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This is a story where Edward and Bell aren't together, they're just best friends, in their senior year of high school, but when they separate to collage, they become famous, Bella for her writing and Edward for his musical talents, and when Bella writes Twilight and they need a soundtrack for the movie, they ask Edward to do the soundtrack. Will they fall in love? Or even remember each other's name? Disclaimer: Characters and all things Twilight belong to Stephanie Meyer and Summit Productions. Plot belongs to me! :)

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it really sounds interesting i really want to read it
i would so read this!
Yes! lol. Sounds really good
Okay, well here goes the first chapter! Please remember, I don't own Twilight characters, just the story. :)
Chapter One- Graduation Day
What was going to happen? What would happen when my best friend Edward Cullen went across the country to Juliard in New York, and I go to UCLA? Could we still be the best of friends?
A million thoughts were running through my head as I stood in line, as I waited for my diploma, that's right, it was the day I was dreading, Senior Graduation Day. With the whole school and their parents watching me. Grrr them, just waiting for me to fall on my face. If I fall, and when I fall, it will give Jessica Stanley another reason to laugh at me. Great, way to go clumsy genes. The only good thing about Graduation Day means one step closer to escaping Jessica and Lauren. "Bella Swan." Well, here goes nothing.
I was right, I fell, twice. Yay. But I eventually made it to the podium (AN: Sorry I don't know how to spell that word.) and got my diploma, then ungracefuly walked off. I could see Edward being as smug as ever, so to be very immature I stuck my tongue right back out at him. I sat back down at my seat and luckly they were almost done with the students.
After what felt like hours of useless talking about the future and to be careful, and to be good to other people, and blah blah BLAH, the graduation finally ended and I could go home to change for Alice's party. Alice was Edward's sister, but adoptive, so was Emmett, and my only other good friends Rosalie and Jasper were actually related by blood they were the Hales. I was the only one out of my friends that wasn't popular, I was the bookworm, nerdy writing bookworm.
Trust me, I would rather stay home then go to a party, but I knew I could never live it down if I tried to avoid Alice's party.
"Congradulation's Bella!" I heard my dad say to me. "Is there anywhere you would like to go to eat before your party?" "Hey dad, would you mind if we ate at home? I really want to cook for you before I go to the party." "Well, it's your graduation Bells." "Dad? I'm gonna go find Edward and congradulate him." "Okay Bells, I'll see you in the police cruiser." " 'Kay dad." "After countless searching I found my best friend. "EDWARD!" I yelled. He looked over at me. We ran like they do in those movies on the beach where they run in slow motion with huge fake smiles on their faces. Yeahhh, were kinda weird like that. When we finally reached each other, we smiled and hugged. "Happy graduation day!" We said at the same time. "Um, Edward, I gotta run, I'm gonna make dinner for Charlie and he's waiting in the cruiser." "Ah, we wouldn't want to keep the cheif of police waiting, what if there was a crime?!" He said with much mock horror. "Yes, crime in the town of FORKS, so plausible." "Seeya later Bells," "Bye Edward." I ran back out to the cruiser where I saw Charlie waiting, so I got into the car and we drove home.
After dinner I took my old truck from the 50's up to the Cullen manison, I saw Alice, Edward, Emmett, Rosalie, Jasper, and Edwards adoptive parents, Carlisle and Esme. This was going to be one interesting party.
I absolutely loved this chapter.Please keep me updated.Please write more soon! Please!!! I can't wait for more!
WOW! every chapter is so wondeful! u have to continue! NOW! i love this part! ''He looked over at me. We ran like they do in those movies on the beach where they run in slow motion with huge fake smiles on their faces.''
******NEW READER******
love it
Silly, of course you should write it. This is a different kind of plot. I don't realy like the AH stories. But, yours sounds good. Please write more.
it does sounds good :)
More is coming very soon.
I didn't write that, whoever wrote and I quote, "More is coming very soon." Stop, now, I don't know how you got my account, and stop NOW! I might sound crazy, but Stop! This is not your fan fiction, this is not your account. Stop on my account.
Awesome idea! This story sounds good! please keep me updated


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