The Twilight Saga

This is a Sequel to Bella's New Identity

Plot: Bella and Ben are happily married and have a daughter named Emma. Life is Perfect. Even Jake is happy as he imprinted on Emma, or so everyone thinks. But it's a lie. Emma is heart broken when she finds out. But she keeps having these strange dreams she had for year that sprung from her bed time story. Those dreams so real and she wants to find The Prince she keeps dreaming about.

In another world and time Prince Peter is dreaming of Emma and he's in love with her. He wants to find her as well. But he's not human either. He's a Greek God as well, The son of Hera and Zeus to be exact.

But a new boy Caleb is in town. Even though Emma still wants Peter she finds her self drawn to the stranger. But nothing is as it seems. She's in Danger.

What happens when Jacob attacks a boy in the woods who happens to be Peter?

Inspired by this song:

Preface: Emma's Pov:

Dreams. Sounds simple enough right? Well not in my case. Since I was 4 years old but looked like 11, I had those strange dreams for the past 5 years that sprung from a bed time story, I still remember to this day. My dad told it to me one day when I was sleepy and ever since then. I had this vivid dreams, they felt so real. They still do.It makes me wonder if it's all just in my head or if he even exists. All I know is that I need and want to find him.

Preface (Above)

Chapter 1~Bed Time Story

Chapter 2~Jealousy

Chapter 3~Pain

Chapter 4~Waking Up

Chapter 5~Heartbreak

Chapter 6~The Coronation

Chapter 7~Fight

Chapter 8~Peter's Angel

Chapter 9~The Witch

Chapter 10~It All Starts

Chapter 11~Revealed

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That was a good story can't wait to read more

I am glad you like it, will post soon

Chapter 2~Jealousy

Emma’s Pov:


I sighed and wondered why I was dreaming of that Prince and what the dream could mean and at that moment my mom walked into the room “You okay sweetie?” She asked me as she sat beside me on the bed and squeezed my hand in hers.

I nodded “Yes, just a strange dream.” I told her

“About?” she asked looking at me concerned “I hope it was not about Jake doing something well not right.” She said, she was always so concerned about me when it came to Jake, but she had a right to, she was my mother and had the right to protect me.

I shook my head “No, Jake has nothing to do with it.” I said, it pained me to say that. Jake was my best friend and I cared about him and if he heard what I just said, he would be hurt and upset most likely.

“What about then?” she asked and looked at me concerned. Her eyes were set deep with concern it made my heart ache as I made my mom worry.

“Can you call daddy in here? Maybe he can figure this out.” I said. I was going to tell mom what the dream was, I just needed dad here as well. Maybe he could help me figure this whole thing out and what the dream meant. After all, it sprung from the bed time story he told me just before I had the dream. I had feeling it had something to do with that, I could not be sure. But there was no witch in the dream. Yet. I hoped there would not be and besides it was just a dream. But it felt so real, it was like I was sleeping but at the same time awake in another dimension.

Mom looked at me and raised an eyebrow and nodded then she left and came back after a few second with dad, Dad pulled me onto his lap and looked at me “What’s wrong Emms?”

“I had a really odd dream.” I said looking at dad “You know about the Prince you told me. I pictured him with dirty blonde hair, blue eyes, around my age and then when I was asleep,  I was in the woods and met him. Peter I mean, he looked just how I thought he would when you told me the story. And then someone leaped out at him and before I could stop the person I woke up.” I said

Dad looked at me in shock, he was silent for what seemed like ever but he was only silent for about 2 minutes. He just nodded still with his eyes wide “I...well this....odd.” he said, he seemed to be stumbling over his words trying to find the right words to say. But how could he when I just sprung that at him? Mom was just stiff as a rock in shock, not really moving or saying anything.

I nodded “I know, but it felt so real. Is that even possible?”

He thought about it “It might be, if he exists as well and he heard the say story and he envisioned the young lady as you and then you met in your dreams. Your sub consciousness wanted to be with him and his with you and that’s how you came about to meet.”

I thought about that “So, If I want to be with him? I appear with him and he with me?” I said, I did not really get that, it sounded too complicated for me.

He nodded “Yes.” He kissed my forehead “Now, go to sleep sweetie. It’s late, we’ll talk about this more in the morning” he said

I nodded and tucked my self in again and closed my eyes falling asleep but kept moving in my sleep not settled, my mind was clouded with too many things and it did not allow me to go back to Peter again tonight. I did not sleep well, I had a nightmare. But it had nothing to do with Peter and Me. It was just rather random and nothing I would want to tell anyone about. I woke up in the morning and sat in my bed sweaty. It took me a while to register Carmen was sitting on my bed. “Carmen, what you doing here?” I asked shocked to see her

Carmen smiled “Me and the family, came to visit” she said kissing my head “You okay Emmy? You seem upset about something.” She said using my nickname I had since I was a baby.

I nodded “Oh, just a nightmare.” I said and hugged her “Is Kate, Irina and Eleazer here?” I asked

Carmen nodded “They went hunting with your parents and asked me to look after you, come on let’s get you something to eat.” She said and pulled me from bed and carried me to the kitchen. I giggled and held onto her. I liked her carrying me. It made me feel like a proper 4 year old.

Carmen set me on the counter and smiled “Pancakes?”

I nodded “Ooh, with chocolate.” I said and I jumped down and helped her. We made the pancakes and started singing my favourite song song. Oh Happy Day. I always sang this song with my mom or someone when I was helping them make food for me, as part Siren I could eat normal food. I knew me being part Siren and Part Vampire was confusing as Dad was part Angel. But with each new generation of Skinwalker the child would be different half specie then its parent.

Carmen flipped the pancakes and I giggled clapping and jumped up and down. Carmen giggled and smiled and set the pancakes on a plate and helped me put different toppings and fruit on them. I tasted them “Mhh delicious.” I said, my mouth covered in chocolate spread.

Carmen giggled and wiped my mouth softly “Enjoy” she said and smiled kissing my head as she watched me tuck into the pancakes, we made me 5. One time I asked mom to make me 40 and well the result was bad. I had a stomach cramp so bad I could not move. That would be the last time I ever had so many pancakes in my life.

Carmen smiled as she watched me eat and I finished when Mom, walked into the door with dad and the other Denali’s.

Kate smiled as she was behind me “Hey there cheeky monkey.”

“Katie” I giggled, calling her that, she did not mind. I leaped into her arms hugging her.

Kate held me and smiled and saw me covered in chocolate and laughed and took  a wet napkin and wiped it off.

I giggled and smiled and I smiled at Irina and Eleazer who were smiling widely at me. I jumped down and hugged them both.

Eleazer chuckled “I swear you’ve grown since the last time I saw you.” He said

I giggled and nodded “I think I might have.” I said and saw Alice walk in, she had the look on her face that said, she was going to take me shopping. I shake my head and ran off, she chased me around the house “No, No no” I kept saying

“Yes, yes yes.” She said as she kept chasing me up and down the cottage.

I Shake head and keep running and slammed right into my uncle Emmett and landed back on butt “Ouch” I said rubbing my forehead

Emmett chuckled and pulled me up “Alice chasing you again to go shopping?” I nodded and he looked at his hyper sister “Alice, let the girl breathe. Kate, Irina, Carmen and Eleazer just got here.”

Alice looked at me then Emmett with a pout and she crossed her arms over her chest “But I wanted to ask her about Peter.” She said and that made me blush bright red.

Carmen looked confused “Who is Peter?” she asked

I swallowed at the question and bit my lip chewing on it slightly and played with my hair rather nervously “Umm he’s....umm a..”

“Prince” Dad finished off for me and put his hand on my shoulder “I told her a bed time story about a Prince Peter and well she met him, somehow. It’s hard to explain” He said looking at them and then looked at Alice “Just don’t tell Jake.”

“Don’t tell me what?” Jake asked as he wanted in and he did not look happy. I thought he had Patrol, or maybe someone else took over his. He sometimes sneaked off to be with me and made Seth or Embry do his patrol for him.

“Um...” I said now uneasy and I looked at my family for help.

Esme was at my side as she walked in after Jake with Carlisle and she picked me up and held me in her arms. I loved her grandmother touch, and leaned my head on her shoulder looking at Jake rather upset now. He was probably going to be mad at me if I told him.

“Well I am waiting.” He said raising his voice. He did seem to have some behaviour issues you could say.

I swallowed and looked at Jake then my parents “I think we should tell him.”

“He won’t handle it.” My dad said looking at me “I want you to be safe sweetie.”

I nodded “I know daddy.” I said and put my hand on his cheek softly and sighed. I wanted to be safe too. I felt like I could be safe if I was with Peter. I thought I saw something in the mirror and walked over and looked at it and then saw a hand on my shoulder and my hand flew to my shoulder but nothing was there. Emma. A soft voice filled the air, it sounded like Peter, it sounded like a plea for help, a cry out for me.

Peter. I thought to my self and looked at Jake who looked mad and waiting for an answer. I took a step towards Jake and looked at him, he towered over me with his 6.2. foot and I was around 3. Something at the moment. I looked at wondering how I could tell him “I had a dream...” I said but Jake cut me off with a comment

“A dream?” he said then grinned “I hope I was in it.”

I looked at him sadly and shake my head and stepped back to where Carmen and Eleazer where in case Jake exploded. Both Carmen and Eleazer had their hands on my shoulder and Dad stepped closer to us while the rest watched Jake.

“No?” He asked a little mad. He had some anger issues at time.

I nod “No” I said and looked at dad for help

“Well then who?” He asked trembling


“Peter? Who is?”Jake snapped at Dad, Jake did not like it when other people would get mixed in with the conversation.

“He’s a Prince.” Dad said as he shot Jake a stern look that just seemed to aggravate Jake more. Mom raised an eyebrow at him and stepped in front of me slightly blocking half of my view in a protective way.

“A prince?” Jake scoffed at that “Yeah right and I am a Ballerina.” Jake said in a mocking tone.

I frowned “He is.” I said stepping forward now and Jake stepped closer to me towering over me once again, he looked mad.

“Do you care about him?” He asked looking at me, the look in his eyes seemed to suggest he was jealous of the fact, I was dreaming of someone unknown who was a Prince.

“I...” I trailed off, of course I did.

“Do you?!” Jake yelled at me now which made me flinch and I felt tears burning my eyes as I nodded at his question. I looked down and felt the tears ran down my cheeks. I hated it when Jake was mad at me. Why was he? It was not my fault, I was dreaming of someone I did not know. Why could he not understand that?

Jake let out a snarl and then walked out slamming the door “Jake!” I ran after him but he just phased when I tried to stop him and he ended up scratching my arm and leg. I winced as I saw the blood and felt faint.

Carmen caught me before I blacked out and got me back into the house, when I woke up I was in my room, with everyone crowded over me. I winced as I tried to sit up.

“Easy” I heard Irina say “Just rest.” She said and I nodded and closed my eyes and felt my self drift away, where there were no cares, no worries.


Peter’s Pov:

I was in my bedroom thinking about that strange dream I had. My mother always told me a story. About a Prince who was me, I fell in love with this girl and each day she was gone and each time I had to save her from someone evil. And then in my dream I met the girl, just like how I imagined she would look like. The name, the hair, eyes, figure, age, everything. How was that possible? She did not smell human to me, but I was not human either. I wondered if I would see her again. I felt tired still and felt my self doze off once again.

I found my self by the water falls at the cliffs. I saw a girl walking on the cliffs. She was not to close for me to see her face properly. I knew the cliffs were dangerous as they were old and could crumble at any time. I saw her foot slip as the rocks started to tremble and I ran there, I was there in a flash and caught her arm just as the rocks beneath her feet collapsed and fell into the water.

The girl gasped as she was hanging there and gripped onto my arm and I pulled her up. I set her with me away from the cliffs “Emma.” I breathed out.

She was trembling “Peter.” She said and I wrapped my arms around her in a hug and held her to me. I leaned my chin on top of her head and sighed deeply.

“Are you okay?” I asked as I looked down at her and looked her over to make sure she was in one piece and not hurt.

She nodded “I...I think so.” She said and looked into my eyes, they looked red from crying. I wondered who upset her, but I did not want to upset her more by asking her a question about that. It was not my business. “You saved me.” She said and smiled softly, her lips in a small line “Thank you.”

“I’ll always be there to protect you Emma.” I said looking at her. Why did I just say that? I asked my self and kissed her forehead softly and held her close to me and sighed, the wind picked up a little and the sweet smell of Roses and Lavender filled my nostrils. She smelled so sweet. I heard her stomach growl “Come on let’s get you something to eat.” I said and took her hand in mine and I walked over to my horse that was tied to a tree and I put her on the horse then got on in front of her “Hold on tight.” I said

I felt Emma wrap her arm around my waist and locked them together to hold onto me tightly. I took of riding my horse and the wind blew in her hair, it softly tickled my neck but I did not mind. It took us about 30 minutes to get back to castle, by foot it was 2 hours but I went rather fast on the horse, Emma did not seem to mind. I Just hoped she would not feel sick and queasy by the end of the ride. I stopped outside the stables at my castle and hoped off the horse and helped her get off as well and looked into her eyes as she still was in my arms. I felt my self get lost in her eyes, her brown eyes that had a hint of gold. The most beautiful colour I ever saw.

I heard her swallow and smiled at her softly and wrapped my arm around her waist softly as we walked into the castle. I saw my mother pacing up and down the throne room, she stopped when she saw Emma and smiled warmly, her smile always lit up the room “Oh, and who is this young lady?” she asked

“I am Emma.” Emma said softly and curtsied down to my mother.

My Mom walked over to Emma and stopped her in mid curtsy and she smiled “No need to do that. A friend of my son’s is always welcome. I am Hera.” She said and held out her hand

“Like the Greek Goddess?” I heard Emma ask in shock as she shook my mother’s hand softly with a light warm smile.

My mom nodded “The one and only.” She said and looked at Emma seeing the shock on her face “I gather Peter did not tell you?” she said

Emma shakes her head “No, he didn’t.” Emma said and looked at me “So is your dad....?”

“Zeus? Yeah pretty much.” I chuckled cutting in and smiled at her softly “I can smell you’re not human either.” I said rather carefully

Emma looked at me and nodded “I am not. I am a Skinwalker.” Emma said looking at me and my mother “I am a Part Vampire and Part Siren. Skinwalkers are always Vampires and something else, but with each generation the other half always is different then of their parents. My father is Half Angel and my mom is pure Vampire.” She said

I nodded impressed “Wow, well this is new.”

Hera smiled softly at Emma “I know you won’t hurt us.” She said seeing Emma’s worried look, like Emma thought we thought she might hurt us. “We won’t hurt you either.” She said and squeezed her shoulder softly. “You must be hungry, let’s get you something to eat.” She said looking at Emma and led her into the ball room where we also always had diner.

I followed Emma and my mom, When we walked into the ball room Emma stared around us in shock “Wow, it’s so beautiful.”

I nodded “Yes it is.” Just like you. I thought to my self and smiled at her as we sat down at the table and had some food, there was meat, vegetables, potatoes, all kinds of sauces and much more and we also had light wine

I watched as Emma smelled the wine first then tasted it slightly and smiled “Gosh, this is delicious.” She said

Hera giggled softly “It doesn’t bite.” She said and smiled at Emma and at that moment my father walked in. He was muttering something to him self and he stopped when he noticed Emma and I gripped Emma’s hand tightly as she swallowed nervously “Hello Sir.” She said

“It’s Lord to you.” My dad said

Emma looked down “I..Sorry” she said, she was not used to this. I did not blame her, especially when my father was also so strict. I looked at my dad and gave him a slightly annoyed look so he would try and be nice to Emma.

“Who is she?” He asked ignoring the look I gave him

Mom looked at him “Love, relax. She’s a friend of Peter’s.” I nodded at what mom said and dad seemed to relax.

My dad looked at Emma “What is your name?” he asked and smiled at her warmly. Emma looked up at him with a shy, nervous but sweet smile.

“I am Emma.” She said softly and he nodded and smiled at her patting her back as he sat down beside mother.

I smiled and looked at Emma about to say something when I felt someone shaking me. “Peter, wake up.” I heard a voice but it sounded rather far away. I groaned as my eyes snapped open and I realized it was just another dream.

Poor always :(

So apparently they are connected some how through dreams of each other. Why is that?

This is very interesting with all they supernatural elements and the many different story lines.

I can't wait to see the fate of Emma, Peter  and Jake.

Jake is just jealous, he needs to learn how to trust Emma. But I guess he wont. Yes they are connected and That might be answered later on in the story :) their fates will be different from Jakes, wait and see

Interesting!  Peter is dreaming about her too!  He could comfort her when she was sad about Jake misbehaving!  I loved the scene with Emma's family and the Denali clan too.  Carmen is very cute with Emma, and what can I say, typical Alice?  Just a pity Tanya is still separated from them.  I hope she doesn't cause trouble!

Yeah they are connected, so they dream about one and another and share the same dream in a way. Yes he is sweet to Emma when comfroting her. Yes that scene with Carmen was sweet :) and yeah lol Alice is just Alice. Mhh Tanya might appear later on in the story

I love it. Write more please.

I am glad you like it, will post soon

Awe, I love the love-triangle occurring through their dreams, it's an interesting twist! You definitely have the great imagination of an author. You should seriously consider publishing someday :)

awe, he is dreaming about her too :-)  great update, i can't wait to read your next one!

Yeah :) will post soon


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