swift

All Human Story

Bella is this normal college girl who doesn't expect herself to meet the Famous Edward Cullen,By bumping into him.But Bella isn't his number one fan like many other girls around the world.Edward is only looking one thing in life.Love!He is also undeicded by life.He trys so hard to be normal but this might be his only chance for him to be.


Chapter 1


It was werid that I was dreaming about love.I never dream about love.But I keep picturing it in my head.

''Bella I love you'I smiled.

'I love you too'The dark brown hair guy lips were inches apart.

'Bella..ISABELLA'I woke up.

'What?'I asked.I saw my professor Marks looking at me shocked.I never fell asleep in my classes ever.

'I am so sorry'I said.He nodded.

'Just don't let it happen again'I nodded and went back to my notes.I am Isabella Swan.I am a normal college studen who is majoring into Lieture.It was my favoirte thing in the world.Reading.When class ended I walked out.I went to my dorm and walked in.My roommate Alice.She has been my best friend since Junior High.I walked in and she was looking in her closet.

'Hey Alice'I said.She turned to me and smiled.Alice had short hair.She was wearing a pink dress.

'Hey'She said.She came to me with a black dress.

'What are you doing'I asked.

'Getting you ready for the party'I looked at her werid.Does she know that I am cramming for finals.I sat down on my bed.

'Alice I really need to cram for finals..they are all this week'I said.She sighed.

'Come would be and you..and I really want to go..we are the only freashman invited'She said.I shooked my head.

'No thank you..I have a study group to go too'I said.She sighed.

'You owe me'She said.I laughed.I went to my purse and got a hundred dollar bill out.I threw it at her.

'Spend it wisely'I said.She smiled.

'Hello Mall here I come'I lauaghed and she left.I got up after she left and headed toward the courtyard.I was trying to finish my studies when I bumped into someone.I looked down and saw a cute bronze-hair  guy.He looked a little boyish.But I smiled and he did too.

'I am so sorry'I said.He nodded.

'Its ok..are you ok'He asked.I nodded.He was so sweet.He was caring just the way he asked if I was ok.

'Thats werid you don't know who I am'What?Was I supposed to know.Now he is being a moron.He must be one of those football scholorship guys.

'Am I supposed to know?'I asked.He nodded.

'Kinda'He said.I looked at him werid and got up.

'Omg!Its Edward Cullen'Some one yelled.I looked at them and they were taking pictures.I guess the guy named Edward pulled me into the dormrooms and pulled me into a room.It was a janitors closet.

'What was that for'I asked.

'I am the famous singer Edward Cullen'He said.I sighed.I knew I have seen him somewhere.Alice has posters of him across her room in Forks.

'I am guessing your not a fan'He said.I laughed.

'No offense but no'I said.He nodded.

'Its kinda nice..that noone is screaming'I laughed.He was close to me.

'Do you think they followed us'I asked.He shook his head.

'No..those girls are probaly gushing over the fact that they have Edward Cullen photos'I laughed.

'Aren't you in my English Class for professor Dwight'I nodded.

'Yeah..I remember have the second highest score'I said.He nodded.

'And your the one with the highest score for the Romeo and Juliet essay 'I nodded.

'Big fan'He prasied me.I laughed.

'I am not that famous..the credit has to go to Shakespear'I said.We opened the door a cracked and walked out.

'Hey..'He was looking at me like'whats your name?'

'Bella'I said.

'Bella can you help me with the Pride & Prejudice I don't get the print'He said.I nodded.

'Libary 4 o'clock today'I said.He nodded.

'Works for me'I nodded and walked away.Edward Cullen.So cute,so hot.I just want to kiss his lips.I kept thinking about Edward all the way till 4 o'clock.I kept chanting to myself that I was going to see Edward soon.I was walking to the libary.I walked in and saw Edward under a hoddie.I walked up to him.

'Um I am here for a session'I said.He looked up and smiled.I sat down.He smiled.

'So how does it make it easy for Pride & Prejudice'He asked.

'Well..Emily Bronte is kinda more as a femmine author so you just put it in a female perspective..that means thinking like a woman'I said.He looked at me werid..

'Really/!Because that sounds a little werid'I laughed.

'No I mean.'I started to say but he nodded.

'I know what you mean'I laughed and pushed him.He laughed.He was so funny.Do I have a crush on Edward Cullen/Oh  no!

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This is a very good story and start! Write more soon! ^_^ And please update me!
Keep me updated. I love it
loves it tell me when you post more
WOW that was awesomeness!! Write more soon
Awesome. I love Taylor's song "Superstar". It's so awesome. For some reason, whenever I hear it, it makes me think of Taylor Lautner. I have NO idea why . . . . . .
awsome chapter this is good so far write more soon.
Chapter 2
I kept on acting weird.Which is total weird.It was weird because feelings came into me and not the usual kind of feelings,they were love feelings.Now I know I was in love with Edward Cullen.That's a scary picture too.I don't even know him.I know he is a major celebrity and has two brothers.Alice told me.He also has the most amazing green eyes.What adds the the perfect section is his bronze hair..when he runs his hands threw his hair..oh!I was pacing in my dorm room when Alice came in with a pop star magazine.
"OK now you need to know everything about the hottest guy in the world"She said.She threw me the magazine.Was she crazy.Its like she wants me to stalk the poor guy.
"Alice I don't feel comfortable about stalking this guy.Even by a magazine"I said.She sighed.
'If you like this guy you need to know everything about him..and you get the easy guy he is on every magazine in Holly Wood"Alice said.I opened the magazine and saw that Edward was on it.He was so cute on a magazine too.What is wrong with me?I am turning into one of those obsessed fans!The article was called:"20 Things You Didn't Know About Edward Cullen"
'Alice are you sure I should read this"I asked.She nodded and sat down on the bed next to me.
"Positive..if I wasn't the kinda of girl Edward would date I would want you to be next so read it"She said.I sighed and turned back to the article...
I learned so much from this article.His favorite color is:blue and his favorite band is:Paramore,30H!3,Vampire Weekend and Linkin Park.Those are my favorite bands.That is so cool.I feel kinda weirder now.I am stalking him.Alice saw my expression and sat down next to me.
'What's wrong Bella"She asked.
'I am stalking the poor guy...I am turning into someone I don't want to be"I said.She sighed and nodded.I was going to kill her if she says something like:'If you loved him you would do this'I wasn't going to let that happened.I got up.
'Bella maybe you should ask him out.I turned to her.
'What"I asked.
'Ask him a movie or something"I nodded.That won't be so bad.As long as I don't trip or keep laughing like I do on any other date.
'No I am good just being someone who is in his class'I said.She put me on the floor and got the phone.
'Call him or I will tell him about your entry in your diary/song book and bout how you love to look into his eyes'She.She wouldn't.I have to do that now.
'Give me the phone'I said.She gave it to me and she was know sitting on me.I called his number and the phone ringed three times until he answered.
'Hello"I heard a his voice.I put my hand on the speaker.
'What do a he answered it"I asked.
'I don't know I never called a guy"I gave her the phone but she pushed it to me.We kept doing that until Edward asked who is speaking.Alice took the phone and she put both of her thumbs on her nose to make it nasally.
'Sorry operator calling bye'She hanged up and threw the phone on the bed.
'Now I have to get a new number'I said.She shrugged.I groaned.I layed on my bed and layed down.
'I am totally embarrassed said.Alice sighed.She went to her closet and brought out a black dress.It was pretty.I mean a little busy but I could work it.
'Lets go party."I looked at her.What was wrong with her?I already got embarrassed I can't get that feeling again.
'No"I said.
'Come on need some fun in your life..some alcohol or something"She said.I nodded.I do kinda want to wear that dress and have fun.I smiled.
'Yay!'She gave me the dress and pushed me toward the bathroom.I took a shower and walked out with a robe on.Alice did my hair and my make-up.Before we were done.My phone ranged.It was a unknown number.
'Which phone did we call him from'I asked.Alice looked at me.
'Dorm-room phone'I nodded and answered it.
'Hola'I said.
'Hey Bella its Edward..I was wondering if maybe you would like to go to this movie tonight..I know its late minute but'I smiled.
'I would love too'I said.
'Great um..girls dorm room right'
'Yeah bye'I hanged up and smiled.
'He asked me out'I said.Alice smiled.
' go get out of that dress'She said.I smiled and went to my closet and tried to find something cute.I put on a jean skirt with a yellow Cami top with an over sized gray linen jersey cardigan.I put on a pair navy blue flats.I walked out and Alice smiled.
'That's so pretty Bells"She said.I smiled.
'Thanks"I hugged her and my phone ranged.
'Hello"I said.
'Hey I am outside"I smiled.
'Ok be there in a mintue'I hanged and and got my purse and walked out.I saw Edward there and he opened my door for me.
'Thanks"I said.He smiled.
'My pleasure you ready"He asked.I nodded.We went into his red mustang.It smelled like leather and new car.We got to the theatre and we walked in.Edward got popcorn and I kept smiling.What is up with me and dates?We started to talk and laugh.When the movie started people were staring at us.It was werid.
'Um..can you get something to drink this popcorn is making me really thirsty'I asked.He nodded.
'What do you want to drink"He asked.People looked at Edward and I and I smiled.
' slava really helped"I said.People kept staring and it felt so werid.When the movie was done people came up to Edward for autographs and we went to the dorm room.
'Thanks I had a really good time"I said.He smiled.
'Me too'He said.We were inches from each other and flashing camera's came on.
'Edward is this your girlfriend?How long have you been dating?"They kept asking.I pulled Edward in my dormroom and I saw Alice wasn't here.
'Nice room'He said.He saw Alice's poster of him.I laughed.I need to make note to ask her to put those away.
'Yeah my roommate is a big fan"I said.He smiled.We were inches apart and he kissed me.It felt so good.I swear I saw fireworks in the background.It got intense.He pushed me to him and we layed down.I ran my hands though his hair and he did the same when the door opened we stopped and pulled away.
'Hi"Alice said.Edward got up.
'Hello..I should go see you later Bella"I nodded and he left.Alice smiled.
'Edward Cullen touched your bed and our floor and he touched you"She was gushing.I laughed.That was so funny.
'Your so lucky"She said.
'Alice can you try to keep the and Edward are kinda dating.I think?'I said.I hope so.Edward was really kind and great.He has the best voice oh and his eyes melt when I look into them.
'You guys are dating you kissed and you smile when you see him its perfect"She said.I laughed.
'Great"I said.I got ready for bed and I still felt the tingling on my lips.That was the best 4th of July ever!Even though it wasn't the fouth of July.It was the end of Febuary...
I woke up and heard Alice's alarm clock blaring on with songs.I got up and saw Alice listening to Edward.
'Alice really"I asked.She came from her closet and nodded.
'Yeah..he has the best voice ever"She said.I sighed.She is such a fan.I walked tothe bathroom to get ready.I took a shower and walked out.
"Hello Califonia here is the new hit from Edward Cullen is called Hello Beautiful here it is"The song started to play.
"Take my hand tonight
We can run so far
We can change the world to anything we want
We can stop for hours just staring at the stars
They shine down to show us


you know when the sun forgets to shine
I'll be there to hold you through the night
And we'll be running so fast we can fly tonight
And even when we're miles and miles apart
You're still holding all of my heart
I promise it will never be dark
I know..we're inseparable

[Verse 2:]
We could run forever if you wanted to
And i would not get tired
Because I'd be with you
I keep singing this song until the very end
We have done all these things

you know when the sun forgets to shine
I'll be there to hold you through the night
And we'll be running so fast we can fly tonight
And even when we're miles and miles apart
You're still holding all of my heart
I promise it will never be dark
I know..we're inseparable

I would give it all
Never let you fall
Cause you know we're inseparable
I would give it all
Just to show you I'm in love
Cause you know we're inseparable

you know when the sun forgets to shine
I'll be there to hold you through the night
And we'll be running so fast we can fly tonight
And even when we're miles and miles apart
You're still holding all of my heart
I promise it will never be dark
I know..we're inseparable"
The song ended and me and Alice looked at each other.
"That was so beautiful"I said.Alice nodded.
'I wonder"She said.I think I know what she was talking about.She was wondering if the song was about me.WHich would be werid if that was true but sweet.I got dress and we started to head out for coffee.
"Bella what if that song was about you"She asked.I shrugged.
"I don't know"I did know.I would be so happy and esatic to know that he loved me.And saying it though a song was perfect.Just then people came up to us.
'Omg!Your Edward Cullen's new girl"What?How did they get info?I looked at Alice.A girl showed us a magazine of me and Edward lips inches apart about to kiss.
"Can I see that"I asked.She nodded.
"What's like to date a guy like Edward"I shrugged.
'Cool"I said.They squealed.Looks like Alice is not the number one fan anymore.I read the article and it talked about how I was the new freash meat of Edward Cullen.Which is werid that they compared me to that.I gave the magazine to them and ran to the car.Alice was behind running in heels.
'Bella what are you doing"She asked.She sat down next to me.
'I am new meat..and not the good kind"I said.Alice smiled and let me cry on her blue summer dress.
'Oh Bella..its ok..I mean you won't be meat..even though you are a mammal which is not what were talking about..just see how he never know"She was right.I just have to see how Edward acts.This is just a magazine.
'Your right lets go I have class in 30"I said.She nodded and we drove home.I parked the car and got out.I saw Edward there.
'I have to go cousin that my friend is seeing Edward Cullen maybe she will even let me borrow her Prada shoes"Alice said.I nodded.
'Have fun with that"I said.She nodded and ran inside.I smiled.Edward came to me.
'I am sorry..that your part of the new headlines..and new meat"He said the new meat like a question.I nodded.
'Yeah..well I hope I am the steak the expensive kind"I said.He laughed.
'Don't worry they will get over this in a couple of days..when Miley Cyrus is in Malibu"I laughed and kissed him...
post more soon
This is so good. Please update asap... ^_^


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