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Taken By Storm...(Tri-quel to "Sing Me to Sleep..." and "Cry Me to Sleep..."


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Taken By Storm...





I sat there. Holding my beautiful baby girl. Nothing in this life now means more than her. Derek held me as I held her. Our perfect family. Our perfect life. Piecing together just one detail at a time. But as I felt his hot breath on my throat I looked up to him. He smiled my favorite smile.


What do you want to call her?” He says.


I shrug and look back down to my baby. Looking into her eyes. Her pale blue eyes. My eyes wondered around the room as I thought. They paused out the window as the heavy rain poured against it. A smile took place on my lips. “Storm.” I whispered.


He chuckled. “Wonderful.”


My lips pressed. “Storm because her eyes look like the way the water used to thrash down at Lake Ontario.”


I looked back down at her. She was now smiling. “Welcome, Storm.” I whispered.


As I watched her mouth turn into an O and slowly her eyes closed. I looked through to the future. Looked at what my life would be from now on. Derek, Storm and I. Maybe another child or two in that picture might be great. But for now, just the three of us.




Authors Note:

Hope you like this guys. This is still attached to the story I had but I just wanted to place a new character into it. Anyways, the next chapter will be posted soon enough.





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Taken By Storm...


Chapter Five: Moment 4 Life….*PART ONE*




The week went by so quickly it shocked me when I woke up on Saturday morning to the glaring sun. I’ve been waiting for this day. Playing how it would go and anticipating what I should wear. I really hadn’t been the time of person to shop much. That’s one this Derek has always been stumped about me. I’m not like most women. The clothes I have are mostly bought by friends for my birthday, school dances or Christmas. Otherwise I never go to the mall.


So today of all days I had trouble picking clothing once I returned to my room from my shower. Suddenly the door bell rang and I threw on my robe and headed downstairs to the main hall and swung the door open. Surprisingly, no one was there. I checked around the street. I couldn’t see anyone.


I was about to close the door when I noticed a large rectangular box at my feel. Slowly picking it up and closing the door, I pondered on who it would be from. I headed to my room and placed the box on my bed. There was a note taped to it. It read in neat writing:




You’ll know who I am soon enough. Your welcome!


Who’s Alice? I thought. I didn’t reckon I knew anyone who had that name. So forgetting who the sender was I opened the box and gasped. There was an outfit in there. I mean not just any one but a outfit I knew (somehow) cost hundreds of dollars. I could afford it but never would have thought to guy it.


Inside the box lay denim shorts that were very flattering a strapless white top that started from tight around the chest then loosened up on my rips and bellow. The necklace that followed with it was vintage and the shoes were white wedges. It also included a white headband and silver bracelets. Plus a brown hand bag that was decorated with some sort of diamond gems. It was absolutely perfect! I loved Alice!


Not knowing who the sender was and really not caring I slipped the clothing on and headed down stairs for breakfast. Derek was obviously not home so I just fixed myself a grilled cheese sandwich.


Gabriel was going to be here soon and butterflies were already starting to tickle my stomach. My mind lingered on his thought for a while. But then the door bell rang and my heart jump as well as my body. I tried not to walk too quickly to the door but I just couldn’t hold myself back.


Roughly I swung the door open and there he was. Gleaming at me with his jet black hair and green eyes. He looked like an angel.


Hey,” he said.


I swallowed. “Hi.”

I hadn’t noticed until he held it out for me that in his hand lay a bundle of roses. I smiled and blushed quickly putting them in a vase full of flower.


You ready?” he asked after I invited him in.


Yeah,” I muttered. “Give me a sec to grab my bag.


I quickly rushed upstairs placing personal items inside the bag not forgetting to include my phone and Dentine Ice gum. I might need it. The thought of that made me blush a deep scarlet.


He was waiting for me at the foot of the stairs and I smiled at him. “Ready?” He asked again.


I nodded and he went to hold the door for me. “Thanks,” I muttered.


As I stepped out the door I wondered how on Earth we were going to get where he planned for us to go.


Um,” I started to say then stopped instantly. “Oh my gosh! What are those?!”


A grin broke out on his face. “Dirt bikes. Awe come on; don’t tell me you don’t know how to ride.” He started to say. “Because it’s going to be very-”


I stuck my index finger out to stop him. “I know how to ride one it’s just… I wasn’t expecting it.”


Oh.” Gabriel said. “Well then there is no need for training.”


The bikes were stunning. One of them was black and the other one was a baby blue.


Blue?” I made a face.


He blushed. “Sorry I thought…”


It’s okay,” I say. “My favorite color is red by the way.”


Gabriel nods and soon enough we are riding down the road. After a few minutes into the ride I start to wonder where we are headed to. “Where are we going?!” I yelled to him.


I looked at his lips and even though our voices were being drowned by the engines and other cars I could still make out what he was trying to say. “Wait and see! Surprise!”


We drove 30 minutes until finally Gabriel edged towards to side of the road. I followed happily. He suddenly stopped and got off. I did the same.


Where are we going to put the bikes?” I asked.


He said, “A little inside the forest if you don’t mind.”


After stashing the bikes inside; we set out through the woods. I didn’t ask where we were going this time. We walked for quite a while though talking about school and what we wanted to do once high school was over. He told me he wanted to go into Architecture. I told I wanted to be a pediatrician. It surprised him.


Do you see it?” He asked after a few moments of silence.


I squinted hard. “See what?”


Maybe it’s early for your eyes. Wait while.” He replied.


I wouldn’t have minded his words but the way he said ‘yours’ as if though I was a different or a different species. But then I saw it. The light he was talking about.


I see it.” I said turning.


Gabriel was only a few steps behind me. But now he wasn’t. “Gabriel?” I beckoned.


Looking around I saw no one but then he suddenly appeared in front of me. “Oh there you are. You scared me.” I sighed.


But he didn’t seem to be listening. He stepped out from the shady trees and into the bright sun. I gasped. He looked different. His eyes bright emerald green. His hair darker than the night and his skin so pain it almost looked sickly. There was something amiss about his skin. It wasn’t only pale but rather glowed or was it sparkled.


I muttered. “Gabriel.”


I’m sorry.” He finally said. “I wasn’t really truthful when I was speaking about myself to you.”


His voice sounded old fashioned and firm. “I’m not the person you think, Storm. I’m much more different that you would ever expect.” Gabriel told me quietly.


W-what do you mean?” I stuttered.


He backed away from me and I followed him out of the forest to a bright and big clearing. It was stunningly beautiful. Flowers grew everywhere. Lilies. Striking lilies. He disappeared again. He turned out to be across the clearing with a bolder on his hand. It was large and Gabriel was holding it with one hand. Unexpectedly he threw it. It landed only meters away from me. A whimper escaped my lips.


He stood now in front of me. Shock stuck his face as the bolder struck the ground. “I’m sorry, Storm. I really am.” His arms wrapped around me.


What are you?” Came out of my lips all at once.


Gabriel pulled back and his face crumpled. “Something I always wish I wasn’t.” He whispered.


He took my arm and walked me to the center of the meadow. He sat me down still holding onto me but now my hand was in his hand. “Do you want to hear my story, Storm?”


A lump in my throat swelled but I nodded. “Yes.”


OMG!!!!! SOOOOOO ASUM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
OMG! OMG! OML! OML! Couldn't he have gently told her what he was, instead of pitching a boulder at her?
LOL!!! I will update more soon. and thank you for your comments.
awesome chapter........

Taken By Storm...


Chapter Six: Moment 4 Life….*PART TWO*




I was born on September 10th 2012.” I started off with a sigh. “I had a twin sister. Her name was Renesmee. A beautiful little nutter, she was.”


My eyes traced the grounds. “But she died.”


Storm looked at me curiously. “How?”


I killed her.”


* * *STORM* * *


It seemed like all a dream. It seemed not real. But at the same time I wanted it to be real. I wanted him to be real because he is the only person or…whatever I feel close to. I actually love him now.


He told me about his life. Told me he was not human. Well not fully. Told me about his sister and

how she died. About his family; his mother, father, aunts and uncles, grandparents. I now know

him. The real Gabriel. And he knows me too. The real Storm. It feels good opening up. Telling

someone things that you would have hidden from your parents. Things that you would not dare

put down on a diary. Stuff that you bottle up inside hoping it will go away the soon realizing that

it’s stuck with you for life and there is no running away from that truth.


I woke up with a gasp. It was dark and I was sweaty and sticky. I could see anything and it

seemed like my sheets were wet. Maybe not wet from sweat but some other substance.


Gabriel?” I whispered.


Shuffling came from the side of the room that held the window and a rocking chair. “I’m here.” A

voice replied.


I sighed and slipped out of the sheets following the voice blindly. A pair of hands attached

themselves to me and pulled me closer. I was now sitting on his lap. My pants now very moist. He

huddled me closer and I could feel his warm breath on my neck.


Have a rough night?” he whispered.


I nodded. “I had a nightmare.” I shuddered even though it was not cold but damply hot. His

fingers trailed my arms and he stuck his nose into my hair inhaling my scent.


What about?”


My mother.” I said.


He stopped abruptly. “Oh. Do you want to talk about it?”


I shook my head and laid it against his chest. We sat like that as the hours of the night fluttered by just talking. Dawn seemed to peak at us and finally he said. “I had been watching you sleep.”


Why? You need your sleep too, isn’t that right?” I asked.


He nodded. “Not as much as you though.”


What time is it?”


It’s going to eight.”


Suddenly I shot up. “Derek.” I whispered.


He left.” Gabriel replied.


I stared at him. “When?” Going back through the night I could not remember a time when I heard movement throughout the house. Only his slow breathing and heart beat racing.


Around five. You feel asleep for a while after, remember?”


I nodded recounting the memory. “I should probably clean up.” I looked at him. “Sorry about the…” My face turned scarlet.


No problem.” He replied only natural. Gabriel pulled out a bag from under the chair. “Mind if I change? It doesn’t have to be in this room.”


I was about to question him on the bag when he said. “Alice said I would need it.”


The psychic aunt?” I asked and he nodded.


I then grabbed my stuff heading for the bathroom, quickly showering and trying not to think too much of Gabriel in my. Soon enough I got out of the shower and dressed quickly. I then went back to my room to find him missing. A delicious scent came hurtling towards me and it seemed to be coming from the kitchen. I walked in there calling out his name.


I thought I should could breakfast.” He said seeing the question coming.


You eat?” I asked.


I’m part human, Storm. Don’t forget that.” He replied.


I sat down and we ate in silence. After the first couple of bites I paused. “What do you want to do today?” I asked.


He thought for a moment then grinned at me. “Do you want to meet my family?”


I almost choked. “What?”

Do you want to meet my family?” he repeated.


I replied in a small voice. “I-I don’t know.”


He chuckled. “Don’t worry I won’t let them hurt you.”


I shook my head. “No, I’m afraid that they would like me.”


His face then grew serious and his lips formed a line. “Why not?”


I shrugged. “Because, you know. I’m different.”


He was then laughing again. “What?”


Storm, were you not listening when I told you about my past?” He asked.


Yes of course.”


Then did you not here me tell you that my mother was human when my father first met her.” He said.


Well, yeah.”


She worried about the same thing but in the end it turned out well, didn’t it?”


I suppose.”


Then there is absolutely nothing to worry about.”


After we finished up and I washed the dishes he waited for me to pick out some decent clothing and we took his bikes to where he lived.


His house was hidden in an obscure area. You couldn't find it unless you knew were it was. His family was already waiting for us.


I gasped at the sight.


They were so beautiful.

Hadn't she seen them at school?
yeah but no up close.
love it!!!!
Oh, thank you and I will. Sorry for taking so long.


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