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Taken By Storm...(Tri-quel to "Sing Me to Sleep..." and "Cry Me to Sleep..."


I made this banenr and I LOVE IT! Took alot of hard work but here it is...




Taken By Storm...





I sat there. Holding my beautiful baby girl. Nothing in this life now means more than her. Derek held me as I held her. Our perfect family. Our perfect life. Piecing together just one detail at a time. But as I felt his hot breath on my throat I looked up to him. He smiled my favorite smile.


What do you want to call her?” He says.


I shrug and look back down to my baby. Looking into her eyes. Her pale blue eyes. My eyes wondered around the room as I thought. They paused out the window as the heavy rain poured against it. A smile took place on my lips. “Storm.” I whispered.


He chuckled. “Wonderful.”


My lips pressed. “Storm because her eyes look like the way the water used to thrash down at Lake Ontario.”


I looked back down at her. She was now smiling. “Welcome, Storm.” I whispered.


As I watched her mouth turn into an O and slowly her eyes closed. I looked through to the future. Looked at what my life would be from now on. Derek, Storm and I. Maybe another child or two in that picture might be great. But for now, just the three of us.




Authors Note:

Hope you like this guys. This is still attached to the story I had but I just wanted to place a new character into it. Anyways, the next chapter will be posted soon enough.





Picture of Storm:





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love it.........





Taken By Storm...


Chapter Three: Mistaken...





I'm utterly confused. Seriously. By the way Storm acted during Science. I don't understand why she was so mad. Why she refused to speak to me.


I sighed and pushed the thought away and the end of the day bell rang. Gradually I walked towards the silver Volvo in which my dad (Edward Cullen) drove. As I got in I heard a muffled snicker.


I turned to Emmett who was sitting in the front seat. “What?” I asked.


He burst out in laughter and then it hit me. He knew. He knew why Storm wasn't talking to me. Ugh! “What did you do Emmett! I swear if you told her...”


Emmett cut me off before I could go any further. “Chill, I didn't do anything rash. Have you talked to Lana Newton lately?”


My eyes narrowed but I shook my head. “No. Why?”


He laughed again and Edward pat him hard on the back also pasted on his face. “Breathe Emmett. Breathe.” He said.


Well, matter of fact, she's been spreading a rumor about you two dating and stuff.” My uncle said in the middle of hysterically laughing and taking deep breaths.


What!?” I yelled.


That was why...she wasn't talking to me. I swallowed hard at the thought. But then a smile crept up onto my lips. If she cares about that she must care about–me. For some reason I felt comfort in that and for once in my life since my sister died I was happy even though Lana Newton had lied about her and I being in a relationship. For once I cared non for that like I had in previous schools.






I watched the sun set and the moon rise. It was beautiful. But still there was something missing. The lake, I thought. The lake was the only thing missing in this picture and I hated that. I hated not falling asleep to the calm lake or the ocean at my grandparents home.


I reached underneath my bed and grabbed a blue leathery book. My journal. Diary sounded to girlish. My ocean journal, I called it.


September 18th 2212


Dear Ocean,


I'm sorry for not writing for this long. I needed time to settle in the new place and so far it's been going well. Until today. You see I met this great guy named Gabriel Cullen. He was nice at first until I realized he was going for my friend Lana. I hate him now. Truly. I don't know why I trusted him. I should have seen through the shell. But I didn't and now I'm hurting. Something I haven't done in a while.


You know I finally thought I would be happy here. I thought I could escape my past.


Guess not.





Authors Note:


I'm sorry this is short but I just wanted to write Gabriel part in this fan fiction. Hope you liked it. Thank you.

are you kidding me????I don't like it,I LOVE IT......................
I don't like this story..................... I LOOOOOOVVVVVVVVVE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! THIS STORY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Thank you.



Taken By Storm...


Chapter Four: Confrontation...




It's been going on like this for weeks...and I'm not just talking about Storm ignoring me after she came back from two weeks she spent in Toronto for some important reason. Since I had confronted Lana about the rumor she made up people have been laughing and mocking her. I mean yeah she was totally freaked when I talked to her about it and she thought I was going to send my 'brothers' on her but of course I wouldn't have done that.


Anyways, that didn't matter too much until now. I was getting sick of the way Storm was acting. I wanted her to talk to again. To brighten up every time I save the seat right next to me in Science. So right when the lunch bell rang I chased after her in the parking lot.


Hey,” I say as I jogged up to her.


She stiffens a hello to me. I can't help but frown at that. So I walk in front of her making her stop. “What's the matter Storm. Why won't you talk to me?”


Storm looks behind me. “I'm not going to find a spot in the Cafeteria if I'm late,” She says.


I don't care.” I breathe. “We have to settle this right here right now.”


She sighs and finally meets my eyes. “What do you want from me, Gabriel?”


I want you to tell me why you are so angry with me. Why you won't speak to me when I try to talk to you.” I inject.


Because, Gabriel. You are going out with Lana and...and I can't handle that.” Her eyes go to the English book we were reading.


I laugh darkly. “You think I'm going out with Lana?”


She looks up shocked at my response and I try to settle my tone down. “I'm not going out with her. She's snobby,” I say. “Just like her mother. She's always into people business and matter of factually I think your better then her.”


Storms eyes brighten. “Really?”


I nod. “Yeah, Storm. Why would you doubt that?”


She shrugs. “For so many reasons.” She mutters too low for another human to hear but I do.


I take my forefinger and thumb and raise her chin with it. “You know what? I know you don't like me going out with Lana but...what would you say I go out with you.” I kind of mumble the last part.


For a while non of us say anything. I could hear her heart breaking into a sprint and could see a bead of sweat come from her forehead. She swallows and nods not able to speak.


I brighten up and break into a smile. “Great!” I say. “I have somewhere special to show you anyways; why not now?”


Storm giggles a bit then asks. “When?”


I purse my lips going over Alice's weekly overcast on the weather. I think I remember her saying... “Saturday?”


She nods. “Saturdays great.?


I start walking off while still speaking. “Pick you up at 10:00 a.m if that's not to early?”


Yeah it's fine.” Her reply is chocked up.




For the rest of the day my mind fills with nothing but her. It was kind of awkward on the ride home 'cause I was sitting next to my dad (stupid mind reader). He grinned the whole way home. When we get there he tells me to wait a while and that he needs to talk to me. I gulp a yes and my nervousness.


So..What did you want to talk to me about?” I say anxiety creeping up on me.


He shakes his head. “No need to be nervous, son.” He says back.


I relax a bit but still take in a large amount of air to prepare myself for what comes next. “I see that you like Storm.” It wasn't a question.


It's my turn to shake my head. “I don't like her dad. I'm in love with her.”


Edward smiles. “I know.” Then he sighs. “I've been in that same situation, Gabriel. With you mother when she was human.”


I look at him shocked. They barely spoke about the times when my mother was human before I was born. And when they did mom wasn't there. I've always been curious.


I just want you to know that you should be careful.” He continues. “You don't know what she is going through. It might be tough when you do.”


No dad. I want to know about her life. I want to know everthing about her.” I say.


I know. That's the bad thing.” My dad pauses for a moment. “Do you want me to check.” He says in a soft voice.


No.” I reply in the same tone. “I want her to tell me. It isn't right to snoop in people business...especially when they didn't ask you to.”


Edward nods understanding. “Alright. Just telling you that I already know in case you change you mind, son.” And with that he was gone.


I closed my eyes and took a deep breath. Slowly I let it out. I want to know all there is about her. But till leaving me a mystery? It wasn't right. I've always wanted to ask my parents of how my dad let my mom in on the family secret but never really gotten the guts to. Now I have to. I have to know because it now includes my whole family too.


What should I do?

Love it!!!!!

1. LOVE IT!!!!!

2. LOVE IT!!!!!

3. IT ROCKS!!!!!

I love it, Nessy! Post more soon, please!
Thank you.


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