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Sweet Southern Bells

It was the year of 1861 the two teens were arranged to marry each other before one left for the war. The ring on ones finger glimmered like a million different rainbows in the sun. The ivory toned skin looked nice with the gold that the stone was placed inside of. People stared at her as she walked to the horse carriage her reddest brown hair fell in ringlets that framed her face. The dress was one of an upper class she was a southern women. She heard her name called as she got home.”Isabella”she turned to see her best friend. Honey blond hair and the person her parents found fit her to marry. She smiled softly and giggled”Hey Jasper.” He took her hand they had yet to kiss. It was something Bella didn’t want till they were married.

Sure he wandered why but never asked her himself. They walked into the house people were going around continuing the plans. Her dress locked behind a closet door. She walked to the living room and sat down. She bit her lip and looked up. Jasper smiled”I bought you something today”he said. He pulled out a box. It was black and velvet but it was too big for a ring. Inside was a necklace locket with two gold heart earrings. She took the out and smiled opening the locket. There was nothing in it yet but on the front engraved was To my sweet bells. She smiled and Jasper helped put the cold metal on. She shivered as it touched her skin.

After a while they said their goodbyes and Bella was rushed up the stairs to get some rest. This however never happened. She was jittery all night tossing and turning a lot. She pretended to be awake when there were footsteps to check on her. Finally someone woke her up when it looked about seven outside. They started to fit her dress do her hair and makeup have fits over her. Finally the locket was replaced with pearls. Her hair was put up. The dress flowed to the floor. She looked up to meet her father’s eyes he had on his uniform for the military from westpoint. He had been enlisted into the civil war along with Jasper.

Her dad had not delayed because he wanted them married. He wanted to walk Bella down the aisle. This is what he did. Her hand being placed in Jaspers she heard the priest start. Saying for her to say I do. When she did it was a bit breathy and nervous”I do.” Then she heard Jasper repeat it and they were told to kiss. Then they walked around watching men talk about polotics and the war.They were already talking about what they would do once they were there own nation. She shivered at the thought dancing with Jasper while she listened to her dad talk to them. Offering his opinion here and there and getting a snarky reply from the stuck up government official that was married to her eldest sister. Finally people began to leave and Bella entered the carriage of her new husband. There was already a house for the both of them. She watched as they pulled up. Things went from there and soon she woke to Jasper’s paled face talking about having to go early to the battle. After the North declared war first. Jasper was wearing his uniform and Bella stood up. Dark hair astray nightgown one sleeve hanging form her tossing and turning a bit off her shoulder.

She looked down and felt tears falling from her eyes. She heard him walk to her. He wiped her tears lifting her head and kissed her.”I’ll come back Isabella,” he whispered. She was not so sure about this though. She shook and nodded”You better”she said. Something she would never say in front of people. She closed her eyes and when she opened them again she stood alone.

After a while she stopped receiving letters. Things were getting tough on them. She was so worried but she was pregnant. She had already sent the letter out the moment she found out. The baby bump was starting to show but it was not enough to worry about. She walked through the house lonely most of the time. She slipped down into her bed. Days,weeks, and months passed with no reply. Soon she walked to her door hearing a knock. When she opened it she saw the dog tag hanging loosely from the bag. She took it the officer saying Jasper was MIA and had been for several months.”Why am I just now hearing about this”she asked angrily almost. He looked up”Times are hard traveling is hard I’m just a friend of Jaspers he asked me to bring it if anything were to happen to him.


Forks, Washington

Years later and Isabella walked off the plane. Her cover being she was living with her dad. Her mom wanted to travel. She hadn’t let her daughter have the same fate as her. She was alone except for the man that would pretend to be her dad. She walked to the car climbing in.”Is chief of police a discreet cover no its not,”she grumbled. “Now everyone is watching good one.” At least when they pulled up to the house it was small old and looked stable but also might fall over with the slightest pressure. This however never happened. She walked inside and started to fix her room the way she wanted. She stocked the fridge with human food for the show. She heard the tings. Then Charlie clearing her throat.”when are you going to take those off hes been gone for years now Bells you can’t change that,”he said. She turned refusing to look at him. He meant the locket and the ring. She slipped the ring off and put it on the locket. She looked inside her baby girl was there with Bella. Then her wedding picture was there. She shook her head”I know just hard to let things go,”she whispered.  

She heard him clear his throat and she shrugged.”I know you’re just looking out for me but still. Charlie I’ll be fine have I ever not been through a depressed phase only to pull it together again,”she asked? He shook his head”I guess not you have always and thats a lot considering all that you have been through.” She nodded she’d won once again. She started to the door.”Don’t forget colored contacts tomorrow Charlie remember thats why we had to move”she said teasingly to him. She went to hunt finding someone who no one would miss. The blood was bitter with alcohol and drugs,and the man smelled like he hadn’t bathed in weeks. He didn’t look homeless but he might as well be if he isn’t going to bathe. She looked down happily. No blood on her new white dress. She hid the body extra well refusing to leave it to be found and draw attention. She arrive back at home when it hit dawn. The sun light was not out it was too cloudy. She pulled on her outfit. Skinny jeans boots with a blue shirt. She hid the necklace under her jacket. She brushed and pulled her hair back. She hated the new style for hair. Who came up with this. She didn’t so much hate her clothes she’d kept all her dresses through the years. First time she wore pants she got yelled at for it. She stopped for the longest a time till every girl started to wear them regardless.

She walked down the stares with the chocolate brown contacts hiding the deep red eyes. She had extra in her bag and walked to the car. It was an old beat up truck.”Remind me to kill you when I get home for this embarrassment she grumbled. She pulled out and it roared as she went down the street. Her hair bounced over every bump. She flew off the seat. She heard it struggle to go faster. She parked and slipped out. She kicked it leaving a small dent in the door. She then walked to the office grabbing her schedule”Thank you”she said. She turned on her heels and walked out. She felt a fleshy warm hand touched her shoulder. It asked her if she needed help. She smiled sweetly and nodded. Showing him the schedule he said he had the same class. She quickly let the smile fade and rolled her eyes. Had she asked him that no she asked for help finding her class. Scents bombarded her seances as she got here. There was a small blond haired girl. She was a vampire her skin giving her away. She looked up meeting my eyes. She looked back at the board. Had the girl actually though her human. No that couldn't happen and it didn't. The blond came up demanding answers.”Hi I’m Isabella wait you didn't care to ask did you blondie”she turned away and walked out. She didn’t follow as she yawned bored with the snarkyness from almost a handful of girls. She wished she could just scare them into being the least bit kind. She sat down on the biology bench only to see a bronze haired on walk in. She rolled her eyes grumbling to low for anyone to hear”what is this vampire central.” He smirked though and she smiled gently. Maybe this one wouldn't be so bad.”Hello I’m Bella”she started to say when he said his name. She smiled softly”nice to meet you Edward.”

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post more soon

Thank you for reading it :) 


I love it you should really write some more :)

Awe really thank you :). 

yes really :)

i like it

love it...great start...can't wait to read your next update!



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