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I was laying in bed, thinking of ideas for fanfictions, when I started thinking....

Is Jane really evil? Does she have a side to her that is just hidden from the rest of the world?

How would she find herself again?


Then I had the perfect idea. What if Jane fell in love with a Cullen?


I know there is a story out there callen I've fallen in love with the enemy, but I couldn't find it at all...

It's supposedly about Leah imprinting on Alec or something?

I dunno, but this is (hopefully) completely different!


This isn't set long after Breaking Dawn... 5 years tops.


Taming the Devil

By Mrs Sky Cullen



What do you do, when all hope is lost? After that final moment, when you realize too late how horrible your own sins are?

Everyone hates me, and I suppose within good reason. They call me a monster. Truly soulless... Could they be right?

I ran from the house, too frightened to turn back. I was a monster... I didn’t kill for the law, or because I had to... I killed for pleasure...

I’d tried to destroy the most caring people in the world, and there was still a part of me aching to do so...

So is this what the Cullens meant, when they told people they didn’t want to be monsters? That they didn’t want to turn out like me?


I wished for my brother’s return. I yearned for Aro’s comforting touch... I needed the warm flow of human blood surging through my body...

All that was gone now. My brother, Aro... I had chosen a fate that the devil himself would not touch. So what was I to do, all alone in a world gone mad?

I found myself panting as I became unfamiliar with my surroundings. I wasn’t tired, just crying... the best I could at least.

I slowed to a walk, hugging myself as I kept going. Would they be looking for me? More to the point, would he be looking for me?

I wanted to slap myself across the face. Any hope for that was broken the day I killed my first human.


I wondered if I was the devil... In some respects, I probably could be. A vampire was already regarded as a demon in itself, so being a soulless killer for as long as I have existed probably has put me in the same ranks as the devil.

And I made people burn... I enjoyed that... could I really be such a monster? The thought of doing that to someone now seemed repulsive...

A whimper escaped my lips.

How could I enjoy watching someone suffer? How could I enjoy the ear piercing screams that rang through the air when Heidi brought our food? How could I plot against the very people that kept me sane throughout the years?

No. Aro, Caius, Marcus... they hadn’t kept me sane. I had been soulless the day I was born. A monster from birth.

You can’t keep a psychopath sane. You can only watch it grow, and hope it becomes sane in time...

And I’d let them down. The people I’d always admired and looked up to like fathers.

I didn’t deserve to live in the same world as good people, who had hopes soaring up to heaven when their time came.

Me? I’d learnt something. Sooner or later, everyone dies. Even the devil herself.

I wondered if I would be running hell when I was thrown into its fiery pits, or if I had underestimated the wrath of the devil.


Chapter 1


Just keep running, I told myself. Just keep running.

I held my breath, sprinting through the trees, narrowly avoiding them.

“Oi! Superman! Wait up!” Emmett called from behind me. I laughed darkly, swerving into a clearing.

“You’ll have to catch up, Batman!” I called back, speeding through the narrow gap in the trees towards my prey.

My name’s Clark... like Clark Kent (hence the stupid nickname). I’m physically 15, but actually 55.

I’m the newest Cullen. They took me in a little while back, when I’d become a potential threat to the Volturi. The Cullens took me in to save my own life. I’m forever grateful.

“I told you dude!” Emmett called, catching up. “I’d rather be Spiderman, not Batman!”

I laughed. This was a personal joke of ours. Emmett called me Superman, and I called him Spiderman. Why? I have no idea.

“But I’m sure Batman has way cooler super gadgets than Spiderman,” I laughed, fastening my pace.

“But Spiderman can shoot webs from his hands! AND he can climb up walls with the palms of his hands!”

I snorted.

I could do that!”

“Well duh! You are a vampire!”

I laughed, swivelling around to get a good look at Emmett’s face before I climbed up a tree to ambush him.

Emmett’s face was full of fake annoyance, and he was fighting hard to keep a straight face.

I grinned mischievously, disappearing up a tree, the moment Emmett blinked. It was his automatic reflex to blink now, from hangin’ round with humans for so long.

“Where’d ya go, Superman?” Emmett asked, looking up and around like a fool.

I carefully slid across a branch, careful to make no sound.

Before Em could react, I leaped from the branches, pinning him to the ground.

“The names Clark, idiot,” I said, smirking.


Emmett and I returned home after a few more hours. Believe it or not, we were actually hunting.

“What took you two so long?” Rosalie asked, flicking her long, blonde hair over her shoulder.

“We didn’t actually get to the hunting part for a few hours,” I admitted, smiling innocently.

“What were you doing?” Esme asked, waltzing in the room, attached to Carlisle’s side.

“Guy stuff,” I said with a snort, as if it were obvious. Esme examined the two of us suspiciously, before shrugging.

I walked off to the TV, joining Alice and Jasper in laughing at one of those ridiculous “physic” shows.

They had a game whilst watching this. The fortune teller would predict something about the person’s future, and Alice would look into the future herself and laugh at how wrong he or she was.

It was usually quite entertaining.

“Jane,” the fortune-teller said to the woman in front of her. “I see great things happening in your future. You will get married, and have a beautiful baby boy.”

Jasper and I laughed, but Alice’s expression had gone solemn.

“What is it, Alice?” Jasper asked, placing his arm around his wife’s shoulders.

“I-I looked into the wrong persons future. I got Jane Volturi. Turns out, they’re coming for a visit,” she said softly, her eyes swivelling from Jasper, to me, and back again.

The Volturi... I’d heard stories about them, but none more spine chilling than the tales of Jane.

Everyone knew her power. She could... burn you. She enjoyed it too.

The few people that were still alive who had experience all said the same thing; it was like the transformation, only worse.

My own memories of my transformation were horrible... all I felt was the burning fire burning through my veins... and nothing could extinguish it.

I shuddered, but that wasn’t the worst of what she did.

When Jane went to... hunt people... she would burn them, finger by finger, toe by toe, and allow her brother to stop his “cure”, so the person saw their flesh burn in the raging fire.

I couldn’t imagine anyone being that merciless, or... soulless. It just didn’t seem right.





I walked around the polished floors of the Volturi castle. My shoes clicked against it, in synchronisation with my brothers.

I clasped Alec’s hand, smiling as we walked forward. Aro was executing someone today. I couldn’t wait.

“If you want to punish him first dear, I won’t resent you for it.”

Aro’s words echoed in my head, making me even more eager for the execution.

“You seem happy today, sister,” Alec remarked, assessing my good mood.

“I get to help with the execution brother,” I smiled. “I couldn’t be happier.”

He laughed, squeezing my hand as we got to the huge wooden door that led to the into the throne room, or, as we all preferred to call it, the execution room.

I placed my hand on the fine wooden handle of the door, marvelling at how breakable it seemed.

I turned the knob, and waltzed into the room, smiling widely up at Aro, Caius and Marcus as I entered.

“Ah, Jane, Alec,” Aro said, rising from his throne in the centre.

“Master,” I said, bowing my head in respect.

“How are we today?” he asked as Alec and I both held out our hands, allowing him to take them and see how our day was for himself.

“Ah...” he sighed, letting our hands drop to our sides.

“Jane, Alec... our prized possessions,” Caius remarked, sitting up straight in his throne. I smiled happily at the term prized possessions.

“How are you two today?” Marcus asked, sitting up straight as well.

“Never better,” I replied, skipping over to our side of the thrones.

“Too true, sister,” Alec replied, smiling with equal euphoria.

“Show offs,” someone muttered from behind me. The smile was instantly replaced by a glare, as I turned around to face one of the newer guards, Angelica.

Burn, I thought at her. Burn.

I smiled as Angelica dropped to her knees, biting her bottom lip at the pain I was suddenly inflicting on her.

Burn more.

Angelica screamed in agony, her face dropping a few shades, and her screams ringing through the air.

More! I thought gleefully, my grin widening as she fell to the floor, screaming at everyone to kill her.

“Jane,” Aro warned, and I forced myself to pull away.

“Sorry master,” was all I said in response, personally glad that Angelica had suffered.



Chapter 1 (Above)

Chapter 2

Chapter 3

Chapter 4

Chapter 5

Chapter 6

Chapter 7

Chapter 8

Chapter 9

Chapter 10

Chapter 11

Chapter 12


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lol! I might give my BESTEST friends on this site (aka you, TeamCarlisle+Esme Marshmallow & EsmeAnnePlattEversonCullen=]) a sneak peek too!
that was a MIGHT! XD
Would it be fair on my other readers though? Especially the regulars?
Meh. I AM actually going to bed now loz, so goodnight =D
awww, im 1 of ur besties, yay! lol, nighty night!
ooh yay!! can't wait! (am i still on ur list despite NSS? coz IM SORRY!!!)

ps - licking the arm to reattatch...Short Second Life of Bree Tanner? read it this arvo :p
Lol yep and yep. I haven't finnished it yet, but that's practically what Steph said... Although it is kinda gross...
Clark's a good guy! I like him! Fools are sometimes the ones that survive the storm! =]
Very true...
Totally awesome! i kinda feel bad for jane now.Kinda ;)
rexanne craves MORE. :p
No she isnt!!!!!!!!!!!! She has been sheilding herself from the world!!!!!!!!! She buit a wall, seperating herself from the everyone! The only life she has is filled with pain and executing vampires and humans.She wants people to suffer like she once did! She needs someone(clark) to love and spend the rest of eternity(hehehe) with. When she falls in love with Clark i think she will open up more and become a FUN and LOVING person! Even though it seems hard to imagine!!!
Anyways loooove the story and please update!!!! IM CRAVING FOR MOOOORE!!!!!!!!!!!! LOL!!!!!!!!!!!!
You get the picture! It seems everyone else is having a hard time accepting the fact that Jane can be good! I see a dedication clear in the future lol
Yes, both banners won't change at the moment, which is pretty annoying. I dunno what's wrong with them!


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