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Chapter One : Amber's P.O.V


Drip Drip Drip. The rain out side was pelting against the roof with a vengeance. Thunder rumbled and seemed to shake the house. Suddenly I hear the baby in the other room start to cry.

“No I got her” mom said to my dad. I rolled over throwing my pillow over my head. I could hear Embers loud snoring. We may be triplets but we were very different. Today was our last day here, Mom and dad wanted us to finish High school in La-Push Washington.

“EMBER BLACK” My mom yelled

“Mom I uh-” I heard. I quickly got in the closet and opened the Secret door. I hadn't told anyone about it , and when ever something was going on that my parents wanted to keep a secret about , I knew about it instantly. My brother and sister were always surprised that I knew before them. Mom and dad thought I was like aunt Alice for a while seeing the Future and everything. We found out about Vampires when we were ten and our parents had to explain why we had powers. I slid through the small hall that circled around the house. When I was young I put markers in here so I could tell where in the house I was. I finally reached Ember's room. I slid the Piece of wood away from the wall so I could see in the room. It always reminded me of Scooby doo when someones looking through the eyes. I Had to hold in my gasp. Ember was in bed with a girl. I tried to see who the girl was but it was too dark for me to see at the moment. My vision isn't as good as full vampires, but I guess you could say I would never need glasses. I slipped over down the call to Asher's Room. She was curled up in her Hammock, She said it was like having someone hold you , You could fit like 6 people in her hammock not that anyone would try tho. I walked back over to Embers room, Dad and Ember were sitting on the bed talking. Mom came rushing through the door.

“Amber’s missing” Great now there gonna be asking me where I am going. Dad jumped up and ran towards my room.

“AMBER” he yelled, I quickly ran to the front of the house and went through the escape route.

“Yeah dad” I asked

“Where were you” He asked Sternly

“Chill I was in the woods” I said He shook his head.

“Where are you always going” He asked

“No where” I said and walked into the kitchen to get me a drink. Asher Is the only one who technically likes the taste of Animal Blood, Just like out mother we can survive on both. I never tried, just the thought repulsed me.

“Are you hungry dear”

“Yeah, I could eat a cow” I said with a smile,She giggled at the thought

“they don't taste good” She replied knowing I would understand.

“Your uncle is on his way” My dad said, my mom shook her head.

“yes” I said, Uncle Emmett was my favorite by far. Me and Him wrestled, he usually won.

“Hey guys” Emmett said coming through the door.

“Uncle Emmett” I yelled and jumped at him. He smiled and hugged me.

“Good to see you too kiddo”

“Wheres my mom” My mom asked

“Shes getting abused by Alice of course” My mom nodded. Lightning struck out side.

“I love a good Rainy day” Uncle Emmett said, Ember came out of his room with the girl from last night , mom scowled at ember.

“Looks like the rain isn't the only hitting hard” Ember growled at uncle Emmett. He chuckled. I stuck my fork in the pancakes and then poked one in my mouth.

“Dang girl chew” my dad said , As he said this Asher came out of her room Stretching and yawning.

“Are you hungry baby” my mom asked. You almost couldn't tell the difference between me and Asher except our hair, Mine was long and had light brown streaks, hers was just dark brown and shorter than mine, Mine fell about half way down my body, hers just came to her shoulders. Ember was sitting on the couch playing with the girls hand and kissing it , she laughed and giggled. Mom never liked Embers Girlfriends, or one night stands. I laughed at moms Expression, she looked at me and frowned, then smiled when she saw that I was laughing at her and not Ember.

“Not really” Asher answered.

“I'm going out, ill see you later” I said to them as I shoved the last pancake in my mouth.

“How many Pancakes was that”

“mmm20mm” I said between bites. My mom shook her head. Dad stared at me strange.

“Are you getting taller” He asked

“I don't know”

“Bye” I yelled



Ember P.O.V


“I'm worried about that girl” Dad said to mom

“you don't think” mom said , dad nodded

“what are you guys talking about” I asked them still holding Mary's hand.

“Its nothing”

“But ember is too” My mom said

“Oh come on” I groaned. I rolled my eyes and then took Mary back to my room.

“Why don't you just stay baby” Mary said to me.

“I have to go babe”

“Are you sick” She asked

“No why”

“Your hot”

“Its genetics” I laughed

“Not Genetically hot silly, just your temperature.” She said smiling, I kissed her softly on the lips.

“You worry to much” I whispered, She laughed and pushed me on the bed.


Asher's P.O.V


“I don't think so Anna” I said to my best friend

“Come on, Just ask the If you can stay two days, Ill pay for your plane ticket”

“I can't I have to help my uncle Seth and Aunt Kathy, they have a new baby” She rolled her eyes

“What are you going to tell Henry about you leaving”

“I was thinking about breaking up with him actually”

“What why” She asked hurt

“Long distant relationships never work out” I said. My phone buzzed, I looked down to see a text from my Boyfriend Henry.


We need to talk – Henry

I agree – Ash

Meet me at the park around your house – Henry

be there in 5-Ash


“He wants me to meet him at the park in 5” I said to Anna

“Well go meet him, Ill talk to you later, I have to help my mom with her new boyfriends stuff anyways” I smiled



I gave her a hug and slipped on my shoes and walked down stairs.


“where are you going” my dad asked

“To see Henry”

“Why” He asked, he never liked Henry I could always tell.

“I'm breaking up with him if you must know” My dad smiled

“Gee dad dont have to look so happy”

“Sorry honey its just”

“dad I have to go” I walked out. I loved the winter it was freezing,and most people didn't notice my cold skin in the winter. I walked down the street when I got to the park I noticed him sitting on one of the swings, talking to himself. I shook my head.

“Hey Henry”

“Asher” He breathed and then smiled

“hey Henry” I sat down next to him.

“Henry, I'm leaving tomorrow” I said to him.

“I know”

“What did you want to talk about” I asked

“Asher we have been dating for three years now, and I love you, and I want to spend the rest of my life with you. We are finishing school in a year and I want you to marry me when school is over” He pulled out a ring from his pocket.

“Henry-” I began.

“You wouldn't have to worry about a job, my dads trust fund would take care of us both”

“Henry , I'm breaking up with you” I blurted out. He froze

“Why” He asked when he finally spoke

“I'm moving, long distant relationships never last” He nodded.

“Okay” He stuttered.

“Sorry” I left him sitting there on the Swing stunned.

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Chapter Three



Asher's P.O.V


I walked next to harry very awkwardly. I clutched my Jacket close to me. Harry put his arm around my shoulder and I was suddenly warmer.

“Do you want to go on a date with me” He asked as we walked.

“Sure, Friday night” I asked He smiled

“yeah 8 o clock” I laid my head on his shoulder as we walked. We stopped, I noticed that there was no one around ,the woods behind us seemed Omanis.

“I love sunset” Harry said, I looked up to see him staring at me.

“Me too” He slowed bent down almost as if he was testing weather or not it was okay to kiss me. I met him half way letting his warm lips touch mine. The kiss was soft and awkward. He intertwined his fingers in my hair. Holding my face to his. He pulled away and smiled.


Aden's P.O.V


I stared at Amber, I wasn't sure If I should tell her. I stared at her.

“I'm coming” I heard duke mumble.

“ I have no clue what your talking about amber” I said staring at her.

“Your all hiding something , I can feel it” I glared at her.

“Aden, my dad wants us”

“I have to go” I ran off into the woods, and ran fast,then phased.

“That was close” I thought towards the people who invaded my head.

“Shes gonna know sooner or later, I think we should wait tho, when are you telling Asher” Joey asked in his thoughts.

“I don't know, her and Harry seem to be getting pretty close” I thought, I heard Chandler groan.

“Need me to talk to him”

“No its fine, Ill wait” Chandler knew what I was feeling, Amy had been dating a senior named Ben when he first imprinted on her. I sighed and sauntered back towards my house.

“I'm going home” I said to duke

“Alright, Patrol starts at 6am”

“Alright” I ran towards my house, I got my fast speed from my aunt Leah.

When I got to the house, I could tell no one was home yet. I Phased and walked into the house.

“hello” No answer. I carried my self to the bed room, it was a good thing no one was home, I forgot to put my extra clothes out side, I slid on a pair of Jeans.,Leaving my short off. I laid back on my bed. I thought about Asher, He smile, It lite up my world. I heard a knock on the front door, I looked out the Window, Amber. I sighed and went to lay back down, there was no way I was going to talk to her again, I’m not allowed to tell her but I can tell her sister. Her sister I thought, hah. I pushed off my bed and headed to the kitchen all I could think was about harry being with her. There was another knock. I walked to the door.

“Go away Amber” I said as I opened the door. Asher was standing there with a smile on her face.

“I'm not amber” She said with a giggle. I laughed

“yeah sorry about that, what can I do for you” I asked,I would do anything for her.

“Is your sister here”

“No shes probably out with chandler, you can come in an wait for her if you want”

“Alright” she said walking in and sitting on my couch.

“want anything to drink”

“Water please” She said leaning back, I handed her a water bottle.

“So what do you need to talk to Amy about”

“I..Um..” She frowned, Testing weather or not to tell me. I handed her the bottle of water.

“you can tell me anything you know” I said to her, She stared at me , Frowning and then smiled.

“yeah I guess I can” She fiddled with the water bottle and then took a sip.

“I have a date with Harry on Friday” I shook a little bit, staring at her face, she was still looking down at the bottle, I bit my lip and looked out the window.

“Well that’s great” I said,trying to keep my voice from shaking.

“You okay” She asked

“yeah, I gotta go actually, I have a meeting at work, U mm, I have Chandler get Amy here as fast as I can”

“Ah okay “ She said with a frown.

I left the house and Amy and chandler were already pulling up, I ran into the woods not even stopping to talk.

“WHAT IS IT” chandler asked after phasing in the woods.



“HARRY” Everyone in my mind murmured. I growled and just ran. I didn't have a place to go , I just ran.

“TELL MY DAD ILL BE HOME LATE” I said to Chandler

“ALRIGHT “ I could see he was running to the blacks, the thought of the blacks, well one black in particular made me run faster. I heard Chandler sigh. I was approaching a town so I phased human.

Amber's P.O.V


I woke up to my mom and dad yelling at each other, I hopped out of bed and peeked out into the hall, I saw Asher and Ember standing at the top of the stair case.

“No she doesn’t”

“We have to tell them tonight”

“And if I don’t want to”

“Its not your choice” Everything went silent. Ember shook his head.

“That was not a good thing for him to say.”

“Moms going to kill him” Asher said, We heard foot steps and ran back into our rooms, I went in my closet and picked out what I was wearing for school, I slipped into a pair of dark jeans and a dark gray sweat shirt that hung off my shoulder, I went to my jewelery box and put on a pair of earrings and a necklace. I slid on some shoes and went in the hall to find my sister all dressed up and looking girly in a pair of heels and a white shirt that had a wolf on it. My mom came out of Embers room.

“Whats up” I asked She shook her head.

“your brother isn’t feeling well today and so you girls are going to school alone”

“Alright” I said, Asher and I headed down stairs.

“Where is your brother?” asked our dad

“Hes not feeling well” I said , I noticed dad eyeing Ashers shirt.

“I have a date tonight ” Asher said, I looked over at her with an eye brown arched. She waved her hand dismissively. She walked out of the house, my dad shook his head. I held my hand out to my dad, he groaned and dropped the car keys in my hand.

“thank you daddy” I kissed his cheek and skipped out to the car.

“hey amber” I turned to see my old friend Simon.

“AHHHHH Simon” I ran and hugged him, He laughed and spun me around.

“Wow you got tall” I said to him, He smiled.

“Yeah, don't know what got into me” he said.

“Simon!” Asher said, with a smile

“hey Asher” Simon said with a smug smile, they use to go out when they were younger, tho Simon dumped her cause he didn’t want a long distance relationship.

“Are you going to school today” I asked him

“Yeah, Im just waiting for Chandler and Duke”

“Oh, well I guess we will see you at school”

“Alright” I gave him another hug and got in the drivers seat.

“I saw that” Asher said

“Saw what”

“You were checking him out”

“Ugh no” I said, I stopped at the only stop light in town.

“Come on, I know checking out when I see it”

“Look , I wasn't checking him out, we are really good friends okay, so drop it”

“Fine” she said with fake hurt. My hands were shaking on the steering wheel. I took a deep breath and then continued to drive. The school was crowded with people, Guys gawked at the car my grandparents bought for my brother,sister and I. Its a AMC Javelin, With a Glossy Blue paint.

I stepped out of my car and headed inside, I walked into the school Office, and the women looked up and smiled.

“hello dear”

“Hi Mrs. Clearwater” I said to Amy's Grandmother.

“Here is your schedule and your school map” I smiled

“thank you” I reached for my stuff and my hand touched her skin, She instantly went from Happy to serious in seconds. I frowned She was in on what ever secret this place held. I walked out of the office after a short goodbye, and followed the map. I was almost to my class when I bumped into a guy.

“Ouch, Watch were your...” I stopped short to see harry smiling down at me

“Sup Black” I rolled my eyes.

“The name is amber” he shrugged.

“Is your sister here today” I frowned, I was oddly attracted to him, but at the same time , I would never do that to my sister, specially after leaving Henry.

“U mm, yeah” He smiled

“cool ,see you later”

“Bye” I grabbed my books and headed to class, I got to the door, and students that were already in their seats stared at me with curiosity.

“Mrs. Black , So nice of you to join us” I quickly sat in the back.

“Today we are having a pop Quiz, No it won't hurt your grade but if you make over a 85 you can turn it in for extra credit” the teacher said, I thought about that, Starting the school year off with a good grade would shock my parents.

“Mrs. Black you do not have to take the test if you don't want to, its up too you”

“I'll give it a try” I said with a shrug, she handed me the paper and then sat at her desk waiting for people to be done, I started at the Questions. I laughed in my head, I knew all the answers, I couldn’t wait to see her face, most of these were college questions, and part of being part vampire is my great memory. I went down the list circling all the answers. I walked up and set my test down and then walked back to my seat, Noticing that there was tons of people staring at me as if I was crazy for going that fast. The teacher frowned.

“Don't you want some more time on this Amber” The teacher asked

“ No thank you”

“Okay” she thought shrugging, then took the test and started to grade it. She looked back up at me and then at the paper.

“Were you in an advanced class in your old school sweety”


“well you should have been” She said and walked out of the room and then came back in and handed me the paper , that had A++ on it. The bell rang and my next two classes went by fast. When the bell rang for lunch I was instantly worried, where was I gonna sit, who was I gonna sit with, When I entered the Cafeteria I noticed Duke, Kelsey ,Joey and Violet and Amy and chandler with my sister Asher and harry next to Amy. Then I noticed Aden and Simon sitting in the corner of the Cafeteria. I walked over to them and sat down.

“Hey” Simon's Smile got huge

“Hey short stack”

“hey shut up , I'm almost as tall as you are”

“I noticed” He said with a frown.

“Why aren’t you sitting with your sister” Simon asked.

“I'd Prefer not to see that oohheyy gooey stuff between my sister and harry right now”

“Dido” Aden said, I stared at him. What could their secret be, and why was my dad a legend.

“So is that why your not sitting over there” I asked Aden

“I always sit here” He stated firmly, Simon rolled his eyes. I smiled.

“How's Mrs. cower doing”

“Joey's mom, shes fine” Simon stated. I absolutely Adored his mom, Leah was awesome, No need to be all girly she just was what she was.

“that's good” The bell rang and Aden up and left before saying good bye. I hugged Simon and then left for my last class. The rest of the day went by pretty smoothly,When I got to my car, Harry gave my sister a kiss on the cheek and then told her he would see her later. I got in the car and we headed back to the house.


Ember's P.O.V



“Son this is going to go on for a few days”


“Whats happening to me”

“Your turning into a werewolf” Duke the kid from the beach said, well kid was a non nonchalant way of putting it, he was older than me.

“What thats crazyyyahhhhhhhh” I yelled again as another ripple of waves ran though my body.

“Its in your blood son” My father said standing next to Duke.

“About time” Joey said. My dad smacked the back of his head.

“So your all werewolf’s” I asked through the pain.

“Yes” my father said. Another roll of pain, it was slowly getting bare able.

“DAD” I heard Asher and Amber yell at the same time.

“They cant know” My mom said from beside me”

“they have to know eventually”

“Let Aden tell Asher” Duke said to my dad, He nodded. My dad left the room and my mother followed him. Duke sat next to me.

“Ember, there are things your going to have to understand”


“You have a choice, I am the Alpha of this pack, now if you want I am willing to step down, since you are Ephraim blacks air, Or you can follow me” I nodded and thought, cool leader of a pack, But then it hit me, I would have to be in charge of everyone's lives.

“your alpha, keep it” I said, Joey's eyes went huge.

“Father like son” Aden said leaning against the door frame. He looked like crap, to say the least.

“What are you talking about”

“Your father turned down the job too, then fighting for whats right choose to create another pack to protect your grandmother, that’s why he's a legend.” I stared at Aden, Suddenly,Simon an old friend walked in.

“So the rumor is true, Welcome to the pack man” I laughed

“thanks” then cringed at the pain. There was a knock at the door.

“Aden” Amy said

“Wait out side” Aden said

“No, I am coming in”

“No you are not”


“no Amy” Chandler said, I heard her stomp off.

“I’m going to hear about that later” Chandler said

“So why do you have to tell Asher” I asked Aden, they all looked at Aden, his face was cold as stone.

“When your a wolf you imprint, like finding your soul mate ( he said soul mate like it was poison) I imprinted on your sister and therefore my right and duty to make sure she is happy and safe.”



“ASHER SPENCER AMY” I heard my mom yell

“Who’s Spencer” I groaned

“Quil and Clair’s daughter” Duke said

“Oh” I heard Asher scream then, Aden booked it with out thinking. We all froze in place, well not really, I was rolling with pain more or less. Aden came up two minutes later rolled his eyes and went back to his position.

“Harry” Chandler asked


“Here for her date” Duke asked


“Dude,tell her she wouldn’t want to see you in pain”

“How would you know” he asked

“ASHER” I yelled, two seconds later she was strolling in.

“yes” she said in a hurry

“I know you got to go somewhere but can you get me another blanket”

“Sure” She came back in with a huge blanket

“thanks” I said,I started to get up,She pushed me back down.

“water” she asked

“yes please” She ran out of the room. I laughed

“see, shes a suck up” Aden grinned

“you shouldn’t do that to her” he chuckled

“here you go, Bye” she said rushing out the door.

“Well we will be back to check on you in a few hours, and then we will take you to phase” Duke said patting my shoulder.

“Alright” I winced

I fell asleep to the sound of rain hitting the roof panes. 

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