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This has been in my head for a couple of days now and i want to write it!

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the song that inspired me to write this fanfic! that is why it is named after it! Song: Tears Of An Angel!

Disclaimer: None of these characters are mine, well except the ones I may make up. The rights to them are Stephenie Meyer.

Jup Then Fall: sequel to Tears Of An Angel
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Summery: edward has left bella over 100 years ago!! ( takes place after new moon) she lives with a vampire family. she is the sister of Lee, Steph, Crystal, and Tabitha. The 'father' of the family is Aaron. The cullens all think bella got old and died of old age. They kept edward hostage and locked him in his room so he can't go kill him self. They decide to go back to forks scince every one died. When they move, they soon find out thier is another family ,that is vampires, that live their. Is it bella's vampire family... or will edward never find bella again! What if he came back 100 years later?

Preface: i stil don't understand the reason. It never will make sence to me. After all these years I finaly can say i am happy. Though i get nervous when he needs to leave, i do trust that he will stay. My heart is now fixed, not in the state it was in when he left. I am not hurting every one, but only one. he is my best friend and i feel like i hurt him. i need to make it right, but some how i can't. i feel like i am in one of those dreams where u are running but you can't run fast enough. I can't chatch him to make it better, but some how i will. The only question is if i can fix one with out hurting the other...

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u are going to soon find out! it is a part of the story. sorta, i think, like a flashback. but idk yet! i still need to figure out names for certin characters!
I JUST LOVE IT ALICE!!!!!!!!!!! if u need ideas and names and... some other kid of help, please let me know... ok? ;P
sure , sure! oh shoot! that is jacobs line! great now i am copying a dog!!! lol!!!!
LMAO!!!!!! XD XD XD XD... dont worry... i copy a lot... too much time near by....UGH!!!! *chuckles*
YES!!!!!! plz write it and keep me updated!!!
i added a preface!!! i love this one! my other ones are not as good as this!!
write it! write it! write it! write it! write in NOW! and please keep me updated!
plz continue :D
The preface is AWSOME!!!!!!! keep me posted please... and ur others ffs are very good ones too, i mean it!!!!.... ;)
Thats good and wow thats great
Chapter one ~ ( Bella's POV)

It was raining outside.A normal day for Forks I was in my room, in the window seat watching the rain fall and drip on the window. Sometimes it looked like the window was the one crying, but the truth is it was me. I may be half-vampire and half-human, but I still cry. I was remembering the day Ed...Ed....Ugh!! It has been over 100 years and I still can't say his name! I can't even remember them with out shedding a tear! I have never fell in love again. Only if I could have stayed full human for a few more months, then maybe I could be with my best friend now, Jacob. Two tears fell out of my eyes remembering my best friend. I have not seen him since that very day...
~ flashback~

" Jacob, where in the world are you taking me?" I asked trying to find out what we where doing in the woods.

" you will see." He said, grinning at me. We had walked for hours in the woods. I always kept falling, being the klutz I am. I always had my head down. I was trying not fall again. I kept my head down for awhile and I thought I still heard Jacob, but when I looked up he was gone.

" Jacob?" No answer, " Jacob, where are you!" I called out again. I got the feeling that someone was following me.

" Jacob! where did you go?" Then I heard a twig snap. I jumped and turned around towards the sound.

" Jacob Black! this is not funny! come out now or else!!" He did not show. I was getting really scared now. What if it was not jacob..what if it was....Victoria and just as I though of that, Victoria showed her self.

" hello, Bella." She said in her feline voice. I could not move from where I was. Edward growled in my head.

" Vic..Victoria, what are you doing hear?" I was barley able to talk about a whisper.

" I was just passing through, hunting, and I came across your sent. Has Laurent told you what I am doing hear. I heard he got killed by those dogs of yours."

" ye...yes he did tell me and I am sorry for what happened to him."

" oh it is alright, he was nothing but a tool. So I guess you know what I am doing here in this dreary little town. I never really liked that coven of yours. How are they? Are they even still here? I went to their house and it smelled like they have not been their for months!"

" Lie!" the voice in my head said.

" Um...yea, they did move but they visit often. I should probly mention that you are here. But not to Edward though. He still hates to think about it." I hoped my lie did not show. I also noticed that Victoria was closer to me. The voice did not like that very much. He growled louder that before.

" oh really...well I have a very busy schedule today and I can't just sit here any longer. So I guess I have to get on with it. Oh, don't worry will only hurt for a second..." she came closer to me and it was getting harder to hear things. The noise in my head kept getting harder as she came close and soon she was right behind me tilting my head so that she can get to my neck. She bit and i could feel her teeth cut my skin. Then i heard a growl and saw a wolf, my wolf, jump out of the trees and kick victoria off me. They both where here one minute and gone the next.

I stumbled away from where i was. When i could not carry myself any more, i fell to the ground and let the pain and burning take it's course. I did not scream, i could not scream. Jacob can not find me.
~ Flashback Over~

I was crying at the end. I remeber waking up alone in the woods. I could not go back to charlie, jacob, or any one else. I simply dissapered. Jacob is the only one that Knows what really happend to me. I visted him secretly and he , somehow, found me.

Then charlie died and i went to his funral, hidding. They laid him next to my grave.

" ugh!!! i can't belive you can achually want that!!" Lee said. My sisters where fighting downstair over something silly. I heard the door open.

" hey, bella. Are you in here?" lee asked.

" Of course." I wiped my eyes. Removeing any traces of tears.

" Are you cyring?"

" ya, i am." She walked over to me and hugged me.

" Remembering about him?"

" Ya. it is stupid." i said.

" No not stupid, but lost. Come on, we are going hunting." She pulled me from where I was sitting. I looked one last time at the window and one last tear went down my face at the same time a rain drop ran down the window at exactly the same place.
write more now! that was awsome! thanks for the update! i love it!


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