The Twilight Saga

This is a Sequel to Bella's New Identity

Plot: Bella and Ben are happily married and have a daughter named Emma. Life is Perfect. Even Jake is happy as he imprinted on Emma, or so everyone thinks. But it's a lie. Emma is heart broken when she finds out. But she keeps having these strange dreams she had for year that sprung from her bed time story. Those dreams so real and she wants to find The Prince she keeps dreaming about.

In another world and time Prince Peter is dreaming of Emma and he's in love with her. He wants to find her as well. But he's not human either. He's a Greek God as well, The son of Hera and Zeus to be exact.

But a new boy Caleb is in town. Even though Emma still wants Peter she finds her self drawn to the stranger. But nothing is as it seems. She's in Danger.

What happens when Jacob attacks a boy in the woods who happens to be Peter?

Inspired by this song:

Preface: Emma's Pov:

Dreams. Sounds simple enough right? Well not in my case. Since I was 4 years old but looked like 11, I had those strange dreams for the past 5 years that sprung from a bed time story, I still remember to this day. My dad told it to me one day when I was sleepy and ever since then. I had this vivid dreams, they felt so real. They still do.It makes me wonder if it's all just in my head or if he even exists. All I know is that I need and want to find him.

Preface (Above)

Chapter 1~Bed Time Story

Chapter 2~Jealousy

Chapter 3~Pain

Chapter 4~Waking Up

Chapter 5~Heartbreak

Chapter 6~The Coronation

Chapter 7~Fight

Chapter 8~Peter's Angel

Chapter 9~The Witch

Chapter 10~It All Starts

Chapter 11~Revealed

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So much drama to anticipate!!

Did Bella have Emma naturally or did she and Ben adopt her like the how Carlisle did Alice and the rest of the Cullens?

Why didn't you give Jake a happy ending?

I would also like to know how it happened!

Bella and Ben had her naturally as he's a Skinwalker and they can have kids. And I am a fan of Jake but I just prefered the drama of him ending up alone

sounds really good, can't wait to see how this goes!

Love it. It sounds like it might take some creativity to keep it interesting, but I will look forward to the twists you write it.

Keep writing.

I am glad you like it and yeah Sara is right it does take creativity :)

Sounds interesting!  I definitely want to see where you are going with this!

I'll keep you posted when I post the first chapter

Great! I love it. Write soon. Please please I'm ready. I'm just can't wait. Sorry sugar rush!! It's great keep up the good work.

Oh Lol, I'll post soon so wait

Chapter 1~Bed Time Story

Ben’s Pov:

It has been 4 years since me and Bella got married and had Emma. Emma was 4 years old but looked like a 10 year old as she grew faster then a normal human child. She was a Vampire and a Siren Hybrid.

I walked in the sitting room with my wife, my daughter and Jake as Jake imprinted on Emma. Bella almost ripped his head off when she found out, I was not too happy about it either. Emma was my baby girl no matter what.

I looked over at my daughter, she had warm brown eyes with a hint of gold, her hair was somewhat wavey and gingery colour with reddish hints. I saw her yawn.

“Okay time for bed.” I said as Emma whined.

“Daddy” she said looking at me.

“I need to go too Emms.” Jacob said standing up “Patrol tomorrow.” He scooped Emma up in his arms hugging her tightly.

Emma hugged him back tightly “Be safe” she said all sleepy and Jake nods as he ruffled her hair and left.

I picked Emma up like she was a feather and carried her to her bedroom and laid her down.

“Daddy.....tell me a story.” Emma yawned even more sleepy. Her eyes falling, soon to close.

I sat on the bed holding her to me “Well, once a long time ago in a far and beautiful land live a very handsome but lonely Prince named Peter. Hr was wealthy and powerful but that did not make him happy.”

“One day he was walking by a lake and looked at his own reflection to see his own blue eyes filled with sadness.” I took a breath seeing her sleepy eyes on me waiting for me to go on.

“Suddenly there was a voice behind him ‘Why do you look so sad?’ the voice belonged to the beautiful girl Peter has ever seen, her beauty took his breath away.”

“A princess?” Emma whispered.

I shook my head “No, just an ordinary girl, but she did not belong in his world.” Emma frowned as I went on “Each night she was with him but each day she was gone.”

“But Peter was in love and he was willing to find her so they could be together. He searched far and wide for weeks on end until he came across a wicked witch who cursed the girl to disappear each day. She was horrible; she had snakes instead of hair and rotting teeth that were falling out. The witch asked him what he wanted and he said he was trying to find the one he loves.”

“The mean which said ‘I will help you only on one condition. Your first born will go to me.” She laughed, the most shrill and evil laugh. Prince Peter was now disgusted and he got into a fight with the witch who lost and died and with her death the curse was lifted.”

“The girl suddenly appeared to Peter out of nowhere and they embraced. Peer took her back to his castle where they were set to get married. They had other issues but that’s a different story.” I finished and saw Emma was asleep. I kissed her forehead “Sleep tight angel.” I tucked her in, switched off the light and walked out closing the door quietly behind me.

“Is she asleep?” I heard Bella whisper

I nodded “Yes, my story send her straight off to sleep, well almost.” I said kissing her head

Bella smiled at me “You’re an amazing person Ben. We’re so lucky to have you.”

“And I am lucky to have you.” I said and held her close and kissed her lips softly and kept my darling wife close to me.


Emma’s Pov:

I turned around in my sleep and then felt something tickling my nose, I wrinkled it and my eyes snapped open. I was laying in a forest I never been to or even remembered seeing. I looked down, I had my normal clothes on. Not my pyjamas. I got up and dusted my self off. I saw someone coming and hid behind a tree closest to me but stood on a twig and it made a noise as it snapped in half.

I watched from behind the tree as I saw a boy, tall about 14 maybe 13 who looked like a Prince walk closer to the tree “Come out. I heard you.” He said his voice rather rude and hoarse. I swallowed as he drew out his sword and pointed it in my direction.

I took a step out and the sword poked my forehead so I stepped back fear in my eyes. I had no idea where I was, let alone why I was there. He looked at me with a strange expression on his face as he studied me and he drew back his sword back slowly into its holder “I...I am sorry.” He said

I swallowed and felt something wet on my forehead, blood trickled down and I looked at him keeping my distance. He took a step toward me and I took a step back “I won’t hurt you, I promise.” He said, he looked so sincere. I let him wipe away the blood “I am Prince Peter.” He said and bowed to me.

Prince Peter? From the bed time story? I asked my self. “I am Emma.” I said, my voice bit shaky “I...I am lost.” I said, that was so true. I was lost. I felt lost. How did I get here? Why was I here? I kept asking my self all those questions and more kept popping up into my mind. Where was Jake? Where was my room? Where was my family?

He smiled at me warmly, his smile made my heart melt, he was so handsome. His blue eyes, like my dad said. His blond hair a dirty blond but wonderful with some highlights from the sun, His every feature was exactly how I pictured him to be, well him from the bed time story “Oh you’re in my Kingdom, I am a bit lost my self but I am sure we’ll find a way out.” He said smiling at me again with that warm smile.

I nodded a bit at him “Umm thank you.” I said not sure what to say as we both began to walk. I bit my lip nervously. I knew I was 4 but looked like a 10 year old almost 11, and had the body of the 10 close to 11 year old as well.

Peter looked at me and his hand brushed against mine before he took it in his and walked leading the way “So how come I never seen you before here?”

“Oh, I am new....Kind off.” I said. Kind off? What kind of answer is that? A voice screamed in my head, I did not have the time to argue with my self now. Oh boy.

Peter nodded “Oh” he seemed bit confused as to what I meant by that. He squeezed my hand in his gentle and I felt my cheeks flush slightly red. I chewed on my lip slightly and then heard a strange rustle in the bushes and turned around. He put his finger to my lips as a signal to be silent. I nodded and gripped his arm slightly worried.

A man jumped out of the bushes pushing me aside, he was so strong I had no time to react and try and push Peter out of the way. I screamed as he went for Peter’s throat “No!” and with that I woke up sweating on my bed and swallowed shaking a bit. I was back in my room and not in the forest. “What was that about?” I wondered out loud to my self.

Wow! 0.0


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