The Twilight Saga

This is a Sequel to Bella's New Identity

Plot: Bella and Ben are happily married and have a daughter named Emma. Life is Perfect. Even Jake is happy as he imprinted on Emma, or so everyone thinks. But it's a lie. Emma is heart broken when she finds out. But she keeps having these strange dreams she had for year that sprung from her bed time story. Those dreams so real and she wants to find The Prince she keeps dreaming about.

In another world and time Prince Peter is dreaming of Emma and he's in love with her. He wants to find her as well. But he's not human either. He's a Greek God as well, The son of Hera and Zeus to be exact.

But a new boy Caleb is in town. Even though Emma still wants Peter she finds her self drawn to the stranger. But nothing is as it seems. She's in Danger.

What happens when Jacob attacks a boy in the woods who happens to be Peter?

Inspired by this song:

Preface: Emma's Pov:

Dreams. Sounds simple enough right? Well not in my case. Since I was 4 years old but looked like 11, I had those strange dreams for the past 5 years that sprung from a bed time story, I still remember to this day. My dad told it to me one day when I was sleepy and ever since then. I had this vivid dreams, they felt so real. They still do.It makes me wonder if it's all just in my head or if he even exists. All I know is that I need and want to find him.

Preface (Above)

Chapter 1~Bed Time Story

Chapter 2~Jealousy

Chapter 3~Pain

Chapter 4~Waking Up

Chapter 5~Heartbreak

Chapter 6~The Coronation

Chapter 7~Fight

Chapter 8~Peter's Angel

Chapter 9~The Witch

Chapter 10~It All Starts

Chapter 11~Revealed

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Love it!!!

The dream idea is awesome!!! You're amazing!!

Can't wait for more!!! :)

I am glad you like it :) the dream idea is a bit more complex then it seems lol. Aww, you make me blush now lol

Chapter 3~Pain

Emma’s Pov:


 I woke up in the afternoon and realized I was dreaming of Peter yet again, but this it felt like he was the one who started to dream first and his dream pulled me in. He even saved my life. I ran a hand in my hair and went to the bathroom and splashed my face with some cold water and looked at my scratched arms. I knew there would be some scars but it was healing up nicely at the moment. I wondered if my legs were worse as they hurt. At the moment, I just felt totally unworthy of Jake, no one else treated their Imprints like this. But Jake...well he was Jake. I sighed and shook my head and joined everyone in the main house.

I walked into the living room and everyone looked at me. Alice was at my side “Is it Peter?” she asked worried

I shake my head “No, he’s safe don’t worry.” I said and sighed and winced as I tried to sit down on the couch and sat down after 10 minutes of straining to sit down even with help.

Alice looked at me “You saw him again?”

I nodded “Yes, It’s odd. I mean the dreams, they feel so real but I am not tired when I wake up. It’s just strange.” I said and leaned back into the pillows and felt Dad wrap his arms around me

He nodded “Yes, but since when have any of our lives been normal?” he said, that was true. Our lives were not normal, they were supernatural and filled with different, strange, events all the time.  I guess that’s what comes with having a Vampire family.

“How’s your arms and legs?” Carmen asked me looking worried

“My legs hurt but my arms fine.” I said and sighed “I can’t believe Jake would even do this to me. Why would he do this to me? I mean non of the other wolfs treat their Imprints like this nor would they want to.” I said and felt the tears prickle my eyes again but stopped them. I was not going to cry over some boy. I was stronger then this.

Irina looked at me “He’s not worth the tears sweetie. You deserve better then this.”

I nodded “You’re right.” I said and stood up carefully “I am going to talk to him, no matter how much pain my legs feel.” I said and grabbed my jacket and walked out and walked carefully, once my legs got stretched out the pain was not so bad. I ran to La Push and stopped outside Emily’s house and knocked on the door.

I heard some voices inside:

“It was not my fault.” That sounded like Jake. Yeah right. He attacked me like literally.

“She’s your Imprint.”

“She deserves better then this.”

“How dare you? She’s only 4 even though she looks 11.” That sounded like Emily “I am going to get the door.” There were footsteps then the door swung open and she saw me and hugged me “Oh Emma” she said

I hugged her back and saw Jake and frowned at him “I need to speak to Jake, you all welcome to stay if you want though.” I said looking at the others.

Jake looked at me “Emma...I...”

I cut him off with a slap “No don’t Emma me. I never done anything wrong and you just attack me because of a dream I had. That’s not fair. I don’t deserve to be treated like this, non of the other Imprints are ever treated like this by the others.” I said looking at him

He rubbed his cheek and winced a little at my harsh tone, but I was upset and angry with him, I had a right to be. “Emma, please I am sorry.” He said looking at me “I love you.”

I frowned. I did not believe that. “I don’t believe you Jake. If you loved me then you would have not scared my legs and arms willingly when I was trying to stop you. You have no idea how much pain I was in before I stretched my legs out. I could not even sit down without help, it took me 10 minutes with help. Now you happy?!” I said raising my voice “Irina was right, I deserve better then you.”

He seemed shocked at my words and he gripped onto my arm and I pushed him away “Don’t even touch me. I can’t even stand to be near you right now.”

Jake  looked at me “Emms, please..” he said “Don’t be like that.” He said

“She has a right to be like that Jacob. You attacked her.” Emily said as she stood by my side and wrapped her arm around my shoulder glaring at Jake

“Stay out of it Emily.” Jake said looking at Emily

“No I won’t.” Emily said “I care about Emma and so does everyone else. You should be ashamed of your self. No one should treat Emma like this, no one.” She crossed her arms over her chest still glaring at Jake with the most evil glare I ever saw cross Emily’s face, she really was hacked off with Jake at the moment.

Paul, Jared, Embry, Seth, Sam, Leah, Quil moved over to my side and their arms crossed aswell as they joined in glaring at Jake

I frowned “Jake leave me alone and don’t come to the house. Everyone wants to kill you right now.” I said and turned away from him as he left and slammed the door.

Paul looked over at me “You okay Emma?” he asked and I nodded and smiled a bit at him and patted his back.

“I should go. My leg is hurting again.” I said and then left. I walked at uneven speed as sometimes the pain eased off so I went faster, when it hurt again I walked slow limping a bit.

I was in the middle of the woods close to home when I saw a glimpse of blonde hair and I looked around to see who it was but did not see the person. I shrugged it off then I fell to floor as if someone tripped me up and hit my head on a rock so hard I blacked out and then I felt like I was falling, falling and then it was like someone was carrying me. I was in deep sleep.

“Emma? Emms are you okay?” I heard a voice, it sounded so worried, It belonged to Peter.

I whimpered trying to answer, my head was throbbing. I opened my eyes trying to make out where I was. I was laying in the most softest bed ever. Peter was sitting by my side. It took me a moment to realize I was back with him. “Take it easy Emma, you fell.” He said and rubbed my arm softly and smiled at me, his smile was small and thin with worry.

“What did I fall over?” I asked as I winced as my head hurt.

Peter’s mother walked in with a wet cloth and something to drink in her hand “Of your chair sweetie. I am not sure what happened, you just fell and blacked out.” She said as she set the wet cloth on my head “Here, drink this, it will help and easy the pain.”

“What is it?” I asked curious as Peter helped me hold the cup as I felt weak. What was with me? I got attacked and didn’t fall of my chair, well here I did but in my world someone or something attacked me.

Peter looked at me worried still “It’s an ancient remedy, don’t worry. We always use it when someone gets hurt.” He said and tipped back the cup softly so the warm blue liquid went inside my mouth, it tasted like wild berries. I swallowed and soon felt warmth flow through me and my head ache soon started to go away.

Hera looked at me as her husband walked in and looked over at me, his deep brown eyes were filled deep with worry “How are you feeling?”

“Bit better.” I said. It was not exactly true, but I did not want them to worry. I tried to sit up but felt the most unbearable pain ever and winced “Ow.” I bit my lip as tears formed in my eyes from the pain.

Peter looked more worried and he pressed his hand to be ribs slightly and sighed “You broke your ribs.” He said

How did I break my ribs? Oh yeah, I guess the person who attacked me was hurting me while I was out cold and in this dream world but I still felt the pain. “Oh, fantastic.” I groaned and Peter helped me lay back on his bed.

Hera looked at me “You need to stay here, till you get better.” I looked at her, how long would this dream last? I wondered. I nodded trying not to move and closed my eyes falling asleep but I did not wake up into the real world. I stayed here. Odd.

I felt Peter lay beside me and hold me close to him not hurting me, his touch was gentle like a feather. I slept in his arms and I woke up in the morning when the sun shone in my eyes. I blinked, my ribs were hurting still, but the pain was not so bad now. Maybe they have given me something for the pain to help me heal my ribs or that blue liquid for my head ache also helped to heal my ribs.

Peter was still asleep. I looked over at him, he looked so adorable sleeping. His arms wrapped around me. I leaned my head on his shoulder and closed my eyes resting them.


Peter’s Pov:

I opened up my eyes and saw Emma was leaning her head against my shoulder. I smiled and tucked her hair behind her ear softly and kissed her forehead as her eyes opened. “How do you feel?” I asked, still worried. She was hurt badly.

“Mhh my ribs don’t hurt so bad,but it still hurts.” She said

“What happened Emma, I have a feeling something else bad happened to you. I mean it’s not like you could have broken your ribs just like that.” I said and then noticed her arms and they were pink with scars “Who did this?” I asked with a frown

She looked at me and sighed at the Question “It’s a long story.” She said

“I got time.” I said looking into her brown eyes. I hated to see her hurt.

“Well Jacob, he’s a werewolf and he Imprinted on me. I am supposed to be like this soulmate or whatever you want to call it. But when I told him about you, he got mad and he phased scratching my legs and arms, they hurt a lot, my legs more then my arms. Anyways I told him earlier and when I was walking home. I got attacked my someone and they knocked me out and now I am here and I guess that’s how my ribs got broken.” She said as she looked at me.

I frowned. If I ever got my hands on Jake, he would know hell would be coming for him. I sighed and nodded and hugged her softly.

“He’s not like this usually, he has some anger issues.” Emma said as she leaned on me for support

I nodded “I gathered that.” I said. I sighed “I am sorry he hurt you Emma, you deserve better then him.” I said and looked at her, my face closer to hers. I bit my lip and was about to lean in when I woke up, for real this time from the long dream. I sighed and kicked my pillow of the bed. Great. Did I have to wake up at such a time? I asked my self.

Wonderful chapter :)

I am glad you liked it

Interesting how events in one world influence events in the other one!  Now for the big question:  Who attacked Emma?  Could it possibly be Tanya ("a glimpse of blond hair"), or did she catch a glimpse of Peter in the other world just before it happened?  And what's wrong with Jacob?  I can't wait to see what happens next (in both worlds)!  I hope Emma will be okay! 

Yeah, It just came to me. If Emma was in another world and she got hurt in her real world she would still feel the pain no matter what world she was in. And as for the who attacked Emma I will not tell you, that will be discovered later on. It could Tanya or someone else with Blonde hair that is not known to Emma or the Cullen's. And if Peter was in her own world it's not like he would attack Emma as he is in love with her clearly by the way he acts around her. And Jake is simply a Jerk, he is acting out as he has not Imprinted on Emma and because he did not, he is finding it hard pretending he has. I know things in both worlds will get more tricky for everyone as more twists and turns will come their way. And Yeah Emma will be fine soon, she's aleady healing

I didn't think Peter attacked her!  He wouldn't do something like that!  I just thought maybe she was drawn back into the dream at the same time that the attack happened.  But now I do know someone with blonde hair attacked her!

Oh good lol. And yeah he would not unless someone might have told him to and he was under their inlfuence or something like that, but he has not found way to Emma;s world yet. And she got sucked back into the dream when she got knocked out and fell into the deep sleep or Coma, which ever one you would like to prefer. and Yes someone who has blonde hair attacked her, but I am not saying if it was Tanya or someone else who has blonde hair

Fair enough! Let the story unfold at its own pace!

Yeah, I had more twists and turns in my mind as to where I want the story to go, I am thinking of ending this story at a cliffie and then doing a last sequel to the whole thing is a Triology with Bella's New Identity and this

Peter wouldn't attack her!! He just wouldn't!!!

Poor Jake :(


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