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I sighed. "If you do see your father though..." Aunt Bella said to me. "Aunt Bella, why would I see him? He's the one who left me when i was 17 months" I said. She rolled her eyes, "I know that, love, but he lost his mind in Azkaban." she told me.
"Ok, ok, so if I see Sirius, I'll say go away, make his head huge, and leave," I said. "Good, now, go pack I got Sissy to go talk to Dumbledore, your going to Hogwarts," she told me. I nodded, and went to my room.
"You're going to be in Slytherin you know," Draco told me. I looked at him, "Probably,' I said, He came in, and sat on my bed. "Theirs alot of filth at Hogwarts," he warned me. "Cool," I said, checking my text messages.
"Tht's not aloud. It'll fry," he told me. I glared, and he just grinned. "You're kidding, right?"
He shook his head, nd I pushed him. "Shut up, jerk," he said.
Then, I 'accidently' fell off the bed.
He laughed and I pulled him to me.
"Git," he spat at me. "Look in a mirror, Draco," I told him, giggling. I got up, and he pulled me back down.
"You know something your going to have to remember at school?" he asked.
"Hmmm," I said.
He kissed me softly.
"That your mine," he whispered.

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should I continue??

yes..its a good story :D

post more soon, an can u keep me posted?




Chapter One
I sat in the empty compartment, listening to my Ipod, and texted Kita., the witch I grew up with. Someone opened it, and I looked up.
It was three redhead boys, a little girl with the same hair, a boy with messy hair, and a girl with big teeth.
"Hi, I'm Fred,"
"And I'm George," the older redheads said.
I smiled, "Heather," I said.
"I'm Ron," the younger one said.
"My name's Hermione, this is Ginny and Harry. Are you new?" the buck tooth girl asked.
I nodded, "My aunt enrolled me this year, sice she finally got me away from the Muggles," I said quietly. "Who's you aunty?" she askd.
"Narcissa Malfoy," I said timidly.
"You're a Malfoy?" Ginny gasped.
"Black," I corrected her. "I didn't know their was another generation of Blacks. Thought i ended with Sirius and Regulus," Hermione said.
"I'm Sirius's daughter..." I said.
"Oh,' she said.
I nodded, "But, you kow. I was only told who he was last summer," I said. "I live with Aunt Bella and Sissy now," I said.
Fred, or George, smiled sympatheticly.
"You're living with Draco then?" Harry asked.
He clearly didn't like me.
"Wait- Are you-you're Harry potter aren't you?" I asked.
He nodded.
"We had our first Christmas together," I giggled.
He looked at me quizzicly.
"Aut Bell,a she took me to Cgrimmauld place, where Sirius lived before he got cinvicted, and I foun a picture in his room..." i said, bringing out the picture labeled 'Heather, Harry, and the girls,'
"That's out mothrs," I told him.
He looked at it, and sighed.
I bit my lip, "My mother died. The same tie your parents did..." I said.
He looked up at me, surprised. "Really?" he asked. "Yeah," I replied.
"Wow," he said, running hands through his hair.
I nodded, "I was given to an orphanage," I said. "I was sent to my aunt and uncle's plce" he said. "Better then me." I said. "No," he said.
"Anything's better then a place where you were physicly beat by strangers,' I told him. "Oh," he said.
I saw Draco, and hid my face with my hood.
"Heather," he called. I looked up shyly, "Yesh?" I asked. I heard Hermione and Ginny giggle at how I answered.
"Come here, love," he said.
I shook my head, "My legs hurt," I lied. "It's 5 feet!" he cried. I looked down quickly.
He groaned and left.
I put my headphones back in, and sat in the corner.
I saw a teacher on the other side, and curled up. Fred kept looking at me, and I slowly fell asleep...

I woke up with my headphones blaring white noise.
I shouted, and took them out. I stared at them, "What the bloody hell?" I nearly shrieked. "Muggle Electronics don't work in Hogwarts..." Hermione told me. I looked at my phone. Blank. I groaned, and rolled my eyes.
"What is that anyway?" Fred asked. "Ipod, and a Blackberry," I said.
He looked at me weirdly. "A cell phone and music player," I told him slowly. He nodded, and still lookd confuzzled.
I rolled my eyes again, and left. I saw Draco and quickly turned.
I bumped into Fred.
He grabbed the tops of my arms, and steadied me. "Woah," he said.
"That giants yelling aboout first year's but everyones heading to those carraiges, what do I do?" I asked.
He lughed, and lead me a carriage.
I sat down, and he sat beside me.
I looked from him to George, tryna find some differences.
What can I say ? I'm bored.
By te time we got to the school, I saw that Fred had lighter hair, and his eyes were a different shade of brown. A darker one. Georges hair was more bright red-closer to crimson- and his eyes were lighter.
Fred laughed at me when he got me to tell him what I was doing. I blushed, nd hid my face in my hair.
I got out and ran into a teacher.
"Sorry," I muttered.
"Who are you?" she asked. She was wearing an emerald dress, "Heather Black," I said. "You're supposed to see Dumbledore, not go to the Great Hall," she told me. "Oh," I said. "Come," she said, leading me to a gargoyle statue.
She said a word, and it opened.
She lead me up a staircase, "This is the new student, Heather Black," she said. "Thank you, Professor McGongall," the old man said.
I looked around with wide eyes. My eyes landed on the fire coloured bird.
Before I could stop myself, I went over, and stroke its wings. It fluttered, and I jumped back, squeeling.
I heard a chuckle, "You just scared him, that's all,' Dumbledre told me. I nodded, and began stroking it again. "I think it's burning day today," he continued. "Burning what?" I asked. "Where he burns, and is reborn from his ash," he said.
"Wish I could do that," I muttered. He chuckled again, "It would be fairly annoying to be honest. Shall we find your House?" he asked. I nodded, looking up at him.
He brought me to one of the rows in his library, and pulled out an old hat.
I looked curiously through the books on the shelves, and pulled one off the shelf.
'Three people, a man an two women, were killed lst night when You-Kno-Who was brought down. James and Lilly Potter, and Kayde Jorden,"'' I read. 'The Potter's son, Harry, was not touched by the Killing Curse.' It went on about their life, then went to my mother.
The whole report was 6 pages long.
When I was done, I looked up.
"Ready to begin?" he asked.
I nodded, and put the book down...
He put the hat on my head, ad I felt violated.
"Hmmm... Personality of a Hufflepuff, with all that bubbly stuff, but ..." the hat muttered.

Nice story .. luv it :)

Chapter Two

I entered the commen room, and people glared at me.
I looked at all of them, "Think what you want, but if you dont like me, I don't give a bloody damn," i told them.
I went to see the beds, and sighed.
No bathrooms.
Ginny came up, "Bathroom is right there,' she said, pointing to a door. I went inside, nd a big huge bathroom was inside. I early choked.
Ithad like, 11 showers, 15 sinks, nd god knows what else.
Hermione came in, "How long does it take you to get ready?" she askd. "A Loooong time," I said.
"Well, I take a shower, half hour alone, wash myface and teeth, about 5 minutes, put on my makeup, fifteen to twenty, and then my hair, half hour. so... hour and fifteen minutes roughly," I said.
Ginny's jaw dropped. "And thats not including getting clothes," I said.

The next day, I went to class.
I got up at 630 like I normally do, and took a shower.
I sighed and washed my face. After doing my makeup, I teased my hair ad put my extensions in. I went down to the common room, and drank some water. I was sitting there, drinking my water, and playing with a kitten, when everyone came down.
"How are you so hyped this early?" Fred asked. "I washed my face," I said. I giggled as the kitten swiped at my hand. I drnk my water and playfully growled, my hand moving the kitty back and forth.
"Whos cat?' Hermione asked. I shrugged, "She was here when I came down," I said, laghing when she bit me.
"I've never seen it," Ginny said, kneeling beside me.
She meowed, and licked my finger. "Aww," I said. She meowed, and I looked up, "Is there any milk over there?" I asked.
Fred nodded, and got some. I smiled, thanked him, and gave some to her. "How'd you know she was hungry?" Ron asked. I shrugged, "Grew up with cats." I said. "So did I but I'm still figuring it out," Hermione said.
I shrugged again, and got up, "I'm starving," I said. We went downstairs and ate. After that, we went to class.

After clss, I collapsed in the Commen room. Fred came in, and I automaticly leaned on him, "My feet hurt, "I complained. He laughed, "That why I'm your new pillow?" he asked "Yesh," I replied, giggling.
He wrapped an arm around me and I sighed. This felt way more comfortable then anything with Draco.
His arm slid around my waist, nd I shut my eyes....


Chapter Three

I went to Potions the next day, sitting down quietly.snape was explaining how to mke a sleeping potion, which I already knew how to make, and I yawned. "Now, you use beets root-"
"Fish oil," I coughed. "Excuse me?' he droled. "Fish oils stronger, and Turkey blood," I told him. "Turkey blood doesnt work," he told me. "Yeshir it does. Turkeys are fed a type of wheat that makes them tired, and therefor, whoever eats them is tired," I said.
"If you can proove it works, I'll belive you," he said. I shrugged, "Okaiih," I said, making my own potion while he rambled on.
I finished by the time he was done, and he came over. "That's not going to work, ms Black," he sneered.
"Try it," I said.
He glared, and put some on his finger, then tasted it.
He nearly pased out instantly.
"What did you put in there?" Hermione asked. "Radom stuff," I giggled. She rolled her eyes, and I heard the loud chime of bell.

I was in the commen room, and drank my water. Hermione was reading on one side, and Ginny was just ... sitting there ... on the other.
I saw my cat, who I named Nyala, and she jumped into my lap.
"What do you think of the Defense Against the Arts teacher?" Ginny asked me. "Professor Umbridge?" I sked. She nodded, "I'd like to tear her head off, that's what I think," I muttered. Nyala meowed, and I giggled, "Should use the growing spell on her, and set her off on that-"
Hermione gave me a warning glre, and I bit my lip.
I sighed, and stood up, carrying Nyala. "I'm going to walk around, anyone want to join?" I asked. Ginny shook her head, and so did hermione. Fred looked up, "I guess I will, so your not such a loner," he said.
"Your not giving up muchfor that," Ron said, rolling his eyes.
I blinked, and started walking. Fred was walking beside me, and Nyala kept crossing between our feet.
"How was your day?" he asked. "Awesome, I made Snape pass out today," I grinned. "How?" he asked.
"Puttin random thingz in my Sleep Potion," I blushed. He laughed loudly, "Wish I had done that." he said, laughing again once.
I smiled. His laugh gave me butterflies. I saw Umbridge, and hissed under my breath.
she came up to us, "Boy girl interaction is strictly prohibited," she said. I glared, "We're ot makig out or anything, we're walking, you hag," I told her. "Ms Black, that's one detention for you," she told me.
"I'm not going to show up," I told her. "Then it will be two. You will eventually have to show up," she reminded me.
I resisted the urge to slam her face into the wall. No matter how much I wanted to, I couldn't.
So I settled for walking away.
Fred caught up to me, "Wow, you look mad," he said. "She pisses me off," I said. He laughed, and held my waist, bringing me into a hug, "Just bring the mickey out of her too," he told me. I smiled, and rested into him.
I heard Umbridges little throat clearing, and I gave her the finger. She made a little hmph sound, and I heard her walk away.
I laughed, and still held onto Fred. He looked in my eyes, and I took a deep breath.
His breth caught, and I felt his heartbeat. I smiled, and looked down, moving my foot back and forth, making circles in the dirt.
My hair fell over my shoulder, and he brushed it back.
I looked up again at him, and smiled a bit. He smiled too, and my heart soared. He slowly leaned towards me, and pressed his lips on mine.
I leaned in closer a bit, and kissed back.
I heard a gron, and looked. Ron and Harry stood there, "Dude, she's like Ginny's age!" Ron said. "So?" Fred asked. "Thats three years," Harry said. I rolled my eyes, and hid my face. I could feel it burning up.
"So what, you two are together? What about Malfoy?" ron asked. "What about him? It's just a sick set up from my aunties," I snapped.
"Wait, what?" Ron asked.
"What did you mean?" I asked.
"I meant, what about what he thinks, I mean, he is your cousin, right?" Ron asked.
"Kind of..." I said. "Kind of? You're either related or not," Harry said. "Well, he is my cousin, but when Aunt bella and Sissy thought it would be nice if we, you kno, got married," I said, feeling like throwing up.
"You're engaged to your cousin?!" Harry nearly yelled. "You think I enjoy it?" I demanded. He shook his head, and I felt my vision get swirly a bit.
I looked down again, my hair covering my face from even Fred, and muttered, "I'd leave if I could," I whispered.
"Why don't you?" Fred asked. "Because. I have no where to go," I said. "My mother's dead, and my dads a phsyco," I said.
"Sirius?" Harry asked. I nodded, "He's sane... for now anyway. He's at Grimmauld Place..." he said.
I looked up at him, "Really?' I asked. "Yeah, we're going there for Christmas break. Maybe if you convinced Dumbledor to let you go early, a day or something, you can see him" Harry suggested. "Yeah, do that," he said.
"If I see him, I'll probably kill himm" I said. "What did he do?" Harry asked.
"He gave me to an orphange," I said. "It was living hell," I said. "Can't be worse then the Dursley's place," Harry told me.
"I didnt have anything. I wasn't told about my magical side. I was beat up, put down, and left in a ditch to die once,' I said. I shook my head. "My life was crappy because he couldnt man up," I said.
"He's grown up," Harry said. "He has," Ron agreed. "I couldn't do it," I said. "You're going to," Fred said.
I looked up at him and raised my eyebrows, "Or else what?" I asked. "You don't wanna kno," he said.
I rolled my eyes, and he looked serious. "Really, though, your going to see Sirius if I have to drag you there,' he told me.
I sighed, "I guess I have to then..." I said.

Harry got me to write a letter to Sirius.
Dear Sirius;
I think you are a git, nd should go die in a whole.
You daughter,
Heather Black
that was my draft. I was about to send it, but Harry caught Hedwig and told me to rewrite it. I sighed and started again.
Dear Sirius;
Okaii, so, surprise surprise, its not Harry. He just let me use his bird because I have a cat. It's Heather... Your daughter. You kno? The one that you left in the Orphanage of Hell? Well, yeah, I live with Bellatrix and Narcissa, and I'm engaged to Draco. So, yea. I have ben exellent. You know, I did blame it on you, but now that I think about it. It's kinda mine. I was so caught up in having a family when Bellatrix came to get me, I didn't think of the fact that they were arraging me with my cousin. It's gross. That's why I'm writing to you. You see, I came to Hogwarts because they only took me last year. I came to school, obviously, and met Harry nd them on the train. Im in Hogwarts, and I'm kinda with Fred. Secretly though, so you kno, Malfoy doesnt kill him in hi sleep. But, uhm, I'm just writing to say I don't want this. I want a father. Someone told me you want a daughter. So... meet eachother half way? Fred's taking me to Grimmauld Place at Christmas whether you or I want it or not. I need out. Bellatrix is going to give me hell because I'm not in Slytherin, but in Gryffindor. Living with Death Eaters is not good for e. Especially since Voldemort's back. So, I'm going to talk to Dumbledor about leavig a day early for Christmas. Just a reminder, Harry, Fred, and Ron's idea. Not mine. So, you ko, if I like, break down and cry, or yell, its because you gave me up.

Harry read it over, noted my bad grammer, and then send it with Hedwig.
Fred came over, "I said it was your fault," I told him, leaning my back on his chest and looked at him.
"Dear Dirius, I think your a git and shoud go de in a whole, love your daughter, Heather Black," he read outlud.
"My wonderful rough draft Harry didn't let me send," I said. He laughed, and threw it in the fire. "Ready to go talk to Dumbledor?" he asked.
"It' only October!" I cried. "Two more months, gotta plan ahead,' Fred told me. I sighed, "Okaii," I said. We stood up, and walked towards Dumbledores office. "Ms Black, Mr Wesley, what might you be doin here?" Dumbledore asked. "Uhm, I was wondering if I could leave like a day early for Christmas break?" I asked.
"What for, dear?" he asked. "To go see Padfoot?" I said the name doubtfully. "You want to leave erly to go to Lodon for christmas?" he asked. I nodded, biting my lip.
"Now, darling, why should I let you do that?" he asked. "Because," I said, and the whole story spilled out.
"Plus, their making me," I said, pointing to Fred. He chuckled at the last reason. "Now, I see why you want to leave Bellatrix, but why go see he man you despise?" e asked. "Because, he's my father, and I have to at least give him a chnce," I droned, repeating Fred-who had his arms around me.
"Ahh, okaii. So, how would you be expecting to go to London?" he asked. "Floo Powder?" I said, sounding doubtful. "I'll set it up then," he said.

The next couple of weeks were havoc, I was balancing time with Draco, sneaking roud Fred, and planning out how I was going to leave.
On Halloween, Hedwig came back.
I'm sorry for everything I have put you through. Dreadfully sorry. But, I saw you going onto the Hogwarts Express, and you look almost exactly like your mother. So, tell Fred to take care of you. As for the whole Draco arrangement, I don't put it past Bellatrix and Narcissa to try to keep the pureblood line, but inbreeding? Filthy. As I said before, I'm sorry. I would've went to grab you two years ago but the Ministry even had Muggles after me, saying I was armed. So, keep it in mind, I did want you, but I couldn't. So, I'd love to have you for Christmas. If its alright with Dumbledore of course. And, love, you need to work on your grammer
Sirius Black





Chapter Four

In December,, I was on snape's bad side, getting kicked out of class multiple times, been in detention with Umbridge alot andI was glad when we went to Hogsmeade.
Hermione told me to go to Hog's Head or whatever, so me and Fred went in. Hermione told us about how we needed a proper defense teacher.
"Where can we practice though?" Dean asked.
"room of Requirment," I sai, looking at him in the eye. "What in bloody hell is that?" he asked. "It's a room that's on the Seventh floor. Behind that tapestry of that dude teaching those trolls ballet? I found it when I got kicked out of Snape's classroom," I said.
"How do you know it'll work?" he asked. "Because, I use it to ditch Snivilusses classes," I giggled. Fred tapped his finger along my side, and I squeeled a bit. "Bad," he whispered in my ear. I laughed evilly, and Harry agreed.

Two weeks later, we were in he Room of Requirement, practicing. We were doing Patronuses. Mine wasn't strong enough to form yet, sadly. And I thought I was good at Defence....
"Think of a hppy memory," Harry told me. "I'm trying," I said. "Okaii, thats all tht counts," he told me. I sighed, and kept trying.
Suddenly, a loud ringing filled the room.
I flinched, and he called out, "Okaii, this is last practice before Holidays, right?" he asked. People said, "Yeah..."
"Okaii, so i want you to try and practice over the holidays. Class is over," he said.

I left, and Fred caught up to me, "Hey, you ready?" he asked. "For what?" I asked. "Your leavin tomorrow," he told me.
"Really?" I nearly shouted. He put a finger to his lips, and pinned me against a wall, "Yup," he sai, leaningcloe to me. "Whe will you be leaving?" I asked. "Next week," he replied.
"Next week?" I asked, my eyes bulging. "Yeh, that a problem?" he asked. I looked down, "That means a week alone with him," I whispered. "You'll be fine, love," he told me. I shook my head, "No I wont," I muttered.
"He already has stuff set up for you," he told me. I looked up at him. He kissed me, and whispered, "I'll be counting the seconds were apart,"

The next day, I was in Dumbledore's office, getting last minute things done. "Bye," I whispered. Fred held me, "One week," he told me. I nodded, nd he held a pigtai in his hand, "I was serious yesterday," he said. I laughed, "Alotta counting," I said.
"All worth it," he told me. I smiled, and we kissed quickly.
I gave everbody else a quick hug, nd waved before leaving via Floo Powder.

I landed harsh thump.
i got up, "And I'm Okaii," I said loudly, laughing.
Sirius and Remus were sitting in the kitchen.
"Heather," he breathed. I bit my lip, and gave an awkward wave, "Sirius," I said, running a hand throuh my hair. "This is-"
"Remus Lupin, I kno," I said. "Dumbledore told me.." I said, looking down awkwardly. A whole week of this? I nearly felt like dying there nd then.
I felt Nyala poke her head out of my purse. "Sorry, I didn't kno she was in there.." I said, taking her out. "It's okaii," he said. She jumped down, and looked around. "That is alotta bags," Remus commented. "That's my clothes and shower stuff..." I said.
Sirius raised his eyebrows. "Wow," he said. I looked down. He watched as Nyala searched the house.
"The kitten seems to be messing with my Mistresses stuff," a voice said.
"Let it be," Sirius told a hideous looking creature.
"So, how are things with Fred?" he asked. "Good..." I said hesitntly. "Good," he said.

I took a shwer that night, and laid in the bedroom Sirius gave me.
I laid there, and thought about how this was so awkward.
I got up, and lit some candles. I made a circle, and called upon the elemants. I sat in the midde, and invited Goddess Ceres into the cirlce.
I closed my eyes and pictured my question, and felt a breath in my ear.
I got my answer, thanked her, let her leave, thnked the elemants, and closed the circle.

I woke up the next day, and got ready. Except, this time, I took my time. Especially since I had actual eyeliner. I put my extenions in, and brushed them. I looked at it quickly, then desided to put a gold hippie headband in, since the seam of my skinny jeans was brown, nd I was wearing gold eyeshadow.
I went downstairs to eat.
"Take a long time, why dontcha," Sirius said. I smiled, "I always do," I said, shrugging. "Plans changed, the Order's coming tomorrow,' he told me. "Order of what?" I asked. "Bellatrix didn't tell you? Hmm," he said, drinking his coffee,
"Order of the Pheonix. It ws made when Voldemort was first in power. They meet up here, and since Umbridge became Headmaster, their bringing the kids out earlier," he told me. "Cool,' I said, turning on my phone. A whole bunch of texts popped up.
"Wow,' I said. "Three and a half months relly does something" I muttered. I marked them all s Uread, ad turned it off.
I sighed, and poured cereal. I watched Kreature and Nyala argue. Well, Nyala swatted at him, hile he yelled at her not to touch his Mistresses stuff. I giggled, and went to wash my bowl. "Kreature will do that,' Sirius told me. I nodded, and put it on the counter.
"How's your schoolwork so far?" he asked. I shrugged, "I'm doing good in Tranfiguration, Arithmancy, and Charms, and I would be doing good in Potions if damned Snape doesn't hate me," I said, scratching my neck.
He laughed, "Snivilus is just like that, love, dont worry," he said. I shrugged, "I'm not planning on continuing it anyway," I said. He smiled, "You're not like either of us.." he muttered. I shrugged, "I'm my own self," I said, giggled.
"Nice headband," he said. I nodded, and looked down.
I heard the door open, and Remus came in. "Heaterj, Death Eaters are looking for you," he said. My eyes widened, and I cursed under my breath.
"Watch your mouth, an why ?" Sirius asked.
"Bellatrix is about to knock down the school for her," Remus told him. I sighed, and put my phone on the ground, smashing it.
Remus and Sirius gave me a weird look, "You realize how many time they found me with the phone ?" I asked.
I sighed, and put the pieces into a garbage ba, and threw it outside.

All that day, me and Sirius were locked up in the house. Nyala found her way into Buckbeaks roo, and anoyed him. We took intrest in the kitten swatting at the winged horse.After that, we had meat pies for dinner.
"Time fore bed," Sirius announced at two AM. I nodded, and got ready for bed. "Night," I said. "Night, Heather," he replied, and I went to bed.

I woke up in the middle of the night, my eyes still partly closed. "Shhh," she heard. She looked up, and saw red hair. I smiled a bit, and brushed my lips against his. "Two thousand, sixteen hundred nine hundred, and six seconds," he whispered.
I laughed softly, "You could not have counted that long," I said. "Ah but I did, love," he said. I grinned, and kissed him.
We were really into it, and I heard the door.
"Dear god!" Sirius cried.

I love it!! Its really good keep going!!


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