The Twilight Saga

Benjamin Barker is an ordinary man living in Europe. He lived happily and comfortably with his wife and daughter. But something happens to him, changing the course of his whole life. After he becomes a barber, he meets Mrs. Lovett, a pie shop owner who eagerly wants his attention, and the Cullens, a family with a large secret. Who is that human girl trapped in the basement of their home? Who is the baby girl who reminds Benjamin of his daughter? And who is that beautiful woman who calls herself Johanna that he keeps coming across to? In the ups and downs of this epic romantic barber shop thriller, you'll go through the ups and downs of Benjamin's depressing life, which ends too soon.

Stephenie Meyer, eat your heart out. :3

Chapter 1: Change

"Daddy! Daddy! Look!" Marie, Benjamin's two year old daughter eagerly reached for the gray rabbit that ran past his feet.
"Yes, a rabbit. Do you see how fast he goes?" Benjamin put Marie down and she toddled after it.
"Bunnee!" she squealed. Then a small bird flew by, drawing her attention away from the rabbit. She began to follow that instead.
"Benjamin! Marie! Dinner!" He picked up his daughter and hurried back into the house.
"How was the walk?" she asked, putting a roll on Benjamin's plate. "Did my baby act up out there?"
"It was fantastic," he replied. "Marie was fine. She loved the rabbits."
His wife smiled beautifully back at him.
After dinner, they walked outside again in front of their house. Marie screamed as she chased fireflies around the lawn. She grew tired, so they brought her back inside. She immediately fell asleep in her crib, smiling as she slept.
Benjamin and his wife stayed up half the night discussing their day. She fell asleep in his arms, and Benjamin thought about how he should take another walk tomorrow.
Benjamin awoke to see his wife cooking in the kitchen. Marie was still sleeping. He cleared his throat.
"Yes, dear?" his wife said.
"I'm going to take another walk," he declared. "I won't be long. I should be back before breakfast."
She smiled and nodded again.
Benjamin jogged to the forest and looked around.
He saw a flash of gold and silver.

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He zoomed in the spot where the unnatural colors where.
A pair of eyes stared back at him.
It was a person. A person so beautiful, Benjamin couldn't tell if it was a boy or a girl. The person's hair was golden, gently waving to their shoulders. They had skin so pale that it looked like a sheet of paper. Their eyes...were blazing red. They sent shivers down his spine and shook the cores of his bones. The eyes stared back, fixed upon Benjamin's throat. He was so frightened, that he couldn't hear his heartbeat anymore.
The perfect person lunged.
Benjamin fell to the ground.
The person was on top of him, and stared at him with those horrible red eyes. He tried to get from under, but the person was so strong that the attempt felt feeble to even himself.
The skin was so cold, he shivered from fright and hypothermia.
The person's teeth cut into his throat.
Benjamin screamed.
Pain. Agonizing pain shot through his whole body. It felt like a crushing weight had pressed right onto him. He screamed, breaking the blood clots in his eyes.
He burned.
A fire blazed inside of him, scraping every part of his body. He screamed and screamed, blackness covering him up. Before the blackness took over, Benjamin saw the face of the perfect person, staring at him.
Nothing but fire and pain, pain and fire.
Blackness, redness, every time he looked up...
Help. Please just let me die. I don't want to live another second.
Kill me, kill me, kill me...
He lay, thrashing on the ground. Suddenly, he felt the crushing weight of more and more torture.
The endless fire ranged inside of him. What was happening? Was he dying? If so, let it happen already!
His heartbeat sprinted faster and faster, the fire jerking inside of him in every direction. It licked up to his throat, and surrounded his chest in a blazing inferno. His heart seemed to get faster and faster every minute, the fire getting hotter...
The fire raged on.
The hideous fire slowed inside of my fingers. It was fading, but slowly.
I didn't move. I sat perfectly motionless.
My screams had stopped.
Had I died? Maybe when you die, the pain of whatever killed you fades before you wake up?
How long had I burned? Hours, days, weeks, months, years? Endless?
It slowed from my forearms, my wrists...
It was ending. It's almost over. Can I just go to heaven or whatever is after death?
It slowed from my elbows, my shoulders, my calves, my thighs...
Ah. This is stupid. I just want to die so this stupid fire could end.
My throat.
Oh, I was so thirsty. The dryness I called my mouth was awful. I didn't want to move, I was afraid I might mess something up in the process of dying.
It slowed from my chest, my waist...going up and up...
I squeezed my eyes shut, knowing it was almost over. Knowing I can tough this out. Be a man.
My heartbeats grew slower, and slower...
I didn't move.
One heartbeat...a minute...another heartbeat...five minutes...a slower, deep heartbeat.
My heartbeats are ending?
I didn't move, so much as curling my hands into fists. The fire was totally extinguished everywhere else except for my throat. Ouch.
Then with one last ga-lump, my heartbeats ended.
I blinked and gazed above me.
I could see everything.
Love ELizabeth
I could see everything. Everything was so clear and defined and sharp. I could see every little splinter of wood in trees for miles. I smelled lilac, buttercup, daffodils, dogwood, forsythia, honeysuckle, iris, jasmine, periwinkle…I inhaled, scorching my throat. I saw every stick in the cardinal’s nest. I saw the babies inside. I could basically see the photosynthesis going on inside of the green leaves. I could hear the rushing water that reminded me of the awful dry thirst in my throat.
I ran right to it. But my running was so fast I made it there before I took a breath. I sat perfectly still.
I had no heartbeat.
I ignored that for a moment, and shoved my face into the water, lapping it up. But it tasted dreadful. The water didn’t quench my thirst—it actually made it worse. I spit it out with a wince.
That’s when I saw my reflection.
I was so beautifully perfect that it took me off guard. My skin was so pale that it stood out in horrible contrast to where I was. I was every bit as lovely as the person who bit me. But as I tried to remember them, it was as if looking through a tinted screen, like a dark veil was covering my face. My eyes were as red as the person’s were in the dimly lit memory. The memory was shrouded in darkness. It was as if my eyes before couldn’t see anything. This flawless face that was staring at me from the water was nothing like my old one. Sure, I had black hair like I did before, but…there was a strange white streak in it.
I couldn’t find me in the reflection.
I could see every bubble in the water. I saw tiny organisms swimming around, which made the water even less appetizing to my scorching thirst. I turned away from the perfect alien in the water. I gulped, and smelled something leaking moisture into the dryness of the forest.
A mountain lion. The large lion walked across a ledge near the southeast. I ran again, the wind flowing in my hair, the ground feeling like nothing under my feetL Some strange instinct snapped as soon as I felt the warmth, and the moisture from the lion leaking into the dry air.
I leaped at the lion, lunging for its throat.
The lion collapsed on the ground, trying to fight me. My strange instincts made me rush for the neck, the part where the warmth pulsed the strongest. The blood tasted so good that I didn’t stop until the lion ran dry. The wet blood warmed me down to my toes, and the lion stopped screaming. I shoved it off me. The thirstiness started again suddenly.
But that was the last thing on my mind.
What did I just do? Did I just drink a lion’s blood? What was wrong with me? That’s sick! Inhumane!
And what is this horrible thirst? What did that perfect person do to me?
My wife. Marie.
I ran back, the blinding speed nothing to me. I zoomed through the trees, following a luscious meaty scent, and found my home. I swallowed.
“Honey? Marie?”
It sounded seductive and deep, and I gasped and shivered. It was attractive that I stopped talking immediatley. What happened to my old self? I only, only want my wife and my daughter. If I could have them, and they could accept me, than this wouldn’t matter.
I hurried inside the house, unintentionally knocking my door down. Not just knocking it down, but crushing it. Crushing it into dust. It was so horrible that I just stared.
I stepped over my door that was now blowing dust and walked into the kitchen.
There was no sign of my wife.
She wasn’t in the kitchen. I smelled her—she smelled like cinnamon. But there was nothing. She had vanished into thin air.
My jaw dropped, and I flying ran up the staircase, and into Marie’s room.
She wasn't in her crib.
There was no trace left of my daughter.
My wife, my daughter, had both disappeared.
I bowed my head, clenching my teeth and my hands to fists, a low sob escaping my mouth. Even the sob sounded perfect.
But no tears came.
WHAT? I can’t CRY either? They should just rip my NON-EXISTENTheart out. Now.
The red eyed person.
He or she was the one who’d taken my little family. I stood perfectly still, not moving.
I didn’t have to breathe either.
What had happened to me? Is this some hideous dream? There is no way that I’d ever want to live without my wife and my daughter.
I shot out of my house, out into the unknown world, leaving Benjamin Barker behind me.

Chapter 2: New Life
I wandered around, aimlessly looking for something. Anything. I sobbed tearlessly, thinking of the dark memories of my wife and Marie. I wanted to remember them more, but another imaginary tear slid down my pale cheek. I hated this. I wanted my old life back. My daughter, my wife...are what? Dead? I swallowed.
I walked away--my feet were like thousand pound weights. Anger boiled up inside of me, hand crushed against a boulder, just once. It was dust in a second.
I tore apart several animals in my path. I was so full of hate , that I didn't even want to see anything anymore. Which is ironic, becuase I can see everything now.
I fell to the ground, not seeing anything anymore.
"Is he all right?"
"He must be a newborn. He has to be."
"Well, Carlisle, we can't just leave it here. Through it in the dump."
"Don't call him an it, Rose. He must be so confused."
"Esme's right, Rose. How long will it be till he wakes up, Alice?"
"Hold on, Jazz. Let me see."
"Thank you, Alice. Let's take him in."
My eyes snapped open, to see beautiful, extremely pale people. They looked like the person fading in my memory. There were three blondes--one was a female, and four brunettes--two were females. One had unruly bronze hair flying all over his head, another was tiny, her hair the darkest, spiky. Another brunette was muscular, and had a big grin on his face. The last brunette wasn't as angular, rounder, and was smiling kindly at me. The blondes were different. A blonde man was leaning over me, the closest to me. The blonde female stared at me like I was dog mess. The last blonde, his hair more honey colored, stood in defense, like he was ready to spring at me at any moment.
"His eyes are open!" said the little one.
The hungry looking one, that was bristled in defense, growled quietly.
The one with unruly bronze hair rolled his eyes. "We can tell, Alice."
"What do we do?" said the rounder brunette. She had stopped smiling.
The blonde man walked up to her, and rubbed her shoulders. "Esme, it's up to him."
I stared at them.
The perfect girl--I believe she was the one who called me "it"--snorted. "We were supposed to hunt."
"I want to help him, Rosalie," the woman--Esme?--pleaded. "Carlisle, he doesn't deserve to rot out here."
"Esme, dear, he's a vampire newborn," Carlisle said.
Vampire newborn?
"What do you mean, vampire newborn?" I whispered.
Everyone's heads snapped toward me.
"He can talk," the little one whispered.
Rosalie shook her head.
"Oh, we're being rude," Carlisle said. "My name is Carlisle Cullen. This is my wife, Esme. These are my children, Alice, Emmett, Rosalie, Edward, and Jasper."
"And your name?" the one named Edward asked.
"Benja--" I swallowed.
Everyone just stared at me.
"Todd," I said. "Sweeney Todd."
"How did you get to London, Mr. Todd?" Alice asked me. She seemed eager to know everything about my life.
"I don't know," I answered honestly. I really wished she'd shut up.
Rosalie had taken an immediate dislike to me. She rolled her eyes, stood up, and walked gracefully out the door. Esme looked at me apologetically.
Emmett grinned at me. "How strong are you?"
"I don't know," I said. I was on the verge of snapping. Leave me alone, psychopaths.
Jasper continued to stare at me, his gold eyes searching mine. I turned away.
"Edward, please get Mr. Todd some clean clothes," Esme said.
Edward looked at me once, then left the room in a blur. He was back before I looked up. I took the clothes without so much as a thank you. I turned for the door.
"Where are you going?" Jasper asked. Esme put her hand on his shoulder.
"Walking around," I mumbled. "I've never been to London."
Jasper said through his teeth to Carlisle. "He's a newborn!"
Edward shook his head. "He has no intentions of hurting anyone."
How did he know that?
I left without another word.
I kicked a rock, crushing it. The people rushed by me without so much as a nod or a hello. But they smelled so good, so filled with moisture and heat...I wanted to have some right now...I swallowed the scorching air. I didn't look back. I walked past a shop.
A pie shop?
The scents were thick and meaty in the pie shop. But there was a flight of stairs leading somewhere. I rushed up the stairs, into a barber shop, the scents faint. A man sat there alone.
I smiled at him.
He smiled at me. "Hello, sir. Would you like a cut?"
"Is there anything I can do for you?"
"No." I took a step closer.
The man didn't look uncomfortable at all, still smiling kindly. The scent was so delicious, so tempting, I felt my mouth start to water. My lips pulled back from my teeth.
Now the man looked alarmed. "Um...sir...why are you here?"
I leaped at him.
The barber screamed endlessly, his screams gurgling off with blood shooting from his neck. Oh my goodness. His blood was the best thing I had ever tasted. I couldn't pull my mouth away, until he ran dry. The thirst flared, dim. I grabbed his lifeless body and tossed it into the fire.
I picked up the razor he had dropped.
I smiled.
thank you so much!!!! and your spelling is fine!!! :D
The razor sparkled in the dim light from the cloudy gray day coming in through the window. It only had a couple of red blotches on its sparkle, which it made it more appealing to me.
I raised my arm to the air. "I will have it. My revenge."
I went downstairs into the pie shop that was below the barber shop.
A woman with messy red hair, a billowing dress and gloves stood at the counter that was once empty. Her scent was rich, full of moisture, but easy to ignore.It barely started flames it my throat. She gasped and dropped the pie she was working on. It smelled horrible. I growled under my breath.
"Hello, sir," she said in a strangely high voice. She smiled with unnecessary warmth.
I gave her one nod.
"How are you today, sir?" she continued. "I am Mrs. Lovett--this is my pie shop."
"Okay," I said.
"And sir, if I may ask, who are you?" she asked, bowing.
"What does it matter?" I hissed.
Her smile faded, but the excited look never left her eyes. "I saw you with the Cullen family."
"Huh. The Cullens." I tried to leave, but she hurried in front of me.
"Your name?" she fluttered.
I thought if I told her my name, she'd leave me alone. "Ben--Sweeney Todd."
"Nice to meet you, Mr. Todd." She smiled widely, thankful she forced a halfway civil response out of me.
"A pie?" she asked hopefully. She held one out to me.
"I don't want one, Mrs. Lovett," I said, cringing. The smell was awful.
She frowned, but beamed suddenly after I said her name.
"Your hair is very...nice looking, Mr. Todd." Her eyes were locked on the white streak in my hair.
"Thank you," I mumbled.
Her smile grew impossibly wider. "You are very charming, if I may say, Mr. Todd."
I shifted my weight to another foot. My eyes narrowed. She was expecting another thank you.
"May you let me leave, Mrs. Lovett?" I said.
"Are you the new barber?" she asked. "What happened to Mr. Black?"
"Mr. Black?"
"The barber," she explained, "his son Jacob lives across the street."
I tried to hide my smile. "Oh, he has a family."
Mrs. Lovett looked confused, but she opened the door and let me leave.
"Come again soon!" she called after me, but I sped back to the Cullens' house and was gone.
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As I approached the Cullens' home, they were already outside waiting for me. Esme smiled apologetically again, and jabbed a thumb at Edward. Whatever that meant. I rolled my eyes.
"Mr. Todd, I would like to speak with you...if you don't mind," Edward said quietly.
"I'm far too busy," I said.
"I wish you were too far," Rosalie mumbled.
"I wish you were, too, you blonde beast," I hissed. She recoiled as if I electrecuted her, and Emmett bristled at her side. He hissed at me low through his teeth, putting one hand on Rosalie's arm. I ignored him.
"Carlisle," I said.
He looked up at me from Esme.
"I need to speak with you." My teeth were clenched. "Now."
"Um..." Carlisle looked at Edward, who's expression hadn't changed. He cleared his throat. " son--"
"Now would be a good time." I turned brusquely away from the Cullens and started off toward the woods behind their secluded house. I heard the whispers behind me.
"Carlisle, maybe I should go with you." Jasper.
"He won't hurt me."
"He's a newborn." This is why I wanted to talk to Carlisle. I don't want to be called a "newborn" anymore. Ever.
"Should I see how he will react?" Alice whispered. She bounced up and down--I felt the vibrations on the grass. I shivered--I could actually feel them.
"I should calm him down!" Jasper hissed.
"Please," Carlisle said. "Don't pressure him. He's fine."
"I'll speak with him after he's cooled down with your talk," Edward said. "He's just confused. He just wants to know about why he's like"
What? How does this...freak know about what I want and don't?
"At the moment he doesn't like me that much," Edward chuckled.
I snapped my fingers loudly. "Carlisle!" I barked.
I heard his footsteps behind me, and I stopped when I thought I was far enough from the psychos.
"Hello, Mr. Todd." Carlisle nodded.
I clenched my hands into fists. "My wife. My daughter. What is happening?"
Carlisle rocked back and forth on his heels. "May you start from the beginning?"
I swallowed. "My daughter and I went on a walk. After my wife and my daughter had dinner with me, we went to bed. I went for a walk that morning before breakfast. I saw a beautiful person."
"A male or female?" Carlisle's voice was very quiet, muted.
"I don't know..." I strained to remember the face. "They had blonde hair, it was wavy..."
"Remembering human memories can be difficult," Carlisle mumbled.
I narrowed my eyes at him.
"Please forgive me," he apologized. "Continue, please."
"Well, the person...stared at me, and then bit me. On the throat." I hissed.
Carlisle was staring at me, his mouth hanging open. "Elaine."
"Elaine?" My eyebrows raised. The person was a woman? Now that I focusing so much on the faded memories, the person was kind of curvy for a man, full lips, her nails painted black. I had just noticed that.
"Elaine has golden hair," he said. "And Edward had explained the person in your memory...she had painted nails, full lips, everything that Elaine used to be...that is Elaine."
I stared at him. "How do you know her?"
"She lived with the Volturi with me. Elaine had loved Aro, but he didn't feel the same--he was married. So she bites men so they can come to her--because she feels like she is the most beautiful vampire--and she leads an army to kill the Volturi. She ran away."
Weird. So a woman bit me. That explained a little bit of information.
"So what...did Elaine do to me?" I whispered.
"She made you a vampire," Carlisle said.
"Vampire," I choked out. It all made sense. The perfection. The blood-sucking. The biting. The great vision. I'm not human, that was obvious. But now I'm a fantasy character? A vampire?
"Vampires don't exist," I whispered.
"What does that make you?" Carlisle asked, staring at me as if he would cry. But I remembered. You can't cry.
"Carlisle," I hissed.
He looked up.
"What happened to my wife? And my child?" I felt my eyes brim up.
"I'm sorry...Mr. Todd..." He reached over to touch my shoulder, and I jerked back. Carlisle dropped his hand.
"Shall we go back?" he asked. Something fell out of my pocket, and I was too stunned to pick it up. I was frozen.
I watched as Carlisle reached down and picked up the razor.
"Mr. Black's razor?" He looked at me. "His son Jacob--"
I smelled a human scent.
"Guys," I heard a husky voice sob. "I know we usually don't get along...but you have to help me! My dad is dead!"
"What do you mean?" I heard Alice say.
"The doctor," the voice sobbed. "He said that my father's blood had been totally drained." As I apporached, I could see a tall boy with dark wet eyes and russet skin. He was crying.
Carlisle and the rest of the family exchanged looks.
"Jacob," Esme whispered.
The tall boy--Jacob?--cried harder. "He was killed. His blood was completely gone."
"Aw, Jake, we're sorry," Emmett said.
Then something lit up in Jacob's eyes. He began to shake and looked at them. "It was you."
"What?" they all asked at the same time.
"It was you, you bloodsuckers!" Jacob screamed. "You were the ones who killed my father! His blood was drained from his body--it was you!"
Jasper hissed, his eyes locked on Jacob's. "Listen, dog, we had nothing to do with your father's death. So do not blame us."
Should I tell them I killed his father?
Edward was looking at me, his eyes full of horror and sadness. He nodded.
I scrunched my eyebrows together.
"I'll tell you later," Edward breathed.
"What did you say?" Jacob roared. He was trembling violently. A low growl ripped through his chest.
"Jacob, dear, please--" Esme tried to say.
"No!" He growled again, louder, thrashing himself around. Alice jumped back a step.
"You killed my father! You killed him!"
"We didn't kill Billy," Rosalie pleaded. She was half-hiding behind Emmmett.
"Yes, you did! Who else? Bella?" Another growl.
Edward's eyes darkened. "Don't speak of Bella."
"Why won't you psychotic leeches let her go free, huh? Why won't you?"
"She knows the secret," Rosalie hissed. "We can't do that."
They'd lost me.
"I'll explain later," Edward said hastily.
Jacob's dark eyes turned to me. "Oh, joy, another bloodsucker!"
"Jacob, stop," Esme whispered.
"I WILL NOT STOP!" He didn't even look in Esme's direction. "Did you kill my father?"
"No," I said.
Edward's jaw clenched.
"I could have all of you stupid parasites arrested for this!" Jacob screamed again.
Rosalie hissed at him, and Jacob jerked his head in her direction.
"You better get your little vampire girlfriend!" Jacob yelled at Emmett.
Vampire. The word still made me shiver.
Another loud growl ripped through Jacob. He leaped in the air, and then he exploded.
I saw the transformation, but I could tell it would be too fast for human eyes. There was a tall boy in the air, but then I saw a large red-brown wolf in his place.
I stared.
"Mr. Todd!" Alice screamed. "Follow me! Now!" She sped into the Cullens' house. I followed her.
"Here!" She pushed me near a door, and ran back outside. Her stressed expression made me smile a little bit.
I stared at the door she had left me near. It a random door. But then I heard breathing. I smelled a faint human scent, clean. It sent flames down my throat. Obviously, Mr. Black had not filled my appetite. I jogged down there to see what it was.
A girl.
She sat there, with brown hair, and chocolate eyes, staring out her window. She looked frightened when she saw me. It was dim down there, and I saw overflowing plates of food and drinks. She stared at me.
"Hello," I said. My eyes ran piercingly up and down her body. She wasn't something to scoff at, for a human.
"Hi," she whispered.
"Who are you?"
"My name is," she said, "Bella Swan."
"Bella, huh?"
"Yes, that's my name." She backed up.
"My name is Sweeney Todd," I said as I walked toward her. "Pleased to meet you."
"Yes." She cradled something in her arms, and she hurried farther off the humongous bed. What was with these Cullens? Why do they have her down here?
"Um..." Bella's eyes locked with mine, but kept flashing down to her arms.
"What's that you have there?" I asked, looking around her.
"Stop now, Mr. Todd," Bella begged.
"I just want to see."
"Bella, I won't hurt you..." I thought if I used her name, she would feel better.
"Yes, you will!" she yelled. "Your eyes!"
Curses. Why does she know so much about this?
"Why do they have you down here?"
"Because I know so much about vampires," she said casually.
I stared at her for a while before I got back to my topic. "Just show me," I asked, persistent.
"No." The little thing wiggled in her arms, and Bella looked frantically down at it. I followed her gaze.
It was a person. Not just a person, a child. A child who looked about three months, but was staring at me with interest. She placed her hand on Bella's cheek.
The baby girl had shiny bronze-colored hair that fell around her perfect face in ringlets and Bella's exact colored eyes--chocolate brown.
And she looked so much like Marie that I ran up the stairs and ran out.
My daughter. It looked like Bella was holding my daughter. I felt like I was choking. The Cullens were inside, staring at the door, Edward looking furious.
"I didn't kill her," I said in a rush, and left.
The many scents of humans filled the air as it danced around my nose. I sniffed as I walked into the pie shop.
Mrs. Lovett whipped around and smiled at me.
Oh God.
"Hello, Mr. Todd. May I say you look handsome today."
I didn't look at her. I walked upstairs, cleaned up the bloody remains of Mr. Black, and opened the barber shop for business.
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