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Chapter 3

"Now, little sister, it seems that you are the one to be surprised by this response," he said while laughing out loud.

How many were there in this house? These two, at least, and I heard a noise right above me so I knew a third was upstairs. All of a sudden I felt cold, a shiver running down my spine. But this cold sensation had nothing to do with the temperature; it was more like being watched and not knowing from where. I moved closer toward the wardrobe, making sure my back was no longer open to any attack. I cringed like a predator ready to defend myself, but from what…? Why was I behaving like this? Every single muscle in my body knew what I was doing... My brain had difficulty following, or at least a part of my brain, the thinking part.

I felt it coming closer and turned my gaze toward the door. I heard soft laughter right around the corner of the door... I cringed even more. "So, so...Stefan and Aurelia, you two could learn a lot from her." The whispered words were followed by a gorgeous lady. Eyes flashing red, her mouth twisted in a smile that was not really inviting and curly hair black as the blackest night. When I was finally able to slip my gaze from her face, I noticed that she was dressed in a tight, black leather cat suit, and on her feet were killer heals that matched the bright red color of her eyes. The only thing about her that could be described as colorless was her skin.

"So this is the daughter of our dear friends Damien and Katherine. She obviously has the looks of her mom and the strength of her dad. They have kept you well hidden from us; it’s so sad that your dad was at the wrong place at the wrong time. Is your mom still looking for him? She always was the brighter one of us, until she decided to leave with him. She could have been right by my side where she belongs,” she continued in her whispering voice.

"My dad is dead; he died in a car accident about two months ago. So whatever you want from him, you're to late," I said, anger raging to my body again. I could still see my mom’s face when she got the call. Dad had been away for business. He needed to travel every 4 months to the main office of his work in Belgium..Something about numbers and setting new goals for the company. He had tried to explain it to me last time, because he would be missing my birthday. I had been so angry; I did not give him any chance to explain.

"You miss your dad, am I right?" she asked before her smile became an evil grin. "Well let me tell you a thing or two about your so-beloved dad." Her voice filled with anger. "Your dad stole away the only thing I ever truly had loved in my entire life, my sister Katherine. She was so sweet and innocent, how could he? We were supposed to stay together and rule the vampire world. That was our destiny!" She had started screaming now, the air around me twitching and turning. I covered my ears. "I lost everything when she was gone; together we would never have been defeated. He took away my future, my destiny and left me with anger." Her eyes had turned into a darker red, filled with years of hate.

Suddenly the atmosphere changed, like she had become someone else. "But I'll leave the rest of the story to Stefan and Aurelia. They know every little detail," she added with a smile and she was gone.

I watched the other two and realized that they weren't the real threat here in this horrible place.

Thank you Jeri!!! :)

iReally enjoyed this Mieke :) it's different from any concept I've ever seen (which is an extraordinary thing) the same typical plots become mundane.,
This, on the otherhand-- is a diamond in the rough !

- if iMat make a few suggestions, I'm not sure if it was your computer or the website, but your formatting is a bit off and it's just a tad agitating to read.. Your descriptions are so defined and creative, so- iWould have to say.. Thank you for Sending me the link :)

iDefinetly plan to follow [=
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Chapter 4

The girl left the room, glancing at me from the corners of her eyes, and closed the door. I was still so occupied with what had just happened that I had forgotten all about him until I saw something moving towards me. Before I even had a clue of what I wanted to do, I sat on the bed with my back against the headboard. My eyes locked into his; somehow he still was able to take my breath away. He moved so elegantly and smoothly, the color of his eyes a mixture of clear blue and a vibrant purple, his lips curved into a little smile. He knew all too well what effect he had on other people.

That's when it hit me; the women had been talking about the vampire world. Could it be true...? I moved my hands faster and faster... I licked my sharp teeth with my tongue... I closed my eyes and focused on what I was hearing... It was like the entire world was just behind my eyelids: birds singing, a car accelerating way too fast, a little giggle, and trees dancing in the wind... But when I opened my eyes, I was still captured in a space without windows, only lighted by the amazing chandelier hanging in the middle of the room.

While looking at the chandelier, I had no problems with the bright light coming from it. I saw every little beam, how it was reflected in flawless cut diamond-shaped pendants. It was a breathtaking sight; I couldn't help myself when I sighed.

I heard him chuckle. I turned my head toward him, preparing myself for the most important question at this moment. When our eyes locked again, I said, "It's true isn't it, the vampire world. And now I'm part of it," stating this more as a fact then a question. "I just want to know why and what I'm doing here. It's not like she has happy memories about my family."

He seemed to think about where to start, so I asked him, "Who was she and how am I related to her?"

"Desdemona is your mother’s sister, although they haven't seen each other for years, not since your mother fell in love with your father and they took off. There are a few things you should know about the vampire world to fully understand everything I'm going to tell you. A vampire can be created like I did with you: biting a human. On the other hand, a vampire can be born just like you and I were born on to this planet."

I was so confused. My mom, the sister of a powerful vampire, Desdemona... So that would make her my aunt. "How, what...?"

He raised his hand and laid his finger over my lips. I hadn't noticed him getting closer to me; I should not let myself go like that.

"When a vampire is born into this world, he or she is able to choose the path they want to take, either the human path or the vampire path. When they are kids, both futures are present in the body. At the age of 16 the first choice has to be made. You could see it as a trial. The real choice has to be made at the age of 21. After that,\\t there is no turning it back.

As you can imagine, most new vampires are born out of couples that have chosen the human path. They live a human life and loose almost every vampire aspect. It is very rare that a vampire is born out of a couple that has chosen the vampire path, simply because it is extremely dangerous for a newborn vampire, as they are part human and have blood running through their veins. There are some but most are repudiated by the parents."

His voice had turned into a whisper when he added that last fact. His eyes had lost all the clear blue, only a smoldering dark purple was visible.

"Your mom and Desdemona are twins, something really uncommon in the vampire world. Their parents were one of the most influential vampire couples. Both had been destined to choose the vampire path, as the first born descendants of former vampire world rulers. You could say they were the king and queen of our world.

Your mom and Desdemona were always together. It looked like they would rule the vampire world side-by-side. But while growing up, your mother struggled with the path that was hers and when she turned 20, she met your father at a prom organized for her birthday."
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This is really good, please let me know when you post more
Will do and thank you very mutch!!!!!!!!!
it is good but crazy at the same time but like it

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My imagination tend to go in crazy places.


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