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This is a story where Edward and Bell aren't together, they're just best friends, in their senior year of high school, but when they separate to collage, they become famous, Bella for her writing and Edward for his musical talents, and when Bella writes Twilight and they need a soundtrack for the movie, they ask Edward to do the soundtrack. Will they fall in love? Or even remember each other's name? Disclaimer: Characters and all things Twilight belong to Stephanie Meyer and Summit Productions. Plot belongs to me! :)

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yay!! :D
Yay!!! :D

I’m being a major slacker, so I’m giving a sneak peak and going to post the rest really soon!

Chapter Twenty Five- Once You’re Here, You Can’t Ever Leave (AKA Volterra)


Preface to Chapter Twenty Five

Love is such a small word, with such a powerful meaning. I’ve said the word many times, told it to many times to many people, and I’ve felt it myself. But I never thought about its true impact, its blow it has on people. The way the four letter word feels; how it felt when I was still scared of it. How it felt when I found the one, and almost let him go, and how it felt to have him back. How it pushes and pulls your existence, and how it changes you, when you finally feel you overcame it.



But then you are filled with doubt.


And you are no longer the same.


Because once you feel the doubt,


It NEVER goes away. Or so it seems...


Chapter Twenty Five- Once Here, You Can’t Ever Leave (AKA Volterra)

“Once on a plane, always on a plane.” I heard Alice say as we walked onto the plane to Volterra.

“Okay, I am so confused.” I said as we walked, with Edward’s arm around my waist.

We were headed off to visit Volterra before we officially moved; it was all six of us since Carlisle and Esme decided to stay in the US as long as the Cullens + One visit them often.

“Don’t worry, we’re all confused.” Emmett said loudly.

“I mean that we’ve been traveling a lot, and soon Edward and Bella will be back in LA shooting their movie again.”

“Oh.” We all echoed as we entered the plane.

“Okay, your seats are right in front! Have a fantastic day!” The obviously-had- too-much-coffee-today flight attendant said.

“We’re in first class?!” I whisper-yelled to Edward.

“Yes, the Cullens always fly first class. You’ll get used to it.” He gestured us to our seats, “surprisingly” they were right next to each other.

“I really am shocked our seats are right next to each other.” I said sarcastically.

“I’m sure you are Bella. Now I can tell you’re exhausted. Just relax, I’ll still be here.” He patted his shoulder to lean on, and I did, I could feel his shoulder go up and down with his breathing.

“But I don’t want to sleep!” I objected, realizing I had started to fall for his trap.

“I’m not falling for it Bella, I’ve known you for too long, just sleep love, you’ll be alright.” I didn’t want to, so I pulled out my MacBook as Edward rolled his eyes in dismay.

“I need to get a copy of New Moon (AN: Still NOT mine,) out to Amy as soon as I can, since I have the ending I plan on finishing it!” My head was still leant on his shoulder, and I was looking up at him.

“There’s no need to rush writing.” He said kissing the top of my head.

“There is if you’re me, that being said, I think it’s about that time, Bella needs to go save little Eddie boy from a bunch of meanie vampires!” I said mocking.

Edward gave me the look of, “You’ve officially lost your mind Isabella Swan.” I elbowed him and went to the New Moon (AN: Again, NOT MINE,) and opened to the chapter where Bella meets Alice and she is told Rosalie told Edward that Bella died. Gosh! I’m so excited to write this part!

I started thinking about Volterra, Volturi. Volterra, Volturi, I think I like that a lot. I started typing furiously, from the plane, to the plane ride with Alice, all the way to the Grand Theft Auto, and with only five minutes before Edward is to step out into the light, I was interrupted.

“Hey, is there a reason we sparkle?” I heard Edward ask next to me.
Sounds sexy! *laughs* please post more soon

Lol, okay Lexi, I'm sure it is. I will! :)


YAY!!!!! U UPDATED!!!!!!!!!!! <3 


:D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D

Thank you Bella!


Thank you Story Lover! I will!


bc their all fairies lmao likey! =D

Thank you Kristahra! Lol!


LOVE IT !!!!!!!!

Kallie so sorry I couldnt read last night I had no internet!! Can you imagine it was horrid,. Ok so that was so good I LOVED IT!! And it left me craving more I loved the part when Edward said, "Hey, is there a reason we sparkle?'

That was so cute once again you amaze me and I hope you post the rest of the awesome chappie soon!!

Hats off to you Kallie!!





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