The Twilight Saga

This is My fanfiction on a twist of twilight

what if Edward was a human and Bella was a vampire ???

would there love still exist or would it be too unknown ?

 What obstacles would they face ? and will they overcome them Read My fanfiction to find out!!!

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Chapter 1 – bella’s POV

Here we go again , another year at Forks High School……… we were driving and I was already irritated…. The summer months was when everyone was coupled up , going on vacation and such , Me I was stuck home alone or left to wander the streets and immerse myself in the lives of humanfolk…. All of my time alone I feel like I cant take it anymore. Maybe it’s because everyone I surround myself with is happily married but then again maybe the reason I’m not married is because of just that – Me….


I increased the speed of my Porsche until it was 180 mph, I ran two  red lights barely missing a red chevy truck, the driver was a boy with reddish hair and a glint of green eyes … but I was moving much too fast to linger on him….

“ Are you ok ?” Alice asked. She had a crease of worry in her forehead, and I knew she saw my future to leave again.

“ I’m fine “ I lied , a old habit I will never break…. Jasper hissed at the lie undoubtly  feeling my down mood…..

I felt I flush of victory and calm maybe because Jasper felt how I felt like a loser.

“ Well, you need to get it together, we don’t want you to leave Bella ,” I cut her off

“ It’s just I need to go hunting and I want to hunt some grizzlies not just boring elk “ It was true maybe a good hunting trip and a mini vaction would work in my favor… I’ll leave Friday Night I’ll come back Monday morning for school.

“ Today should be fun, with that new kid and all,” Emmett laughed, he was acting if he didn’t like him already and I was so lost. What did that new kid have to do with anything. Yes he had been the gossip of town for the past two weeks. Edward Swan, Chief swan’s son, he was moving from phoenix with his Mom to come here. It sounded dumb to me. What was the point to moving to this lil piece of boredom called Forks.

I pulled into a parking space In Forks HS student lot, effortlessly and everyone gawked at the silver Porsche , me and my siblings were climbing out of. I stayed seated and breathed in deep even thought it was unnecessary, I thought of my shield and put it around everyone in the parking lot, I thought of Aro’s power and eveyone’s thought filled my head. I can imitate other people’s power, and since my shield was technically touching them, I could use aro’s power. Evryone was clowing us.

Look at the cullens

A Porsche ! there so spoiled

At least I have a family and my dad doesn’t just throw me money instead of love

Whewww , I wonder what the doctors drive

Look at Bella Cullen, I hope we have a class again this year

I cringed the last thought was from Mike Newton and he never left me alone.

I kept listening.

That new kid, he pulling up right now

Omg the new kid is pulling up to the Cullens with his old chevy

He’s hot, not as hot as the Cullens but enough

He’s gonna be mines mark my words! Bella better not even look at him !


I cut my eyes, the last one was from Lauren , I turned to see what the big fuss was about. I heard the car first, it was roaring like an old dinosaur, that truck was a monster, I could smell the tons of smoke it was puffing out into the air, it looked like it was about to explode with its slightly peeling red paint and such. I felt bad for this kid. Then I smelled him, The loudest beating heart, and it sounded so moist, I inhaled deeply and I could smell it. Ahhhh He was delicious , My mouth watered venom bubbling up from my throat.. My throat was on fire, just like I had been when I transformed.  I was a ruthless predator, A monster, I will kill him now. Bit it hardly seemed fair. How could I kill someone I never even seen so very slowly I turned my head and gasped.

Edward Swan was stepping out his car n he was right in front of my open window, he turned to me and dodged down so he could poke his head thru the window

“ Sorry , did I bump your car ? “ I stared at him and he stared at me waiting for a response and right before I lunged , I caught ,myself because his eyes was the most beautiful green I had ever seen, they were magical, it was silent for 20 heartbeats and then I swallowed the venom back down.

“ No, you didn’t.”  he looked at me weird and I quickly imitated aro’s power , immersing Edward In the shield.

She’s so beautiful, totally out my league

She probably wants me to get lost

“ ummm ok, See u around “ and he practically ran out of the parking lot to the main office. The wind blew and his scent hit me in the Face as if I was in a boxing match with Muhammad Ali.

“ Go “ Alice said. I turned the keys and pulled out of the space and backed out of the parking lot almost hitting Tyler Crowley as he was pulling in . He beeped AT ME BUT I DIDN’T CARE…..

I was making a plan , a way to get around my family. By tonight I am going to stare into those green eyes while I drank blood. Tonight I feast on Edwward Swan.

Some interesting inversions in this story!  I am definitely interested in seeing how things will develop further and how B & E came to be where they are now.   Please continue and keep me updated.

Kind regards

 Thank you so much :) and i will keep you updated .

Im gonna put up the next chapter as soon as I start getting some readers !

great start sounds very interesting...please continue soon :-)


Its interesting please write more i wanna find what is going to happen with Bella and Edward

thank you I am working on the 2nd chapter now

 Thank you everyoen for your support I am writing the 2nd chapter now :)

Like it please continue :)

posting it right now

Chapter 2 – Edward POV


I saw her car speed off, she couldn’t take me . She was running from the scent of my blood. She wasn’t strong enough , She was just like Jane.

Jane Thinking of her name made me sigh. I hope she didn’t get into too much trouble. I don’t know what is wrong with me attracting the allure of vampires. I had to leave Renee because Jane wouldn’t leave me alone. I was done with her  and her violent ways. I didn’t want to become a monster, a killer.

What if the girl wasn’t even a vampire ? she was pale yes and amazingly beautiful but her eyes , they were hazel not bloodred. NO vampire could stand to be in a school of humans all day. No the girl couldn’t be a vampire she had to just be a rather weird human, like me.

I walked to the main office and walked straight to the desk.

“ Hello, I’m Edward Swan, I’m new here and –“ the secretary quickly cut me off.

“ Yes we have been expecting you, the Chief’s son. This is your schedule and a map of the school. “ I winced of course Dad had told everyone, I didn’t want to be to known. I wanted to have some peace with Jane not around.

I felt like I was being watched way to closely , I turned around to see a big boy, with ripening muscles coming out of his shirt standing next to  a pretty blonde who in turn stood next to a little girl with pixie cut hair who was standing next to a boy with dark blonde hair who looked mean.

They were all pale, all unmoving all had the same eyes as the girl in the Porsche.

I was curious , could they be vampires ? but no there’s no way they could be this close without killing us . I had to find out. I had to find a way to talk to one of them.

They were blocking the door and they seemed very intimidating. Suddenly I felt very calm and at ease which is weird because my thoughts haven’t changed. The boy with the dark blonde hair scowled and left the room. After glaring at me the big one did the same. And the blonde girl looked at me and then at the door before she too left.

Only one that was left was the small girl and she looked as if she was daydreaming, then she looked at me deep into my eyes. Then she smiled and skipped over to me.

“Hi” she beamed “ I’m Alice !” I gulped something was up with these kids and if they aren’t vampires then it’s something.

“ I’m Edward, Edward Swan “ I stammered

“ Can I see your schedule ?” she reached out her hand , I took this opportunity to feel her skin.

“ Sure” I said, I brushed my hand around hers as I slipped my schedule in her hand. Her skin was stone cold. Definitely vampire. Vampire with golden eyes.


Chapter 3 – Alice POV

Of course he had all classes with Bella except third period. The world was against us. This boy didn’t know but I knew. I had seen the future.

His death, Bella’s red eyes, the police investigation, Chief Swan’s face. I had to stop Bella. Even thought her thoughts were wavering. Sometimes I saw his death other times, I saw them in a meadow talking. But why? Why would she be with him alone when I felt her pain at the very scent of him.

I didn’t blame her he smelled good, I sniffed and venom filled my mouth. I will protect this young boy. He’s in my future as well, I stared past him to see me and him driving, and then oh my God , Me and him hunting. Him pale white golden eyed. And then the conflicting vision his death.


No I must talk to Bella and ak her about him, something is wrong.

“ Well, I have class now” he said as the bell finished ringing.

“ Right , don’t forget my name , its Alice . See you around “ I spunned around and walked away.

“ I wont” he yelled after me.

Hopefully you have enough time to remember me.

Jasper was suddenly in my face . “ so ?”

So eager , I waited until we reached Rosalie and Emmett.

“ we have to stop Bella, she is planning on killing him “

“ great “  Emmett said. “ when ?”

“ tonight , come on we have to meet her at the house, I have to tell her his futures “

“ what are they “ asked Rose

“ death ….” Dramatic pause haha “ or immortality as a Cullen “

They all stared .

“ She has got some explaining to do “ Jasper said

“ lets hurry I cant wait to hear it “ I said


We all walked out the parking lot, into the highway into the forest and then we ran home as fast as we could.

I know its short but I hope you guys enjoyed it , lemme know what you think


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