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This is a story where Edward and Bell aren't together, they're just best friends, in their senior year of high school, but when they separate to collage, they become famous, Bella for her writing and Edward for his musical talents, and when Bella writes Twilight and they need a soundtrack for the movie, they ask Edward to do the soundtrack. Will they fall in love? Or even remember each other's name? Disclaimer: Characters and all things Twilight belong to Stephanie Meyer and Summit Productions. Plot belongs to me! :)

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ome tell me when u post more!


Thanks Julianna Cullen //Aunt Irene RIP! I just updated, and if you want future updates, just send me a friend request!


Chapter Twenty Four- Kodak Moment!


“So, should we have ours on Valentine’s Day? Or are we more of a summer romance couple? And about the location, should ours be in Jamaica? Or the forest in Forks; I’m having so much trouble deciding, I just want this to be perfect-“ Alice was droning on and on about wedding details with Jasper so much, that we all intervened.

“ALICE!” We all yelled as we sat in a big food court at some mall in New York City.

“Sorry...It’s just, well, this is crucial information that needs to be decided as soon as possible!” Alice sounded frantic, that was NEVER a good thing. A frantic Alice meant frantic Jasper, and when Jasper isn’t calm, none of the Cullen young adults are calm, and that makes me frantic, because I rely on the Cullens to make me calm.  

“Whoa Bridezilla, calm down!” Emmett isn’t that helpful in stressful situations. So Jazz could chill, he kicked Emmett in the shin.

“Owe! Jeez Jazz, I was only kidding! I just want to talk about something other than weddings.” That set Rose off. Nice job Em, you really are that smart.

“Really? So when our wedding comes around, what are we going to do? Jet to Vegas and back?”


“No, we are not getting MARRIED in Vegas, you realize I’ve been planning our wedding since I was five?! Yes, before you loved me, I loved you, and I knew we were getting married. We are getting married in Fiji, and honeymooning in France. Then we are moving to Cape Cod. Got it?” She said sternly.

“Rose…” He leaned back, scared to look her directly in the eye. To be honest, I think we all were.

“I said GOT it?” She interrupted.

“Yes ma’am.”He stiffened, and she smiled happily. I think he felt bad so he loosened his posture, and kissed her.

“Love you.” He said. So the rest of us jumped at the chance to embarrass Emmett, we all made kissy faces at Emmett, then we jumped up out of the table and made a run for it. Edward and I grabbed hands and ran for the elevator.

We got in the elevator and he spoke to me softly.

“Bella, love, we need to discuss something.” His emerald eyes were staring down into mine.

“What...?” I became nervous and my heart sped up like it always does when he stands so close to me.

“Where am I marrying the love of my life?” I smiled a smile of relief.

“I don’t care.” I answered shyly.

“A real answer would be nice…” He pressed.

“Okay, well, there was a place I had in mind...” I stopped sort.

“And this place is…” He continued.

“You’ll laugh at me.”

“I don’t care as long as we are saying ‘I do’.”

“Fine, um, well, I was hoping your house…”

“Okay, it’s at my house.” He said nonchalantly. I couldn’t believe how he took that.

“How are you taking that so smoothly?” I asked rather confused.

“I don’t care WHERE we’re getting married, as long as I am marrying you. I’ve waited and fought for you, and I’m not letting go.” I blushed deep crimson giggled quietly.

“And we wouldn’t want to ruin it for the paparazzi, would we?” He asked pointing in the direction of the bushes that were now below us.

“Ah shoot...” I said slowly.

“I don’t think you need to worry about them...the whole world saw our kiss at my concert, so they know that we are dating.” I think at about that time, my face looked as though I was about to scream bloody murder.

“But-but what about keeping us a secret?” I asked softly.

“I guess it was just time.” He smiled and pulled me into a warm embrace.

“I love you.” I heard him whisper into my ear. I kissed his cheek and heard the elevator ding on the 6th floor, so I ran out and into the closest store I could find, luckily it was the one store Edward couldn’t stand, Bath and Body Works. He said it smelled like a perfume factory gone wrong. I on the other hand loved this store; it reminded me of mom, and her love of making things happier and brighter.

I ran inside, Edward following closely behind, and then he caught my before I tripped and fell into a tub of perfumes and lotions.

“Thanks.” I said breathless; and he just smiled his cocky smile.

“So now that you got me in here, what would you like to do?” He smiled again, and I felt my knees go weak as if I was back in high school.

“Um, well, they’re having a two for one sale. Buy one bottle of soap, you get another bottle!” I said pointing at the giant wall of various foaming and antibacterial hand soaps.

“I guess we can consider it our first house warming gift.” Back it up, what house? As my mind was wrapping around our conversations, (none of which ever involved a house by the way,) a sly and slightly cocky smile crossed his lips.

He didn’t.

Oh but he so did.

“What did you do Edward Cullen?” That sly and cocky smile remanded on his lips as I pointed my finger and backed him into one of the walls full of scented chemicals.

“Nothing, I just was looking and I found one that I thought was suitable for our tastes. I thought you would have reacted with a bit more enthusiasm than that. You can consider it an early birthday present if you want.” He was smooth talking me.

“No one gives a house as a birthday gift! Especially not for your girlfriend’s 23rd birthday that’s months away!”

“I do, I am giving you a house, our house, just for us. No one else to take you away from me. No old-flames, no parents to tell us put the video games away, not a soul but you and me.” I realized he was pulling me closer as he spoke, then I was gone.

“Owe! Alice! Let go of me! Where are you taking me? People are staring!” She and Rose were dragging me by the arms with what seemed like thousands of people all staring at me.

“No! We are banning all males for the rest of the day! No objections, no questions asked.” Alice told me while she and Rosalie continued to drag me in a shoe store.

“But Edward was just about to tell me about our house!” I ranted as they let me go and set me in a store with really fancy writing on it.

“I hate shoe shopping!” I objected as they pulled me toward an isle of Converse shoes.

“Do you hate shoe shopping now?” Rose asked pointing to all of the glorious sneakers.

“Nope!” I said so happy I thought I was going to pass out.

“I’m sorry to tell you this but we brought you in here to discuss something. It’s something that involves all three of us...”

I felt instant panic, I felt sweat forming on my hairline. When something involves all three of us, and is being told in a fancy shoe store, something isn’t good.

“Well, Bella, um, Jasper got a job transfer, and I’m moving, to Italy, Volterra to be exact.”

“JOB TRANSFER?!” I jumped up and shouted.

“Sh! Yes Bella, I’m moving to Italy, and so are you.” She said looking down.

“But-but Edward said he bought us a house!” I objected; the truth was dawning on me before Alice answered.

“When Edward said that, he was talking about a house there. And when Rosalie talked about Cape Cod, that’s the house they named, they named the house Cape Cod.”

“How long has everyone known this and hadn’t told me?” I asked suspiciously pointing my finger at them and waving it back and forth between the two of them.

“A few months...Bella we wanted to tell you, especially Edward! But since things were so crazy, we knew it would be too hard to handle.” Rosalie told me reassuringly.

“I guess you’ve told her?” Edward asked walking in with his hands in his pockets.

“Yep, they told me, why didn’t you Edward?” I asked wrapping my arms around his waist.

“I wasn’t sure how you would take it, and I wanted to surprise you with this,” He unwrapped my arms, and pulled out a box from the inside of his jacket, I saw a rather large box, purple box, with a green ribbon. I thought it was ironic, since my favorite color was purple and his was green, but then I realized it probably wasn’t that ironic.

He opened the box and I saw journal, and pen. He knew me so well! I threw my arms around his neck and hugged him.

“I’m glad you like it Bella.” He said laughing, “I thought it was appropriate for our current endeavors. With the movie, the move, and the wedding, I wanted to give you something to document our journey with. It seemed right since we never get to capture those Kodak moments, I wanted to give you something to use to write out our random Kodak moments.” He told me smiling from ear to ear.

“The journal and pen, well, Edward they’re beautiful!” The journal was a light purple and said, “Love Forever, Write Everything”. The same thing was written on the solid black pen.

“You know me so well!” I said looking into his beautiful emerald eyes. I was lost in his eyes, so was he.

“Romeo and Juliet! Snap out of it!” Alice was snapping her fingers trying to get our attention.

“Wait! I just thought of something!” I said shouting.

“What?!” Edward shouted back.

“What about the movie?” I asked suddenly very curious and confused.

“Don’t worry, we’ll move once we’re done filming, I have this whole thing planned out Bella.” Edward me softly.

“Okay, good, we have a plan, that’s something, there’s no reason to freak out or anything.” I said as my breathing came faster and my heart rate increased.

“Bella, we will be fine, as long as we’re with each other, that’s good. We’ll be great if we are together.” Edward and I were standing so close to each other, but I felt so far, like with the move we wouldn’t be the same. He might meet the one, in Italy. I wanted so much, be I felt so little. I for the first time was, scared.

LOVE IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! got caught upp again lol UPDATE SOON!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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Thanks Bianca.BeeBee.Lopez! lol! I'll update as soon as I can!


Great Chapter,Love it!!!!

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Thanks Bella Cullen the ninja! I will! :D


wow!!! i think the ending of the story is near..

Would you like the end of the story??? Because I still have plenty of ideas! :)


Hi Kallie

I can't wait for the weddings and Bella needs to breathe and relax, maybe Jazz can help her with that.  I hope she doesn't freak out and runaway scared!! Post more soon




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