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Taken By Storm...(Tri-quel to "Sing Me to Sleep..." and "Cry Me to Sleep..."


I made this banenr and I LOVE IT! Took alot of hard work but here it is...




Taken By Storm...





I sat there. Holding my beautiful baby girl. Nothing in this life now means more than her. Derek held me as I held her. Our perfect family. Our perfect life. Piecing together just one detail at a time. But as I felt his hot breath on my throat I looked up to him. He smiled my favorite smile.


What do you want to call her?” He says.


I shrug and look back down to my baby. Looking into her eyes. Her pale blue eyes. My eyes wondered around the room as I thought. They paused out the window as the heavy rain poured against it. A smile took place on my lips. “Storm.” I whispered.


He chuckled. “Wonderful.”


My lips pressed. “Storm because her eyes look like the way the water used to thrash down at Lake Ontario.”


I looked back down at her. She was now smiling. “Welcome, Storm.” I whispered.


As I watched her mouth turn into an O and slowly her eyes closed. I looked through to the future. Looked at what my life would be from now on. Derek, Storm and I. Maybe another child or two in that picture might be great. But for now, just the three of us.




Authors Note:

Hope you like this guys. This is still attached to the story I had but I just wanted to place a new character into it. Anyways, the next chapter will be posted soon enough.





Picture of Storm:





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Taken By Storm...


Chapter One: Storm...



The air felt cool as it whisked passed me. My blond hair swirled against it and I indulged in the different ocean scents. Lake Ontario. One of the most famous lakes in I guess...Ontario, of course. The water looked do divine and smelled that way too.


I would never want to leave this place. I can't even picture myself looking at another lake the same way. My feet moved and soon were swallowed by the pale blue water. It felt nice and warm. I took steps further in and soon my legs up to my waist had gone underneath too. Slowly I braced myself then with on swift movement I ran as far up until the water touched my elbows and dived.


Waves crashed around me and I did not hesitate to open my eyes. It was beautiful. It always was beautiful. The way it look underneath was anything anyone could imagine and more. I felt safe inside the water. Secure even. This was my place. My special place. No one really understood that. Even my mother. The only one in my life who adored the sea as much as I did. Who named me after it's natural reaction to nature.


Storm. That was my name. I was as fierce as the water. My name sounded brave and naturally I was the exact. Plus including my eyes it all fit. Everything fit perfectly.


I hovered underwater for a while getting a feel of it. Then suddenly I started to sway. The water began to change. I could feel it. There was something different. At first it was soft that I thought nothing off it but then it got harder like the water was pushing me. The pushing became shoving. I tried and I tried to get above water. My air was running out. But I just couldn't. I got sucked into waves.


Then I heard someone yelling, “Storm! Storm!”


Yes, it was a Storm. Who would state the obvious. But then I began to be pulled. Being pulled away mentally. The last thing I saw were waves crashing onto me.



* * *



I got up gasping for air. Looking around I realized I was in my room. It was a dream. Just a dream. I sighed heavily. Everything came into focus. Someone was calling my name.


Storm!” They yelled.


A figure barged into my door. It was of course my father. Derek Andrew Kcalvous. Current NFL football player. Plays with Pittsburgh Steelers and best friends with the one and only Ike Taylor.


Hey, your going to be late.” He said.


I yawned and rubbed my eyes then looked at the clock. It read 8:00. My eyes widened and I jumped out of bed. “Why didn't you wake me up!” I screamed running for the bathroom.


Um, excuse me? Your what? Sixteen? Your suppose to be able to wake yourself up!” He yelled me.


I replied. “Fourteen, dad! 14!”


Yeah, what ever, Storm.” He then walked away.


I grunted and slammed the bathroom door shut. Once I was in the shower I finally relaxed and my body untangled. I felt stiff and the dream leaping back into my head didn't help.


I dreamt about my mothers death. I dreamt about me in her position. How could I dream that? But it was so real. So vivid. A tear rolled down my cheek and combined itself with the water than ran down my body. I didn't get to enjoy the it through. Because soon enough a knock on the door interrupted my calm place and screamed for me to get out. I did so wrapping myself in a thick towel and headed to my room.


Ok so here's the story. A year ago my mom decided to commit suicide because she lost her baby and drown herself in Lake Ontario. Sadly for her she knew how to swim and could resist the instinct of keeping herself alive by doing so. But not so much in myself and my fathers favor she caught a massive wave that quickly picked up and ended up being a storm. About two hours later she was found lying on the beach lifeless. She had died that day from swallowing too much water and not being able to breath.


A month later my father decided to move somewhere else. Because of one his games were mostly held in the States (duh!) and he couldn't leave me alone and the second reason is that Derek couldn't bare being in that house. Mom's dream home. So we moved down to Forks Washington because I swore never to touch Pittsburgh. A little joke my childhood friend Anne and I used to make.


Storm! Can you stop dilly dalling in there. I have to go to this practice!” Derek screamed.


I sighed and got out. Wearing shorts a flannel top and gladiators shoes with my Jansport bag slung over my shoulder then letting my hair fall dry down my back. I ran down in to the kitchen finding him packing some food. “What are you doing?” I asked.


I'm already late so you are going to have to eat on the way.” He says.


I roll my eyes and grab a piece of toast from his hands and mumble, “Sure,” while I head out to the garage.


And of course my father playing for a NFL team he earns millions and it wouldn't be proper for him to not by a Mercy Benz. His words not mine. I couldn't say anything because his “best friend” Ike approved. That was just a load of b.s if you ask me. But I also went along with it because it had darkly tinted windows to hide what ever star was inside and his daughter.


You know, I did object about him dropping me off to school. Key word, I did. Past tense. He played the daddy card on me saying “This is a one in a fathers life time to drop his daughter off on her first day of school.” Ugh! Disgusting isn't it?


Derek jumped into the car only minutes later with a big grin on his face. “Are you excited.?” He asked.


I snorted. “Sure dad, sure.”


The engine started and we were off to the one and only Forks High school. One of the smallest population I've ever seen. It was even smaller than my last Elementary school which held close to 1800 students in it.


When we got there it was suffocating. First off all there were only small town people and living in a hugely population location such as Toronto it kind of freaks you out how little people live here. And can you imagine?! The only other remotely modern stylish cars was a silver Volvo and a red Jeep. They were pretty nice though.


But as I watched them park and scramble out my jaw dropped. They weren't even scrambling. It was like a graceful dance. They were beautiful too. I mean drop dead model like gorgeous. My car might be nice but the people to go with it weren't like that. I pitied myself for a second there and then I realized even though they were beautiful I was popular. I mean nation wide popular. No. Not even nation, continent wide. Canadians watch American football too ya know. I felt some pride in that.


The car stopped and I realized my dad had parked in front of a building that said “Main Office”. “Ready?” He asked.


Not even close.” I say. “See you at home.”


He grabbed my arm as I was about to push the door open. Looking outside I noticed people watching us even though they couldn't really see us. “Don't you want me to pick you up?” He implied.


I snorted. “No.”


I regretted saying that the moment they escaped my lips. I could see a pained feeling rush over his face even though he tried to hide it. “I mean, I'd rather take the bus. You know...look normal.”


Derek suddenly brightened. “Right. Normals the word.”


I wanted to say something about that but stopped myself and instead mumbled a goodbye as I stepped out. As I pulled myself out people gasped. They defiantly watched football here. I gave a stunning smile and tossed my hair heading towards the closest building which was the main office.


But before I entered the building I caught one of the eyes that were staring at me. It was one of those boys who stepped out of the Jeep. He had reddish brown hair that was really dark and could almost pass for black and green eyes. His face was properly sculpted like someone took some time making him before bringing him out into this world. In other words he was hot! Our eyes met and he smiled. I blushed realizing too late that I did so. Sucking in a huge gust of air I smiled back and continued walking. Today was going to be interesting.





Authors Note:

Hope you like this. Just wanted to tell you I got the name of this fan fiction from the real “Taken By Storm...” by “Angela Morrison” the amazing author of the real “Sing Me to Sleep” I've read her book (“Sing Me to Sleep” really) and they are AMAZING! Anyways, just wanted to tell you next chapter will be posted as soon as possible. *Smiles*


BTW: This is unimportant but the picture of Storm I got from the movie “Babylon A.D” you know Aurora the girl the guy “Vin Diesil” was trying to protect. But anyways doesn't matter and Gabriel is Sam from “Supernatural” you all should know that, I think.





Picture of Gabriel now 100 years after Renesmee's death:




Is Gabriel gonna be in the story? Post it! Gr.....
Love it,keep writing please.............

loveeee itt!! write moreee sooon!!! update me please!!



My respect girl!!!! You're amazing!!!!!
I loved it



Taken By Storm...


Chapter Two: L.U.V what ever that means...


2 weeks into school.


He's in my Science class. Gabriel I mean. The graceful boy I met in front of the school office building on my first day. And I really don't know what to make of him. Gabriel is very mysterious and tries to keep to himself but every time we are in the Science class we end up deep in conversation that the teacher sometimes has to come up to our table to grab our attention. Also I don't know what's going on but I feel this electric current every time his skin touches mine. It feels good though but still strange. But this morning was different. This one morning was stranger that usual.



* * *


I woke up dazed with my alarm clock ringing. Yeah, Derek bought me an alarm clock. After the fifth day into school he got tired of screaming my name each morning trying to get me up so he dragged me to Wal-Mart and bought an aqua colored alarm clock.


I ungratefully dragged myself out of bed and into the bathroom. The hot water did little to wake me up from sleep. I had spent hours staying up late trying to finish the English report that was on a book called “The Cay” that we were already given early this year. I mean the book was childish and barely over 100 pages. But still the two page conclusion to the book had to be done.


I quickly got dressed and headed downstairs. My father was gone and on the breakfast bar on a plate lay a bowl of cereal with toast and butter on the side.


I groaned. I was actually hopping for a hot meal this morning. But of course I couldn't depend on Derek everyday to make me one. So I just ate what was there. I took my time savoring each bite and kind of dreading this mornings Science class.


Yes. Dreading. Gabriel Cullen. A boy I had met not long ago. His mossy green eyes that made me melt when ever I stared at them. His twilight hair that I just want to run my fingers through and his albino skin. Gabriel is...beautiful.


I was sucked into the thoughts of Gabriel that I hadn't noticed my phone ring. I picked it up.




Oh, hey Storm!” They said. Lana Newton. The daughter of Mike and Jessica Newton.


She's okay but like her mother she's chatty. I've met her parents once. At the beginning of the year parent, teacher, student conference. That's where I met Lana, Astrid (daughter of Ben and Angela *I forget their last name sometimes* ) and Gale (Lauren and Tyler's kid). Yes they have strange names. Names that people don't normally have. I guess that's why I hang with them at lunch. A strange name group. We were different but in way alike.


What's up, Lana?” I say.


A long pause. “Nothing really: I'm sorry if I'm bothering you. I should have called.”


Confusion runs over me. “No. No. I was doing nothing actually. Go on, I still have 45 minutes before I have to catch the bus.”


Right.” She says. “Ugh! No this is stupid, sorry.”


I muffle a laugh. “No Lana go on.”


What do you think of Gabriel? I mean do you like his or something? You guys have been hanging out a lot.”


My throat tightens. I wasn't expecting this. “Talking and being lab partners in Science isn't hanging out a lot. And I think he's a right.”


Oh.” Another long pause then, “What would you say if I ask him out? Would you be jealous.?”


I practically choke that time. “No.” I breath. “Go on ahead, I don't mind.”


I receive a sigh from the other end. “Good, cause Astrid said the same thing and I thought you and Gabriel had a thing going on.” Lana said. “OK, thanks. I should go and let you finish getting ready Okay? Bye.”


The phone is dead before I even get a chance to breath again. Lana. Is. Going. To. Ask. Gabriel. Out. I think. Gabriel. The guys I keep fussing over and shopping for. I just told Lana I didn't care for him when clearly I'm dieing inside to kiss him. What was wrong here?





I sat there. Legs crossed and finger folded. He sat right next me. Glancing at me every now and then as if to check I was actually there. I couldn't speak to his to tell you the truth. The thought of him with Lana just couldn't be.


He slowly turned to me. “What's wrong?”


I shrugged. “Nothing.”


Then why are you acting so strange.” He clasps.


I'm not acting strange.” I snap.


His lips purse. “Okay, chill.”


Thankfully the bell rings and I quickly grab my stuff and headed for my next class before anyone's head comes of their tables.


I was mad I didn't understand why at first but now I do. Now I know why I blush each time I see his face or look down when he speaks to me.


I was in love with Gabriel Cullen.



Authors Note:

Sorry if this confuses you. But I tried.

Thank you.
I love it!!!


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