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Taken By Storm...(Tri-quel to "Sing Me to Sleep..." and "Cry Me to Sleep..."


I made this banenr and I LOVE IT! Took alot of hard work but here it is...




Taken By Storm...





I sat there. Holding my beautiful baby girl. Nothing in this life now means more than her. Derek held me as I held her. Our perfect family. Our perfect life. Piecing together just one detail at a time. But as I felt his hot breath on my throat I looked up to him. He smiled my favorite smile.


What do you want to call her?” He says.


I shrug and look back down to my baby. Looking into her eyes. Her pale blue eyes. My eyes wondered around the room as I thought. They paused out the window as the heavy rain poured against it. A smile took place on my lips. “Storm.” I whispered.


He chuckled. “Wonderful.”


My lips pressed. “Storm because her eyes look like the way the water used to thrash down at Lake Ontario.”


I looked back down at her. She was now smiling. “Welcome, Storm.” I whispered.


As I watched her mouth turn into an O and slowly her eyes closed. I looked through to the future. Looked at what my life would be from now on. Derek, Storm and I. Maybe another child or two in that picture might be great. But for now, just the three of us.




Authors Note:

Hope you like this guys. This is still attached to the story I had but I just wanted to place a new character into it. Anyways, the next chapter will be posted soon enough.





Picture of Storm:





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new reader............ i like it.......... keep me updated.......

Taken By Storm...


Chapter Seven: Surprise love…


Gabriel pulled on my arm gently towards his waiting family whispering in my ear, “There is nothing to be worried about.”


I swallowed and let him lead me. He first led me to a dark brunette haired woman who was pale and stunning in every way and a man next to him with bronze hair. Both had golden eyes; not only them though. The whole family. This wasn’t much of a shock since I had expected it from Gabriel’s words he had mentioned to me yesterday.


“Storm this is Bella and Edward. My parents.”


“Hi,” she said in a musical voice. A grin spread wide across her face.


“Hello Mrs. Cullen.” I mumbled. She pulled me into a hug and let me go. “No need in calling me Mrs. Cullen. Just call me Bella.”


“Alright.” And my eyes moved on to the man.


“Nice to finally meet you Storm. We’ve heard so much.” I blushed at his words. He also hugged me.


Gabriel led me throughout the whole family. His grandparents Carlisle and Esme, his aunts and uncles Rosalie, Alice, Emmett and Jasper. They were all wonderful people and surprisingly stunning. Especially up close.


We all went inside and Gabriel did the honors of showing me around. It took quite a while though. There was so much to see. Everything was interesting and mind-blowing. It was like a small museum of the past.


The tour ended in his room. He sat me down on his bed and grinned. I smiled back. “What?”


“Do you like music, Storm?” He asked.


I nodded wondering why he now headed towards his closet door. I was about to say something when he pulled out a violin.


I gasped. “You’re going to play?”


He nodded and said. “I wrote this after my sister died.” He got into position. With one long breath he began to play. The music was so sweet but at the same time sad. As if it explained his life without her and sorrow that was replaced her. Tears began spilling down my eyes. Every note he played made my heart race.


By the time he was done I was in an emotional mess. Gabriel smiled when finally lifted his head and spotted me huddled on the edge of the bed.


He put down the instrument and came and sat down on the bed to hold me. “It was a promise song. That I will never hurt another soul I loved. The pain is too much to bear.”


I gasped and began to sob in his arms. “I love you, Storm. Forever.”


“‘Till my heart stops beating.”



Authors Note:


SO SORRY GUYS! I really am for not posting more soon enough. I just didn’t know what to write and to tell you the truth I forgot after a while. But after re-reading the last chapter I thought this one up immediately. I hope you like it. I wanted Gabriel to be much like his father but obviously not play the same instrument but another just as beautiful. I don’t play the violin (I play the flute) but my brother does and it’s really stunning watching him play. This song comes from the Anime/Manga Bleach.


Taken By Storm...


Chapter Eight: Cloud nine…


You know when your first in love and everything is so new for you. Each smile is thoughtful, each laugh is memorable and each moment is like gold. That is what Gabriel does to me. He makes me feel like I’ve just opened my eyes to a new day. A new life. A new world. And I never ever want to leave.


* * *


“What do you want to eat?” He asked.


When I didn’t answer his voice grew weary. “Storm. Hello! Are you there?”


I looked at him and smiled. “Uh, yeah sorry I blinked out.”


He smiled back. “No worries. So as I was asking, what do you want to eat?”


I thought for a moment then let the smile touch my lips again. I then stretched to kiss him. “I’ll cook. You finish your homework.”


He frowned. “You’re my guest. I should cook.”


I laughed. “I thought you said I was practically family. Plus, I can figure out my way around the kitchen. You just tackle that Science.”


Gabriel sighed and sat down on the kitchen table. I’ve been in the Cullen house long enough to know what was where. I took out the rice and washed it properly and put it in the cooker setting it to 50 minutes. Then I started chopping the tomatoes, onions, green pepper and garlic. Suddenly cold hands touched the skin on my arms. I jumped.


“Sorry, I didn’t mean to scare you.” A high voice chimed. It was Bella.


I shook my head. “It’s okay. You all are so silent or is it just me. I think I should get my ears checked.”


She laughed. It was a musical sound. “Don’t worry that used to annoy me as well.”


I raised my eyebrows. “Oh really?”


“Yes.” Bella replied. “Do you need help? I was once human not long ago and plus someone’s got to feed him.” She pointed at Gabriel who looked up innocently.


I smiled. “Sure. I was just making a sauce for the rice.”


She grabbed a large pan and a small cooking pot. Bella placed the pot on the cooker nearest to me and the pan in front of her. I watched her swiftly turn on the stove and pore olive oil into the frying pan. In a few minutes little smoke began to rice. Bella placed one breast on the pan and it began to sizzle.


It took an hour and a half before everything was ready. By then Gabriel was done his homework and began to set the table for the two of us.


Cooking side by side with Bella was wonderful. She was outgoing and answered every curious question I asked. Even the embarrassing ones.


“Bella?” I called.




“Were you nervous at all when you first met the Cullen’s?” In the corner of my eyes I could see Gabriel attention twitch our way.


She laughed. “Um, yes. Terrified.”


“Why? Because they were going to suck you blood?” I joked.


“Surprisingly, no. I don’t know I just felt like an outsider. Like I didn’t belong in this perfect family but at the same time I wanted to be a part of them. To be a part of him and stunningly he felt the same way.”


She didn’t have to say the name of who she was talking about. A laugh then rung across the room. Her husband walked in. “Wow Storm, you make such a good impression on people. I’ve been dyeing to know how she felt about that day. To see it all and you just come in here and she tells you in a matter of minutes!” He shook his head in false disgust.


Bella chuckled. “Oh, well you could have just asked.” They looked at each other for a moment and both burst out laughing.


“Oh no. Please no.” Gabriel came up to me and pulled me away. “You’ve brought up the past, Storm. They’ve gotten mushy again. We try to avoid that here since there is couple mania going on.”


I smiled. “Oh, well. There is nothing we could do now.” I shrugged.


This laughing and having fun went on through the preparation of dinner. Even after Bella and Edward got intense and started making out right in front of us. It was hilarious to see Gabriel shield his eyes and scream “mercy!” I could get used to this.


Edward and Bella left us alone when we finished cooking. Gabriel wouldn’t stop staring at me until finally I got sick of it. I put my fork down and said. “What?”


He smiled. “You are so beautiful, you know that.”


I snorted. “Right.” Then took another fork of rice.


“No seriously.” He said. “I love you eyes. I love everything about you.”


I laughed. “Now I know you just making fun of me.”


“No I’m not, Storm. I love you.”


I bit my lip suppressing a grin. “I love you too, Gabe.”






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