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This is a story where Edward and Bell aren't together, they're just best friends, in their senior year of high school, but when they separate to collage, they become famous, Bella for her writing and Edward for his musical talents, and when Bella writes Twilight and they need a soundtrack for the movie, they ask Edward to do the soundtrack. Will they fall in love? Or even remember each other's name? Disclaimer: Characters and all things Twilight belong to Stephanie Meyer and Summit Productions. Plot belongs to me! :)

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Chapter Twenty Five- Once You’re Here, You Can’t Ever Leave (AKA Volterra)


Preface to Chapter Twenty Five

Love is such a small word, with such a powerful meaning. I’ve said the word many times, told it to many times to many people, and I’ve felt it myself. But I never thought about its true impact, its blow it has on people. The way the four letter word feels; how it felt when I was still scared of it. How it felt when I found the one, and almost let him go, and how it felt to have him back. How it pushes and pulls your existence, and how it changes you, when you finally feel you overcame it.



But then you are filled with doubt.


And you are no longer the same.


Because once you feel the doubt,


It NEVER goes away. Or so it seems...


Chapter Twenty Five- Once Here, You Can’t Ever Leave (AKA Volterra)

“Once on a plane, always on a plane,” I heard Alice say as we walked onto the plane to Volterra.

“Okay, I am officially confused,” I said as we walked, with Edward’s arm around my waist.

We were headed off to visit Volterra before we officially moved; it was all six of us since Carlisle and Esme decided to stay in the US as long as the Cullens + One visit them often.

“Don’t worry, we’re all confused.” Emmett said loudly.

“I mean that we’ve been traveling a lot, and soon Edward and Bella will be back in LA shooting their movie again.”

“Oh.” We all echoed as we entered the plane.

“Okay, your seats are right in front! Have a fantastic day!” The obviously-had- too-much-coffee-today flight attendant said.

“We’re in first class?!” I whisper-yelled to Edward.

“Yes, the Cullens always fly first class. You’ll get used to it.” He gestured us to our seats, “surprisingly” they were right next to each other.

“I really am shocked our seats are right next to each other.” I said sarcastically.

“I’m sure you are Bella. Now I can tell you’re exhausted. Just relax, I’ll still be here.” He patted his shoulder to lean on, and I did, I could feel his shoulder go up and down with his breathing.

“But I don’t want to sleep!” I objected, realizing I had started to fall for his trap.

“I’m not falling for it Bella, I’ve known you for too long, just sleep love, you’ll be alright.” I didn’t want to, so I pulled out my MacBook as Edward rolled his eyes in dismay.

“I need to get a copy of New Moon (AN: Still NOT mine,) out to Amy as soon as I can, since I have the ending I plan on finishing it!” My head was still leant on his shoulder, and I was looking up at him.

“There’s no need to rush writing.” He said kissing the top of my head.

“There is if you’re me, that being said, I think it’s about that time, Bella needs to go save little Eddie boy from a bunch of meanie vampires!” I said mocking.

Edward gave me the look of, “You’ve officially lost your mind Isabella Swan.” I elbowed him and went to the New Moon (AN: Again, NOT MINE,) and opened to the chapter where Bella meets Alice and she is told Rosalie told Edward that Bella died. Gosh! I’m so excited to write this part!

I started thinking about Volterra, Volturi. Volterra, Volturi, I think I like that a lot. I started typing furiously, from the plane, to the plane ride with Alice, all the way to the Grand Theft Auto, and with only five minutes before Edward is to step out into the light, I was interrupted.

“Hey, is there a reason we sparkle?” I heard Edward ask next to me.

“DUDE! I’m trying to save Edward right now and you’re stopping my creative process! Ugh! Dude, I was just about to have Bella run up onto your cold, hard body, and be nearly killed by the Volturi, but be saved! You want to be saved don’t you?” I asked pointing my finger at him. He quickly nodded his head yes.

“Exactly, and I don’t know why you sparkle, you just do. Got it?” I retorted.

“Yes love.” He said reaching over and kissing my cheek and then my lips.

“I love you.” I said sighing. He laughed,

“I love you as well.”

We sat in silence as my iPod played and my head rested on his shoulder. He was reading War and Peace while I was writing, everything was calm and serene.


12 Midnight

“You need to sleep Bella; you need to sleep right now!” Edward whispered to me.

“No, if Bella is exhausted while saving Edward, I want to get the feeling just right!”

“Well it’s a sure good thing you’re not saving me now isn’t?”

“You’re impossible,” I said throwing my hands in the air. 

“Fine Bella, but if you’re not going to sleep, than I am staying up with you, and you can’t do anything about it.” He stated matter-oh-factly.


“Are you happy now Bella?”


He rolled his eyes and turned his attention back to his book.

“Okay everyone, we will be land in Volterra’s airport shortly, please remained buckled and stay seated, thank you and have a LAX day!” A chirpy voice echoed through the jet.

“How is someone supposed to do that?” I pondered.

Edward just looked at me and shrugged.

“Oh we’re off to see the wizard, the wonderful wizard of Oz!” I heard Emmett start singing off-key.

I rolled my eyes and pressed save on my Mac, smiling I said, “Second novel, completed!” Edward’s lips pressed against my forehead and smiled.

Eventually the plane landed and I stood up stretching. I started humming to myself, though it’s not something I do frequently.

“What are you humming Bella?” Alice asked, suddenly next to me.

“Whoa, Alice, you took me by surprise,” I focused my attention back to the question, “I don’t know actually.” I said shrugging.

We walked off the plane into the bright sun, to make fun of Edward I said, “Oh no! I think your sparkles are showing!”

“Ha ha, very funny Bella, but I do not sparkle love.”

“I don’t know, I think I detect a hint of spark coming from behind your left ear.”

He rolled his eyes and we walked off of to where a black car was seated off in the distance. I saw someone of a slightly pale complexion step out of the car, “Jasper and his family, you are the Cullens, I presume?” I looked up at Edward, unsure if I should nod or not.

“Yes, Aro, we are the Cullens, except for our parents, Carlisle and Esme, they have stayed in the United States.” Jasper responded, was this his new boss?

“Oh Carlisle, it has been some time since I have seen him, but my goodness, I have not introduced myself to all of you, I am Aro, along with my two brothers, we are the CEOs of this corporation where your dear friend Jasper has so graciously accepted our little promotion. I understand you are here on a visit to become familiar with our humble abode?”

“Yes, in fact, my fiancée Alice had some things planned on a timed schedule for these women, so if you wouldn’t mind them leaving, I’m sure we can discuss other details somewhere else?”

“But of course Jasper, I will give you three a moment to say your goodbyes.” He disappeared into his car and Edward turned to me.

“Goodbye love,” his lips found mine and he lifted my arms to his neck.

“Edward, not in front of the boss,” I said playfully pushing him.

He continued to take pecks at my lips and sustained the kiss for just a second longer.

“Love you Eddie.” I said hugging tightly.

“Just as I love you Bells,” he said whispering in my ear.

“Chop chop people! We have some business to take care of. Rosalie, Bella, stop kissing your boyfriends, and come with me,” Alice said in a commanding voice.

“Just for that Alice,” Edward said, he pulled me up to him and started kissing me. I could feel my arms wrap around his warm neck as he held me close. I could tell Alice’s irritation radiating from her being, and I internally smiled. He finally let go and before Edward could do or say anything else, Alice whisked us away. Off to the land of no fiancés allowed. How grand.

We reached where Alice ran us off to; it was a beautiful and grand clock tower.


“Sh! Okay, you can’t tell Edward why I took you here, you can’t tell him that I took you here at all actually. See that house, right across the way, opposite the tower?” she said pointing to a house/apartment that was as cute as a button.

“Is that ours?” I said in awe.

“Yes, but you absolutely can’t let it slip that I showed you this place. I just didn’t think it was fair that everyone had already seen their new houses. Rose didn’t either, so here is our sneak peak of your house.”

“Can I go inside…?” I asked quietly.

“Nope, sorry Bella, the inside is a big surprise. Besides, we’re going shopping, this is girl time. The sacred time girls all across the world use to talk about their boyfriends.”

“Ah, girl time.”

“Yes dear Bella, girl time.”



“Rose, why are they staring at us…?” I leaned over and whispered to Rosalie as a bunch of really cute guys walked past and stared at the two of us.

“I don’t know…but I’m pretty happy Em’s not here to see,” we started to shyly wave our hands and smile.

We were standing in Louis Vuitton store at a strip mall here. It was all so pricey but Alice insisted on stopping in for only “five minutes”, more like thirty. Rosalie and I became bored fast, so we decided to stand and get some smoothies from a food vender.

“They’re coming over!” I said whisper-shouting to Rose.

“Relax Bella; nothing will happen I’m sure.”

“Right…chill, we’re cool, right?”

“Why hello there, I am Alec and this is Felix and Demetri. And you two are?”

“Engaged,” A voice came from behind, I nudged the voice in the stomach.

“Of course, we knew that your friend Jasper is our new member of our staff and we wished to say hello.”

“I’m sure that was all of your intentions, you’ve said hi, bye.” I continued to jab my elbow into the voice’s stomach, hoping to silence the voice.

“Bye,” The three men walked away, and I spun around.

“Oh wow Edward, you couldn’t leave for a minute without defending the fact we’re going to get married?!”

“You clearly weren’t going to say anything.”

“Oh, really; how in the world would you now that?! Are you psychic suddenly?”

“No, I’m your best friend, I know these things.”

“Ugh,” I walked away to break up the argument about to erupt between Rosalie and Emmett.

“Rose! They were flirting with you two!”

“Emmett, nothing was going to happen! I wouldn’t let anything happen, I can be faithful.”

“Don’t bring up that again! You know you’re the most beautiful thing in my world Rose, I just don’t want to lose you…ever.”

“I know that Em, I love you too, but you can’t just overreact like that every time I talk to someone. You just have to trust me on this.”

I snuck into Edward as his arms wrapped around me. My back was to his chest and I smiled looking at him. He looked down and me and smiled back, as his head gently pressing against the top of my head. It was peaceful.

We decided to give them privacy in search for our own.

His lips pressed my neck and his arms enveloped my waist for a tight hold.

“Darling, will you ever realize just how much I love and adore you?”

I heard his musical voice in my ear,

“Probably not,” I turned to face him, “but I sure can try.”

So cute!

Overprotective boyfriends are always the sweetest!!!!


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