The Twilight Saga

This is a Sequel to Bella's New Identity

Plot: Bella and Ben are happily married and have a daughter named Emma. Life is Perfect. Even Jake is happy as he imprinted on Emma, or so everyone thinks. But it's a lie. Emma is heart broken when she finds out. But she keeps having these strange dreams she had for year that sprung from her bed time story. Those dreams so real and she wants to find The Prince she keeps dreaming about.

In another world and time Prince Peter is dreaming of Emma and he's in love with her. He wants to find her as well. But he's not human either. He's a Greek God as well, The son of Hera and Zeus to be exact.

But a new boy Caleb is in town. Even though Emma still wants Peter she finds her self drawn to the stranger. But nothing is as it seems. She's in Danger.

What happens when Jacob attacks a boy in the woods who happens to be Peter?

Inspired by this song:

Preface: Emma's Pov:

Dreams. Sounds simple enough right? Well not in my case. Since I was 4 years old but looked like 11, I had those strange dreams for the past 5 years that sprung from a bed time story, I still remember to this day. My dad told it to me one day when I was sleepy and ever since then. I had this vivid dreams, they felt so real. They still do.It makes me wonder if it's all just in my head or if he even exists. All I know is that I need and want to find him.

Preface (Above)

Chapter 1~Bed Time Story

Chapter 2~Jealousy

Chapter 3~Pain

Chapter 4~Waking Up

Chapter 5~Heartbreak

Chapter 6~The Coronation

Chapter 7~Fight

Chapter 8~Peter's Angel

Chapter 9~The Witch

Chapter 10~It All Starts

Chapter 11~Revealed

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I am so glad Emma could help Peter and the family could meet him!  Now we will have to see what the other three are plotting!  And what was happening with Caleb in the end?  Why is he really after Emma?  Things are getting really interesting and exciting and I can't wait for the next update!

Yeah Emma and Peter are together for real this time :) and no worries, the answers you want will be given in this story, as to what the three are plotting and why Caleb is acting so wierd and him acting odd is one of my twists and turns that will be shown in the story lol. I love keeping my readers on the edge of their seats with suspension and twists and turns to keep it intresting and what not :)

What is up with Caleb?!

Emma and Peter, finally <3

you will find that out later :) lol no worries. I like to keep the suspension and not give away everything at once and yes they are finally together :)

Well they finally meet each other for the first time face to face even though not in the best circumstances.

Tanya is an idiot, Caleb is using her and Edward didn't even want her so why is she avenging his death?

Why are Tanya, Jake working together with Caleb and what is up with his hand?

yeah they met in the most....well not the best circumstances as you said.

Yeah Tanya is crazy lol and yeah good point lol. 

And that will be discovered later on

great update.  So glad Emma was able to help and stop Jake from hurting Peter anymore.  Can't wait to read your next update!

Thanks :) I am glad you liked this chapter and yeah Emma came to the rescue. Lol, Peter saves her, she saves him lol. Bless them :) will post soon

Yay!! Peter's here!!!

Who is this guy?!! I really don't like him!! :(

Can't wait for more!!!!

you will find out soon more about Caleb

Chapter 9~The Witch

Caleb’s Pov:


It was a few days later and I was beginning with my plan. I had planned to meet a witch to help me with the plan, it was strike 1 out of me 3 fold plan. Or 2 fold plan. I have not really decided how many folds my plan would have but this one was the first step.

Well sort of, if you could Jake attacking Peter as step 1 but that kind of failed as Emma got in the way. I walked into the woods, to search for something hoping it would be fine. I needed something of Peter and Emma’s for the witch so she could start her plan.

I saw something on the floor, it was a piece of clothing of Peters. I picked it up and saw a long thread of hair that belonged to Emma. I smirked “Bingo!” I smirked to my self and then teleported my self to the witch

“Do you got it?” she asked, she looked old, wrinkly and had snakes around her head instead of hair. The snakes hissed and spat at me. I growled at the snakes on her head and they backed off just wiggling and twisting and turning around on her hair like coils.

“I have it.” I said handing her the piece of clothing over to her with the hair strand.

She smelled it and she smirked “Mhh” she could not even say it. I could not even say it. Of course I could not, the word disgusted me. How could she even love that...that prince? Gross. The thought of those two make me sick. I knew what I had to do and I was going to get my way one way or another, with or without the witches help.

She walked over to the cauldron where there was a potion brewing. I watched her, she threw in the piece of cloth and then she threw in the hair as well and she stirred it up nicely “Give me your hand” she said and I obeyed her and stuck my hand out.

She grabbed a knife and cut my hand slightly and then she let the blood, my blood drip into the potion. Once my blood was in there she started to chat some curse while stirring the potion “Ex duos mundos invenerunt invicem. Non satis mature metus dolor damna separare. Et pugnemus contra eos in utroque mundo est, quod infectum non potest. In omni aeternitate” The potion was bubbling and we both took a step back and it exploded and it was dark and I coughed due to the dust and waved my hand to see more clearly

“How long until it will work?” I asked

“In  a few days, He will be gone.” The witch smirked. I nodded and walked off. I smirked to my self and left laughing to my self. Soon Peter will be gone from our world, back to where he belonged and I would make sure he would not get back and Emma would not get back there, what ever the cost.

 Tanya met me in the clearing of the foods “How did it go?”

I smirked “He will be out of hair soon” I said

“Good” she said and smirked “Now what do we do?”

“We get our team together and then we attack.” I said and smirked. I then laughed evily and it echoed through the woods


Emma’s Pov:

I was at home in the living room cuddling up to Peter. I had my head leaning on his shoulder and his arm was wrapped around me. I felt bit sick for the past few days but it was probably nothing. I ate something bad and now I was getting a bug from it.

I heard something shatter and me and Peter both jumped up from the couch and we ran into the kitchen to see shattered plates and shocked Alice “Alice!” I said “What happened?” I said and I gripped her shoulders “Tell me.” I said and looked into her eyes begging me to tell me what had happened.

“Danger, you’re both in danger.” Alice said

“What kind of danger?” Irina asked as she joined us, she and her family stayed in the main house for a while for a longer visit.

“Tanya, Jacob, some one unknown and lots of others.”

“A war?” Kate asked and frowned

“Again.” Carmen said

I frowned and I looked at Peter who tightened his arm around my waist “Who are they after?”

“You two.” Alice said

“I’ll fight.” Peter said

I looked at him “Then so will I.” I Said. Sometimes I felt like my whole life was a battle, battle to be with the one I loved. Me and Peter fought hard to find each other in real life and now that he was here, another fight, war was on it’s way to separate us. That was not fair.

“I don’t want you to get hurt.” Peter said looking at me and he leaned his forehead against mine and I closed my eyes and sighed slightly. He was so worried and protective over me, I was like that with him too.

“I don’t want you to get hurt either.” I said and planted a kiss on his lips softly and he kept me close to him and held me tightly against his chest, he felt so warm at the moment and I buried my face in his chest and inhaled his scent.

“I will protect both of you.” I heard my dad say

“We all will.” Carmen joined in and smiled at me and Peter.

“How long do we have until they attack?” I asked. I was scared to ask that question but I needed to know so we could be prepared

“A day.” Alice said

“A day?” I said, “One single day?” I swallowed. Oh boy. This was going to case trouble. I wondered who besides Tanya and Jake would be out to get me.

Peter swallowed and sighed “Where will they attack?”

“Clearing in the woods. Where we fought the Volturi last time before Emma was born.” Alice said and sighed.

“Volturi?” Peter asked confused

“And line of ancient Vampires, they made the Vampire Rules. Ben and Bella met there in Italy, Aro let them go but then he was after Bella to kill her, so we had a war and killed them all instead.” Alice said

Peter nodded “Oh, could they behind this?”

Alice shook her head “No, non escaped, It’s got to be someone new. Working with Tanya and Jake for revenge.”

I nodded “Who else did you see in the vision.” I asked her curious if I could make out who she saw.

“He was tall, dark hair, dark brown eyes.” I felt a shiver go down my spine and I swallowed. It was the new guy. Caleb.

Caleb = trouble!


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