The Twilight Saga

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Chapter 1

I heard him whisper my name, a soft, sweet voice, "Veronica, Veronica,..."

Mom had been right, I should have called her to pick me up, but I in all my teenage wisdom had decided I was a big girl. It was so out of fashion to be picked up by your parents, I had told her.

The party had been great; I had finally kissed Josh. I hadn't liked it that much,
actually I had been disappointed. Not that I had any clue how a proper kiss
should feel like, in just a few days I would turn 17. But all I could wish for
right now was to get myself back. This felt so wrong; I couldn't escape ... this
voice calling me. The first thing I noticed as I got closer was two bright blue
eyes, with such a depth that all I could do was stare into them. His face was so
beautiful, lips soft like silk and his blond messy hair looked so inviting.

Veronica!!! I spoke to myself in my mind, get yourself together! I can't! You've got to!!! My mind and body were totally separated. My mind tried to get back in control, while my body tried to get to
him even faster. What is going on? I can't scream, I can't speak ... Don't
you give up, don't you dare give up!!!

I felt a cold hand on my shoulder and looked up, his eyes had turned into deep purple. He was so
beautiful; it was like magic ... like being hypnotized. His smile dazzled me
even more and the sound of his soft deep voice. "I've been waiting for you,
Veronica." He leaned forward and kissed me on the lips. See, now this is how
a kiss should feel like, was all I could think. My reaction shocked me when
my hands grabbed his blond hair, keeping his lips sealed on mine.
He chuckled under my lips. The kiss stopped suddenly, "We'll have forever my sweet
Veronica, forever ..." He leaned forward again; my lips already tingled in
expectation. But he bent down toward my neck, his lips found the spot they were
looking for. Suddenly he bit me. I still couldn't scream out loud. I tried to
fight him off, my body refused and did the opposite. My legs went numb; he
caught me before I could fall to the ground.
The last thing I remembered before everything turned black was his voice
whispering my name.

When I opened my eyes again, I had no clue where I was. I was lying on a canopy bed, covered by blue silk sheets, wearing silver pajamas. I looked around and saw soft blue walls with some
artwork, a huge wooden wardrobe and a silver makeup table. When I turned to the
right I saw his bright blue eyes. I jumped out of bed to the other side "What
have you done with me!?" I screamed as I remembered the pain and darkness.

"Where am I, what has happened, who are you ... ?” All these questions
came out and at that moment I heard my voice. It was still my voice but softer,
more like silk. Even when screaming, it was a tempting voice. I saw the mirror
on the wall against the wardrobe.

My skin was pale and smooth, the green in my eyes was shining bright, my hands had the same smooth skin ...everything about me was the same but better ... smoother ... perfect.
I turned back towards him, looking for answers, looking for...

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I'm so excited, my first non-Twisaga related fanfic. Hurray!!!

Sorry really excited hehe

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WRITE MORE THIS IS AWESOME!!!!!!........was she gonna say loking for love?

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welcome your a really good writer are you gonna post more anytime soon?

OMG I love this. Please update soon. I got sucked into it as if I was the character. You have to continue.

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ANd I will :)

Chapter 2

"Hi Veronica," he said with a smile.

Was this all he was going to give me? I needed more, I wanted more... "What have you done to me," I repeated, my face twisted in anger and disbelief. He sat there as if nothing of all of this was strange or even something new to him. Wait.... Could it be.... had I encountered one of those psychopaths? Was I some kind of an experiment to him? I looked around; I needed to get out of here.

The chair he was sitting in was blocking my way to the door. I turned around to look for a window, but there wasn’t one.

"What do you want from me? What are you going to do with me?" I asked while keeping my eyes locked onto him. "Why me? I was on my way home; I'm gonna be 17 in just a few days. My mom will be worried sick, how could you?!" I ended up shouting at him.

I felt the anger grow; he kept that smile on his face, like this was some big joke. This guy really had some loose ends in his mind. My fingers were tingling to wipe that smile of his face. He looked so sure of himself. I flinched when all of a sudden he stood right next to me.

"How...." But then I realized my only way to get out of this room was open. I felt the energy and adrenaline running through my body, I moved so much quicker then usually. When I grabbed the doorknob I felt a resistance. Someone was on the other side of this door "Let me out!" I screamed.

Suddenly I heard a really annoying voice, "Not quite the response you had been waiting for, is it, little brother? Need some help? I told you that the boy would have been so much more fun." I looked over my shoulder; his face was filled with surprise. For a brief moment I felt joy until the meaning of the words hit through the anger.

I turned back towards the door and with all my strength and anger I smashed my hand against the door. "No, leave him alone!!!"

What followed was unreal. My hand went through the door, the person standing on the other side moved just in time to avoid being hit. Then it was as if the person was hit by my words and slammed against the opposite wall of the small corridor.

In a second I stood face to face with a dark haired girl, she was a little bit smaller then me and had bright orange eyes. They suited her well, was all I could think.

"You will regret this," I heard her voice again. Her lips still twisted in an evil grin. "Strange, isn't it? You can hear me but I'm not speaking.” She laughed. I realized that I heard her in my head. "Get out!" Was all I could think of to say.

Her evil grinned face turned into disbelief.

I wondered why this was such a strange thing. It's not like they could hear me, they were the freaks here. I realized that he was still in the room, standing behind me. So I turned a bit to have a good view of both of them. At least I would see them coming when they decided they had had enough of me.
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