The Twilight Saga


Teenage Dream


Bella is now coping with the abandonment of Edward. What if she turns to music? With her new hit single: Teenage Dream... There is no chance of Edward running away... How will this unfold?



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Chapter 7

We were in the morgue in about thirty minutes with Edward’s driving.

I wasn’t sure what I was going to see. I knew I wasn’t ready but when I entered the oddly cold room I was determined to find out the truth.

There was a sheet covering the body.

“Are you ready?” The mortician asked.

I nodded and he peeled the sheet away.

It was the same face I had seen a thousand times. Yet so different. How can life become this? How can one love and one mistake cost so many lives? What was wrong with the world? Was it some silly joke God himself was playing on me? The black curly hair that was now pasted onto his forehead, the mustache that I have always disliked, and the same aged face of the father I once knew.

Then I noticed the wound on the side of his neck. It was ghastly red and still bloody. I could see all the way to the bone. His skin now was clear to me. It was dry and peeled back. The blood seemed to have been drained away. He looked like a dry plum.

“It’s him.” I replied but my voice sounded foreign to me.

I walked out then knowing what I had to do and say. Edward was there waiting for me. I knew this would be hard but I had to let go.

I had to tell him that…

~~~~Los Angeles A month later…

“Isabella will you care to elaborate the incident that tragically happened a month ago?”

“Well I got the call when I was in Paris finishing my European Tour. I came home and found out that…”

Barbara understood and gave me a tissue.

“My father had been murdered.”

~~~~At Forks (A day after Los Angeles)

I saw the familiar forest. The calm trees. The familiar place. It seemed like nothing had changed but everything did. I did not know if the Cullens still lived here. I was not sure how Edward was doing.

I remember his broken face. His unshed tears as I told him to stay away from me. I told him that is was his entire fault. I told him to leave and make sure I would never see him again.
Now standing in my old room a sense of nostalgia hit me. I couldn’t be in here. I stepped out into the pouring rain and headed towards the familiar trail.

Even though it was pouring I could still see the beautiful sky. For the first time I could see the stars. I closed my eyes tightly and made a wish as a shooting star shot across the sky.

‘I wish I could go back to when everything was alright.’ Suddenly everything was bright. I was shining. I tried to call for help but it seemed as if my lips were tightly shut. My mind was reeling. Then I was engulfed by light.

I woke up with a start. I couldn’t remember what my dream was about. Then the night’s events crashed into me.

I was in a new town called Forks. Yesterday I had arrived. I had school today.

I growled at the last one. School… The one thing I hated sometimes. I got up and sank back down at the coldness of the room. Forks High School. My hell on earth.
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