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Chapter One : Amber's P.O.V


Drip Drip Drip. The rain out side was pelting against the roof with a vengeance. Thunder rumbled and seemed to shake the house. Suddenly I hear the baby in the other room start to cry.

“No I got her” mom said to my dad. I rolled over throwing my pillow over my head. I could hear Embers loud snoring. We may be triplets but we were very different. Today was our last day here, Mom and dad wanted us to finish High school in La-Push Washington.

“EMBER BLACK” My mom yelled

“Mom I uh-” I heard. I quickly got in the closet and opened the Secret door. I hadn't told anyone about it , and when ever something was going on that my parents wanted to keep a secret about , I knew about it instantly. My brother and sister were always surprised that I knew before them. Mom and dad thought I was like aunt Alice for a while seeing the Future and everything. We found out about Vampires when we were ten and our parents had to explain why we had powers. I slid through the small hall that circled around the house. When I was young I put markers in here so I could tell where in the house I was. I finally reached Ember's room. I slid the Piece of wood away from the wall so I could see in the room. It always reminded me of Scooby doo when someones looking through the eyes. I Had to hold in my gasp. Ember was in bed with a girl. I tried to see who the girl was but it was too dark for me to see at the moment. My vision isn't as good as full vampires, but I guess you could say I would never need glasses. I slipped over down the call to Asher's Room. She was curled up in her Hammock, She said it was like having someone hold you , You could fit like 6 people in her hammock not that anyone would try tho. I walked back over to Embers room, Dad and Ember were sitting on the bed talking. Mom came rushing through the door.

“Amber’s missing” Great now there gonna be asking me where I am going. Dad jumped up and ran towards my room.

“AMBER” he yelled, I quickly ran to the front of the house and went through the escape route.

“Yeah dad” I asked

“Where were you” He asked Sternly

“Chill I was in the woods” I said He shook his head.

“Where are you always going” He asked

“No where” I said and walked into the kitchen to get me a drink. Asher Is the only one who technically likes the taste of Animal Blood, Just like out mother we can survive on both. I never tried, just the thought repulsed me.

“Are you hungry dear”

“Yeah, I could eat a cow” I said with a smile,She giggled at the thought

“they don't taste good” She replied knowing I would understand.

“Your uncle is on his way” My dad said, my mom shook her head.

“yes” I said, Uncle Emmett was my favorite by far. Me and Him wrestled, he usually won.

“Hey guys” Emmett said coming through the door.

“Uncle Emmett” I yelled and jumped at him. He smiled and hugged me.

“Good to see you too kiddo”

“Wheres my mom” My mom asked

“Shes getting abused by Alice of course” My mom nodded. Lightning struck out side.

“I love a good Rainy day” Uncle Emmett said, Ember came out of his room with the girl from last night , mom scowled at ember.

“Looks like the rain isn't the only hitting hard” Ember growled at uncle Emmett. He chuckled. I stuck my fork in the pancakes and then poked one in my mouth.

“Dang girl chew” my dad said , As he said this Asher came out of her room Stretching and yawning.

“Are you hungry baby” my mom asked. You almost couldn't tell the difference between me and Asher except our hair, Mine was long and had light brown streaks, hers was just dark brown and shorter than mine, Mine fell about half way down my body, hers just came to her shoulders. Ember was sitting on the couch playing with the girls hand and kissing it , she laughed and giggled. Mom never liked Embers Girlfriends, or one night stands. I laughed at moms Expression, she looked at me and frowned, then smiled when she saw that I was laughing at her and not Ember.

“Not really” Asher answered.

“I'm going out, ill see you later” I said to them as I shoved the last pancake in my mouth.

“How many Pancakes was that”

“mmm20mm” I said between bites. My mom shook her head. Dad stared at me strange.

“Are you getting taller” He asked

“I don't know”

“Bye” I yelled



Ember P.O.V


“I'm worried about that girl” Dad said to mom

“you don't think” mom said , dad nodded

“what are you guys talking about” I asked them still holding Mary's hand.

“Its nothing”

“But ember is too” My mom said

“Oh come on” I groaned. I rolled my eyes and then took Mary back to my room.

“Why don't you just stay baby” Mary said to me.

“I have to go babe”

“Are you sick” She asked

“No why”

“Your hot”

“Its genetics” I laughed

“Not Genetically hot silly, just your temperature.” She said smiling, I kissed her softly on the lips.

“You worry to much” I whispered, She laughed and pushed me on the bed.


Asher's P.O.V


“I don't think so Anna” I said to my best friend

“Come on, Just ask the If you can stay two days, Ill pay for your plane ticket”

“I can't I have to help my uncle Seth and Aunt Kathy, they have a new baby” She rolled her eyes

“What are you going to tell Henry about you leaving”

“I was thinking about breaking up with him actually”

“What why” She asked hurt

“Long distant relationships never work out” I said. My phone buzzed, I looked down to see a text from my Boyfriend Henry.


We need to talk – Henry

I agree – Ash

Meet me at the park around your house – Henry

be there in 5-Ash


“He wants me to meet him at the park in 5” I said to Anna

“Well go meet him, Ill talk to you later, I have to help my mom with her new boyfriends stuff anyways” I smiled



I gave her a hug and slipped on my shoes and walked down stairs.


“where are you going” my dad asked

“To see Henry”

“Why” He asked, he never liked Henry I could always tell.

“I'm breaking up with him if you must know” My dad smiled

“Gee dad dont have to look so happy”

“Sorry honey its just”

“dad I have to go” I walked out. I loved the winter it was freezing,and most people didn't notice my cold skin in the winter. I walked down the street when I got to the park I noticed him sitting on one of the swings, talking to himself. I shook my head.

“Hey Henry”

“Asher” He breathed and then smiled

“hey Henry” I sat down next to him.

“Henry, I'm leaving tomorrow” I said to him.

“I know”

“What did you want to talk about” I asked

“Asher we have been dating for three years now, and I love you, and I want to spend the rest of my life with you. We are finishing school in a year and I want you to marry me when school is over” He pulled out a ring from his pocket.

“Henry-” I began.

“You wouldn't have to worry about a job, my dads trust fund would take care of us both”

“Henry , I'm breaking up with you” I blurted out. He froze

“Why” He asked when he finally spoke

“I'm moving, long distant relationships never last” He nodded.

“Okay” He stuttered.

“Sorry” I left him sitting there on the Swing stunned.

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OMG loved it!!!!!! Just amazing!! Keep going!!

love it , poor henry oh well!


love it
loove it : )
awww,, poor Henry :(( he must be devastated ,, amazing chapter !! can't wait for more!! POST SOON!!

aww poor henry thats so sad.

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dang! poor henry!!! love it!! post more soon!!!

Chapter two: La push Asher's P.O.V



“Ahhhhhhhhh stop chasing me Uncle Jasper” I screamed.

We had just got everything of the truck and into our new house. My dad and uncle Jasper were talking about me breaking up with Henry. I wouldn't tell them what happened so uncle Jasper started to chase me around the yard.

“No” I said between laughs when he caught me.

“Tell me” He said

“No” I said again.

“Please” He said.

“Let me have a try” uncle Emmett said , Picking me and spinning me.

“Stop I'm going to hurll..lll..lll” I said as he spun me in a circle.

“tell us” Mom and Amber were laughing.

“Fine just stop” he dropped me.

“Ouch that hurt”

“Not my fault your a wimp” Amber laughed

“So fess up are you broken up or what”

“ He asked me to marry him actually” Everyone stopped talking and stared at me, I noticed my dads eyes move to my hand.

“I said no and we broke up” My mom relaxed and started to bounce our baby sister in her arms.

“Jacob,Nessie” We heard someone yell from the other side of the yard.

“Kim, Jared and...” my dad said not knowing who the last people were.

“This is Harry, and Candler” I smiled. I noticed that the kid named Harry was staring at me for some reason.

“Name him after Mr. Clearwater” My mom asked

“yes, may he rest in peace”

“AMY” I screamed and ran towards Amy her brother and parents. I could still feel Harry staring at me .

“Asher” She said smiling we hugged.

“Where is amber” She asked

“talking to Kim and Jared”

“I cant believe you guys are living here again”

“I know right”


We walked over to our dads laughing and talking.

“Did you tell him dad” I heard Aden ask Seth.

“No I didn't”

“tell me what”

“I joined the pack last week” What was he talking about.

“Oh well you’ll do great” my dad said , shaking it off as I came over with Amy.

“What are you ladies up too”

“were going to the beach if that's okay”

“Oh can we dad please” Amy asked

“Sure baby, Take Chandler Harry Ember and Aden with you” Mr. Clearwater said.

“Lets go get Amber to come with us” I said to Amy.

“Aden are you Okay” Seth asked. My dad growled something under his breath.

“Actually, why don't you go get Amber and Explain, I have to talk to my dad about something” Amy said to me.

“Alright”I said, I ran over to Amber who was laughing and talking to Chandler and Harry.

“We are going to the beach, you want to come” I asked them

“Sure” Amber said

“Cool” Chandler and Harry said at the same time.


Aden's P.O.V

“Tell me you didn’t just” Amy asked

“I..I..I..Think I did” My dad beamed with delight.

“Looks like we are going to be in laws Jake” Mr. Black Shook his head.

“Sorry Mr. Black” I said cringing for him to phase.

“It's Okay Aden, welcome to the family, How do you plan on telling her, cause she has no Idea about Werewolf’s” I looked at him. I frowned , I didn't know they had kept this part of our lives a secret from them. I stared after Asher, Her short dark brown hair that came down to her slim shoulders, I followed my eyes down her body. I heard a throat clearing and looked over at Mr. Black.

“Sorry” I mumbled and looked over at Amber who was talking to Asher.

“Ill tell her when I know how she feels” I said finally, As I watched her laughing and talking with Amber. I didn't know how I felt about this whole Imprinting thing yet, I know Ive seen it in many of the members minds. Sam had passed the torch off to Duke when he became the first to phase. Duke is 19 second of the Alpha world. We all new that Embers day was going to come sooner or later he was after all Ephraim Blacks blood line. I stared over at Ember.

“When” my dad asked. I looked over.

“I don’t know but Him and Amber are starting to get taller and there skin is hot” I looked over at Amber. Least my Asher wasn’t going to face being a werewolf. Asher and Amber came over.

“ready” they asked together looking at me and Amy

“Sure” I said, Walking towards the guys.

“hey chandler” I said , He slapped my hand. I gave Harry a nod.

“Sup Harry”

“Not much”

“Your getting taller I see” I looked over at chandler, He nodded with his lips going in a hard line, Chandler and I were already part of the pack it was only a matter of time that Harry would join us. It was only Duke,Joey,Chandler and I who were in the pack at this point. We walked down towards the beach the girls were in the front of us laughing and talking. Ember Sighed.

“Whats up”

“Girls”He groaned.

“Its gets easier” Amy looked back at chandler and smiled. Chandler smiled back at her. I rolled my Eyes and watched Asher as she smiled and Giggled. We finally reached the beach. Teens were laughing and talking all over the place.

“CHANDLER,ADEN” Duke and Joey yelled

“DUKE JOEY” we yelled back ,the girls watched us in awe.

“What are y'all up to” We asked

“showing the blacks to the beach” chandler said, Duke turned his attention to Ember. He knew what this meant so did Joey, they showed there full attention all on him.

“Sup” Ember said looking around.

“do I got something on my face” Ember asked again. I laughed

“Nah there just weird that's all” I hit Joey's shoulder.

“Its nice to meet a legends son is all” Joey said Duke hit his shoulder.

“nice to meet you too” He held out his hand for Joey to shake , he shook his and and then looked at me. I nodded.

“This is Amber and Asher Black as well” they smiled and walked over.

“hello” Asher said shaking Joey and Dukes hand. They cringed at the coldish touch.

“Hi” Amber said shaking each of their hands. Their eyes doubled in shock.

“So are we going on the beach or what” Amy said

“Oh your going on the beach alright” Chandler said ,Laughing suddenly picking up my sister and tossing her over his shoulder and running towards the water.

“Chandler stop”




“please or I'm not going to be your imprint anymore” She laughed, knowing that would get him. He stopped and set her down.

“Good dog” He laughed and walked back over to us, Harry,Amber,Asher,Ember hadn't noticed the conversation that took place but Duke,Joey and I laughed.

“what” Amber asked looking around.

“Its nothing.”

“you hooooo” A girl called out.

“Violet” Joey said with a smile. Running and picking her up and kissing her dead on the lips.

“Dude that's my sister” Duke cried out.

“DUKE YOU LEAVE THEM ALONE” I heard a shrill voice yell. He turned with a smile.

“Kelsey” He smiled picking her up off her feet.

“thought you were at school”

“Let out early” He kissed her nose and hand. I guess imprinting could have advantages. I looked over at Asher who was looking at harry. I felt I pinch of Jealousy.


Amber's P.O.V


“Lets go” Amy said , pulling mine and Asher's hand towards the water. Soon Kelsey and Violet joined us.

“Hey girls”

“Hello”I said

“Kelsey,Violet, this is Asher and Amber”

“Nice too meet you “ Asher and I said at the same time.

“Nice to meet you too, your Jacob Blacks kids aren't you”

“Yeah” Violet and Kelsey looked at each other weird, what was up with people around here.

“How are the schools here” Asher asked

“Great” Violet said

“awesome” I said sounded interested.

“Asher want to go for a walk” Harry said , I looked over, Harry was definitely attractive.

“Sure” Asher said with a smile. Amy Cringed, I followed her stare towards Aden who was shaking and staring hard. I noticed Duke look at me and then shake Aden, Aden looked over at me and then started to head to the House.

“Ill be right back” I said running after Aden. I followed Him till I was closer.

“Aden wait”

“Go back to Amy” he said

“No STOP” I screamed, He stopped and waited.

“What” HE asked I looked deep into his eyes.

“tell me”

“tell you what”

“Don’t play dumb with me , I want to know what everyone is hiding” 

Loved it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Post soon!!

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ahhhhh!! I LOVE IT :)) amazing chapter :)) i can't wait for more :)) POST SOON!!

I hope Ember and Amber don't phase, especially Amber. post soon!


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